Hello, friends! Well, the time has come to sum up the movie results of the outgoing 2019. This time, viewers from around the world helped me form the top 20 best films, 10 sites … European, Asian, English and multilingual, and of course, most of the ratings were collected from Russian-language sites. Hope this helps me create a really fair top. Unforgettable like, subscribe, let’s go. Well, opens our top picture, which was very warmly received by the domestic audience, The_Highwaymen. The events of the film unfold in 1934 during the Great Depression, when bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde received the status of people’s heroes. Thanks to protection from ordinary residents, the bandits became unattainable to official authorities. Therefore, it is decided to hire two retired Texas rangers Frank Haymer and Mainy Gault, and instruct them to catch Bonnie and Clyde dead or alive. Without changing himself Disney releases a remake for the remake, one of the most successful this year was the new, The_Lion_King. Its plot unfolds in a distant African savannah, the inhabitants of which celebrate a significant event: their king, the wise lion of Mufasa, had a son, Simba. alking with his father, he lights up the dream of becoming an equally great and fair ruler, but not everyone in the kingdom likes the appearance of an heir. Scar – Mufasa’s calculating and envious brother, is already harboring cunning plans to seize the throne. Despite the fact that historical films are a very expensive pleasure, Netflix continues, though not often, but to please lovers of this genre, The_King. England, the beginning of the 15th century, the height of the Hundred Years War. The Prince of Wales Hel leads a dissolute lifestyle with his buddy Falstaff and does not think about claiming the throne. But when his father, King Henry 4, dies of the disease, Helu has to accept the crown. Having become Henry 5, the young ruler is faced with conspiracies, rebellions, and the horrors of a protracted war. Despite the fact that it’s not so easy to remove a good remake, Disney succeeds time after time and their second picture takes place in today’s rating, A.l.a.d.d.i.n. According to the plot in Agraba’s bazaar, a street thief A.l.a.d.d.i.n rescues Princess Jasmine from the anger of an angry merchant and immediately falls in love with her. Meanwhile, the adviser to the Sultan Jafar is trying to get a magic lamp to free the genie from it and seize power over the kingdom. But in order to do this, he needs someone with a pure soul, someone like A.l.a.d.d.i.n. The franchise has changed the world of militants, the third part of which rightfully takes place in our top, John_Wick_3. The plot continues to be centered on an experienced hitman John_Wick, who killed a member of the Assassin’s guild on the Continental Hotel, thereby violating the professional code, for that he received the status of an outcast – Excamunicado. And now, a reward of $ 14 million has been assigned to his head, and dozens of the most dangerous killers will stop at nothing to get a reward for such a dangerous beast. The only horror film that managed to break into the top twenty, the continuation of the cult Radiance, Doctor_Sleep. According to the plot, it has been many years since the boy with paranormal abilities Danny Torrance survived the nightmarish season at the Overlook Hotel, where he witnessed the insanity and death of his father. Once, an incredibly talented “radiant” girl, Abra, makes contact with Dan. Soon she will need his help to confront the True Knot – a group of hunters for special children. One of those films that most liked, though, got the same and a lot of negativity. It is worth noting that it was the Russian-speaking audience who gave the lowest ratings to the new picture of Tarantino, Once_Upon_a_Time_in… Hollywood This is a story about the star of the television show Rick Dalton and his understudy Cliff Booth, who are trying to find their place in the rapidly changing world of the film industry. At this time, not far from them, the criminal sect, led by Charlie Manson, is moving from Satanic rituals to bloody massacres of people. Of course, our rating can not do without the participation of films from the studio Marvel, Spider-Man:_Far_From_Home. In the story after the events shown in the film Avengers:_Endgame, Peter Parker is trying to come to terms with numerous changes. A trip to Europe with the class can help the guy, but Nick Fury intends to attract Spider-Man to a new mission. He introduces him to the superhero Mysterio from the parallel universe, who is trying to stop the powerful Elementals, ready to destroy the Earth with the help of the elements. Undoubtedly, one of the most striking and original paintings of this year, the film adaptation of the Japanese manga G.U.N.N.M, Alita:_Battle_Angel. The events of the film take place 300 years after the devastating war. Wandering through the Iron City landfill in search of useful components, Dr. Dyson Ido finds the nearly destroyed cyborg girl, then restores her and names her after her deceased daughter. Having lost all memories of himself and the world that surrounds her, Alita decides to reveal the secret of her origin A very good, light comedy drama about family values for family viewing, Instant_Family. The plot focuses on the spouses Pete and Ellie, who believe that there are too many orphans in the world, so they decide to adopt a child. At first they hoped to take only one, but due to circumstances they became the adoptive parents of three