2015 KBS Drama Awards | 2015 KBS 연기대상 – Part 2 (2016.01.24)

The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Part 2 starts now. (Best Couple) Alright… The winners are… The fresh-faced high school couple in “Who Are You: School 2015.” Yook Sungjae and Kim Sohyun! Congratulations. Sungjae, please step forward. Sohyun, you go out too. And… Congratulations. What a lovely couple they were. Yook Sungjae and Kim Sohyun. They beat Nam Joohyuk. Yook Sungjae and Kim Sohyun win Best Couple. Grab a mic. The second Best Couple is… They’re hot these days. The great-looking couple in “Oh My Venus.” So Jisub and Shin Mina! – Here they come. / – Yes. Bet you were surprised at that. Yes. Welcome. They’re so popular. They’re on Mondays and Tuesdays. What a sweet couple. It’s So Jisub and Shin Mina. Welcome. They made a surprise appearance. Take your award. There are many people who watch these two… Yes. To get by on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please stand there. The third Best Couple… The longing couple of “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” Jang Hyuk and Han Chaea. Jang Hyuk and Han Chaea. They’re the Wednesday and Thursday couple. This is a depressing couple. They’re always crying. Many sad things happen to them. But they’re smiling today as they go up on stage. Jang Hyuk and Han Chaea. Congratulations. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They all won Best Couple. Great. Then… Who will the last Best Couple be? Who do you think it is? Cha Taehyun? They were in a lovely love-triangle. From “THE Producers…” Kim Soohyun and Kong Hyojin. And Cha Taehyun and Kong Hyojin! Come on up. Alright. You two… Soohyun… Kong Hyojin couldn’t be here due to being abroad. Soohyun and Taehyun are the couple! A guy-guy couple. They’re getting the best reaction. We told you how couples were supposed to come up. Lock arms. That’s it. Just come up like that. Yes. Great. So these are the best couples. They’re the best couples that entertain us on KBS dramas. Kong Hyojin was going to come but she couldn’t due to being abroad. So… We meet Cha Taehyun and Kim Soohyun as a guy-guy couple. You two acted as a couple in that drama too. – Yes. / – Do you remember the scene? Soohyun. In the drama… I got drunk. Your drinking habit. – You got drunk… / – That’s right. You clung to Taehyun after you got drunk. Is that correct? In the drama, I got drunk, grabbed Taehyun’s ears and then kissed him. Taehyun. Take the mic. How many bloopers were there then? – Bloopers? / – Yes. Around 6 times. Not so much bloopers… There were several takes. It’s not an important scene but they took a full shot, a two-shot… They shot from the side… They loved it. There were several takes but no mistakes or bloopers. Right. How did it feel? I bet it’s your first kissing scene with a guy. I think so. For me… His lips didn’t feel too bad. Kim Soohyun’s lips aren’t bad. – Just from his lips… / – Yes. Taehyun, you’re known for having nice lips. Let me ask Soohyun now. How did that kissing scene feel? This was actually my line in the drama. Chicken gizzard. They were like chicken gizzards? His lips felt like chicken gizzards? I see. If it’s not too much to ask… – Can you act out… / – It’s a lot to ask. – Then… / – It’s too much to ask for those watching. – If so… / – Yes. – I want to see it. / – No. 200 million people are watching. 200 million want this. Even if you don’t kiss for real, something similar… They’ll show you if you want it. Yes. Oh, come on. It’s because you’re the Best Couple. If Hyojin was here I would’ve asked a different question but it’s just you two, so this is all I can ask. Can you do it? Some acting… Let’s get it over with. Excuse me. The music just started. Make it a bit longer. Ready… Action! – What a great scene. / – Thank you. The best scene from “THE Producers.” So many couples were loved by so many viewers. We have to see their best scenes. We have footage of each couple’s history. Let’s watch Yook Sungjae and Kim Sohyun first. I know there’s no use. But still… I like you. There should be at least one person. One person to call you by your real name. Why do you keep following me and bugging me? Because I’m worried! There’s only one way to make time move fast… – For me. / – How? Being with you. I’ll go first. That was Sungjae and Sohyun. You had chemistry with Nam Joohyuk too, right? Yes, that’s right. But why have you been coupled with Sungjae? And not Joohyuk? What do you think? – Sohyun? / – Well… Many people loved Eunbi and Taegwang. I was mean to him in the drama… – And we didn’t get together. / – Yes. But I’m so happy to win this award. If I can win a different award with Joohyuk, I’d like to through a different drama. I see. Aside from the drama, when a guy approaches you and hits on you… Do you prefer a guy like Sungjae or a guy like Joohyuk? What’s your personal preference? – Personal preference? / – Yes. I like a forward guy like Taegwang. – A guy that’s forward. / – Yes. – I see. / – Then… – I should ask Sungjae this. / – Yes. In the drama, who is closer to your ideal type? Eunbyeol or Eunbi? I had more scenes with Eunbi. But Eunbyeol seems more attractive. – Even though… / – You won with Eunbi. – I like Eunbi more. / – Yes. You like Eunbyeol? I’ll say I like Eunbi more. Want to meet Eunbyeol? Eunbyeol seems angry. – Eunbyeol went home. / – I see. – She hates it here. / – She left. I see. Sungjae and Sohyun were the first Best Couple. If they were a young couple this is the loveliest couple of Monday and Tuesday. Just seeing them makes you want to love. They’re a lovely couple. So Jisub and Shin Mina. You seem like a friend. Oh. A friend with benefits. You can’t. Hug you from behind? Okay! This girl is sleeping again. So Jisub and Shin Mina. Mina, you played the Venus of Daegu, an overweight woman and a hard-working career woman. You showed us many sides of yourself. Jisub, what side of Mina was the loveliest? Great question. What side of her was loveliest? All of her. She’s perfect. Which one did you most prefer? The one that captivated your heart. – All of her. / – Yes. – She’s perfect. / – Really? Then what side did you hate the most? – None yet. / – None? Let me ask you then, Mina. Give her the mic. When was Jisub the loveliest, manliest and most