[2016 MBC Drama Awards]2016 MBC 연기대상- TWICE ‘TT’ 축하무대! 20161230

*TT – TWICE (Strange Version)* *HAPPY OLD YEAR* *turu tuu turu* AHHHH, I KNOW THESE ACTOR BUT I FORGOT THEIR NAME LOL, SO EMBRASSING XD SORRY 🙁 I’m in two minds, in an awkward situation (NAYEONNNNNNNNNN) I just stare and say ba-ba-ba-baby (DON’T STARE LIKE THAT AND GET HIM GURL) Every day I only imagine Without asking, I talk in a casual way and call your name baby (CALL ME DADDY) But we don’t even know each other (WAIT, YOU WAS BORN FROM OUR MOM, I MEAN OUR FAMILYYY) Beautiful no matter what I wear (TUZYU!!!!!!!!) Just the two of us in the mirror having a
fashion show show (MINZYU!!!!!!) This time, for sure sure, I’ll be the first to talk talk (CAN I BE THAT SCREEN???) But it’s only in my head, always only in my head NANANANANA SANA I start humming, then before I know it (MY QUEEN SANA WHOP WHOP) I feel like crying (CRY CRY CAN YOU SEE THE MUSIC) I don’t feel like myself, this is not like me at all I love you so much (I LOVE YOU TOO MOMO) *AW LOOK AT THESE FANGIRL/FABOY* LOL Think I’m all grown up now BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m free to make my own choices, but why (IDK, ASK YOURSELF FIRST) Why can’t I have it my way The more try to I push you away *ALMOST FALL DOWN* XD The more I am drawn to you and attracted to you baby I’M LIKE TT (UHH) JUST LIKE TT (UH UHHHHHHH) You don’t know how I feel you’re so mean you’re so mean (PLEASE CAME DOWN GURLS) I’M LIKE TT (AHHHHHHHH) JUST LIKE (OOH-AHH) TT Tell me that you’d be my baby You say I’m ridiculous (DON’T SAY THAT JUNGYEON TT) that I don’t live up to my looks (THANKS GOD, BLESS ME) Doesn’t cheer me up at all ba-ba-ba-baby (CHEER UP BABY, CHEER UP BABY) I’m going crazy In all this mess, why do I feel hungry (EAT NOODLE AT HOME PLEASE) I eat all day and I’m still hungry (EAT MORE LMAO :)) Slap slap slap the innocent doll (POOR DOLLS, POOR MY GURLS) I sit and lie down all day and time flies flies flies What’s with the dull skin again (CHAEYEON, DAHYUN


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