2016 KBS Drama Awards | 2016 KBS 연기대상 – Part 2 [ENG/CHN/2017.01.03]

(Live from KBS Hall) It’s Korea’s best drama festival. This is the second half of the 2016 KBS Drama Awards. (“Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” by Gummy) (Sound track of “Love in the Moonlight”) You’ve worked hard so far. You, too. Make sure you come see me in your next life, too. You promised. (“You’re My Everything” by Gummy) (Sound track of “Descendants of the Sun”) It was a stage by the queen of sound tracks, Gummy. Thank you, Gummy. The power of music is amazing indeed. The sentiments from the past have been revived. – That’s right. / – Listening to her music live moved me even more. I’m honored. I know that you play the piano really well. It’d be nice if you could perform for everyone one day. If I get a chance one day, I’d love to perform. All right. The second half of the 2016 KBS Drama Awards has now begun. The 2016 KBS Drama Awards is being broadcast through the Asian OTT platform, Viu, to many Asian countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. It is now 11:29 p.m., 41 seconds. There are only about 30 minutes left of the year 2016. In a brief moment, you will get a chance to count down for the New Year with great actors, so stay tuned on KBS Drama Awards until the end. I’m sure many of you must have waited for this part. It’s Best Couple Award. So many people have been waiting for that award. We’ve waited for this award more than Grand Award. In order to present the award with its meaning, a couple who first met on a KBS drama called “Yellow Handkerchief”, then got married will come on stage. They’re the real best couple. Please welcome In Gyojin and So Yihyun. They’re the real best couple. (Best Couple Award) In Gyojin and So Yihyun. Hello, I’m In Gyojin. Hello, I’m So Yihyun. (In Gyojin, So Yihyun) I’m honored to present Best Couple Award on the 30th KBS Drama Awards. Besides, Yihyun also needs to win Best Couple Award with Oh Minsuk who’s sitting over there. By any chance, are you presenting the award just because of me? I think so. I’d also like to win Best Couple Award, but Minsuk and I were a couple who struggled a lot in the drama. It’s okay. I’ve got my pretty Haeun as well as you, Gyojin. Thank you for looking after our daughter. In fact, it’s me who needs to thank you. You delivered a beautiful daughter who is as pretty just like you. It’s so obvious that you two have schemed this. – Oh, can you tell? I’ll stop, then. / – All right. Before we announce Best Couple Award of 2016 KBS Drama Awards, I’d like to ask the winners to strike a pose as a couple like us. For example, – strike a pose like us. / – Like this. We’d really appreciate it if you’d come up on stage with a pose. I’ll announce the winner. The first couple infected us with their deep romance last fall. Lee Sangyoon and Kim Haneul from “On the Way to the Airport”. Lee Sangyoon and Kim Haneul melted everyone’s hearts with their emotional romance. (Lee Sangyoon and Kim Haneul) Strike a pose as a couple. Go on. All right. The second best couple could even be considered as a real father and daughter. Jiho! Oh Jiho and Heo Jeoungeun from “My Fair Lady 2016”. Oh Jiho and Heo Jeoungeun. Congratulations. Park Shinyang seems a bit bitter looking at them. This couple brings everyone to tears these days. Jeoungeun, you’re on stage often tonight. The third couple made not only Koreans but also everyone in the world have a heartache. Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo from “Descendants of the Sun”. Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo. It’s their second award together after Asia’s Best Couple Award. Congratulations. (Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo) – How beautiful. / – All right. The fourth couple may be a bit crude, but they’re the best when it comes to being innocent. I guess they really wanted to win this award. Cha Inpyo and La Miran from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”. This couple could even intimidate Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo. Cha Inpyo and La Miran. La Miran seems even happier than winning an award alone. She has totally been aiming for this award. Congratulations. They really seem like a married couple. The fifth best couple are from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”. It’s Hyunwoo and Lee Seyoung. Ah-Choo couple. (Hyunwoo and Lee Seyoung) Hyunwoo and Lee Seyoung are showing their fresh and pretty love. They look great together. Hyunwoo is led by Seyoung even though he’s the guy. Congratulations. Congratulations. We also have the sixth couple to announce. They made us happy for the second half of 2016. Park Bogum and Kim Youjung from “Love in the Moonlight”. – Park Bogum / – Congratulations. and Kim Youjung. Park Bogum will receive the award alone. I’ll announce the last best couple. They’ve shown us a cool romance of soldiers. Jin Goo and Kim Jiwon from “Descendants of the Sun”. Kim Jiwon. Jin Goo couldn’t make it here because he’s ill. (Jin Goo and Kim Jiwon) She’s here alone tonight. Please give a big hand for Gyojin and Yihyun as well. Thank you. They must be awarded now. We’ll award a trophy and a bouquet to each winner. Each time a couple is awarded, please give a big round of applause. The Cha La couple, Cha Inpyo and La Miran. This couple represents Asia. Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo. Great. This couple stands out among others. Oh Jiho and Heo Jeoungeun. Jeoungeun is winning a lot of awards tonight. Then here are Lee Sangyoon and Kim Haneul from “On the Way to the Airport”. They showed their ardent love. Great. Now, Kim Jiwon. Okay. Park Bogum. Congratulations. – Jiwon! / – Congratulations! (Park Bogum is mine.) It’s such an honor to be able to end 2016 with all you handsome and lovely people. What a great sight this is. First up is the Ah-Choo couple. Did you expect to win an award? I thought you’d tell us to come onto the stage and do something. Like what? I don’t know, some sort of battle? A battle? Up here? – Like who’s the cutest? / – You called us up here. There are so many famous people up here. I didn’t think we’d win. I heard that compared to other couples you two are really good at being cute. Seyoung knows a thing or two about being cute, doesn’t she? – She does. / – Right? Could you show us an example? – Go on. / – Hold the mic properly. – What should I do? / – Whatever you want. You expected a battle. She looks so resolute, doesn’t she? What should I do? His fans Gosh. In one, two, three. Come on, Honey. – Sorry. / – Isn’t she cute? Wasn’t that cute? I’d say that you have been eliminated. – I felt… / – Nervous? – Yes. I’m so sorry. / – Don’t be. Next up is the Cha La couple. – Hello. / – You said on another show that you’d beat the Song Song couple. They’re right next to you. Why am I standing here? – Let’s switch places. / – It’s fine. Miran, you’re just as pretty. What’s the matter? – Sorry. / – On “Happy Together,” – you said you’d beat them. / – I’d lost my mind. – It’s fine. / – Actually, from the very start, Inpyo said that he wanted nothing but the Best Couple Award. – It was his dream. / – Inpyo’s? – Yes. / – I see. I’m so glad and grateful that we won. Inpyo, what do you want to say? I give all the glory to Miran. I was born in 1967, the year of the sheep. I turned 50 this year. – Winning this / – You don’t look – when I’m 50 / – your age at all. is such a great honor. I learned three things during those 50 years. One. Darkness cannot swallow light. Two. Lies cannot beat the truth. Three. A husband cannot beat his wife. That’s the truth. We see that dynamic a lot with you in your drama. This is the Song-Song couple’s second award so far. Thank you. I saw an article saying your drama should be called “Descendants of the Handsome”. It was on the internet. Do you agree? (Song Hyekyo, Song Joongki) I’d like to consider that a compliment. The Best Couple Award is one that everyone wants to win. Rather than the fact that Hyekyo and I won, I’m more pleased that Miran won. I saw her during the break on the way to the restroom. – She looked so eager / – I know. – to win. / – She wanted it so badly. I think it’s a great relief. Thanks. How do you feel, Hyekyo? It’s your second award. I really wanted to win the Best Couple Award. I’m so pleased that I finally received it, and that I’m on stage sharing the honor with people I admire. Thank you. If I asked you to describe just one of Joongki’s charms, – what would it be? / – The women here probably already know. He’s pretty much how he was in the drama. He’s very witty and smart and has a strong sense of justice. He’s very gentle. – Is he? / – Yes. Joongki, name one of Hyekyo’s charms. Just one? If you can’t say just one, shall we aim for three? One is enough. First of all, every Asian probably know that she is very – beautiful. / – Right. She’s really good at calculating. The other actors and crew know from experience that she’s willing to treat us to a meal. – That’s great. / – It is. Thank you. Inpyo? Could you give us one of Miran’s charm? I was shocked when I heard Joongki’s description of Hyekyo. – Why? / – She’s just like Miran. You’re right. Miran’s just as charming. Miran, what do you think is Inpyo’s charm? – His muscles? / – What? His muscles? – Miran. / – Yes? Inpyo or Joongki, one, two, three. I’ll go with my current husband. – Your current husband? / – Inpyo. Congratulations, Inpyo. Let’s move on to Oh Jiho and Heo Jeoungeun. You two really stand out. There’s a huge difference in height. Why do you think you’re up here? I am up here because we were awarded the Best Couple Award, but Jeoungeun refuses to look at me. She can’t stop staring at Joongki. Do you see the distance between us? – Yes, I do. / – Right? Jeoungeun can’t hide her glee. Is it true that you asked Bogum for an autograph? Bogum or Joongki. – One / – Song Joongki. Poor Bogum. Joongki’s unbeatable. – The look on Bogum’s face… / – I’m disappointed. Could you ask her to pick between me and him? You against Joongki? Are you sure about that? Jeoungeun. Jiho or Joongki. – One… / – Song Joongki. Okay. Thank you. Kim Haneul and Lee Sangyoon from “On the Way to the Airport”. I mean, seriously… I said this about Hyekyo, but you, Haneul, you haven’t changed at all. You’re so beautiful. What do you think was the best scene of your drama? After Dou and Sua decide to break up, they meet by chance at a cafe. There, he briefly holds her hand. – I liked