2017 KBS Drama Awards | 2017 KBS 연기대상 – Part.2 [ENG/2018.01.07]

(KBS Hall) (2017 KBS Drama Awards) (KBS Hall, Live broadcasting) The beautiful last night of 2017. The part two of KBS Drama Awards. Let’s enjoy today’s festival with music. I’m a drama jockey, DJ Bbassong. Put your hands up! Spectators, if there’s an actor you support, let’s make some noise! Today’s winners are you. You’re the true winners. You did a great job this year. Two of you, who are today’s MCs with me, will receive an award tonight. If you trust my word, make some noise! Are you enjoying yourself? Great, then I’ll please you more with music. You only live once, so find your own path. Listen to your heart. Way, my way “Fight For My Way”! (BTOB, “Ambiguous” from “Fight For My Way”) (BTOB, “Ambiguous” from “Fight For My Way”) Happy new year! – Thank you. / – Thank you. Okay. Okay. With KBS TV dramas, tonight is more beautiful. This year, many people and I laughed and cried with KBS TV dramas. Ms. Jang Jiyoung, a housewife from Yeongdeungpo, sent her story. “This year was a very special year for me.” “I finally got a son that I love so much.” “Instead” “I’ve been extremely busy.” “The rice cooker beeps,” “so I open the lid thinking it’s done,” “and the rice is just hot, and not cooked.” “I even forget that I just brushed my teeth,” “and I touch my toothbrush to see if it’s wet.” “I was about to weep buckets,” “but” “I watched this drama with my husband,” “who was my middle school classmate,” “and started laughing again.” She says, “Thank you.” I loved watching this drama as well. It’s a fantasy romance drama about real couples, “Go Back Couple”. Sohyang will sing “Wind Song”. (From “Go Back Couple” soundtracks) (“Wind Song” by Sohyang) That was great. Thank you for the wonderful song. All right. The last song of your favorite KBS Dramas is… Do you want a refreshing song that will make your mundane daily life cool like a cold soda? Do you? Everybody, call “Good Manager”. Come on out. Drama Awards. Scream! (From “Good Manager” soundtracks) (“Must Be The Money” by Dindin) Everybody, make some noise. Happy New Year. Thank you, BTOB, Sohayng, and Dindin. The DJ prepared a lot for today. – I got so excited / – Yes. that I almost started dancing. Thanks to Soohong, the atmosphere here is getting heat up. Just like the drama, “Fight For My Way”, Soohong seems to be living his own life, not caring about what others think. – I envy him. / – I agree. What did you think about it, Yuri? He specifically told me to address him as “DJ Bbassong”. Okay. Now, the part two of KBS Drama Awards will begin in earnest. In the part two, the Excellence, Top Excellence, and the Grand Award will be given. Yes. Right now, we have just a few minutes before 12. I hope you’ll welcome the new year with KBS Drama Awards. The first award of the part two is the Best Original Soundtrack Award, given to an artist with a song which was loved by the most in 2017. The presenters of the award are Zhu Yiwen, the CEO of NetEase Music, and Kim Jiwon, who is wildly popular in China as well. Hello, I’m Kim Jiwon. (Zhu Yiwen, Kim Jiwon) Yiwen, why don’t you say hello to the Korean viewers? Hello. Hello. Yiwen is very happy to be here, and says that original soundtracks of Korean dramas are very popular in China as well. I hope Korean music will continue to be popular overseas. This award honors the music that adds even more drama to the show. We’ll announce the winner. Yiwen, please announce the recipient. BTOB from “Fight For My Way”. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations, BTOB. Congratulations. (Best Original Soundtrack Award, BTOB) The award recipients, BTOB, sang the song “Ambiguous” from “Fight For My Way”. It was the most popular original soundtrack of 2017 in Korea as well as China. All right. First of all, our youngest, Sungjae, should be with us but he couldn’t make it. Are you watching this, Sungjae? We won an award. I miss you, Sungjae. Anyway, this award… We were just lucky to be part of a great drama and its music. All we did was just to sing it. Thank you so much. It’s a great honor. We hope to sing more OSTs in the future. In dramas, we’ll be a condiment like salt, pepper, ketchup and what else? Pickled radish? We’ll be such a condiment. To make you enjoy dramas more, we’ll sing more and more soundtracks. We’ll do our best, so please give us your love and support. Cheer up, everyone. I love you all. Happy New Year. – Take care. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Congratulations. Congratulations. Now, we have only a few minutes left for 2017. Later, join us for the New Year’s countdown with KBS Drama Awards. By the way, where did Park Soohong go? Park Soohong finally got away from being single. He’ll be with a special partner to give Best Couple Award. Really? Before the year 2017 ends, I hope one more team can receive the Best Couple Award. Park Soohong and his special partner – will be here together. / – Okay. Who is she? – I see. / – It’s Park Kyunglim. So, it’s Park Kyunglim. Hello, everyone. I’m Park Kyunglim. It’s nice to meet you. (Park Soohong, Park Kyunglim) As a viewer who loves TV dramas, I’ve watched, enjoyed, and been impressed with KBS this year. I’m standing here to announce the Best Couple Award, and I’m very honored. I can see how pleased you are from your red carpet-like jacket. I’m wearing it. Some people say that I look like Santa. – I’ll give you a present. / – Okay. Actors, please receive this heart. There’s one thing missing. I’m in the drama awards, and not in entertainment, but why should I award with you, Park Soohong? We’re an old couple. – You don’t like it? / – There’s Park Seojun. And there’s Ko Kyoungpyo smiling at me. Join me next year. – Park Kyunglim, / – Yes? do you want to receive cursed words like me? The Best Couple Award was a hot issue last year. Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo became a real couple, who got the award last year. – That’s right. / – Yes. As well as the Grand Award in KBS Drama Awards, many actors want this Best Couple Award. Many are interested. Who will receive the arrow of Cupid this year? – I’ll announce them now. / – Okay. The fantastic duo from “Witch at Court”, Yoon Hyunmin and Jung Ryeowon. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Yoon Hyunmin and Jung Ryeowon. They grabbed both success and love as the prosecutors in the drama. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. And the next best couple. It’s an honor to award the Best Couple award to this person. They’ve done well acting as a married couple. Son Hojun and Jang Nara from “Go Back Couple”. Congratulations. Son Hojun and Jang Nara. From a college couple to a married couple, they made viewers cry by acting realistically. Congratulations. – They are well matched. / – Yes. I’ll announce one more couple to award. To think of this couple, I can’t help shedding tears. They’re still experiencing tragic love until now. Park Sihoo and Shin Haesun from “My Golden Life”. Congratulations. Park Sihoo and Shin Haesun from “My Golden Life”. They seem like they didn’t expect this. It has a 40 percent viewership. I wonder how their love will end. Please come to the stage. And we’ll announce the next best couple. It’s really… Please come to the stage. If this couple doesn’t get the Best Couple Award, Kyunglim will be so upset. Park Seojun and Kim Jiwon. Congratulations! Park Seojun and Kim Jiwon. They were a pretty couple. – Congratulations! / – Congratulations. All the prominent couples are coming to the stage. – They look gorgeous. / – I agree. I’ll introduce the next couple. They were wild and sweet. They showed a love of the 21st century. Ryu Suyoung and Lee Yuri, congrats. Ryu Suyoung and Lee Yuri… They did an internship for marriage and so on and received lots of support as a cool couple. Congratulations. MC Lee Yuri is also coming to the stage. And now, it’s the last best couple. In fact, I personally love this couple. This couple is excellent. – They are a male couple. / – A male couple. Namkoong Min and Junho from “Good Manager”. They are from “Good Manager”. (Namkoong Min, Junho) Namkoong Min doesn’t look pleased. Namkoong Min and Junho. They showed a partnership between men. KBS Drama Awards, Best Couple Award is given to six couples. Please give them an applause once again. Congratulations. Let’s start awarding them. (KBS Drama Awards, Best Couple Award) Park Kyunglim will award them. First, Jung Ryeowon and Yoon Hyunmin. Congratulations. They look good together. And the next is Son Hojun and Jang Nara. They are best friends. That’s why it’s more meaningful. The next is Park Sihoo and Shin Haesun. “My Golden Life”, with 40 percent viewership, is very successful now. Congratulations. The next is Park Seojun and Kim Jiwon. They showed how a couple could be so pretty. The next is Lee Yuri and Ryu Suyoung. Marriage internship is a word newly coined by them. The next is a male couple, Namkoong Min and Junho. Congratulations. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. They are the six best couples. Please give a round of applause once again. They are the best of best. – That’s right. / – They’re on the stage. Right. It’s something meaningful. In fact, KBS has been playing a role of cupid many times. There were Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo. – Park Kyunglim, / – Yes. didn’t you also meet your husband from a matching program? And the MC was you, Park Soohong. And here I am like this. – I’ll just work hard. / – Okay. As I look at them now, I can sense something. As I got married through KBS, I can sense which couple can be a real one. I should interview them to figure it out. Now, we only have about five minutes to the New Year. For that, we might have to pause the interview to greet the New Year. That’s right. Let’s start the interview. Great. Jung Ryeowon, congratulations. Thank you. I thought this award was only for us. I’m sorry that I reacted too wildly before. Every year, we gave six couples this award. It’s my first time in KBS. So, I must’ve misunderstood. Also, there’s just one trophy. Anyway, thank you so much. In fact, our couple in “Witch at Court” was an issue by the change of sexual roles. Jung Doyoon, who wrote this exciting scenario, all the staffs of “Witch at Court”, and Hyunmin… Didn’t he do a great job? I mean it. Yes. And I want to thank actors from “Witch at Court”, who came here to support us. I’ll give all the honor to Hyunmin. – What a best couple! / – I agree. So, the honor goes to him. The reason behind giving one trophy to the best couple is to make them see each other often, right? That may be right. Soon, it’ll be 2018. They are greeting New Year after a year. It’s like greeting New Year’s together. Who will take this trophy? I want Ryeowon to take this. He’s wonderful. Thank you. And the next person. Finally, I’m so glad to award Jang Nara. Especially, Son Hojun. Should I call you my brother-in-law? (Jang Nara, Son Hojun) Son Hojun, what do you like about Nara? You’re giving too much pressure on him. – Am I? / – Yes. – They look good together. / – That’s true. When did you start to like Jang Nara? It’s kind of embarrassing. Nara has been attentive. We were able to receive this award because even if it wasn’t me, anyone who has the chance of acting with Nara could’ve gotten this award. Jang Nara did very well in acting. You made us laugh and cry. Nara, you weren’t the person I knew. You are not married, so I don’t know how you acted that way. How did you do it? So many people helped me. Within our team, there were directors and staff members who were about the same age as me in the drama, and these staff members had babies. They gave me a lot of advice, and my partner Hojun did a great job. They are giving each other the credit. That’s right. We’re ending off this year with the best couples. At this time, many people are – waiting for the new year. / – That’s right. There are people on site to celebrate the New Year together. We have 1 minute 30 seconds left. It’s past 11:58 p.m. – Is that right? / – Yes. It’s almost the New Year, so let’s contact our on-site reporter. Okay. With New Year’s wishes… – All right. / – Okay. As soon as we connect, there will be a video in the back welcoming the new year. That’s right. What is your new year’s wish, Soohong? – My new year’s wish? / – Yes. My new year’s wish is to meet my partner. Everybody here met their acting partners close to them. – That’s right. / – It might extend further. We have less than one minute left. – That’s right. / – We’ll be welcoming 2018 on stage in KBS Hall, – Soohong. / – That’s right. Min. Min, how do you feel welcoming the new year? – Yes. / – How do you feel? I’m getting a year older, so I’m 41. I’m happy to be welcoming the new year with Junho. All right. We have Suji at L World Tower. There are 25 seconds left. We’ll count down together from 10 seconds. 