handsome in the drama? After taking a shower. How did he look after a shower? It’s when Jueun was possessed by a dirty demon. He was wearing a bathrobe. – With nothing underneath. / – Yes. I went to the set without knowing that. I remember I didn’t believe my eyes. Then… Why couldn’t you believe your eyes? You must’ve had a long look. I saw something. Taehyun asked if you could reenact that scene. What do you mean? How do you reenact a shower here? He should take his clothes off. Anyway, he looked loveliest then. – In the drama. / – Right. But many people remember the cheek throwing scene. That really shook up our emotions. Mina, can you show us? She throws her cheek. Then Jisub catches it and eats it. Yes. It was a great scene. Can you do it? Yes, they can. Yes. Facing each other would be better. Ready… Action! A beautiful cheek as a gift. – Thank you for that. / – Yes. Jisub and Mina were a funny couple. However, this couple had you in tears. Let’s see on screen. Did you know? You’re just a woman living in my heart. I’ll never let your hand go. Don’t cry. I can’t let you go. I won’t. Yes. That was Han Chaea as Jo Sosa, the most beautiful woman in Joseon. – Jang Hyuk, you play Cheon Bongsam. / – Yes. You’re still shooting the drama. What do you like about Bongsam, Chaea? Give her the mic. – Bongsam… / – Yes. Is attractive because he’s unattainable. He’s charming because he’s unattainable. Jang Hyuk… Take the mic. You’re split between Chaea and Kim Minjung. – I am split. / – Right. If you were Jang Hyuk and not Bongsam… Who would you choose? Do I have to choose? Yes, I’d be really thankful if you do. I’m the host. I’d be thankful if you did. I don’t know. They’re both great. When I was on a talk show with you before, you didn’t give definite answers. You just feel bad, right? They’re really both great. – Really? / – Yes. Their styles are so different. Don’t you feel regret that you two are so sad compared to the other couples? Actually… In the script… The scenes when I work with the actresses are so hard because I have to keep crying. – You have to keep crying. / – Yes. It’s so hard. Chaea, you cry a lot too. Wouldn’t you like some sweet scenes where you get to laugh like other couples? It must be tough because of all the crying. I had to cry as soon as I woke up until I had to go to bed. I talked about this with Jang Hyuk. I’d like to do a bright drama next time… – In a modern setting? / – Yes… I’d like to do a drama like that with him. – All we do is cry. / – Yes. Let’s work together again. – We should. / – Yes. Chaea and Jang Hyuk, what do two think is the best Bongsam and Sosa scene? Jang Hyuk, you first. The scene you think is great. I think it’s the prison scene. The prison scene. Tell us about it. – In prison… / – Please explain. – I say… / – Yes. – It’s when she first feeds me. / – Yes. There were many side dishes but I had no strength to lift my chopsticks. She fed me white rice and the line then was very sad. When you were too weak to lift chopsticks. – I was tortured. / – And she fed you. Chaea, what about you? I wanted to say that scene too… – But since Jang Hyuk already did… / – Yes. I say when I first met Bongsam… I fall in the water and Jang Hyuk saves me. That’s when I saw Jang Hyuk the actor and not Bongsam being so considerate and looking after me. That was the scene I fell for Jang Hyuk the actor. He did something for you. – That’s right. / – He sent something. What was it? Was it a life vest? Not a life vest. I didn’t send it then. The first scene was… – Her falling into water. / – Yes. All the actors shot first and after around 2 months Chaea’s first scene was falling into water. I had to carry her in. – So I was careful. / – For her to be careful… – You sent her something. / – A wet suit. You sent her a wet suit. But Park Eunhye got nothing. She had a similar scene. You must have a blood type A personality. Right. That was the best part. I see. Okay then. I hope good things happen to your roles. So many sad things for you two. Next couple… I made them do some unpleasant things because they’re a guy-guy couple. It should be Kim Soohyun and Kong Hyojin and Cha Taehyun and Kong Hyojin. A love triangle. Since Hyojin isn’t here we made them a guy couple. Let’s see some of their scenes. Does it worry you? Can you not be? Because we have to go edit! Will you take responsibility if there’s a mistake? You didn’t let me eat a thing all day… We’ve just been wandering around… Is this coffee or sugar water? Did you dump all the syrup in? Ra Junmo, you punk! I want to eat chicken gizzards! – Chicken gizzards! / – Chicken gizzards… Hey! Yes. We got a cardboard cut-out of Hyojin while the footage played. Unfortunately, Hyojin chose Soohyun. Taehyun, who do you think made a better couple? You two or these two? Good question… Well… Actually… I think Soohyun and I made the Best Couple. Really? Hyojin likes Taehyun in the drama, right? Yes. Newbie producer Soohyun likes Hyojin. If this was real life… Give him the mic. If this was real life… How would you approach Hyojin as your senior producer? Just like in the drama? How would you approach her? I think doing the same thing in the drama… – Is a good plan. / – Really? Then just act like you did in the drama? Is that very close to how you actually are? Yes, maybe. Really? That’s how you’re like? Your drunk acting was cute. Do you get like that when you drink for real? I don’t really have a drinking habit. How often do you drink? I drink in moderation. I have many things I want to know about you. Yes. – This is my first time meeting you. / – Yes. I can’t help asking you all these things. – I’m sorry. / – Not at all. I want to know more about you. How much can you drink when it comes to beer and soju? Both? I really have to answer this? Sure. For the first time ever. How many bottles of beer? I can drink around 3 shots of soju. 3 shots? With soju glasses. – Yes. / – Okay. For beer… I can drink around 2 bottles. 