2 Hours Love Theatrical TRAILER | Sri Pawar | Tanikella Bharani | 2019 Latest Telugu Movies

-What is the title?
-2 Hours Love Understood man, you don’t need to say.
Listen, I’ll narrate A girl and boy travelled in a
train or bus together for two hours Story is how they fell
in love in these 2 hours I heard so many stories as such How many ever stories you heard,
but my story will be very new Sir What’s so new? Hero and Heroine will love
just for 2 hours a day, Sir I’ll be free daily only from 4 PM to 6 PM
– 4 to 6 love Huh! 2 Hours love! “2 Hours Love, this is 2 hours love”
“How would hours in a day go down?” -It’s already 6.
-Oh no! Come fast to the music class So, she doesnt speak
even a word once it is 6? “2 Hours Love, this is 2 hours love”
“How to increase the minutes in an hour?” What to do for making
her love me for 24/7? -You should kidnap?
-What’s your link with her, man? She’s behaving like the hero
from Sukumar’s film, dude From now on, if you say sorry
you need to pay 2000 every time “Oh no! Fine if I get late” I’m sorry Avika. She’s showing a torture Next, next, next… I came to know why she’s
loving me for just two hours Leave in love, does this exist anywhere?
– It won’t set for us both Adit I said breakup, right Naina? If you break the rules,
I’ll break the relationship I asked to say a new story,
but such a new story?


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