20 Questions in 2 Minutes with ‘The King and I’ Star Ashley Park

(electronic music) Hey, Broadway Box, this is Josh Ferri, and I’m here at the magnificent Lincoln Center Theater, the Vivian Beaumont, with Ashley Park who plays Tuptim
Hello. in the Tony-winning revival of The King and I. We’re about to do 20 questions in two minutes. Mm-hmm. (gasps)
Are you ready? I just got nervous. (laughing) The timer’s gonna start after I ask the first question. Here we go. Okay, wait (laughs) okay. (laughs) What in here most helps you get into character? My wig and my costume.
(bell dings) What piece of advice do you wish you can give to Tuptim? Keep goin’, girl. (bell dings)
(laughing) What’s your favorite thing about your costar, Conrad? His authenticity and his sense of humor. (bell dings) How is Tuptim changed since opening night? Oh, (huffs) everything. Her wig, her confidence. Yeah, yeah.
(bell dings) All right, what’s the scene you most look forward to each night? I love the ballet.
(bell dings) Mm-hm.
Yeah. How do you decompress after the show? TV and snacks? And, yeah.
(bell dings) What’s your favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein’s song to sing alone in the shower or car, belting? Mr. Snow. (laughs)
(bell dings) Who was your soprano idol growing up? Barbara Cook.
(bell dings) You have a new King coming. What is your favorite Sun/Jin Lost moment? Oh, he’s so… (laughs) I liked all of Lost, I don’t know. I don’t know what moment. All right.
Probably when they were dying. Wait,
(bell dings) that was totally a spoiler. (laughs) What do you think happens to Tuptim after the show ends? Oh, she dies. Oh my god. They kill her.
(bell dings) Yeah.
What’s your favorite thing about the Lincoln Center campus? Campus? The plaza’s like my happy place. I mean,
(bell dings) you walk in and you feel like you’re… (sighs) Yeah, exactly. (sighs) What’s your favorite city you visited during Cinderella? Oh, I loved Chicago.
(bell dings) Always. What did you have to have with you on tour? (laughs) I had a really great cutting knife that I’ve used all the time.
(bell dings) Why not?
Not. (laughs) When I say Mama Mia, you think? (claps hands) Party! (laughs)
(bell dings) What was the show that made you fall in love with theater? Oh, Wicked. (laughs)
(bell dings) What’s the must-see show on your DVR right now? My DVR? Should I say? I mean, I should say How to Get Away With Murder, right? Conrad.
(bell dings) Oh, what’s the most embarrassing show on your DVR? I shouldn’t say. (laughing) We got so close! That was 17 out of 20.
Can we do it? Can we keep going really fast, no? All right, what’s the movie you love so much you know every word to? Probably Mean Girls. (bell dings)
Yes. What did surviving cancer teach you about yourself? God, I’m strong. (laughs)
(bell dings) What’s your favorite thing to do on your day off? Eat.
(bell dings) Mine too. (laughs) That was awesome!
Yay! Thank you so much. Aw, very close, very close. So close. You guys, come to the Vivian Beaumont theater to see this one kill it as Tuptim, We Kiss in a Shadow, The King and I.
I Have Dreamed. All the things. Ballet.
(laughs) Bye. (electronic music)


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