that one. / – That scene? A lot of the scenes looked like they were part of a music video. Sangyoon, which scene did you find most memorable? The same scene that Haneul mentioned. In another part of the drama, Sua describes Dou with some long-winded dialogue. That was a memorable part, too. What’s your favorite girl group? – Stop it. / – I suddenly got curious. – I like them all. / – Do you really? You answered through gritted teeth. Thank you. Jin Goo isn’t here because he isn’t well. You gave us such a great award and he should be here to accept it with me, but unfortunately he has the flu. I promise to pass this on to him. Jin Goo, I won. I mean we won. Bogum, where is Youjung? – Is she sick? / – She’s also not feeling well and she probably feels terrible. I owe this award to her. I’d like to thank the director and the lighting director and filming director for making us look so sweet. – Okay. / – Youjung, get well soon. Bogum, you and Jiwon look nice together standing side-by-side. – Thank you. / – Thank you. I think it would be great if you two work together. – That would be an honor. / – For me, too. Very well. We put together a video clip. It’s called “Survey as I like”. I have prepared the top three kiss scenes. Whose kiss do you think will come out on top? Bogum’s a strong contender and so is Joongki. Very well. Let’s see the best kiss scenes. Play the video. (The Top Three Kisses) (The Top Three Kisses) (Third place, Lee Sangyoon and Kim Haneul) (from “On the Way to the Airport”) More than anything, (Third place) I wanted to go to you. (Kim Jiwon and Jin Goo from “Descendants of the Sun”) Close your eyes. I will do it. (Second place) That bad love. (Park Bogum and Kim Youjung from) (“Love in the Moonlight”) (Which kiss topped the list?) Who are the winners? (First place, Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo) You must want some a lot. (From “Descendants of the Sun”) There is a way. The Song Song couple’s kiss was voted the best one of the year. My favorite was Haneul and Sangyoon’s. It was a serious kiss. I couldn’t believe it was a KBS drama. Sangyoon. Yes? Did you make a lot of mistakes shooting that scene? I was so surprised I almost dropped my mic. We rehearsed the scene many times so there were no mistakes. – You rehearsed the scene? / – Yes. What kind of a reaction is that? What do you mean? Haneul, you were in character and we know it’s acting, but did the severity of the kiss shock or worry you? – I was in character and tried hard. / – Okay. Thank you. The Song Song couple won the first place again. I heard that Joongki made a lot of mistakes during that shoot. Did you? Did I, Hyekyo? He wasn’t as bad as I expected. What did you expect? – So he wasn’t that bad? / – It was more like he wanted to shoot from many different angles which required a lot of work – but there were no mistakes. / – So that was it. It was about the angles. Bogum. When you messed up an on-screen kiss, you said in an interview that it was all your fault. – I was so embarrassed. / – I see. – And I felt sorry for Youjung. / – Okay. How many mistakes did you make? Your ears are red. – I think I made quite a few. / – Kwak Dongyeon. You’re grinning from ear to ear. You look like you know something. Go on. To be honest I don’t really remember, but we filmed from various angles as well. Again, I thank the filming director who made us look great on TV. Director Kim Shihyung and Lee Minwoong I love you. Okay, thank you. I asked you all that for fun. Inpyo and Miran. Did you two not kiss? Why aren’t you even on the list? The two of us didn’t kiss in the drama, but instead we got busy in bed. We slept a lot in the living room. The thing is this is a year-end ceremony that families watch together. – We just sleep. / – Do you just sleep? I get it. This next list is the one in which Miran said she can bet Hyekyo. Let’s watch the top three cute scenes. (The Big Three Cute Scenes) Are you out of gas? My fuel needs to be charged. (Third place, Hyunwoo and Lee Seyoung) Is that it? Fill me up right here. You know how to act cute. I’m fully charged. What’s your blood type? Your ideal type? (Second place, Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo) Keep going. A pretty type. (From “Descendants of the Sun”) Just one more. A doll? I lose. I lose. Which couple will beat the Song Song couple? Are you going to keep me locked up forever? It’s you. You stole my heart. You should be locked up for life. This is unbelievable. You have such high standards. This is so unbelievable. I’ll grill some eel for you. Come home early. Stop talking about eel. Don’t wink. Miran’s charms beat those of Hyekyo’s. I have to say you beat her by a long shot. Thank you. I’m 42 years old. Inpyo, why are you making that expression? Your on-screen wife is saying she’s 42 in a baby voice. – It’s your turn now. / – Well, that wink you just saw was all her. It wasn’t scripted. Was it not? It’s something only people who do it often can do. – So she practices at home? / – Exactly. Can you be cute sometimes? Miran says so. – Me? / – Yes. That’s news to me. When am I cute? – How do you… / – Darling. – I didn’t want to do that. / – Song Ilkook’s face I shouldn’t have done that. I apologize. Thank you. He looks so serious. Hyekyo. Pass her a mic. The part where you called yourself a pretty doll was and still is the talk of the town. Could you look at Joongki and say that part again for us? I know it’s a tough favor to ask. It was so cute. It’s the new year and I’d rather not offend the people watching at home. You won’t be offending anyone. Male fans from all over the world will be watching with thumping hearts. What should I say? Joongki, do you remember any of her cute lines? What’s your blood type? The pretty type? Keep going. A doll? Sorry, I was a bit selfish. You’re so beautiful. Joongki, do you remember if she said anything else? When was she most adorable? Of all the cute things her character said or did… What? – What? / – What? There’s a scene where we were both drinking and I got drunk first. Then Hyekyo gets even drunker. Everyone on set including the crew found her cute then. Was she that adorable? Yes, she was when she pretended to be drunk. Hyekyo, were you drunk when you shot that scene? – How did you… / – Of course I wasn’t drunk. I wanted to get it over and done with. So I tried my best. – Did it come naturally? / – It was early morning. – Was it? / – Yes. Okay, thank you. Show us! Right now? – No. / – She can’t act drunk. Do you remember the lines? I can’t deal with that. I just can’t. I can’t do it. No way. – Okay, then. / – Sorry. You’ve disappointed a lot of people. – Bogum? / – Yes? When did you think Youjung was most adorable? I think she was adorable whenever we worked together. There’s one thing I really wanted to say. She was always great fun to be around and the crew took good care of us and liked us a lot. I think we all worked well together without hurting anyone’s feelings. – I see. / – I wonder if I deserved that. – Okay. / – I’d like to thank the crew again. I love you. You keep thanking people. Very well. They kissed each other and they were cute to each other, but they also moved us as well. Let’s see their most moving scenes. (The Number One Moving Scenes) Geumbi! (Oh Jiho and Heo Jeoungeun from “My Fair Lady 2016”) Let go. Stop and listen to me! Stay with me. Whether you live or die, you stay with me. Okay? Why won’t you answer? Will you live with me or not? Will you? Yes. That was a great scene that brings tears to my eyes even now. Jiho, could you explain what’s happening? I don’t remember. What? I really don’t remember. Then I’ll ask Jeoungeun. We shot it so hurriedly. What’s going on there, Jeoungeun? I don’t know. This is scary. I think we just put a damper on the mood. I’m really sorry. We’re still filming, you see. We have to get back to work tomorrow. My mind suddenly went blank when you asked me that question. – Sorry. / – Okay. Jeoungeun? Do you really not remember? – No. / – Okay. What do you think of when you have to cry? The director said she’s just as good an actor as you, Jiho. – I just… / – What makes you cry? Look at the crowd. I wonder why I’m doing this. What? – You wonder what? / – Why I’m doing this. Why you’re doing this? In “Love in the Moonlight”, – Jeoungeun played my sister. / – She did. She memorizes most of the script and understands it well, so she taught me a few things. – Did she? / – Yes. She’s really… I think she’s smart and has a bright future as an actress. Does she get easily immersed? Yes, she does, and the directors praised her a lot. I see. Thank you. Jeoungeun, hold the mic, please. Do people say you’re a good actor? Other people say so but my mom doesn’t agree. What does she say? That I have a long way to go. Did she? Is that what she said? What was the most hurtful thing that your mom said? – I can’t think of anything. / – Can’t you? She just wants you to improve. Do you understand that? Do you still not remember what that scene was? Okay, too bad. While we were chatting and laughing and having fun the last day of 2016 is coming to an end. In about one minute the first day of 2017 will begin. Couples. What are your wishes for the new year? Keep it short, please. Seyoung, you first. I want our ratings to go up. – Higher ratings. / – Did you mean my wish? I want to improve my acting and appear in another drama, something as good as… – as good as my current one. / – As good as this drama? Okay. Miran? What’s your wish? We’re out of time. Next year, I hope my husband and I get along. – In the drama? / – Yes. I hope the ratings go over 40 percent. Thank you. I’d love to go on asking about your wishes but we have to count down to midnight. We have about 15 seconds left. We’ll start counting down from ten. When there are ten seconds left. – Ten, nine, eight, seven, / – Ten, nine, eight, seven, – six, five, four, / – six, five, four, – three, two, one! / – three, two, one! (Happy New Year!) It’s the first day of 2017. Happy New Year. Happy New Year, everyone. Greet the actors you’re sitting next to. (Happy New Year!) Say hi even if you don’t know the person. Wish them good fortune. We ushered in the new year with the most popular on-screen couples of 2016 which is now last year. Congratulations. Shall we go on with our wishes? Keep them as short as possible. Inpyo said something great earlier. I hope that 2017 is a year where the truth beats all the lies. You wished for Korea where the truth