2 bottles of beer. – The first time this was said. / – Yes. Thank you for the precious information. What happens if you drink more than 3 shots of soju? Do you go to sleep, dance or kiss guys? – I go to sleep. / – So you go to sleep. I see. Alright, thank you to the Best Couple that gave us so much information. Cha Taehyun, Kong Hyojin and Kim Soohyun. Those were the Best Couples, everyone! The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The nominees for Best Actor in a Daily Drama. “All is Well.” Kwak Siyang. Who are you calling brother-in-law? I’m not your brother-in-law anymore. If you care about Gaeun at all, don’t bring misfortune on that other woman too. “In Still Green Days.” Kim Minsoo. Yeonghui! Listen to me before you get angry! You got to see the sea because of me. This is a treat for a country bumpkin like you. “You Are the Only One.” Sung Hyuk. I love you, Dowon. Don’t forget that I’m always behind you, Dowon. “Love on a Rooftop.” An Naesang. I said it wasn’t like that! “The Stars are Shining.” Lim Ho. Taking out a private loan for me? There must be a way… No matter how much you run… You’re mine forever. “Save the Family.” Jae Hee. You’re coming back, right? I trust you. An amazing group of nominees. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Best Actor in a Daily Drama goes to… Lim Ho of “The Stars are Shining.” Kwak Siyang of “All is Well.” Congratulations. – Congratulations. / – To the both of you… Congratulations, Lim ho and Kwak Siyang. Lim Ho and Kwak Siyang, congratulations. Siyang, take a trophy and flowers. First… Lim Ho, go first. Yes. Hello. I’m Lim Ho. Being up here… I’m at a loss for words. First… I really want to thank the KBS pretty director with fair skin Gwon Gyehong. for meeting with me and having a nice time discussing my role as Seo Dongpil in “The Stars are Shining.” I want to thank CP Lee Jinseo for agreeing to let me play the role. I want to thank directors Yu Hyeongi and An Junhyeon as well as the outdoor staff for working hard outdoors. I also really want to thank the studio staff and my fellow actors. I don’t know if I should say this but… This is my first time winning an award since I started acting. All the directors and writers I’ve worked with… I forgot to mention writers Yuna and Jo Soyeong. All the staff members and fellow actors I’ve worked with… I think I was able to steadily improve in every work I did because of them. I thank them all. Did I leave someone out? I want to thank my hard-working manager Kim Eunju. Thanks. I’m always thankful and sorry I’m not better to you. And most importantly… It’s okay if I go a bit long, right? Yes. In moderation. – Moderation? / – Yes. I’m almost done. I’m more than halfway through. I’m sorry but I feel like I’m looking in a mirror. Be quiet! – Why do you hate to hear we look alike? / – I hate it. It’s not so great for me either. Alright. First time being offended during an award speech. I want to thank my dad and mom for giving birth to me and raising me. They’re always worried about having their son work on TV. I’m thankful I can show my thankfulness to them with this award. And I got a new family after getting married. I love my father-in-law and mother-in-law. Thank you for always helping out and being supportive. I want to thank my brother-in-law too. I have 3 kids I love. Seonam, Jibeom and Junseo. I love my kids. And now that I’m talking… My older sister in the U.S. I also forgot my nephew Gyeongeun. Did I leave anyone else out? This is harder than memorizing lines. And… Actually… Lastly… I’m sorry, I’m almost done. There’s something I’ve always wanted to do at a place like this. That’s… I’ll just do it. To my loving wife Yunjeong… I truly love you and I’ll continue to love only you forever. I’ve always wanted to do this. I love you. He’s so romantic. He sure is. That’s Lim Ho who looks like me. Siyang. Hello, I’m Kwak Siyang. I’ve always been unlucky with awards. The last award I remember winning was winning 3rd place in a glider flying contest back in junior high. So I’m very thankful to win this great award this year. I want to thank my parents first. Director Kim Wonyong, Kim Huisu, Kim Jeongmin… And writer Lee Seonhui… Thank you for such a great opportunity. “All is Well” ran from the hot summer and will until the cold winter. I want to thank all the staff members that work so hard. I want to thank CEO Jang Yeonghun of Starhouse. Minji, Aseong, Sujin, Yosep, Dahun… You all work so hard. And… I want to share this honor with the people of Starhouse that work so hard for me. I also want to thank the 101 members for always being there. I also really want to thank my fan club. Thank you. Congratulations. That was the Best Actor in a Daily Drama. Let’s meet the nominees for Best Actress. Congratulations on winning. Let’s meet the nominees for Best Actress in a Daily Drama. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The nominees for Best Actress in a Daily Drama. For 20 years… “Save the Family.” Kang Byul. Please come, mom. Don’t make me live without you, mom. Think how hurt he felt alone. It’s all my fault. With the cloth I dyed… “The Stars are Shining.” Ko Wonhui. Remember this. If you touch my clothes again you’re dead meat. “In Still Green Days.” Song Hayoon. Why do you make me seem so miserable? How could I let you go? How? “Love on a Rooftop.” Im Semi. I just need to kneel, right? What is it to you? What business is it to you who I kneel to? Like this. “All is Well.” Choi Yunyeong. Do you have to act like that here in front of him? Do we have to be like this in our last moment? How could you tell me that now? “You Are the Only One.” Han Chaea. We’re breaking up. I’ll announce the winner. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Best Actress in a Daily Drama goes to… Congratulations. Han Chaea of “You Are the Only One” and Kang Byul of “Save the Family.” Congratulations. Han Chaea and Kang Byul. Byul… Take a trophy. Yes… Congratulations. First… Chaea will go first. Thank you. First, I want to thank Director Jin Hyeonguk and Writer Ko Bonghwang for believing in me. Thank you so much. And… This feels weird… And I want to thank Director Park Jinseok, Lee Minhun and all the staff members for working hard through all 4 seasons… I want to thank the actors. Sung Hyuk, Minkyo, the seniors… Thank you all so much. So many people to thank… Actually… I’m not so good at expressing myself. I’ll try to go see the people I want to thank and thank them myself. Especially… I want to thank… CEO Yang Byeongyong of Family Actors for being like a real family and giving me strength. Thank you so much. Dongguk, thank you so much. And… Byeonggi, thanks. I can’t remember anyone. I’m so thankful… And… Yoon Jongshin, CEO An Jeongho… Thank you to everyone at Mystic. I really want to thank Yunhui for always making my makeup look pretty even though I always complained about my morning shoots. Actually… Yesterday was the last shoot for “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” During the last shoot Director Kim Jongseon said he was happy to get to know me in 2015. I also got to do “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” I met Jang Hyuk, Kim Minjung… Yu Oseong… So 2015 was such a happy and thankful year for me. I’ll become an actor that acts truthfully. Mom and dad, I love you. I love you. Thank you. Congratulations, Chaea. Byul is next. First, thank you so much. I really, really want to thank the director, the staff, my agency and our staff members. I was so happy to work with the cast of “Save the Family” over the last 7 months. That… I’m so nervous. Like Hyesu that never lost hope and worked hard in troubled times, I’ll try my best at all times. Thank you so much. Happy New Year. Thank you. Kang Byul and Han Chaea. Congratulations. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The nominees for Best Actor in a Mini-Series. “THE Producers.” Kim Soohyun. I wanted to edit out everything from the past and like you for real. Because I’m young and lame. Digging a trap… “Hello Monster.” Seo Inguk. Forever… You think you got stronger. That’s why Minhui… To tell me it wasn’t my fault… That’s why… “Oh My Venus.” So Jisub. Let’s go. Guys want to do other things to girls they mess around with. “The Man in the Mask.” Ju Sanguk. Big cases keep popping up. Who made you do it? Jo Sangtaek? Kang Hyeonuk? Answer me, punk! “THE Producers.” Cha Taehyun. Are you trying to get someone killed? Do you think anyone can become fertilizer? Trash can’t become fertilizer. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Best Actor in a Mini-Series goes to… They’re all so talented. Who is it? Congratulations. Cha Taehyun of “THE Producers.” – Cha Taehyun! / – Congratulations. Taehyun played the role of hapless entertainment show producer of 8 years Ra Junmo very realistically in “THE Producers.” The viewers were entertained and laughed at his casual and human character. Alright… He was nominated for the Grand Prize at the Entertainment Awards. You’ve won a great award. Congratulations. Thank you. I want to thank God first. I joined KBS in 1995, 20 years ago. And this is my first time winning an award at KBS so I’m very happy. I haven’t been to the Drama Awards in a long time. I’m very thankful. I have many people to thank. I want to thank Director Seo Sumin for taking responsibility for the entire production of the show and aging 10 years in the process. I want to thank Director Pyo Minsu who I haven’t worked with in a while. It was tough for Director Yun Seongho in the beginning and he worked hard. She said she’s never used a backup script. She said that confidently but she ended up using one. Writer Park Jieun. She wrote such great lines that it was so fun to act. I’d love to work with her again in something else. Our lovely Hyojin. I’m not as handsome as all the other actors that worked with Hyojin, but thank you so much for seeing me so lovingly. IU broke all the prejudices… Her acting was great. Such a joy to work with her. And Soohyun. He’s very young but I felt I could learn a lot from him. It was a joy. I love my parents a lot. I really love my wife. I really love 1, 2 and 3. 1, don’t just be nice to 3. Be nice to 2 too. 1, 2 and 3 are my kids. Lastly… I heard some mini-series for next year have already been produced. I hope they’re successful and they won’t have to work in hard conditions like using backup scripts and shooting a drama live for the first time ever. I hope you all support us so that we can make and produce great dramas in great environments. I’ll always try to be an actor that makes you laugh, moves you and gives you joy. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Congratulations. He’d like drama productions to be improved. Very meaningful. Let’s keep going. Here are the nominees for Best Actress in a Mini-Series. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The nominees for Best Actress in a Mini-Series. We’re producers. “THE Producer.” Kong Hyojin. You can’t have drinking habits. Yejin wants to get more drinks! Yejin wants to go to a cart bar! Guys! I want live octopus too! “Spy.” Bae Jongok. What are you doing? I’ll protect my family. “Oh My Venus.” Shin Mina. The reborn queen of queens. “THE Producers.” IU. The one who became my umbrella when I was alone in the rain. I want to tell him that he was so warm. You know what I like. “Hello Monster.” Jang Nara. Out of the way! I’ll kill 4! I’ll kill 5! – 6… / – Get it together, Jian! We’ll announce the winner. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Best Actress in a Mini-Series goes to… Shin Mina of “Oh My Venus.” Congratulations. Congratulations. It’s Shin Mina. Go up that way on the runway. Mina played Kang Jueun, who was a popular girl with a hot body as a student but became a fat lawyer in “Oh My Venus.” That was the boldest role of her career and she showed the viewers great acting. She looked so lovely and beautiful even when she was heavier. Mina, please say a few words. We had to shoot under a tight schedule in tough conditions. The director, writer, staff and actors are working very hard. We have 2 episodes left to shoot and we’re working hard. Thank you for working so hard. I have many people to thank too. But I can’t mention them all. First, Director Kim Hyeongseok, Writer Kim Eunji for making that fun character and sexy and silly So Jisub… CEO Kim Okhyeon of Mother Entertainment… And the staff that had to work really hard on set. Junhak, Unyong, Seonhui, Nuri, Hayan… It was toughest for them. I couldn’t have played the character Kang Jueun if it wasn’t for them. I’ll try even harder for the last 2 episodes. Thank you. – Congratulations, Mina! / – Congratulations. The very lovely Shin Mina. Congratulations. Next we have the Best Actor in a Mid-Length Drama. Sohyun, I’m curious about this. Do you know what the basis is to differentiate a mini-series, mid-length and serial drama? Of course. Normally if you have 16 episodes it’s a mini-series. 