1. Lovers in Paris: A love story where the female lead
turns out to be its scriptwriter. 2. Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Four scholars spend
20 episodes finding a historical document that is buried beneath nowhere else
but their school’s gate. 3. What Happened in Bali: When the scriptwriter hates
her audience so much that she forces the male lead, the female lead and the second
male lead to all die in the final episode. 4. To the Beautiful You: A story around an all-boys
highschool where the boys don’t even know what a girl looks like. 5. My Love from the Star: A female celebrity
rejects a perfect man to love an alien. 6. Reply series: Finding Husband.
(The Korean live-action version of “Finding Nemo” ^^) 7. High Kick Through The Roof: A 126-episode sitcom
 destroyed by a shockingly tragic ending. 8. Oh My Ghost: A love story that makes
the audience argue till the end whether the one the male lead loves is a girl or a ghost. 9. Cheese in the Trap: A campus love story
destroyed by a piano. 10. W: A webtoon’s male lead being trolled
by its creator the whole time. 11. Legend of the Blue Sea: Lee Min Ho is tired of
being a rich kid, so he becomes a con-artist. 12. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo:
How a poor girl destroys the whole palace. 13. Goblin: A goblin had to wait a thousand years
to end his cursed immortal life but after only 10 years of resting in peace,
he gets revived by a liar called God. 14. While You Were Sleeping: A drama in which
the rare precognitive power of dreams is ridiculously common among the characters. 15. A Korean Odyssey: A love story between
a beautiful woman and a monkey. 16. The Lady in Dignity: A poor-but-cool woman
makes a large group of rich people idiots. 17. Something in the Rain: A love story between
a woman who falls in love with her best friend’s sibling and a man who falls in love with his best friend’s sibling. 18. Sky Castle: Housewives rule the world. 19. Memories of the Alhambra: A handsome CEO
travels to Spain for a meeting with the creator of an AR game only to be deleted in the game later
and never come back to South Korea. 20. Arthdal Chronicles: A failed version of
“Game of Thrones”.

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