beats all the lies. – Jiho? / – Yes? (Park Bogum, Song Joongki) I wish everyone the best of health. Our drama ends in one week. We have three episodes to go and I hope the ratings hit ten percent before it ends. You wished that the ratings go over ten percent. Jeoungeun, what’s your wish? I want to be in a drama with Uncle Joongki. I can feel how badly you want that all the way from here. Jiho mentioned the ratings but she doesn’t care about that. All she wants is to be in a drama with Joongki. Okay. Thanks. They should be a couple instead. Sangyoon and Haneul, who would like to speak? I hope everyone’s a bit happier than they were last year. Jiwon? I wish everyone a happier year than the last one, and I hope I can appear in another drama soon. Thank you. Bogum, what would you like to say? I hope that 2017 is full of things and events we can be grateful for. I bless you all. That concludes the presentations of the Best Couple Awards. Thank you. (2017 KBS dramas in advance) (Kim Seongryong) (Yoon Hagyeong) (Seo Yul) (Hong Gaeun) (Chief Kim) Every part of Korea is corrupt and everything has a loophole. Isn’t that great? (Master of rip-off, Kim Seongryong) Give me the file or stay here eating one drumstick every two days until you confess. I’ll treat you humanely only after you confess. What kind of a lunatic are you? You scumbag! This is about principles and attitudes. Rules and morals apply even when ripping others off. (Chief Kim is here.) Chief, you’re totally useless. That’s embarrassing. That was so embarrassing. (“Chief Kim” begins on January 25.) We’re still struggling. I wonder how he’s doing now. Should a firefighter rescue an arsonist? Get out of the way! I’ll just quit. – A nude model? / – 10,000 dollars. You can make 10,000 dollars a week. She looking for a male in his late 20s with a burn scar on his back. He can hide his past and pretend to be normal but scars don’t lie. This is definitely him. (Find the real arsonist!) Were you alone with him? By the way… Is there a way to catch him? Arson, theft, assault. He’s a ticking time bomb. (“The Barebacked Firefighter” begins on January 12.) (KBS’ new weekend drama) (“Dad Is Weird”) – Who will go first? / – Dad, of course. He’s the weirdo. I’m Kim Yeongcheol and I play Byun Hansu, the dad. (Clapping like a seal) I’m Kim Haesook and I play his wife, Na Yeongsil. (A proud smile) Why I’m weird, how weird I am, and what my symptoms are should have the viewers sitting at the edge of their seats because the drama’s thrilling, comedic and also very heartwarming. It’s a drama about a family for the family. “Dad Is Weird”. I hope you all watch it. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (“Dad Is Weird”) (Coming in spring of 2017) The stars of “Dad Is Weird”, Kim Yeongcheol and Cho Yeojeong will present the next award. It’s the award for Best Serial Drama. (Best Serial Drama) Hello, I’m Kim Yeongcheol. (Kim Yeongcheol, Cho Yeojeong) I’m so thankful to be able to have such a great time with you all. With us tonight are the senior actors who started their careers at KBS. Thank you so much. Could the cameramen put them on the screen, please? I’m happy you could make it. It’s good to see you all. Hello, I’m Cho Yeojeong. Ten years ago I appeared as his daughter in a drama. I’m truly happy to see him and to start the new year with him. He surprised me today because he looks as dashing and sexy as ever. You’ve been awarded for Excellence in Acting and Top Excellence in Acting. You even won the Grand Award in 2000. I must say, you’ve received all of the most honorable awards. Is there another award you’re coveting? There’s an award I haven’t won yet. It’s the Best Couple Award. All of the nominated couples look so lovely together, so I’d love to win it if opportunity allows. I think the new drama I’m working on at the moment will make my wish come true as Kim Haesook will be my partner. I agree. It’s definitely possible. Yeojeong. I heard that you’re preparing for a new drama, too. Yes. I’m working on a new drama called, “The Perfect Wife”. I’d be amazing if I can be on this stage once again in 2017 with that drama. I hope that your new drama becomes a hit. Make sure to watch “Dad Is Weird”, too. I hope you enjoy it. I will. All right. It’s time to present the award. The Excellence in Acting Award for Actors in Serial Drama. Let’s meet the nominees now. 2016 KBS Drama Awards. Male nominees for the Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama. (Shim Hyungtak from “Five Enough”) Shim Hyungtak from “Five Enough”. I’m going to take a dump now. – Are you going to watch? / – Gosh. Have you thought about how it’d feel to run into your sister at a place like this? I, Lee Hotae, will start my life over now. You made me change like this. Ahn Jaewook from “Five Enough”. (Ahn Jaewook from “Five Enough”) Don’t get angry for no reason. If you bother Mijeong and my kids, I won’t let it slide. Are you not going to see me from now on? You’re also very important to me. I’m… Lee Donggun from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”. (Donggun from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”) What kind of a woman are you? Gosh, this is embarrassing. (Inpyo from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”) Cha Inpyo from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”. I’ll be your woodcutter tonight. Get off of me. I don’t even know where Mr. Lee is now. How can you try to seduce me? You’re seriously unbelievable. (Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) All of the nominees are such outstanding actors, so I have no idea who will win the award. Why am I nervous right now? 2016 KBS Drama Awards. The Excellence in Acting Award for Actors in Serial Drama. (Excellence in Acting Award for Actors in Serial Drama) Congratulations, Ahn Jaewook and Lee Donggun. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations to you both. Through his single daddy role, Lee Sangtae, in “Five Enough”, Ahn Jaewook portrayed the ideal man of our time who can be a responsible husband and a fun dad at the same time, and his performance was highly praised by many people. In “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”, Lee Donggun is currently playing a perfectionist who gradually changes from a cold-blooded guy to a warm-hearted romantic. His character and acting are widely loved by the viewers. That’s right. They’re two heroes of KBS weekend dramas. Congratulations, Ahn Jaewook and Lee Donggun. All right. Who wants to go first? Do you want to play rock-paper-scissors? – Donggun, you go first. / – Okay. Thank you very much. For the last six months I have been so happy shooting the drama every day. And I even won this award, so I’m truly happy. First, I’d like to thank the pillar and anchor of “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop” who also always makes us laugh, Cha Inpyo. Thank you. I admire you so much. I also want to thank Choi Wonyoung, La Miran, and Jo Yoonhee. Thank you all so much. Yoonhee always helps me out and guides me. I’m inspired by how considerate she is of other actors and crew members on set. She always puts other people first. I’m learning a lot from her. Hyunwoo and Seyoung, you two are receiving so much love these days. I’m very proud of you guys. I’d also like to thank the CEO of FNC Entertainment, Han Seongho, as well as the executive director, Jung Jinhyeok, for encouraging me to choose this drama. In addition, I want to thank the directors, Hwang Inhyeok and Kang Mingyeong, for believing in me. Also I can’t leave out our writer, Ku Hyeonsuk. Thank you for always completing the heart-warming scripts way ahead of time for us for the last six months. “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop” isn’t over yet, and that’s what I’m most happy about. I’ll do my best until the very last scene to portray my character with all of my heart. Thank you. Awesome. Congratulations, Donggun. First of all, thank you very much. I’d like to thank the viewers for their support for “Five Enough”. This is such a big award. I actually remember leaving this ceremony empty-handed once after waiting until the very end. Anyway, I must say that this is such a meaningful New Year’s gift for me. While filming the drama… It was a feature-length drama, so I complained a lot. People called me Grouchy Smurf because of it. I’d like to thank the writer, Jung Hyeonjeong, and the directors, Kim Jeonggyu and Kim Jeonghyeon, for taking such good care of me. I also want to thank Hwang Jiu and everyone else at the production company, A Story, for all of their hard work. I’d like to express my gratitude to them once again. I was worried that the theme of the drama might be perceived as a bit too heavy or difficult. But I think that everyone did such a great job of making the story fun and wholesome. The beloved actress, So Yujin, also helped me stay positive and energized with her happy energy throughout the shoots. It was the first drama she filmed while having to worry about her husband. I’d like to sincerely thank Yujin once again. The drama made me realize the importance of family. With my beloved wife, Hyeonju, and my adorable daughter, Suhyeon, I will start 2017 on a happy note. Thank you, everyone. Congratulations again. You two are the first ones to receive awards in 2017. Congratulations once again. I hope the happy, lucky vibe stays with you for the whole year. Now, let’s meet the nominees for the Excellence in Acting Award for Actresses in Serial Drama. 2016 KBS Drama Awards. Female nominees for the Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama. So Yujin from “Five Enough”. Am I not allowed to date or what? Even if I date around, I’d care a lot more about the kids than you do. Go see a doctor, Sangtae. You need treatment, you psycho! Oh Hyeongyeong from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”. I’ve gotten all sorts of compliments from guys. Jackpot! (Oh Hyeongyeong from) (“The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”) Im Soohyang from “Five Enough”. I missed this so much. This is how my life should be. I hope you can live happily, you petty rat! I’m so sad right now that I can’t remember everything I wanted to say. Jo Yoonhee from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”. Look who’s talking. You’re a lot more ridiculous than I am. Have a nice evening. My gosh! (Jo Yoonhee from) (“The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”) I’m okay, of course. My head is as hard as a rock. (Top Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) I’ll announce the winner. 