20 to 24 episodes would be a mid-length drama. Anything more than that is a serial drama. Then what about a drama that ends after 5 episodes? A failure? What do you call it? You don’t have to answer such pointless questions. Alright. It could’ve been tricky for people to differentiate the different dramas genres but as we said before… 20 to 24 episodes is mid-length. Yes. Around 16 episodes is a mini-series. The next awards will be for mid-length dramas. Presenting will be Shin Hyunjoon and Seo Yeji. Come on out. (Best Actor in a Mid-Length Drama) They will be in a drama together in 2016. Hello, I’m Shin Hyunjoon. Hello, I’m Seo Yeji. Next year on January 11… – “Moorim School.” / – Yes. We’re in it together. What kind of school is “Moorim School?” It’s not a school that focuses on getting kids prepared to get into a good university. It’s a youth action melodrama where the main characters learn through life experiences. – Sounds like fun. / – Yes. – Hyunjoon. / – Yes. You’re so white today. – I’m sorry. / – All white. Even your shoes. – I’m sorry. / – What’s the concept? Jo Chun. The look suits you. – Thank you. / – Sure. – Can I present? / – Sure. Yes. Can we talk more about “Moorim School?” – Congratulations, Cha Taehyun. / – Yes. – We’ll talk about it a bit more. / – Go ahead. What’s the president like? Very charismatic. I feel like he’s a good fighter. Thank you. I hope you play the next one, Yejin. – Thank you. / – You look beautiful today. – You look great. / – Thank you. So…. We’ll do our best and present. They improved the drama with their great acting. These are the nominees for Best Actor in a Mid-Length Drama. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The nominees Best Actor in a Mid-Length Drama. “Unkind Ladies.” Park Hyukkwon. Really? “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” Yu Oseong. Half of business is scamming. Make profit by misleading people. That’s business. “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” Jang Hyuk. Becoming a merchant means to put your life on the line! “Assembly.” Jeong Jaeyeong. This smells foul. The state has obligations! And the people are the rights! “Blood.” Ji Jinhee. This world has been plagued by mutations. The mutation only looks out for itself. Such a great group of nominees. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Best Actor in a Mid-Length Drama goes to… I’ll open the envelope. I really like this guy. Jang Hyuk! Congratulations. – “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” / – Congratulations. Hello, I’m Jang Hyuk. We’re still shooting now so thank you for giving me such a great award in 2015. For allowing me to be a part of this drama… Director Kim Jongseon and Kim Donghwi. And my fellow actors with me today… Yu Oseong, Han Chaea, Kim Minjung… Not everyone is here but… I want to thank all the actors and staff members for always smiling on set when we met. You want to go home often when you’re on set. Everyone would say that. But we give each other strength to endure staying on set without going home. Anyway, I thank everyone. And I want to share this award with my family at home. Thank you… Oh! Lastly, I want to thank my partner that’s always with me 24 hours during my every waking moment, Kim Gyeongjin. Thank you. Thank you, Jang Hyuk. Congratulations. Let’s see the actress nominees. Congratulations, Jang Hyuk. Let’s see the actresses. I hope you’re nominated next year, Yeji. – I hope so too. / – Yes. Please present the award. – Let’s see the nominees. / – Yes. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Nominees for Best Actress in a Mid-Length Drama. “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” Kim Minjung. Kill me and kill Cheon Bongnam too! “Unkind Ladies.” Kim Hyeja. Be gone, demon! Be gone! I’m his aide! “Assembly.” Song Yuna. How dare you, you half-eaten pickle. Hello, ma’am. Fun? You call suffering in silence fun? I’m so silly. Even dad… “Unkind Ladies.” Chae Sira. So it’s okay to ignore the likes of me? I wasn’t expelled! I wasn’t expelled! If that’s what you want… “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” Han Chaea. Please just spare my life. I’ll announce the winner. So many great nominees. I’m very curious. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Best Actress in a Mid-Length Drama goes to… Kim Minjung of “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” – Congratulations. / – It’s Kim Minjung. Congratulations. This drama is winning a lot of awards. Congratulations. Please say a few words. Congratulations, Minjung. I feel strange. I won best child actress here when I was around 9 or 10. It feels new to be standing up here decades later. I feel proud of myself. Thank you. I’m a bit embarrassed to win this. I have to say that I won this award thanks to the staff members that worked so hard on set whether it was hot or cold. I dedicate the honor to them. And my fellow actors that I acted with as we all helped each other. I want to thank Chaea who’s here now. Sosa and Bongsam are so in love, so I’m a bit lonely. I want to thank Jang Hyuk for consoling me and telling me that he’s always behind me. – That made me less lonely. / – Yes. Yes. I want to thank Lee Deokhwa for always giving me advice. I want to thank all the actors but I hope you don’t get upset if I didn’t mention you. And… I want to thank the people that help the actors… My agency CEO Son Jihyeon… Kim Sugyeong, Hwang Ingyu, Sangha and all the employees, thank you. I want to thank my long-time staff members Minjeong, Suhyeon and Suji. Thank you all so much. My parents that gave birth to and raised me. Thank you, mom. Lastly, I want to say that I find acting fun these days like I did when I was a kid. I wish to continue enjoying acting and I’ll try to become an actress that does that. Thank you. Happy New Year. Congratulations, Minjung. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The nominees for Best Actor in a Serial Drama. “All About My Mom.” Kim Kapsoo. Watch the hair! Even if I’m a useless old fart… How could you say that to me? “The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War.” Kim Sangjung. Stop! I’ll follow him to the end of this land. “The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War.” Kim Taeu. Leave me alone! “All About My Mom.” Lee Sangu. I’m sorry, mother. Please forgive me. Mom! Please go easy on me just this once. I’ll love you. I’ll love you even more. I’ll love you endlessly. “House of Bluebird.” Lee Junhyeok. Why that day? Do you think money solves everything? I’ll never forgive you. I’ll announce the winner. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Best Actor in a Serial Drama goes to… Such great nominees. Congratulations. Kim Taeu of “The Jingbirok.” Kim Kapsoo of “All About My Mom.” Congratulations. Let’s hear from Taeu first. The person that comes to mind first is… Sangjung. Thank you. You were so reliable through all the shoots. I’ll never forget that. And Im Dongjin… I respect you. I want to thank all the actors that were “The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War.” Hyeeun… I want to thank all of you. Director Kim Sanghwi, Writer Jeong Hyeongsu… And all the staff members working even now for a great drama… I was always thankful on set because I only had to focus on acting. Thank you. It was hard to get my king’s beard on. Dongjin, Sejin, Beomsik and Park Chorok, thank you all so much. I want to share this honor with my wife and two kids. I don’t have a religion but I thank Him. I became a KBS class actor in 1996. This will be my 20th year. 20 years later, I want to be here not for Best Actor but for Grand Prize. I’ll do my best. His honest determination… Now… Kapsoo. Thank you. I want to dedicate this award to the kind Lee Dongchul of “All About My Mom.” Lee Dongchul is my role in the drama. He’s a kind father. I want to encourage all the kind fathers out there. Hang in there. The writer, director and all the staff members that helped make this drama… And the entire cast… My fellow actors especially… She’s here now. Ko Dusim. She’s here. I… She plays my wife. She seemed upset at how you addressed her. We’ve acted together in the past but this is our first time playing a couple. But… She’s so good at acting. She’s a remarkable actress. How is she so good? That’s what I think when I act with her. She surprises me. I thought I should try to act as well as she does. Lastly, to all the viewers that watched “All About My Mom…” KBS weekend dramas are the face of KBS. Thank you for all your support. And until the drama ends, please continue to show your support and love. Thank you, everyone. Happy New Year. Thank you. Congratulations, Kapsoo. Let’s see the nominees for best actress. Yes. Let’s see the nominees for Best Actress in a Serial Drama. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The nominees for Best Actress in a Serial Drama. “House of Bluebird.” Kyung Sujin. I’m quitting this awful job. Forget this! Geez… “All About My Mom.” Ko Dusim. Come home early. I’ll make cold cucumber soup. You rascal! Why would you? Why would you? Wait for me, baby. “All About My Mom.” Eugene. I want to be by you, Hunjae. I wish you’d accept me. I’m okay. I’m fine. “House of Bluebird.” Choi Myounggil. To me… She’s my precious daughter! She’s my baby and she means the world to me! I’ll announce the winner. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Best Actress in a Serial Drama goes to… Eugene of “All About My Mom.” Congratulations. – Eugene won it. / – Congratulations. Eugene, please say a few words. Hello. I… Never expected this. Why do people cry when they stand up here? First… I… I made my drama debut in the 2002 KBS drama “Loving You.” It was the same director for “All About My Mom.” Director Lee Geonjun casted me then. He casted me again after 13 years. It wasn’t long after I had my first daughter so I had to think hard about the casting call. I thankfully accepted the part and made my return early. I’m so thankful for that now. And “All About My Mom” is such a great drama… I met such a great family here. They’re all sitting there. It’s such a joy to act with them and I’m thankful for many things. Director Lee Geonjun… The writer is working hard writing now. Hang in there a bit longer. Our drama still has a few episodes left. I want to thank the hard-working staff. And… I want to thank my agency CEO that I’ve been working with for 10 years. CEO Choi Seongwon, great work and thank you. I want to thank the rest of the agency. I want to thank my stylist for making me pretty today. I’ve been with her for 20 years. It’s great to work with people for such a long time. I’m so thankful. Sorry for rambling. I didn’t prepare a speech… I want to thank Father God for giving me a healthy daughter. To my husband watching this on TV at home and my daughter that’s probably sleeping, I love you guys so much. I want to thank my mom and dad as well as my mother-in-law and father-in-law. I want to tell them I love them. Thank you. I’ll become a hard-working actress. – Congratulations, Eugene. / – Congratulations. She didn’t expect it at all. She seems to feel regret that she didn’t give a clearer speech. Hello, I’m KBS TV Manager Jo Inseok. Hello, I’m Chae Sira. Sira, you seem to be good at cooking in the drama “Unkind Ladies.” Are you really good at cooking? I can only cook a little but my character Hyeonsuk has a talent for cooking. It made me interested in cooking. This isn’t an easy dish but I succeeded in making pickled crabs. So people around me think I’m good at cooking because of my role. I think when an actor portrays a character the acting is important but I think the influence of the writer that creates the character is also important. Of course. You get drawn into the story and you can relate. That’s what an actor’s character in a drama can do. So when you get a good role and you’re acting… You feel a lot of respect for the writer that created the character. This award is for Best Writer. This is an award for the writer that many viewers could relate to and got favorable reviews. Actually, I hope the person I’m thinking wins this. I’m curious to see the winner. Please announce it. I hope it ends up like that too. – Yes. / – Let’s see. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Best Writer goes to… Kim Inyeong of “Unkind Ladies.” – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Congratulations. It was a drama loved by many. “Unkind Ladies” is about 3 generations of daughters and their turbulent lives. Writer Kim Inyeong, who wrote “Unkind Ladies” delivered a message of family love, consolation and forgiveness with witty dialogue. She made a great drama that was relatable to viewers. Sira, who was in the drama is congratulating her. Congratulations. Let’s hear a few words. Thank you. I truly thank everyone that worked on “Unkind Ladies.” I also want to thank the viewers for enjoying the drama. I’ll try to write something a bit more entertaining next time. Thank you. Hello. I’m Song Ilkook and I play Jang Yeongsil, the scientist obsessed with stars in KBS historical drama “Jang Yeongsil.” This drama has the honor of being the first drama of the New Year as it airs tomorrow. As you saw in the footage it’ll be the first scientific historical drama in Korea. It’s a story about former slave Jang Yeongsil making 15th century Joseon science the best in the world with Sejong the Great. The actors and all the staff members are working hard to make this a KBS historical drama that goes down in history. Yes. Historical drama “Jang Yeongsil” will be the first KBS drama of the New Year. Please show us your support. – Thank you. / – Yes. It’s like the real Jang Yeongsil is here. Like he traveled through time. Let’s go back to you being the triplets’ dad. What’s your wish for 2016 as their dad? It’s a bit strange for me to ask you dressed like that. Yes… Well… My kids… I wish for their health. I hope the drama is a hit. I see. I hope that wish comes true and I hope the boys continue to grow up healthy. Can you please present The Best Actor Award? Yes. They’re all probably nervous. The Best Actor Award goes to the actor that displayed the best acting this year. Let’s meet the nominees first. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The nominees for The Best Actor. “The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War.” Kim Sangjung. “THE Producers.” Kim Soohyun. “Oh My Venus.” So Jisub. “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015.” Jang Hyuk. “Assembly.” Jeong Jaeyeong. (Nominees for The Best Actor Award) I wonder who will win this award. Even I’m nervous. KBS historical drama… Sorry about that. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The Best Actor goes to… You’re too immersed in your role. – I’m sorry. / – Everything is about “Jang Yeongsil.” Yes… The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The Best Actor goes to… So Jisub of “Oh My Venus.” Congratulations. It’s So Jisub. Congratulations. I have so many people to thank. I’ll thank them personally. I truly respect all the staff members and actors that are out there somewhere right now shooting dramas under tough conditions. I was so happy to be in a drama, act and play the character Kim Yeongho. I’ll try harder to be an actor and a person that gives off happy energy. And to my partner Mina that’s been working so hard on the drama since day one, congratulations on your award. Our last episode airs next week. Let’s go shoot that hot night now. Thank you! Yes. Hot night… Very meaningful. Thank you. Now the nominees for The Best Actress. Next are the nominees for The Best Actress Award. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The nominees for The Best Actress. “All About My Mom.” Ko Dusim. “THE Producers.” Kong Hyojin. “Unkind Ladies.” Kim Hyeja. “Oh My Venus.” Shin Mina. “Unkind Ladies.” Chae Sira. (Nominees for The Best Actress Award) Alright… I’ll announce the winner. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The Best Actress Award. And the award goes to… Chae Sira of “Unkind Ladies.” Congratulations. Chae Sira! She wins The Best Actress Award. Let’s hear from Chae Sira. Well… Every time I come to accept an award I always feel different. Today, I totally emptied my mind. I’m so thankful my name was called. And I’m so happy to receive an award from the triplets’ dad. “Unkind Ladies” had big aspirations to make a family drama for Wednesdays and Thursdays. It was meaningful because we proved that a family drama could be successful on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Director, writer, actors… All of us are unsatisfied. We thought we could spread our wings more but even if everyone tries hard luck is a factor too. I’ll be hoping that our team has another chance to get together and spread our wings wider. Director Yu Hyeongi, you’re the best. Thank you. Director Han Sangu, is very detailed and emotional. I also truly thank Writer Kim Inyeong for writer a drama filled with great characters and they all get to be the main characters. You’re as pretty as a doll like your name. Kim Hyeja, Lee Sunjae… Seo Leesook, Mido, Hana and Hyeeun… Jiseok and Jaelim who couldn’t be here… Did I leave anyone out? Was that everyone? I was so happy that we became like a family and always had so much fun on our shoots. I want to thank my parents and in-laws They’re always so supportive. My husband Kim Taewook released a digital single after 11 years. It’s called “You Live in My Heart.” I just want to say again that the song is about me. Now that the drama is over I’m back to being a regular housewife that works hard to raise her kids. I’m really working hard to raise my kids. I want to thank my daughter and son too. I’ll try to become a hard-working actress and person. Thank you. Congratulations. Sira… We truly congratulate you. It’s time to announce the Grand Prize winner of the 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Presenting the biggest award of the 2015 KBS Drama Awards will be KBS CEO Ko Daeyeong… And last year’s Grand Prize winner Yu Donggeun. Give them a big hand. Come on out. (Grand Prize Award) Hello, I’m KBS CEO Ko Daeyeong. It’s the New Year now so I’ll start with a New Year’s greeting. Have a happy New Year, everyone. Hello, I’m Yu Donggeun. Happy New Year. Thank you. Donggeun, you won the Grand Prize last year for “What Happens to My Family” but now you’re here presenting. How do you feel? When I won Grand Prize I didn’t know if I was dreaming. I even thanked God. I didn’t have a single role for a year. My kids keep growing… That’s how I’ve been. But I consider it a big honor to be presenting the Grand Prize. I hope the viewers can see me next year in a good drama. Thank you. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your great acting in a KBS drama next year. Alright. Sir, which drama among the KBS dramas this year was most memorable for you? I’m the CEO but I don’t watch all the dramas. I don’t have the time to so I watch from time to time. “The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War” comes to mind. Kim Sangjung who plays Ryu Seongryong is criticized when he meets King Seonjo played by Kim Taeu who won an award. Then he cried. In the popular weekend “All About My Mom,” the daughter Eugene cries after seeing her mom’s truthful diary. I was very moved. This was a big hit. “THE Producers.” That’s a bit hard to pronounce. That’s not how producer is pronounced in Korean. I enjoyed that one too. Yes. Next year in 2016… We’ll have a big historical drama, dramas that fascinates people and great dramas that portray the universal worth of humans. We’ll greet the viewers with great dramas. We look forward to the dramas in 2016. Now let’s see who the 2015 KBS Drama Awards Grand Prize winner will be. Sir, please announce it. Yes. The 2015 KBS Grand Prize Award… I’ll open the envelope. Sir, it helps viewer ratings if you hesitate before announcing. – Really? / – You’re sensitive about that, right? It’s no fun if you announce it right away. I’m a former reporter so I’m used to reading things right away. Don’t read it like a news report. – Wait around 5 seconds. / – Who is it? You can open it quickly. – This… / – You’re really… – Struggling with the envelope. / – I’m sorry. Okay… The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. The Grand Prize Award goes to… Go slowly. Slowly… – I’ll take a break. / – Yes. The viewer ratings are going up. – Wait a bit longer? / – Announce the winner! Grand Prize goes to… – Grand Prize… / – Grand Prize… Goes to two people this year. Two people! Ko Dusim of “All About My Mom.” And… There’s one more person. – Who is it? / – Just wait a bit. There’s one more person. Kim Soohyun of “THE Producers.” Yes! Congratulations. Ko Dusim and Kim Soohyun. We have two Grand Prize winners. Dusim played a mother in “All About My Mom” that’s obsessed with her son. She used her 40 years of acting experience to realistically portray a warm mother that’s not so good at expressing herself. She received lots of love for her role. Soohyun played the clumsy newbie producer Baek Seungchan in “THE Producers.” He perfectly played a silly character that is totally different from his image. He captivated the hearts of many female fans starting the Kim Soohyun syndrome once again. Korea’s best drama festival that ends the year 2015. These two are the 2015 KBS Drama Awards Grand Prize winners. Alright. Senior and junior actors. They win the Grand Prize for the 2015 KBS Drama Awards. What a nice sight. Soohyun… He has many fans here from abroad. They’re congratulating him. First… Soohyun, you go first. First… CP Seo Sumin, Writer Park Jieun, Director Pyo Minsu… Cha Taehyun, Kong Hyojin, IU… To all the actors and staff members that worked so hard with me, I thank you all so much. I want to thank the people in my agency, KEYEAST, as well as my loving family. Thank you always. Before… I was really loved for my role as Do Minjun. I played the very different role of Baek Seungchan in “THE Producers.” I worried… I worried about whether I’d fail. Now… I’ll be playing a new character named Jang Taehyeong. Every time… I want to show you good acting but… I’m always scared. I’ll keep trying even if I fail. And I’ll try hard so I don’t fail. Please keep watching me. Thank you. Congratulations. That was Soohyun. Now it’s Ko Dusim. Thank you. I… Won the Grand Prize here in 1989. Back then… I thanked my parents in my speech… “I came to Seoul to pursue my dreams and I did it, mom and dad.” That’s what I said. But my parents have passed away now. I’m just as happy to win this award. And… The actors here should know. Being an actor… I’ve been acting for 43 years now. And it isn’t easy. It isn’t easy no matter what field you’re in. But this is our job. It’s always hard for actors to get to this point. I’m rambling… My parents may not be here but I’m so happy and honored. I know very well that I didn’t get to where I am now by myself. My colleagues and all the people involved… I thank you all so much. Especially… Kapsoo left after winning his award. I really want to thank Kapsoo. I think he played a great supporting husband. If the drama was called “All About My Dad.” Kapsoo could’ve won this award. Kapsoo… In 2016, don’t get paired up with someone a bit older than you as a wife. He always complains. When we’re together… You heard him address me as a senior. Who says that to his wife? Anyway… I’m so thankful he was by my side helping me. In 2016 I hope you can all forget the troubles you had with your families and all the bad things that might have happened… Be healthy. Emotionally and mentally as well. I hope you can have a new and healthy start. I’ll always try to be healthy by your sides. Thank you all for your love. Happy New Year. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Congratulations, Dusim. Alright… Soohyun… Hold on. You both made your speeches that many viewers around the world saw. How about some nice words for 2016? Please say something. I hope only good things for you all. I hope 2016… It’s filled with more fun and great things. Thank you, Soohyun. Thank you for those nice words. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Ko Dusim and Kim Soohyun won the 2015 KBS Drama Grand Prize Award. Give them a big hand! At such a prestigious and traditional show, it was precious just to cheer for the winners. It was such an honor to host this amazing show. I really want to thank the viewers that watched until the end despite me… – Being a lacking host. / – Thank you. The 2016 KBS dramas will be even better than the 2015 dramas so please show your support and keep an eye out for them. Great. Sohyun and Bogum, I hope you become huge stars like Kim Soohyun and long-working actors like Ko Dusim. – Thank you. / – Alright. The 2015 KBS Drama Awards. Thank you to all the viewers for joining us. We’ll wrap things up with a New Year’s greeting. Viewers… Happy New Year!


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