2017 was full of events. Let’s say farewell to it, and welcome 2018 together. – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, / – 9, 8, 7, 6, – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. / – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Happy New Year! 2018 has come. Please say happy new year to the people next to you. – Happy New Year. / – Please share kind words. Happy New Year. Actors in front of us and on stage, please say New Year’s greetings to our viewers. Shall we? – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. (Happy New Year.) I hope everybody’s healthy in 2018, and that all your wishes come true. That’s right. Let’s talk about “My Golden Life”. This drama was loved by many in 2017. – Right. / – They will continue to be loved in 2018. I bet this year is special to both of you. What do you say, Sihoo? Right. First of all, Happy New Year. I’m thankful that we were loved by many and received this award. Haesun, who is next to me, did so well, so we’re receiving this award. Thanks so much, Haesun. There are fireworks going on. – I think this year / – Actually, we… will be even better for both of you. I agree. What rating do you hope to achieve? I think they can reach 50 percent viewership. What do you think? 50 percent? – 50 percent. / – Don’t say that. That’s what they said. We’re satisfied with where we are at now. I hope your wish comes true. Congratulations to Haesun too. Please say a few words, Haesun. I wanted this award the most. Thank you for presenting it to us. We’re actually not a couple yet, so I don’t know if we deserve this award. You confessed to him, but it was hard for you. – Yes. / – That wasn’t long ago. Yes, I did confess a short while ago, but we’re not going out yet, so I think we’re getting this thanks to Sihoo. Thank you. Maybe they’ll start going out now. In 2018, they have to get closer and be more affectionate to each other. – Let’s continue. / – That’s right. The couple from “Fight For My Way”. Congratulations. Last year was about Joongki and Hyekyo, but this year was about Dongman and Aera. – Isn’t that right? / – Thank you. But there are so many great couples up here. We were hopeful to get the award, but I’m happy we’re in the middle. He kept on moving to the center. – Sorry? / – You were moving. Yes. We’re in the center. By the way, Jiwon. Last year, you got the award with Jingoo for “Descendants of the Sun”. This year, you’re a couple with Seojun. This may be a cruel question, but here it is. Seojun or Jingoo. – In one, two, three. / – That’s difficult. – Park Goo? / – “Park Goo”? – Park Goo? / – Park Goo? What are you saying? What is her real answer? Please answer again. Seojun or Jingoo? In one, two, three. It’s Seojun for now. That was difficult, so here’s an easy one. Seojun or Soohong? – Why me? / – Seojun. Yes. I wanted to make you feel better. You’re so mean. – You haven’t changed. / – That’s fine. And now… – That’s not a bad thing. / – Okay. It’s a difficult time. I hope people criticize you instead of me. Let me ask some more questions. In the drama, Yuri and Suyoung were incredible. Yuri suggested getting married for one year. It was an internship. It was a marriage internship. It became a popular concept. If this actually exists, what would you do, Yuri? The internship. Suyoung will answer that question. Sorry? It’s a difficult question. She’s wise. Marriage is sort of like a contract. But in my experience, it’s not a contract. If I get an offer, I would not do it. – I can’t do it. / – Okay. Marriage should not have an internship. – No. / – I see. That’s a wise answer. Thank you. Please say a few words to your wife. It’s the New Year. I’m sorry I’m not there with you. I love you. He’s so sweet. – He is. / – It’s for Hasun. – These people. / – Let’s continue. It’s a male-male couple that deserves this. That’s right. Junho and Min. Congratulations. The chemistry between your characters was amazing. Did you predict this result, Junho? I really wanted to receive this award. I’m happy we got it, but it’s also strange. I’m happy we’re a male-male couple. You’re so handsome. Every time Junho got nominated for an award, Min was getting more nervous. – That’s right. / – He was getting nervous. Is it because Junho is important to you? Yes, I really like Junho as a colleague. He’s a great actor and has a great attitude, so I love him. – You love him, right? / – Yes. So we compiled all the best scenes of you two being affectionate. You can look forward to it. Soohong, who is a lonely guy, picked these scenes. He spent long nights watching KBS dramas and picked each scene. We’re going to watch the best scenes from now on. There were lonely writers as well. I prepared them with the staff members. Which clip should we watch first, Soohong? I might get criticized. These are the scenes I personally like, but please don’t take it the wrong way. Let’s start with the kiss scenes. The best kiss scenes. Top three best kiss scenes I chose. Here it is. (Top 3 Kiss Scenes) Here are the top three kiss scenes. This is third place. (Park Sihoo and Shin Haesun) (“My Golden Life”) Good job. You did well. Thank you. Take care. We shouldn’t see each