2016 KBS Drama Awards. The Top Excellence in Acting Award for Actresses in Serial Drama goes to (Top Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) So Yujin and Jo Yoonhee. Amazing! So Yujin and Jo Yoonhee, congratulations. Through her single mom role, Ahn Mijeong, in “Five Enough”, So Yujin did an excellent job of portraying the pain of betrayal as well as the ups and downs a remarried couple can go through, making the character relatable to many viewers. In “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”, Jo Yoonhee is currently playing Na Yeonsil who is amicable and tenacious. Her performance and devotion to the drama have impressed and entertained many viewers. The two of them are certainly heroines of KBS weekend dramas. Congratulations. Thank you. Yoonhee, would you like to go first? First of all, I’m truly grateful to be here. To be honest, I’m too embarrassed right now. I know that I still have a lot to learn, so I’m not sure if I deserve such a big award. Thank you very much for giving me this honorable award. First, I’d like to thank our director, Hwang Inhyeok. I know how hard he works on set all the time. Thank you so much for always being so considerate of us actors. I also want to thank our writer, Ku Hyeonsuk for the heart-warming scripts. I’d like to thank our director, Kang Mingyeong, for her hard work, too. I can’t forget about the senior actors, Shin Gu and Kim Youngae. I’m so grateful to be able to work with you. Thank you very much. All actors from “Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop” are here today. I sincerely thank every single one of you. I whine about the cold weather and being tired on set, and my partner, Donggun, puts up with it all. Thanks, Donggun. We weren’t even nominated for the Best Couple Award, but Donggun is certainly my best partner. Thank you, everyone. It seems that the Best Couple Award is the most coveted award this year. Yujin, it’s your turn. Hello, everyone. I’m So Yujin. (So Yujin,) (Winner of Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) I’m very excited to start the new year with such an amazing gift. Thanks to “Five Enough”, every single day of my 2016 was filled with so much gratitude. I took a long hiatus after getting married and having kids, and I was able to play a lead role in a weekend drama thanks to KBS. I love you so much. I’d like thank the chief producer, Bae Kyungsoo. I also want to thank “A Story” for making such a great working environment. Executive Director Hwang Jiu, thank you so much. I’d also like to thank the writer, Kim Jeonggyu for keeping us going despite many hardships. Our drama could be so warm thanks to our writer, Jung Hyeonjeong. Mijeong was such a lovely character. Thank you very much for allowing me to enliven the character. From the cold winter to the extremely hot summer, all of our crew members worked so hard. Thank you so much for all of your hard work during the eight months. My mind has gone blank all of a sudden. Anyway… Earlier, Jaewook thanked me, but I want to let him know how thankful I am for all of his help. We had so much fun during the whole time we were filming the drama. Thank you very much for all of the unforgettable memories. Lastly, I’d like to thank all of the viewers. Thank you. I’ll do my best. Congratulations. Congratulations, everyone. Those who worked so hard to make KBS weekend dramas the best in the country received the awards. We showed you the soon-to-be-aired dramas, “The Barebacked Firefighter”, “Chief Kim”, and “Dad Is Weird”. You remember the last year’s ceremony, right? On this very stage, we introduced big dramas to come in 2016 including “Descendants of the Sun”, “Uncontrollably Fond”, and so on. All of the dramas we introduced then became mega hits. I hope that the three aforementioned dramas will also become big hits. Bogum. You’ve done a weekend drama, right? Yes. I was the young version of Lee Seojin’s role in “Wonderful Days”. That’s right. Will we ever get to see you in a weekend drama? I’d love to do a weekend drama if opportunity allows. – Really? / – I want the Best Couple Award. Everyone wants the Best Couple Award. It has been the most talked about award so far. It looks like being in a weekend drama really helps. Yes. Weekend dramas air at the prime time, so many people watch them. I think it can help me win the award. All directors, please keep this in mind. – Be sure to cast Bogum. / – That’s right. KBS’ serial dramas have always been so popular. I’m looking forward to the new serial dramas in 2017. Next up is Excellence in Acting Award in Daily Drama. The last year’s winners, Han Chaea and Kwak Siyang, will present the award. (Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama) The winners of the award in 2016, Kwak Siyang and Han Chaea, are entering the stage. (Kwak Siyang, Han Chaea) Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Kwak Siyang. Hello, I’m Han Chaea. Everyone. Jeon Doyeon, Kim Huiae, Han Hyoju, Ji Changwook, and Kim Ajoong. Do you know what these actors have in common? All of them rose to stardom through a KBS daily drama. – It’s very inspiring. / – Yes. It’s so impressive that those top actors of Korea made a name for themselves through daily dramas. I’m sure all actors feel a certain level of stress, but daily dramas have over 100 episodes on average. Hence, we can’t refute that it’s more daunting for actors. Right. On the flip side, it allows actors to meet the viewers everyday, and that’s why many actors want to be in daily dramas. Let’s find out which actors entertained the viewers every day in 2016. All right. Let’s meet the nominees now. 2016 KBS Drama Awards. Male nominees for the Excellence in Acting Award in Daily Drama. Kim Yuseok from “Sweet Home, Sweet Honey”. Let go! Let go of me. I can’t let her take it from me. Poongildang is mine! I want you gone. Get out of my sight! (Kim Yuseok from “Sweet Home, Sweet Honey”) Kim Jinwoo from “The Unusual Family”. I don’t care who you are. I won’t let you ruin my show. There’s nothing I want. Please just let me live as Hyeri’s husband. I beg of you. Song Jongho from “The Promise”. You can throw it out if you want. Do you know how happy I was today? And do you know how difficult today was for me? This is your last warning. Know your place. Oh Minsuk from “Secrets of Women”. How could you do this to me? She was the only thing… The only thing I had left! I lost her even though I loved her so much. Dad, please… Get out of my life! Please! Lee Minwoo from “Reaching for the Stars”. There will be days that you’ll want to cry out loud. At times like that, don’t be alone and come to me. I want to keep you safe if you’ll let me. Jeong Huitae from “My Mind’s Flower Rain”. What’s your problem? Tell me. Tell me who told you to do it! (Jeong Huitae from “My Mind’s Flower Rain”) I found you finally. (Excellence in Acting Award in Daily Drama) All right. I’ll announce the winner. 2016 KBS Drama Awards. The Excellence in Acting Award in Daily Drama goes to… Congratulations, Oh Minsuk. The winner is Oh Minsuk. Congratulations. (Oh Minsuk, Winner of Excellence in Acting Award) With his role of the pure-hearted guy, Yu Gangu, in “Secrets of Women”, Oh Minsuk portrayed a wide range of emotions from sadness to anger in an impactful manner. His performance in the drama deeply impressed the viewers. Minsuk and Yihyun didn’t win the Best Couple Award, but he received this honorable award instead. Congratulations. Thank you. I’m realizing now that there are so many people here. (Oh Minsuk, Winner of Excellence in Acting Award) Now, I feel… I didn’t expect my name to be called. My mom, who’s watching this at home, must be more surprised than me. I love you, Mom. Your son won an award. Most of all, I’d like to thank the viewers for their support for our drama. Our director, Lee Ganghyeon, our writer, Song Jeonglim, and the producers, Kim Yongsu and Kim Jonghyeon. Thank you so much. I also want to thank my team. Hyeongsik, Nuri, Yunseo, Miae, and… My mind has gone blank. Thank you all very much. I’d like to thank So Yihyun for all of her help during the six months. She was such a big help, and I think she’s an amazing actress. I’m jealous of her husband, In Gyojin. Last but not least, I’d like to thank everyone at my agency, J-Wide Company. When everyone said no… When everyone said no, one person sincerely believed in me and held my hand. He was a team leader then, and now he’s the CEO of my agency. Jung Deokgyun, thank you. I’ll become an actor who will never let you down. Thank you. Congratulations, Oh Minsuk. Congratulations, Oh Minsuk. Next is Excellence in Acting Award for daily dramas. Let’s meet the female nominees on screen. 2016 KBS Drama Awards, Excellence in Acting Award. The female nominees for daily dramas. (Park Hana from “The Promise”) Park Hana from “The Promise”. You said you believed me! I better give you guys some gifts. Whether it’s an affair or adultery, write as you wish. Don’t you know who I am? (Park Hana from “The Promise”) My picture would’ve been huge on the front page today. (So Yihyun from “Secrets of Women”) So Yihyun from “Secrets of Women”. (So Yihyun from “Secrets of Women”) My dad died for no reason. Until my dad’s sorrow is resolved, I’ll make sure you are punished. Place a hand on your heart like this and you’ll hear your mind. Nothing works out for those who are unlucky. Song Jieun from “Sweet Home, Sweet Honey”. (Song Jieun from “Sweet Home, Sweet Honey”) Oh, dear! Get out now! (Song Jieun from “Sweet Home, Sweet Honey”) Hope? Courage? Dream? Are you all right? Hey! (Song Jieun from “Sweet Home, Sweet Honey”) (Yoon Ajung from “Reaching for the Stars”) Yoon Ajung from “Reaching for the Stars”. In one moment, you’ll lose everything you’ve earned with your servile manner and the things you’ve tried to maintain persistently because I’ll make that happen. (Yoon Ajung from “Reaching for the Stars”) (Lee Sia from “The Unusual Family”) Lee Sia from “The Unusual Family”. (Lee Sia from “The Unusual Family”) Sir, what are you going to do about my vegetables? You punk! My goodness! If you call me or chase after me once again, I’ll report you as a stalker. Just so you know. Lee Yuri from “The Promise”. Wake up, Dohui. Wake up! (Lee Yuri from “The Promise”) It’s very childish of you to blame others all the time. I’ll kill her! (Lee Yuri from “The