children at once, the eldest of whom was already 15 years old. And now Pete and Ellie need to make every effort to turn the “quick family” into a real one. Not often melodramas flicker in my videos, however this film managed to break even into the main top of this year, Five_Feet_Apart. The plot revolves around the main characters of Will and Stella, young patients in love with each other who suffer from the same dangerous disease. Under the threat of death, they should not be able to approach each other closer than one and a half meters due to the risk of cross infection. But true love knows no bounds, and as Stella and Will get closer, following the rules becomes more difficult. Here are some topics in the movie that the domestic audience loves, so these are stories about dogs, welcome, A_Dog’s_Journey. According to the plot, Dog Bailey has fun on the farm with the owner Ethan, his wife Hannah and granddaughter named CJ. After a while, the girl’s mother takes her and when Bailey’s time comes to an end, he promises Ethan to find CJ in his next life and protect her at all costs. Thus begins the journey of the dog, who lives several lives filled with love and friendship, before reuniting with the mistress. Another film whose narrative is conducted on behalf of an animal, again a dog, The_Art_of_Racing_in_the_Rain. At the center of the story is Danny Swift’s favorite race car driver. As a novice athlete, dreaming of victories on the Formula 1 tracks, Denny makes an unexpected decision to buy a charming puppy. From this moment on, the dog becomes a devoted friend and an integral part of the life of its owner, watching his successes and failures, joy and sadness, and also sharing his thirst with speed for the owner. The theme of classic detectives is currently going through hard times, the popularity of the genre is falling, nevertheless one of such films managed to break into the top, Knives_Out. According to the plot, immediately after the celebration of the 85th anniversary of the famous author of crime novels, Harlan Tromby is found dead, and all relatives present are under suspicion. The investigation is taken by the charming private detective Benoit Blanc, hired by an anonymous person. He will obviously have a hard time, because each relative has his own motive Last year, the A_v_e_n_g_e_r_s took second place in the list of the best films of the year, this time they will have to be content with only sixth line, Avengers:_Endgame. Heroes of the earth are trying to deal with the consequences of the fateful click of Thanos, who claimed half the life in the universe. Wanting to return their fallen comrades, the remaining superheroes track down the titan, but find out that the stones of infinity are destroyed. Despite this, the heroes, enlisting the support of new allies, are developing a desperate plan, but this time without the right to make a mistake. One of the most ambitious projects from Netflix this year’s film, the_Irishman, tells the life story of Frank Sheeran, a regular truck driver who, over time, realized how to make more money and began working with local gangsters. Over time, he is taken under his wing by the authority of Russell Bufalino, introducing him in turn to Jimmy Hoffa, the union leader. However, the situation in the criminal world worsens when the latter goes to prison, and when he leaves, he decides to regain the lost control. The highest grossing movie rated R in history, J.o.k.e.r. His events unfold in the early 1980s around the unlucky comedian Arthur Fleck, who lives with his sick mother in a small apartment in Gotham City and suffers from a rare mental illness that causes him to have fits of uncontrolled laughter. When the host of the popular evening talk show Murray Franklin publicly ridicules Fleck on television, and his mother goes to the hospital, the man does not stand up and turns into that same J.o.k.e.r. Well, here’s the top three, and the bronze of our rating goes to the picture, Ford_v_Ferrari In the mid-1960s, after the failed deal between Ford and Ferrari, the angry head of the American company ordered his subordinates to construct a sports car as soon as possible, which could defeat the Italian opponent in the 24-hour race at Le Mans. Brilliant designer Carroll Shelby joins forces with British racer Ken Miles to create the Ford GT40 long-distance racing legend. A tape with a bunch of awards, several records, and the famous fact that after the premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, the film made a standing ovation for 15 minutes, P.a.r.a.s.i.t.e.s. At the center of the story is the poor Kim family, which is barely making ends meet. And then one day the son gets the opportunity to work as an English tutor for a girl from a wealthy family. With the help of a fake diploma, the guy successfully goes through an interview and comes up with an unusual way to solve the financial problems of his relatives. Winner of three Oscars and three Golden Globes, an honorable first place the audience gives the picture, Green_Book. This is the real story of an Italian-American Tony nicknamed “Chatterbox” who works as a bouncer in one of the Bronx clubs. When the establishment closes for repairs, Tony decides to find a temporary job, and soon he has a great offer. The famous African-American pianist Don Shirley is going on a tour, and he needs a good driver and a reliable person who can solve any problem along the way. I hope you enjoyed the video, subscribe, I like it. Good luck..


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