other again. He said not to see each other again! Never… It’s their first kiss scene. Until now, it’s the first and the last. It’s very sad. The next is the shared third place. I’m ready now. (Yoon Hyunmin, Jung Ryeowon,) (“Witch at Court”) You came into my room at night. And you patted my face. You tried to kiss me, but refrained it, right? – No. / – You did. No. But, she’s passed out. This is the next one. Oh my gosh. They kissed. But, this time… This is the famous kiss stealing by both parties. If you started, you should finish it as well. Hey. Did you just steal a kiss? Yes, they stole a kiss in turn. Let’s watch the second place. (Ryu Suyoung, Lee Yuri, “My Father is Strange”) You still have feelings for me, right? That’s why you’re being such a pervert. You, pervert. I think it’s you who has feelings for me. Do you think you’re so impressive and smart that I have to recall why I dumped you before? After that, I dated a truck-load of men. You stupid pervert. She’s good. Her lines are really hitting the spot. In this action scene, can they really kiss? Park Soohong picked this. Are you drunk? Yes, I am. You’re really sexy. Then why are you just watching me like this? Weren’t they quarreling? This is absolutely my favorite. Other couples envy this. Then! The hoped-for scene hasn’t started yet. They’re not done. They turned off the lights. Just before, you were mad to take revenge on me. The hoped-for first place… (Namkoong Min, Junho, “Good Manager”) – You’re touched. / – You! Namkoong Min and Junho. Boo. What the heck are you doing, you prank? You weirdo, stupid. You’re dead when I go out. I’ll retaliate for how you have behaved to me. Please do. I’m so bored. I’ll wait for you. Stop kissing! – They were the best. / – Congratulations. Namkoong Min and Junho’s smarmy kiss. Namkoong Min, you were very cute. I think Junho was struggling. You’ve won first place. How do you feel to win first place? I’m sorry that I couldn’t hear you. – How do you feel? / – Tell us how you feel. For winning the best kiss scene. First, there are such beautiful and wonderful couples. But, we won the first place. I’m feeling good about it. When we were filming, Namkoong Min led us very well. That’s how we could finish filming pleasantly. – I see. / – I see. I see Namkoong Min did a good job with leading. He seems like he’s quite embarrassed now. It’s the New Year now, Park Soohong. In front of Namkoong Min, – Junho looks very shy. / – I know. Junho has always been receiving from Namkoong Min, right? I mean a kiss. It’s the New Year and you won the best kiss scene. How about Junho giving Namkoong Min a kiss? – Be manly / – Yes. – to celebrate. / – and give him a congratulation kiss. The New Year, 2018 has just started. – Do you really mean it? / – Of course. Are you okay with it? I’m good. It’s okay. Everyone, it’s time to capture it. I’m sorry, I should excuse myself first. In 2018, their partnership will be reinforced than ever. Congratulations. Actually, this kiss scene was not in the script, but I included it. – Really? / – Yes. I feel happy and pleased to get a kiss from Junho. The lips were moist. We also included what wasn’t in the script. – Thank you. / – With care. Anyway, in “Fight For My Way”, I remember that there were many kiss scenes between Park Seojun and Kim Jiwon. – I’ve watched the drama. / – They had the most. Yes, there are a lot. From cute ones to serious ones, they had many kiss scenes. Don’t you feel sorry that yours weren’t on the list? I know. I wondered how I’m watching these here. What did I say? That’s… Can’t you two just agree on this matter? Go ahead. – All right. / – Okay. All the other kiss scenes were beautiful. It was a convincing list of kiss scenes. What she’s saying is theirs were very good, but other kiss scenes were beautiful as well. Including Namkoong Min and Junho’s kiss scene. Great, then. I wonder which scene of “Fight For My Way” is on the ranking list. The best scenes we selected are the best charming scenes. Park Kyunglim, can you start the clip for us? Take a deep breath, everyone. The best charming scenes. Let’s watch them. Let’s go! (KBS Drama Awards, The Best Charming Scenes) I feel so great. I got this so… follow me. Follow me. Go home. Follow you. Duho, you didn’t empty that glass? Is that because there’s no Bottoms-up Song? Don’t do what I’m thinking now. “It’s time for you to bottoms-up.” “You can’t take it back. Don’t take it back.” Aera doesn’t like it. She doesn’t want Dongman to do it. I don’t want you to say such things like you’ll give everything or something like that. My goodness. Dongman is upset. When Aera says something like no more games, I feel upset. I’m upset. (Dongman is upset) (that Aera says no more games.) The next scene. Dongman, I’m holding a knife now. Kim Sungoh looked very mad here. It was the charming scene that called a knife by Park Seojun and Kim Jiwon. Congratulations. It’s the best charming scene. That was the best of all. Give them an applause. In the social networks, Aera’s charm was such a big hit. Here, to the viewers who just started 2018, can I ask for Aera’s charms? To greet them a happy New Year, I ask you to do Aera’s charms. Aera doesn’t like it. I hope you to be happy in 2018. Persistently. Do it persistently. Don’t you want to see – Dongman’s charms? / – With Dongman’s charms? When you see Aera doing charms, you can’t just stand like this, Go Dongman. Park Seojun? Just before, I was going to say I’m glad that we weren’t on the ranking list. But, I’m embarrassed to see ours like that. That’s how life goes. Dongman is upset. I feel upset that I have to show charms in the beginning of the New Year. Thank you. He looks tired. However, did you feel it, Park Soohong? Many couples here were watching it. They might think they are the best in being charming. They want to do it, too. I could see some of them were upset about it. Everyone is avoiding their eyes from me. – They’re not looking. / – But, I already know. I know it. It’s okay. I’m still going to proceed it. Only