Promise”) (Excellence in Acting Award for daily dramas) 2016 KBS Drama Awards, Excellence in Acting Award, actress. The winner is… It makes me more nervous. We have two winners. Congratulations, Lee Yuri and So Yihyun. Congratulations. Lee Yuri and So Yihyun. Lee Yuri played a double role, a good one and a villain in “The Promise”. She perfectly handled two completely different roles. She proved herself as a great actress once again. So Yihyun acted Kang Jiyu, a character who was once warm turned into a cold revengeful woman in “Secrets of Woman”. She was favorably received by the viewers from expressing the subtlety of the complex character. We’ll first hear Lee Yuri’s speech. I did not expect to win this at all. Thank you very much. First of all, I’d like to thank the lord. I think I won this award as a representative of the drama. Without Park Hana, “The Promise” wouldn’t have been as good. Director Jeon Useong, Lee Jeongmi, Kang Mingyeong, Writer Kim Yeonsin, Writer Heo Inmu, and the CEO Lee Yangbong. There are so many people I must mention. I’d like to thank the CP, Kim Seonggeun. The actors and actresses from “The Promise” still meet up from time to time and greet each other occasionally. I guess they must be watching this program right now. Ms. Kim, I mean Kim Hyeri, my senior actress, and many other actors and actresses, thank you all very much. I think I won this award as a representative of this drama. I thank Song Jongho and all the staff members who worked hard. I’ll do my best to become an actress who does her utmost. Thank you. Congratulations, Lee Yuri. So Yihyun is up next. Well, I made my debut with the drama, “Yellow Handkerchief” when I was 19. I met my husband then, and I also worked with Yuri. I’m so happy that I won the award with her. Since I had a break of over two years after getting married and having a baby, I was afraid if I could act again. I thank Mr. Lee and Writer Song Jeongrim who let me work on this drama. I also thank Minsuk, whom I worked with. You did a really good job. It would have been tough to engage your emotions to a married woman, but you did great. Also, the vibe of our team was very nice. I’m thankful to all the senior and junior actors who acted in it. I’d also like to thank all the staff members. I also want to thank Sangseok, Mingyu, Mr. Yang, my decade-long friend, Choi Yungeol, Suhyeon and Juhui. I’m a daughter in law, yet I didn’t participate in any family occasions due to the drama. I love my parents-in-law who rooted for me every time. I also thank my mom and dad who are praying for me even now. I love you both. Finally, I thank the handsome guy over there, my husband and Haeun, who must be sound asleep by now. Thank you for bearing with my seven-month-long absence. I was able to stand here tonight thanks to those two. I’ll be an actress who does her best. Happy New Year. Thank you. In Gyojin is congratulating her with a big smile. Congratulations once again. I get why Oh Minsuk is jealous of In Gyojin. She’s a great actress indeed. It’s time for Excellence in Acting Award in a miniseries drama. Watching a miniseries drama lets us know what the up-to-date trend is. – That’s right. / – It’s because this genre is made of hot stories and popular stars. You are both one of them. KBS miniseries dramas have always been the talk of the town – while becoming a sensation. / – That’s right. The ones who will present the award are also the talk of the town. They are Park Seojun and Park Hyeongsik from “Hwarang”. (Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries) They’re entertaining the viewers in “Hwarang”, a drama that brings a new sensation. You’re confused about where to go, right? – Stand there. / – Are we in the right place? – Here? / – It’s here? Yes, it’s there. Hello, I’m Park Seojun. Hello, I’m Park Hyeongsik. Everyone who’s here tonight and all the viewers, – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year! The mic is… KBS means a lot to me. Seojun, why are you spreading your legs so wide? My mom told me that my dark circles will stand out otherwise. That is if we lower our heads. That’s why my legs are… In order not to lower your heads That’s right. I made my debut on KBS with “Dream High Two”. I made my debut with KBS drama special. That’s how we made our debut. It’s an honor to present an award at a place where our passion began. In 2017, we’d like to be here as winners. That’s right. “Hwarang” is aired right now… What on earth is this concept? We’ll continue to present the award. Due to my past record, Hyeongsik and I are the talk of the town as a male couple. It’d be nice if we didn’t win Best Couple Award. However, please look forward to see us win Best Couple Award in 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Please look forward to it. All right. As you all know, KBS miniseries of 2016 were all outstanding. I think they were better than any other year. Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries, let’s meet the male nominees first. 2016 KBS Drama Awards, Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries, Actor. (Kim Yeonggwang from “Sweet Stranger and Me”) Kim Yeonggwang from “Sweet Stranger and Me”. I’ll protect you. (Kim Yeonggwang from “Sweet Stranger and Me”) Trust me. This isn’t dangerous. This is the right thing to do. Only listen to me and trust my words. (Song Joongki from “Descendants of the Sun”) Song Joongki from “Descendants of the Sun”. Children, elders, and beautiful women must be protected. Even if someone is pointing a gun at my temple, what’s wrong is wrong. I can save him. Then save him. (Song Joongki from “Descendants of the Sun”) Team, array with your guns. (Oh Jiho from “My Fair Lady 2016”) Oh Jiho from “My Fair Lady 2016”. (Oh Jiho from “My Fair Lady 2016”) Who are you? I don’t have a daughter. Don’t you think so, Geumbi? You’re doing this on purpose, right? You’re doing this to make me upset, right? Seeing Geumbi makes me want to live. (Lee Sangyoon from “On the Way to the Airport”) Lee Sangyoon from “On the Way to the Airport”. If you miss me, come see me. Let’s live that way from now on. Don’t forget this moment, as it’ll cheer you up forever. (Jang Hyuk from “Beautiful Mind”) Jang Hyuk from “Beautiful Mind”. When I realize that I’m a monster, what kind of face am I supposed to make? (Jang Hyuk from “Beautiful Mind”) Help me please. Salute! Jin Goo from “Descendants of the Sun”. Every escape from you stood for 100 words. Every time I could not answer your calls stood for 1,000 words of discussion. I’ve loved you very much for a very long time. (Excellence in Acting Awards in a Miniseries) 2016 KBS Drama Awards, the winner is Lee Sangyoon. Congratulations. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Lee Sangyoon from “On the Way to the Airport”. Congratulations. In “On The Way To The Airport”, Lee Sangyoon played Seo Dou, a comical character of good nature. He’s fascinated the viewers with his original style of expressing ardent love. Thank you. (Lee Sangyoon) In fact, I’m not sure… Upon hearing the invitation to the Awards, I really came to congratulate the winners. Especially when the nominees were shown, I thought there’s no way I’d win this award. I’m bewildered. When I was filming this drama I was ashamed of myself. I thought I wasn’t engaging myself enough with the character in the scenario. This drama made me realize how inadequate I am. That’s why I’m more ashamed to win this award. Despite my inadequate acting skills, I won this award thanks to the power of this drama. I’d like to thank Writer Lee Sukyun for writing a heartwarming story. Also, I thank Director Kim Cheolgyu who created a beautiful drama with that story. In addition, I’d like to thank Kim Haneul for delivering a brilliant performance, for leading this drama. Thanks to these people, I was able to win this award. Thank you all very much. I’m very grateful for 2016, as I was able to work on “On the Way to the Airport”. I thank everyone who worked hard to make this drama. I’d also like to thank everyone who loved the drama. In addition, as Minsuk mentioned it earlier, I’d like to express my gratitude for Jeong Deokgyun of J-Wide Company who led me well to continue my career as an actor. In order to turn this shame into confidence, I’ll take it as a stimulus. I’ll put a lot of effort to become a great actor. Thank you. Congratulations. Next, let’s watch the female nominees for Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries. 2016 KBS Drama Awards, Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries, Actress. (Kim Jiwon from “Descendants of the Sun”) Kim Jiwon from “Descendants of the Sun”. (Kim Jiwon from “Descendants of the Sun”) What is lymphedema? (Kim Jiwon from “Descendants of the Sun”) It’s okay. I can take it. If you’ll be unhappy because of me, be happy alone. (Kim Haneul from “On the Way to the Airport”) Kim Haneul from “On the Way to the Airport”. Can I at least go for a drive with my dad? I… (Kim Haneul from “On The Way To The Airport”) I like him too much. I just… (Kim Haneul from “On the Way to the Airport”) (Park Jinhee from “My Fair Lady 2016”) Park Jinhee from “My Fair Lady 2016”. There’s no problem if I take good care of her until her dad’s back. You must be really glad to have a daughter like her. Were you keeping her to commit a fraud? Your daughter came to find you after ten years! Raise your head so I can see your brazen face! (Song Hyekyo from “Descendants of the Sun”) Song Hyekyo from “Descendants of the Sun”. Are you on your way? He’s not. He’s not on his way. (Song Hyekyo from “Descendants Of The Sun”) Why are you doing this to me? How could this happen to me? Please. (Song Hyekyo from “Descendants of the Sun”) Suae from “Sweet Stranger and Me”. You did that on purpose, didn’t you? That was self-defense. You’re not supposed to show me that! I’m a very gentle lady. (Jo Boah from “Sweet Stranger and Me”) Jo Boah from “Sweet Stranger and Me”. I don’t care even a little bit. – Is that all you have to say? / – Let go of this! What on earth did I do wrong? It’s really tough for me. (Jo Boah from “Sweet Stranger and Me”) I’ll announce the winner. 