20 Questions in 2 Minutes with Christine Sajous, Star of SpongeBob SquarePants on Broadway

(upbeat techno music) How’s it going? We’re warming up here because we’re about to do 20 questions in two minutes. (motorboating) I’m here at the Palace Theater. I’m Josh Ferri with Christina Sajous. Hi! Who stars as Sandy Cheeks in SpongeBob SquarePants the Musical, and, oh my gosh, your performance is incredible. Thank you so much. Not only do you do sound fierce now but so funny! Thank you, thank you. It feels really nice to actually play a character that has a lot of layers and depth and, just, it’s amazing. It’s been a lot of fun out here. So we’re gonna start the timer of these. Okay. After I ask the first question. Okay. (motorboating) The first question is, watching you on stage you are filled, your Sandy is so joyful. She’s filled with joy. Where does that joy come from for you? For me, as a human being, I feel like we are born with joy, because I do believe in God and I do believe that God instills joy in us. So I would say that joy is innately who I am as a human being. What do you listen to pre-show? Pre-show, Whitney Houston all the time. I love Whitney Houston. Anything Whitney Houston. Has anything in here been in all your Broadway dressing rooms? Yes, those steamers. I have two steamers right over there. What’s your favorite thing about life backstage at the Palace? Oh, that the cast joins in the community room constantly every single show, before every single show. What surprised you most about joining the show? That everyone is so kind and everyone is so ready for the show because it’s such a busy, busy show but everyone’s constantly ready for it. What was your first introduction to SpongeBob, the TV show? Oh my gosh, just flipping on to Nickelodeon and see it was there, and so especially since I always felt like it was a very adult show, it was interesting for me to see the difference between that and the children’s show. What was your favorite cartoon growing up? Oh my gosh, the Looney Tunes. Anything Looney Tunes. What cartoon character would you always pretend to be when you were acting out growing up? Darkwing Duck. If you could invent anything to make your life easier, what would it be? Oh, for the MTA to be functional like it is in Japan. Who sports your favorite fro either in real life or in a film? Fro? Yeah. Pam Grier. Oh, yes. Yes. Lady Antebellum, what is your favorite song by them? They sing, they won’t chop your top. Oh man, oh man, oh man. Um, I would say Chop The Top. (laughing) And what was the first musical you were obsessed with growing up? First musical, I would say Chicago. What’s your go-to audition song? My go-to audition song, Chain of Fools. Did you ever have a flying mishap in American Idiot? Oh yes, several, but I would say mostly in Berkeley, California as we were trying to figure out the whole fly lines. What was more fun for you, Baby It’s You or Holler? Oh man, Baby It’s You because I’m still best friends with all of the girls. Actually I would say both shows actually. Both shows, they had a lot of great community there. What did you love, what role did you love in high school or college? High school or college what huh? That you played in high school or college, role you loved. Oh, Penny, I would say Pirate Jenny in Threepenny Opera. (bell dings) Oh, gosh. (screaming) We were so close, wow. (screaming) (laughing) Okay, that was really impressive. (laughing) We were so close. We got 16 done. We’re going to put the final four on the BroadwayBox Instagram, but pointless. Hurry to the Palace Theatre to see Christina Sajous as Sandy Cheeks in SpongeBob the Musical. Thanks for watching. Bye. (upbeat techno music)


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