Namkoong Min is watching us. Only Namkoong Min looked here. No, no. I can’t do this. TQ Weirdo TQ Weirdo, please give a New Year’s greeting. I was really going to do it, but I couldn’t remember the line now. Or else, I would do it. How about just showing your whining? Whining. He just blew his nose. I know someone who can do this the best. – Who is that? / – Jang Nara? Well, Jang Nara is already very cute by just breathing. She’s very cute. Nara, how about showing your charms to the viewers to have a happy New Year? Clear your throat first. Happy New Year. I’m sorry. Have a happy New Year. Happy New Year. That was fast. Let’s not read the comments online. You’re too severe to your best friend, asking such a thing. The best scene I chose this time is a very sad one. While watching KBS dramas, everyone had to shed tears in this best scene. Let’s watch the Best Crying Scene. (KBS Drama Awards, The Best Crying Scene) (Son Hojun, Jang Nara, “Go Back Couple”) It’s “Go Back Couple”. Because of you, my mother passed away without seeing me. I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry, Mother. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. That was such a mournful scene. I still cry when I watch the scene again. They did such a great acting performance. That’s right. Your crying in the scene made a lot of viewers feel sad. When you performed it, what did you think about? Hojun? Our scriptwriter created such fine stories. And Nara who’s next to me did a great job on this. I really could grab the situation of that scene. That’s how I could cry with her. A good script made him do better acting. That’s what he said so. – Our six best couples / – Yes. made viewers laugh, feel fulfilled and moved this year. It’s the New Year now. I hope to hear their wishes in 2018. – Excellent. / – There are many of you, so how about saying your wish in five letters. Let’s do that. From Jung Ryeowon, tell us your wish for the New Year in five letters. For example, “Get married this year”. That’s your wish, right? Jung Ryeowon? “Grand Award this year”? “Grand Award this year”! From the start, she’s showing – such an ambition. / – Yes, indeed. She’s wonderful. Hyunmin? Should I say a wish for the viewers? It should be your personal wish. “Grand Award for me, too”? “Grand Award for me, too” I like this atmosphere. I hope your wishes come true. Jang Nara? “I want that too”. How many are you aiming the Grand Award? – Everyone wants it. / – Just kidding. They’re so honest. Son Hojun? – “Then” / – “Then give me one, too.” “Then give me one, too.” This is terrible. They look so embarrassed. Is it so hard for you? It can be hard. In five letters, please. – Haesun? / – Yes, please. I think I should continue. You can do something like “My Parents’ Health”. “For me, next year” “For me, next year”? She’s aiming for it in 2019. It’s great. What becomes of those who did before? She showed modesty among ambitions. Park Sihoo? I didn’t hear it. The drama is still going on these days. “A big hit of ‘My Golden Life'”. He said “A big hit of ‘My Golden Life'”. Kim Jiwon? “Everyone, be happy.” I hope everyone to be happy in 2018. “Everyone, be happy” was her wish. Park Seojun? “Everyone be healthy.” I think being healthy is the best. I think it’s becoming like a public campaign ad. Then, Lee Yuri can be very pressured by now. What’s next to happiness and health? “Be happy, this year.” “Be happy, this year”? I think their ideas are running out. Should I say something appropriate? “Don’t get sick.” His wish was “Don’t get sick.” Junho? They did everything. “Be well.” Great, “Be well.” Namkoong Min, you should end this. “Be well.” Yes, “Be well.” – They’re the best couple. / – We should do one too. “I love KBS.” – Okay. / – All right. Me too, I hope KBS – this year… / – In five letters, please. “Meet with me, too.” I really hope so. Once again, give a round of applause to the best couples, who are more promising in 2018. Once again, I want to thank Park Kyunglim, who did this with me. I’ll enjoy watching KBS dramas this year, too. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Congratulations. (KBS Drama Awards, Best Couple Award) (The Preview of 2018 KBS TV drama) What does it mean to have the same face and name? There must be something. We must check it out. (Made while missing their son) Why did you die? Can you call me Mom? It’s a principle to hug someone who’s crying. (Nam Shin, a robot that is more humane than humans) Please protect Shin. If Mr. Seo finds it out, Shin can be in danger. Clear out all the annoying things. Do something! (And precious things he needs to protect) I’m not that Shin before. Who are you? Please act like I’m Shin. I’m Shin too. I told you not to do anything so obtrusive. (In Spring 2018, it’s coming to you!) Don’t be mistaken. It’s your heartbeat. I don’t have a heart. I don’t. (“Are You Human Too?”) (If I tune in, can I find true love?) (“Radio Romance”) You’re the prettiest. (“Radio Romance”) (Yoon Doojun) (Kim Sohyun) If I tune in, can I find my true love? “Radio Romance”. (“Radio Romance” January 29th, 2018) What? Why is Mr. Woo coming here? Is Mr. Woo coming here? I got a leech here. Take him back. I’m a police officer, too. Something’s going on. Close it. Close this. Don’t let her come in. You’re so flexible. “Queen of Mystery Season 2” Premiered, on February 21st. (“Queen of Mystery Season 2”) This award is Excellence in Acting Award in a Mid-length Drama. It’ll be awarded by a beloved actor, Choi Daniel from “Jugglers” and Baek Jinhee. Greet them with an applaud. (Excellence in Acting Award) Hello. (Choi Daniel, Baek Jinhee) It’s showing a big hit. I’m Choi Daniel, starring as Nam Chiwon, in the KBS mini-series, “Jugglers”. Nice to meet you. Let’s have you greet. Hello. I work for the boss, Nam Chiwon. I’m Baek Jinhee, starring in “Jugglers”. Here, altogether we wrapped up 2017. And we started the New Year. How did you spend 2017, Jinhee? I’m having a great time at filming. I see. In 2017, I was in military service. I was just dismissed. And I came back to the society, and had a great time, adjusting to it. I felt like a tourist on my way here too. I feel nervous to be on stage. What’s in the script? Please move on. They’re waiting. And I hope “Jugglers” to get more viewership and more love, support by everyone. Hopefully for next year, no this year, we could be nominated for the KBS Drama Awards. So, please show us your love and support. You did everything. Then, let’s start awarding. I expect this to be more competitive than ever. Here are the male nominees of Excellence in Acting in Mid-length Drama. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Excellence in Acting Award in a Mid-length Drama. Namkoong Min from “Good Manager”. In your brain, there are only noodles. Life is continuity of twists and variables. Don’t be afraid. TQ Weirdo, the undercover is appearing. I’m Hwarang. Park Seojun from “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”. As the royal family of Jin, for me and the country of Jin, show your loyalty. (Park Seojun, “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”) Hail to Emperor Jinheung. I didn’t do it. Seriously. Yoon Sanghyun from “Ms. Perfect”. (Yoon Sanghyun, “Ms. Perfect”) How could you do that as a human? Moon Eunkyung, you’re such a scary woman. How dare you! Lee Donggun from “Queen For Seven Days”. You make me miserable. Why can’t I kill you? Tell me the reason by yourself. If the vice prime minister betrays us, I will kill everyone. Shut up and do as I say. Junho from “Good Manager”. Kneel down and say you won’t ever be smart with me later. (Junho, “Good Manager”) Do it. Think about what you’ve done after you entered. You could’ve already killed. If you want to play as you like, just leave. (Excellence in Acting in a Mid-length Drama) They are all prominent. Then, I’ll announce the male winner of Excellence in Acting in a Mid-length Drama. Congratulations, Lee Donggun and Junho. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Lee Donggun and Junho get the award. (Lee Donggun, Junho, Excellence in Acting) The winner Lee Donggun acted in “Queen For Seven Days” as a lunatic tyrant. It was his first time to try historical drama since his debut, and he showed impressive acting. The winner Junho acted in “Good Manager” as Seo Yul. It was his first time to try acting a villain. Favorable comments about the character proved his acting. Congratulations for both of you. Please make a speech. Lee Donggun, first. Or Junho, go ahead. (Excellence in Acting in a Mid-length Drama) Hello. In “Good Manager”, I played a role as an evil finance director. I’m Junho from 2PM. You’re so handsome! I didn’t know about this. I just saw my acting on the clips, and I was about to get shocked. I’m very grateful for this award. I doubt the excellence of my acting. It’s just… Thank you for favoring me. With Namkoong Min, who was in the drama and filmed with me, I want to share this honor. Everyone who worked in “Good Manager”, Director Choi Yoonseok, Writer Park Jaebum, and all the actors from “Good Manager”. I want to thank you all. My hands are trembling. I don’t know what to say. In the future, I will pay this with good acting. And I personally want to thank staffs from JYP. Jeongwook, JYP, Mr. Pyo Jongrok, Mr. Cho Euiseong, Gaeul, Jiyoon. Thank you. Also, thank you to 2PM team in J Department. Thank you, my members. And the team, “Rain or Shine” in Busan, I want to say thank you. In 2018, I hope you to have pleasant days. Thank you. For me, I badly wanted this role. It was a chance I really wanted. For 19 years, it was a chance I desperately wanted. Thank you. Director Lee Jeongseop, who gave me such a chance I badly wanted. Even though I’m still not good enough, I want to say thank you once again. Our writer, Choi Jinyoung, all the staff members of “Queen For Seven Days”, thank you so much. And I want to thank Mr. Park Sunghae, who was attentive and gave supports for the tough shooting conditions. I… My wife Yoonhee delivered a beautiful daughter. She’s only three weeks old. Her name is Roa. By now, she might be sleeping. Or she might be watching it in the arms of her mom. I already miss her. As a father, I’ll do my best to be a good father to you. And Yoonhee, thank you for everything. Thank you. I’ll always do my best. Congratulations again. Lee Donggun and Junho… Congratulations. And the female winner will be awarded next. That was warm and nice. Next, the nominees for Excellence in Acting Award in a Mid-length Drama. Let’s watch the clips. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Here are the female Nominees for Excellence in Acting Award in a Mid-length Drama. She’s pregnant with your child? Go Soyoung from “Ms. Perfect”. Are you crying? (Go Soyoung, “Ms. Perfect”) Wake up. How are you going to see your children? No way! Kneel down right now. Kneel down! I’ll do this. Go Ara from “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” Why are you doing this to me? I don’t know why I keep crying. It’s not even clear if it’s fake or genuine. I saw you every day, but I missed you so much. Nam Sangmi from “Good Manager”. It’s too strict. Did you share it? You jerk! How dare you raise your voice to me? You sent the unorganized documents to me! Park Minyoung from “Queen For Seven Days”. Why are you lying? Why are you denying it? Don’t come here. If you come here, you’ll be killed. You can’t be killed soundly. And you can’t live soundly as well in this life. Cho Yeojeong from “Ms. Perfect”. He’s changed. Finally, he could be with me. (Cho Yeojeong, “Ms. Perfect”) Get off! Are you saying my innocent love is insane? (Excellence in Acting Award) While I was watching the clips for nominees, I was very stunned. I’m nervous. I’ll announce the winner. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. And the winner is (Excellence in Acting in a Mid-length Drama) It says to announce the name with tensions. The female winner of Excellence in Acting is… Congratulations, Cho Yeojeong. Congratulations. It’s Cho Yeojeong. She showed great acting in “Ms. Perfect”. Her acting was great. Congratulations. The winner, Cho Yeojeong played a problematic housewife in “Ms. Perfect”. She perfectly showed a mysterious lady with duplicity. She received compliments by her ghastly acting. Congratulations. (Excellence in Acting in a Mid-length Drama) This trophy is really heavy. Thank you. (Cho Yeojeong) Lee Eunhee in “Ms. Perfect” was actually out of the norm. It was a very difficult role to play. I’m perfectly normal. It was difficult. In every episode, I wasn’t good enough and could do better. Although those were all I saw, every time an episode was broadcast, many people gave me compliments and supports. Even when I felt like giving up this role, I was encouraged and could continue to agonize about it. Your compliments made me do better in this drama. Thank you. I’d like to thank the entire crew of “Ms. Perfect” for creating my character. The president of Great Company, Son Jaehyeon, who suggested this drama to me, and the entire staff of Great Company. Every time I act, my stylist, Go Minjeong, helps me relate to my character by dressing me. And her family. I love those two families with all my heart. And my real family, thank you for always giving me constructive criticism that helps me grow as an actor. By the way, I’ve been sitting in my seat all this time, and I want to be a couple with someone as well. I was alone last year too. I want to play a role that is loved as well. Thank you. Happy New Year. I hope you’ll play a role that falls in love next year. Thank you for presenting the award. So those were the Excellence Awards. You two haven’t received any award yet. Min, how do you feel? Are you nervous right now? Yes, well, if I said I wasn’t nervous, I’d be lying. I’m nervous, to be honest. I’ll change the subject. The queen of dramas, Yuri, you won an award in 2016 with a daily drama. I know that daily dramas usually have more than 100 episodes. Did it ever become difficult at the shoot? Yes, that’s right. You have to shoot for months without rest, so you have to take good care of your health, but the good thing is that the elderly start to recognize you a lot. I think that’s unique perk of being in a daily drama. If you watch it every day, the actors start to – feel like family. / – That’s right. Our next presenters are the Excellence Award winners from 2016. Oh Minseok and So Ehyun will make the announcement. Please welcome them. Hello, I’m Oh Minseok. Hello, I’m So Ehyun. Ehyun, we each won an award last year with “Secrets of Women”. – Yes. / – And it’s been one year. I heard that you have a good news. – Congratulations. / – Thank you. In 2016 KBS Drama Awards, I was a mother of one child, but this year, I’m a mother of two children. It’s a bit physically straining, but I’m twice as happy, so every day is like a dream. Anyway, I heard you have good news as well. Yes, I’m preparing to star in “Queen of Mystery 2” next year with Kwon Sangwoo and Choi Kanghee. Sangwoo and I will be enemies. I hope you’ll like the drama. If it begins to air, I’ll make sure to watch it. This award is for daily dramas that are full of interesting plots and great actors that attract large viewership. I wonder who captured the hearts of viewers in the year of 2017. Let’s see the male candidates for Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Here are the male nominees for Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama. You’re so full of yourself. Kim Dongjun of “Still Loving You”. You’re really ugly. It’s so cold! I like you now. Then wait for me a little bit. Until you open up your heart to me, I’ll become a shining diamond for you. Kim Seungsoo of “First Love Again”. You said you were relieved. You said that and left me. Can’t you just stay where I can see you? Live here. Live near me so I can see you. And die in front of me! Congratulations. Song Changeui of “The Secret of My Love”. I steal whatever he likes. How dare he try to kill me? I’m not the one who needs to die. It’s you, Jiwook. What does she like? Lee Changwook of “Lovers in Bloom”. It’s me. You can’t even make her laugh. I don’t know how to do big things like you do. If it were me, I’d never make her suffer like that. If it were me! Lim Ho from “Bloom, Dalsoon”. I came near the gold. I can’t just leave empty-handed. I will steal everything they have! No matter what, I will. (Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama) Kim Dongjun, Kim Seungsoo, Song Changeui, Lee Changwook, and Lim Ho. Those are the five candidates. Please announce the winner. Okay. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama for a male actor goes to… They’re all very good friends of mine. Congratulations. Kim Seungsoo and Song Changeui. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Kim Seungsoo of “First Love Again” and Song Changeui of “The Secret of My Love”. Congratulations. Kim Seungsoo played the role of a man who cannot forget his first love in “First Love Again”. He portrayed jealousy and obsession of a betrayed man with maturity and was well received by the viewers. Song Changeui played two different roles in “The Secret of My Love” and successfully portrayed the change in emotions. He’s been praised by critics for his acting. Congratulations. A few words, please. First of all, I wouldn’t have been able to do this alone. Coincidentally, I stood here last year. I mentioned that I wanted to win an award rather than to announce the winner. And my words become true. I’m very happy and grateful. I was lucky to be part of “First Love Again” to me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, Director Yun Changbeom, scriptwriter Park Piljoo, Director Kang Soohyun, who’s worked so hard, and the entire crew. Also the KBS department of dramatic media. Thank you all. I’m not sure we really deserve this. We had so much help from the fellow actors. Thank you so much. My mom must be staying up watching this right now. Mom, I love you. My fans came a long way to see me today. It’s a pleasant surprise. Thank