2016 KBS Drama Awards, Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries. The winner is (Excellence in Acting Award for Actress in Miniseries) Kim Jiwon. Congratulations. Congratulations. Jiwon did not expect to win at all. We had no idea. Congratulations. Kim Jiwon played Yoon Myeongju in “Descendants of the Sun”, a strong army surgeon to demonstrate an upright soldier. At times, she was unreserved about love. She seemed so natural as if she was the character herself. She made the viewers more engaged with the drama. She seems bewildered, as she already won Best New Actress Award. Yes, right there. It’s… I already got Best New Actress Award, so I didn’t think I’d get such big award. First of all, thank you for giving me such big award. Earlier, I mentioned Jin Goo’s name at last, so I’d like to say that he’s worked really hard for a very long time. I don’t know what to say. All the staff members of “Descendants of the Sun”, thank you for all the hard work once again. I know that I’m inadequate. I was able to win this award thanks to all the staff members, Director, Writer, and the actors. I’ll consider it that way. I’ll become an actress who works hard all the time. Thank you again. Congratulations. Kim Jiwon. Congratulations. She won two awards. Including Best Couple Award, she won three awards. Congratulations. Are you all right? I’m bewildered. Is there anything you forgot to say? I don’t think so, not any more. I see. Congratulations again. We’ll look forward to watch miniseries that will bring us bliss. Next, Excellence in Acting Award in Mid-length Dramas. Many people are confused with differentiating a miniseries from a mid-length drama. A drama with 16 episodes are commonly known as a miniseries. A drama with 18 to 24 episodes are known as a mid-length drama. A drama with more than 24 episodes is classified as a serial drama. It’s about time Park Bogum – expected an award. / – That’s not true. – No? / – I am happy with Best Couple Award and Netizen Popularity Award. – Really? Are you sure? / – Yes, I am. All right. His pupils are swaying quickly. Let’s see if he’s being honest or not. Let’s continue. Excellence in Acting Award in a Mid-length drama will be presented by a handsome actor who won this award in 2003. It’s been a long time since I saw him. Kim Seungsoo and the winner of Best New Actress Award in 1998, Myung Sebin will present the award together. Kim Seungsoo and Myung Sebin. It’s great to see you both. (Excellence in Acting Award in a Mid-length Drama) In 2003, Kim Seungsoo won Excellence in Acting Award. In 1998, Myung Sebin won Best New Actress Award. Hello. I’m Kim Seungsoo. I play Cha Doyun in the hottest KBS daily drama, “First Love Again”. I’m Myung Sebin, who plays Lee Hajin. It’s been a long time since I attended KBS Drama Awards. There’s someone I’m especially glad to see. It’s Park Bogum. My son, have you been well? Yes, have you been well? I’ve been very well. I missed you. Will you wrap up your greetings with an awkward smile? It’s always like this. Please say a few words of blessing to Park Bogum. I wish you’ll always be on a roll. I will pray for your success. Thank you for your boundless generosity. Thank you. Great. – It has been a while. / – My goodness. I was embarrassed to hear that 1998 was the year I received an award. I am nervous as I had been that day. This is the place that makes people nervous, excited, and happy. While we are here today to announce the winners of awards, I hope to do a good job with “First Love Again” so that I can win awards with Sebin next year. We are appearing in “First Love Again” these days. It’s a drama about a man who cannot forget his first love and a woman who forgot about her first love. Please support the drama so that we can return to the ceremony again as winners. We will now announce the winners of awards. Let’s take a look at the male nominees of Excellence in Acting Award for mid-length dramas. KBS Drama Awards, Excellence in Acting Award. The male nominees for mid-length dramas. “Uncontrollably Fond”, Kim Woobin. I missed you so much that my eyes became sore from crying. (Kim Woobin from “Uncontrollably Fond”) Do you want to go on a date with me? Just for three months. Passionately. “Love in the Moonlight”, Park Bogum. (Park Bogum from “Love in the Moonlight”) You jerk! Do you think you will pass the exam at this rate? It is my wish for your wish to come true. I won’t allow it. He is mine. Park Shinyang from “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe”. Wait a minute. I am defendant’s lawyer, Joe Deulho. The world becomes a better place when I act out. Silence cannot change the world. Song Ilkook from “Jang Yeongsil”. I would be happy even if I die on the spot. I won’t forget the direction I must take. I, Jang Youngsil, will make sure to predict the solar eclipse. Cho Jaehyun from “Master of Revenge”. I am not sorry at all. At least I won’t die as a noodle maker. From beginning to end, I have always judged and decided for myself. (Excellence in Acting Award for mid-length dramas) The male winner of Excellence in Acting Award for mid-length dramas is (Excellence in Acting Award for mid-length dramas) Song Ilkook. Congratulations, Song Ilkook. Song Ilkook played Jang Youngsil in “Jang Youngsil” and embodied a historical figure perfectly with his own colors. His acting skills earned him high praises. “Jang Youngsil” was a great period drama. Song Ilkook won Excellence in Acting Award. Congratulations. I am embarrassed. (Song Ilkook) I never bring up a producer’s name in my acceptance speeches, but I would like to do so today. “Jang Youngsil” wouldn’t have been possible without his passion. It is thanks to Producer Kim Yeongjo’s passion that “Jang Youngsil” became a well-made period drama. Producer Kim Yeongjo, I thank you from my heart. The staff members who must be working hard on this day, I thank you from my heart. Daehan, Minguk, and Manse. Your father won an award. Thank you. Let’s wrap up the year nicely. As Jang Youngsil has improved the technology of Joseon Dynasty in the 15th century, I hope the new year will become a turning point for the nation. Thank you, everyone. Congratulations, Song Ilkook. Let’s meet the female nominees of Excellence in Acting Award for mid-length dramas. KBS Drama Awards, Excellence in Acting Award. The female nominees for mid-length dramas. Kang Sora from “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe”. I want it to disappear. (Kang Sora from “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe”) I refuse your special job offer, you jerk. Communication comes from the brain, not the muscles. I don’t think my sex matters. “Love in the Moonlight”, Kim Youjung. (“Love in the Moonlight”, Kim Youjung) The memory of receiving love may give you strength to live. Don’t let go of my hand. I will never let go of yours. “Uncontrollably Fond”, Bae Suzy. Do you think money can buy everything? Do you really think money can cover the truth? You went through the trouble of making coffee yourself. You can (“Uncontrollably Fond”, Bae Suzy) drink it by yourself. “Master of Revenge”, Jung Yumi. Then who is the killer? Have you killed someone? I am the one who became a prosecutor after killing a man. Who’s the monster now? Chae Soobin from “Love in the Moonlight” (Chae Soobin from “Love in the Moonlight”) Is it really fate? I am glad that you are not hurt. I will visit the palace often. Please welcome me warmly. (Excellence in Acting Award for mid-length dramas) I will announce the winner. The female winner of Excellence in Acting Award for mid-length dramas is… Rejoice, Crown Prince. It’s Kim Youjung. It’s Kim Youjung. Her fellow actor, Lee Junhyeok will receive the award in her stead. Kim Youjung couldn’t attend tonight due to high fever. Lee Junhyeok is a close friend. Kim Youjung played Hong Raon in “Love in the Moonlight”. With her acting skills, she perfected the two different characters of a cheerful eunuch and a lovely woman. (Kim Youjung) I hope my kids don’t misunderstand. I am receiving this for a friend. Youjung, you won an award. Hong Samnom, I hope you quickly recover from your illness so that you can dance to “Bombastic” with a handsome man. I love you, Youjung. Congratulations and Happy New Year. Thank you. The hour is getting late and only the Top Excellence in Acting Award and Grand Award remains. It is difficult for me to ask questions at this crucial moment. You were nominated for Grand Award and Top Excellence in Acting Award. – Park Shinyang. / – Yes. What are your thoughts on the matter? Please give me a short answer. What matter are we talking about? Who do you think will win Grand Award? (Park Shinyang) I have no idea. – Is that so? / – Yes. What would be the chance of you receiving Grand Award? – I think / – Your drama was a hit. Since there have been dramas that were even more successful, I am sitting here without any expectations. – Really? / – Yes. Joe Deulho is showing his weak side. Jeoungeun, aren’t you sleepy? – I am a bit sleepy. / – You are a bit sleepy. Hang in there. It will be over soon. Both Song Joongki and Park Shinyang are nominees for Grand Award. Who do you think will win? I think Park Shinyang will win. You think Park Shinyang will win. Why do you think that? He is a good actor. He is the master of acting. Even though you like Song Joongki, you chose Park Shinyang. Uncle Joongki is handsome. Uncle Joongki is handsome man and Shinyang is a good actor. I understand. Song Joongki, I am sorry to ask a difficult question. The awarding of Grand Award is approaching. You said that you are dumbfounded to join the award ceremony. Is the reality hitting you now? – I am even more dumbfounded. / – I see. (Song Joongki) – I am not sure. / – You are not sure. Song Hyekyo, you seem to know who will win Grand Award. You keep giving me difficult questions. This is the last question. I am not sure. – You are not sure. / – No. I see. Kim Minseok. – It’s nice to meet you. / – Hello. Who do you think will win Grand Award? I will be happier if actors of the drama I was in win the award. It’s my wish. – Is that so? / – Yes. Who would you choose between the two of them? I am sorry to ask such a difficult question. – Okay. / – Okay. Well… It will be someone whose last name is Song, right? That’s what I think. Never mind. I hope Song Hyekyo wins the award. – Why is that? / – What? Well, I don’t know. I want both of them to win. Okay, you want Song Hyekyo to win the award. Kim Haneul, you are also a nominee for Grand Award. How do you predict the result? You were nominated for Grand Award and Top Excellence in Acting Award. (Kim Haneul) I hope the winner will be someone who was in a drama that was widely loved. I see. I am sorry to ask a difficult question. Let’s continue with the ceremony. Thank you, Kim