2015 Reading the Globe — Daisie

As part of the Reading the Globe experience,
we engage in community service. The SOS Children’s Village in Sarajevo is an organization built
to provide a home for children in need. Despite their circumstances, these kids were so kind
and innocent that it gave me hope to see a new generation rise from the aftermath of
the war. Prior to meeting these children, I was anxious because I did not speak their
language and they did not speak mine. How were we going to communicate?
Once we arrived at the village, I found my answer. We first met with the staff who discussed
with us the concept of SOS. They explained how the village serves as a home for children
who do not have one or are not safe in their own. The SOS village is different than an
orphanage, because each home has an SOS mother, a woman who cares for the children. The staff
divided us into groups and led us to different homes. The family that I visited was so welcoming.
They let us into their humble home and offered us the traditional Bosnian coffee and treats.
After our visit to the homes, we gathered at their rec center to engage with kids. I
befriended a young girl named Mirjana. Despite the language barrier, we enjoyed ourselves
through acts of kindness and laughter. Our time at the SOS Village will forever be one
of my most treasured experiences. This was the perfect end to our time in Bosnia and
now we were off to create more beautiful memories in Croatia.

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