Haneul. Who will win the award? Now comes Top Excellence in Acting Award of KBS Drama Award. Celebrities we have missed will announce the winners. They are the Grand Award winners of the first KBS Drama Awards. You know who they are, right? Im Dongjin and Chae Sira will announce the winners. (Top Excellence in Acting Award) Hello, I am Im Dongjin. Hello, I am Chae Sira. (Im Dongjin, Chae Sira) Being on the stage brings back memories. How does it feel to see junior actors welcome you so warmly? It is truly a touching moment. I have visited KBS after a long time, too. I see. This year, KBS Drama Awards welcomed its 30th anniversary. There must have been many changes since the first award ceremony. What is the most pronounced difference? I will first go over the visible factors. The stage has become fancier. I can’t help but think that my lovely and talented junior actors have worked hard. Back in the days, I think actors didn’t receive much respect. It is thanks to hard work of actors and the production team that both actors and dramas gained status. I am filled with awe. I see. You and I go a long way back. – That’s right. / – I remember the passionate moments in which we played Sejo and Queen Insu in “The King and Queen”. We had shoots in that studio. – That’s right. / – We stayed up all night for shoots. I heard from the production team that we were once the hosts of KBS Drama Awards. Is that true? Well, – I think I vaguely remember it. / – Really? Would you show us the video clip? Of course. Hello, viewers. This is the live broadcast of KBS Drama Awards and End of the Year Festival. I am your host, Im Dongjin. Hello, I am Chae Sira. Many people must be looking forward to this award ceremony. We have the important task of entertaining the viewers. That’s right. Chae Sira, you had an impressive updo hairstyle. My goodness. Did you see that makeup and hair? It was End of the Year Festival. I think I looked cute. Of course you were. You are still a beautiful woman. My goodness, are you excluding me? I think I looked fine, too. – Of course you did. / – You are a handsome man. Shall we announce the winners of Top Excellence in Acting Award? Top Excellence in Acting Award is given to actors who gave amazing performances on KBS dramas. Let’s meet the male nominees. KBS Drama Awards, the male nominees for Top Excellence in Acting Award. Park Bogum from “Love in the Moonlight”. (Park Bogum from “Love in the Moonlight”) Park Shinyang from “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe”. (Park Shinyang from “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe”) Song Ilkook from “Jang Youngsil”. (Song Ilkook from “Jang Youngsil”) Song Joongki from “Descendants of the Sun”. (Song Joongki from “Descendants of the Sun”) Ahn Jaewook from “Five Enough”. (Ahn Jaewook from “Five Enough”) Lee Donggun from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”. (Donggun from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”) Lee Sangyoon from “On the Way to the Airport”. (Lee Sangyoon from “On the Way to the Airport”) Cha Inpyo from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”. (Inpyo from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”) (Top Excellence in Acting Award) Earlier, you introduced Im Dongjin as the first winner of Grand Award. However, you forgot to mention that I won Grand Award in 1999. I am sorry. – It’s okay. / – You won Grand Award in 1999. While I don’t remember the episode number, I remember winning Grand Award for “The King and Queen”. Didn’t you win Top Excellence in Acting Award many times as well? She did. It says I won it four times, but I don’t know if it’s true. – You were very fortunate. / – Yes, I was. Thank you. We will now announce the winner. Who will receive Top Excellence in Acting Award? The male winner of Top Excellence in Acting Award of KBS Drama Awards is… Outstanding actors were nominated. I will announce the winner. The winners have the same last name. Park Shinyang and Park Bogum, congratulations. Park Bogum and Park Shinyang, congratulations. In “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe”, Park Shinyang played Jo Deulho, – a man who fights injustice. / – Congratulations. He played the character as if he is playing himself and made the viewers feel catharsis. “Love in the Moonlight” was Park Bogum’s first period drama. From charisma of the crown prince to sorrow of a man who loves a woman, he delicately portrayed various emotions with his eyes and left a lasting impression with the viewers. A man who gave the viewers cathartic moments, Park Shinyang of “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe” won with Park Bogum of “Love in the Moonlight”. Please give your acceptance speech. All right. First of all, I give glory to the Lord. Gosh. Honestly, being nominated for the award alone was an honor. I want to thank the viewers for supporting me and helping me become a nominee. It was an honor to be nominated with many senior actors. Thank you so much for giving me such a big award. Through “Love in the Moonlight”, I came to see my shortcomings. I thank Song Joongki for giving me advice as well as producers Kim Seongyun, Baek Sanghun, and Kang Suhyeon, producer Kim Sihyeong, who created beautiful shots, producer Lee Minung, and lighting director Yoo Chul. It’s really… It is thanks to the trustworthy senior actors that I was able to portray the character of Lee Yeong. I also thank the screenwriters for allowing me to meet an amazing character and designer Lee Jinhui for beautiful hanbok. I would like to thank Jina for doing my makeup. Also… They are crying together. It is thanks to the staff members that I won this award. I sincerely thank the supporting cast. There are so many people I would like to thank. I am grateful for people who help in every way for me to realize my dreams. Blossom Entertainment’s General Manager Ju Bangok, CEO Ji Yoeongju, Directors Seung Byeongok, Kim Jeongyong, and Kim Jin, thank you so much. I would also like to thank those who work hard and support me wordlessly such as Kwangjun, Gong Jihyeon, Injeong, Yejin. I am grateful for them. Staff of “Love in the Moonlight” as well as Junhyeok, Hyeseong, Dongyeon, Subin, Youjung, and Jinyoung, thank you so much. I want to look back on this day in the future without a hint of shame. In order to stay an honest and sincere person, I will work hard. To my loving dad who always prays for me and my family members I dedicate this award. Again, thank you very much. Congratulations. Park Bogum didn’t expect to win Top Excellence in Acting Award. He was taken by surprise. Song Joongki, why did you cry so much? He shed tears of happiness for a junior actor he cares about. It was a beautiful sight. We will now hear from Park Shinyang of “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe”. Please give him a round of applause. Thank you. Happy New Year. I believe I won this award on behalf of those who created “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe”. S.M. Culture and Contents’ CEO Jung Changwan, Team leader Jang Hyeonjin, Producer Song Jiwon, Director Kim Yeongchan, film director, and lighting director, thank you for your hard work. Writer Lee Hyanghui and Director Lee Jeongseop, I think you did a fantastic job. Thank you. Also, I send my gratitude to Jini, Hyerin, and Yeongpyo for helping me. I would also like to thank my family. I am especially thankful for my daughter, Seungchae. I sincerely thank the viewers of “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe”. Thank you. The master of acting, Park Shinyang and Park Bogum, congratulations. I know from talking to them in the waiting room that they didn’t expect to win an award. They said they are thankful for the awards they previously won. Congratulations on winning a big award. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. We will now meet the female nominees. KBS Drama Awards, the female nominees for Top Excellence in Acting Award. (Kim Youjung from “Love in the Moonlight”) Kim Youjung from “Love in the Moonlight”. (Kim Youjung from “Love in the Moonlight”) Kim Haneul from “On the Way to the Airport”. (Kim Haneul from “On the Way to the Airport”) Bae Suzy from “Uncontrollably Fond”. (Bae Suzy from “Uncontrollably Fond”) So Yujin from “Five Enough”. (So Yujin from “Five Enough”) Song Hyekyo from “Descendants of the Sun”. (Song Hyekyo from “Descendants of the Sun”) Lee Yuri from “The Promise”. (Lee Yuri from “The Promise”) (Yoonhee from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”) Jo Yoonhee from “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”. (Top Excellence in Acting Award) You have seen the female nominees for Top Excellence in Acting Award of KBS Drama Awards. Top Excellence in Acting Award goes to (Top Excellence in Acting Award) Kim Haneul. Congratulations. Congratulations, Kim Haneul. The winner is Kim Haneul of “On the Way to the Airport”. In “On the Way to the Airport”, Kim Haneul played Choi Sua and painted delicate emotions like a watercolor painting with her gaze and facial expressions. Her performance allowed the audience to become immersed in the story. I think she created the most heartbreaking love story of 2016. The harmony between actors and the cinematography shined in “On the Way to the Airport”. The lead actress, Kim Haneul won Top Excellence in Acting Award. Thank you. Even though I have been an actress for many years, “On the Way to the Airport” was the first KBS drama I have been in. I am honored and grateful to receive a big award for the performance in my first KBS drama. With each passing year, I become more careful in choosing work. I feel a greater sense of responsibility. Choosing to be on “On the Way to the Airport” required a lot of courage from me. I had to gather my courage for the character and the drama which were quite challenging. Thanks to the support of many people, I was able to engage in the shoot with gratitude. I focused my efforts on loving and understanding my character, Choi Sua. “On the Way to the Airport” were filmed in some beautiful and cool places such as Jeju Island and the airport. I would like to thank Director Kim Cheolgyu for portraying Sua beautifully in those locations. I would also like to thank Writer Lee Sukyeon for creating a charming character and beautiful lines. Faces of staff members are passing through my head. Staff members struggled a lot on the set. Thank you so much. Director Nam Gyeongsu who gave me the courage to choose “On the Way to the Airport” and Byeongyu, who made Sua shine, thank you very much. Lastly, I am more grateful for the viewers than ever before for “On the Way to the Airport”. There were many times I felt weary throughout the shoot. The viewers cheered on for Sua and Dou and nicknamed them “The couple that keeps watch”. Their support gave me a lot of energy. That’s why I want to thank the viewers of “On the Way to the Airport” from the bottom of my heart. Happy New Year, viewers. Thank you. Congratulations, Kim Haneul. “On the Way to the Airport” won many awards today. – Park Bogum. / – Yes? – Are you okay? / – Yes, I am. Your eyes are still red. You didn’t cry because you wanted to win Grand Award, did you? – No, I didn’t. / – I am curious about why Song Joongki cried. May I ask you the reason behind it? – I am sure many people are curious. / – He is a senior actor in my agency. I struggled a lot during the shoot of “Love in the Moonlight”. It was difficult to find the balance. He understood what I was going through and offered me words of advice. I am incredibly grateful. – He has helped you in many ways. / – Yes. Are you okay, Song Joongki? You cried tears of happiness as if you have won the award. – Thank you. / – It was a touching sight. It is currently January 1st of 2017. The clock is passing 1:14 a.m. and 22 seconds. This is the live broadcast of KBS Drama Awards and only Grand Prize remains. It is the talent of actors that makes a story believable. In 2016, many actors gave us hope and joy with their talent. Every actor in this studio took part. That’s right. Grand Prize is given to an actor who moved the viewers the most. The winner of Grand Prize, which is the finale of KBS Drama Awards will be announced by President Ko Daeyoung of KBS. And the last year’s winner of Grand Prize, Kim Soohyun. Please welcome them with a round of applause. (Grand Prize) They are President Ko Daeyoung of KBS and the last year’s winner of Grand Prize, Kim Soohyun. Dear viewers, Happy New Year. I am the president of KBS, Ko Daeyeong. Happy New Year. I am Kim Soohyun. A year has passed since I announced you the winner of Grand Prize last year. How have you been for the past year? I kept myself busy with the shoot of a movie called, “Real”, in 2016. I will continue to strive to be a better actor so that I can withstand the weight of Grand Prize. All right. You diligently continue to further your acting skills. Watching the award ceremony made me realize that KBS offers the best dramas these days. Soohyun, you should appear in a KBS drama this year. Given the opportunity, I will meet the viewers through a nice drama. This year… My mistake. 2016 was a year in which KBS dramas shined. That’s right. In 2016, KBS released dramas of various genres including traditional period drama, miniseries, and weekend dramas. “Descendants of the Sun” garnered viewers from Korea as well as other countries and made a record viewer rating of 38 percent. Not only that, there have been “Love in the Moonlight”, “Five Enough”, “Jang Youngsil”, and many other dramas I would like to mention. Since it would take too much time to name all of them, I will end the list here. As the president of KBS, I sincerely thank the viewers of KBS dramas. I would also like to thank the production crew and the cast. Thanks to KBS dramas, I won an award at Asian Television Awards this year. It was a meaningful award for me. KBS promises to air entertaining and touching dramas in 2017 as well. We will focus on creating dramas with a daring and forward format in order to bring novel entertainment to the viewers. We promise to be the national public broadcaster that meets the viewers’ expectations. Last year, I was… It was the first day of 2016. At KBS Drama Awards that aired on the first day of 2016, I promised the viewers that KBS dramas will lead the industry. I promise once again to strive to make KBS dramas the viewers can love. I will cheer you on. Now, let’s meet the honored nominees for Grand Prize of the 30th KBS Drama Awards. (Grand Prize) (Im Dongjin, 1987) This isn’t an award I won on my own. (Ban Hyojeong, 1988) (Go Dooshim, 1989 and Yoo Inchon, 1990) (Lee Nakhun, 1991 and Oh Hyeongyeong, 1992) (Ha Huira, 1993 and Lee Deokhwa, 1994) (Na Munhui, 1995 and Kang Buja, 1996) (Yoo Dongkun, 1997) (Choi Sujong, 1998 and Chae Sira, 1999) (Kim Yeongcheol, 2000 and Choi Sujong, 2001) (Yoo Dongkun, 2002 and Kim Hyesu, 2003) (Go Dooshim, 2004) (Kim Myungmin, 2005) (Ha Jiwon, 2006 and Choi Sujong, 2007) (Kim Hyeja, 2008) (Lee Byunghun, 2009) (Jang Hyuk, 2010 and Shin Hagyun, 2011) (Kim Namju, 2012) (Kim Hyesu, 2013 and Yoo Dongkun 2014) (Kim Soohyun and Go Dooshim, 2015) Thank you for your love and support. (Grand Award) It’s a great honor to be on the list with amazing senior actors. Now comes the moment you have been waiting for. We will reveal the winner of the 30th Grand Award. President Ko Daeyeong, please announce the result. Okay. The 2016 KBS Drama Awards Grand Award goes to the two leads of “Descendants of the Sun”. Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo. Congratulations. The winners are Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo. The best couple in Asia, Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo won Grand Award. (Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo) In “Descendants of the Sun”, Song Joongki perfectly portrayed the mischievous and responsible captain, Yoo Sijin and brought about the “Descendants of the Sun” craze. He received a lot of love from fans all over the world. In “Descendants of the Sun”, Song Hyekyo played Kang Moyeon, the surgeon and portrayed a professional woman who is confident and lovely. Her performance engaged the viewers. I asked them difficult questions earlier. The two of them ended up winning Grand Award together. I am relieved. My goodness. That surprised me. – Do you want to go first? / – Sure. Thank you. While the drama was a success, I found many shortcomings in my acting. That’s why I am a bit embarrassed. The shoot concluded around this time of last year. It has been a while since I saw the staff members. I am sure they are working hard at different places. I miss them very much. I thank them for their hard work. It is thanks to the staff that a well-made drama came to be. Directors Yoo Jongseon, Baek Sanghun and Uhm Junseong and Kim Sihyeong, thank you very much. When I first got the offer for “Descendants of the Sun”, I went through a time of many worries. I wondered countless times if I should join the cast. There are people who gave me trust and courage and helped me get into the character of Kang Moyeon. Director Lee Eungbok, Writers Kim Wonseok and Kim Eunsuk, President Seo Usik, and Director Ham Yeonghun, thank you. I was happy to be in the drama. I would also like to thank the Kang Moyeon team who helped me by my side. Hyeongyeong, Miyeon, Hyeyeong, and Jonghun, Doyeon, and Hyeonjeong of UAA, thank you very much. I believe it is thanks to meeting the best partner, Song Joongki that I won this award. If it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t be standing here right now. I would like to thank Joongki, Jiwon, and Jin Goo as well as those in Alpha Team and Medical Team. Fans and viewers, thank you very much. I am grateful for my mother, who must be watching this on television. I will continue to give my best performance this year. Thank you. Happy New Year. (Song Joongki is love.) He is crying again. Thank you. Bogum broke the dam of tears. (Song Joongki) I would first like to thank the worldwide viewers and fans of “Descendants of the Sun” and Ki Aile. I was in the army when I received the script. I had just been released from the army, Director Ham Yeonghun gave me his trust. Thank you. (Song Joongki is the best.) (Song Joongki, we will be your wings.) I am filled with thoughts of the staff members. Gyeonghui, Nayeong, Sangmi, Seongjin, the youngest member, and Gihyeon, the stunt double… I am lacking in many ways. I am well-aware that the staff covered up my insufficiency. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Director Lee Eungbok, I am sorry and grateful. Director Baek Sanghun, thank you. Director Yoo Jongseon, thank you for listening whenever I struggled. I would like to thank Writers Kim Wonseok and Kim Eunsuk as well as assistant writers for making a script that is amazing and exciting. They created a beautiful work out of nothing. I sincerely thank them. It’s too bad that Jin Goo isn’t here today. As the young and lacking male lead, I must have made many mistakes. I was grateful to have him behind my back. Jiwon, you struggled a lot both physically and emotionally. There isn’t much time, right? I am sorry. There was something I wanted to say on a good occasion. Today seems to be the day. There are people I met when I began acting who left favorable impressions on me from the start. They always whipped me into shape, guided me to the right path, and gave me courage. Jeongyong, Bangok, Byeongok, and Daeyeong, who embraces my mistakes, thank you very much. Ayeong, Jiyye, and Munseon, who work on the set, thank you for your hard work. Also, my parents must be watching from Daejeon. I feel like I only say such words to my father on these occasions. Father, I respect and love you. Mother, thank you. I thank the rest of the family. Lastly… Whenever I had a hard time on the set, I cried often and earned myself a nickname of “Crybaby”. Every time that happened, I relied on the senior actress and the partner who is incredibly beautiful and lovely. Every time I cried like a baby… Our roles are reversed. It’s usually the actor who comforts the actress. She helped me a lot on the set. I dedicate all glory to Hyekyo. Thank you. Thank you. Grand Award of KBS Drama Awards went to Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo. I would like to remind everyone of the winners. I believe Song-Song couple’s acceptance speech as well as the friendship between Song Joongki and Park Bogum, who cried for each other’s win will become the talk of the town. Congratulations. Congratulations. The 30th KBS Drama Awards came to an end. It was an honor to join the festive ceremony. We thank the viewers again for giving love and support to KBS dramas in 2016. KBS dramas will continue to present joyful and touching moments in 2017. Dear viewers, – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year.


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