you all for coming. As I mentioned earlier, I’m once again reminded that every word I say carries weight. I think it’s because I’m standing here today. This year, I hope all of you will give those around you or to yourselves many words of wisdom and blessing. I hope you’ll do that this year. I’ll strive to become a better actor. Thank you so much. What? All right. Thank you. First of all I’d like to sincerely thank the viewers for watching “The Secret of My Love”. I’m receiving this award, but my fellow actors have been working hard since summer with me. Dayoon, Jeongah, and Sejeong. They worked so hard. And Mr. Yoon Jusang, who’s also in the drama, and the other actors, Lee Hwihyang and Jeong Hanyoung. I can’t call everyone’s name here, but thanks to them, we were able to make it. Daily drama shoots aren’t easy. They helped us push through for a long time. First, I want to thank the president of the production company and Director Jin Hyungwook. You’ve worked so hard. Thank you so much. Thank you for creating such good stories, scriptwriters, Kim Yeonshin and Heo Inmu. And the crew members. Actually, the drama hasn’t ended yet. It’s not over yet. We’ll be shooting again tomorrow. The indoor and outdoor crew members continue to work so hard. The weather is very cold these days, you’ve been working so hard. Thank you so much. Especially, as I’m playing a variety of roles, there’s staff that goes through a lot. If by any chance I receive an award, they asked me to mention them in my speech. Our make-up team, thank you very much. Team leader Song Mingeun, I made sure I mentioned you. Lastly, my manager has been working with me since my debut. Kyungsoo and our staff at WS Entertainment, thank you so much. And my stylist, Go Eunsook, and also our younger staff, thank you. Lastly, to my parents who I’m sure is very happy at home, thank you. Also to my mother and father-in-law, thank you. And with a very difficult schedule, my wife is raising our child. She never once complained to me and has been really good to me. Thank you. I’d like to share this honor with my loving wife and my daughter Hayul. Thank you. (Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama) Congratulations once again. Congratulations. We will continue on with the female nominees. (Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama) Thank you, Kim Seungsoo and Song Changeui. We will continue with the female nominees. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Here are the nominees for Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama. It was taken away again. “First Love Again”, Myung Sebin. It’s the second time! Our baby! (“First Love Again” Myung Sebin) I’m sorry for being so late. I wanted to come back when your memory was back. You’re misunderstanding something. “Unknown Woman”, Bae Jongok. It’s not a place for you to serve your cheap meal. Son Yeori is my daughter? Tell me who my daughter is! I’ve done so much to Yeori! How could I? How could you do that? “A Sea of Her Own”, Oh Seungah. We were in love. Are you okay? Are you hurt? Where is Jihun? Jihun is dead! Please let me go! I need to go to Jihun! (“A Sea of Her Own”, Oh Seungah) Just pretend you don’t know! “Still Loving You”, Lee Youngeun. Let’s do that. (“Still Loving You” Lee Youngeun) Get out of my sight while I’m still being nice. You said you would take care of me. Let’s go out. Will you marry me? Yes, of course. “The Secret of My Love”, Lee Hwiyang. How dare you do that to my son? Find him! Find him now! We’re on the same boat. Even if we’re on the same boat, I’m the captain! “Lovers in Bloom”, Lim Soohyang. You have me, Mom. I’ll be back! (“Lovers in Bloom”, Lim Soohyang) Why don’t you boss me around too? I’m the perfect person to walk all over! He would never lose to a person like you! “Bloom, Dalsoon”, Hong Ahreum. Brother! My brother did nothing but treat that person! I did it all! Brother! (“Bloom, Dalsoon” Hong Ahreum) (Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama) Myung Sebin, Bae Jongok, Oh Seungah, Lee Youngeun, Lee Hwiyang, Lim Soohyang, and also Hong Ahreum. Minseok, please announce the winner. KBS Drama Awards. Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama goes to… (Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama) Myung Sebin, Lim Soohyang, congratulations. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. Congratulations. Myung Sebin and Lim Soohyang. (Myung Sebin Lim Soohyang) In “First Love Again”, Myung Sebin played Lee Hajin. A woman who erased her first love. She expressed the inner feeling of a woman and has received much praise from viewers. And Lim Soohyang from “Lovers in Bloom”. Lim Soohyang played a police officer, Moo Goonghwa. She acted very well showing off her charms. Congratulations once again. Please give your acceptance speech. (Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama) I’m so nervous. (Lim Soohyang) Thank you so much for this great award. I’m not sure if I deserve this award. I would like to thank all that helped me get this. Director Go Youngtak, Writer Yum Ilho, and Writer Lee Haejung. And also to my partner Do Jihan and Lee Changwook. Also Yoon Bokin… I’d really like to thank all of our staff and fellow actors and actresses. It’s thanks to all of you that I am here today. Thank you very much. And to President Oh Changgeun of FN Entertainment, Director Hwangyong, Manager Lee Kiwan and Hunjoon. Thank you all so much. And to my family, my mom and dad, who was always by my side when it got rough, and to my friends… Soojin, thank you. I got an award! Thank you. Thank you so much. I wish you all the best in the new year. I will do my best to be an honest actress, acting honestly. Thank you. Congratulations. (Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama) Thank you. (Excellence in Acting Award for Daily Drama) I really thought a lot about if I’d be able to stand here today. So I thought about what first love meant to me. This drama was very precious to me and I was very happy working on this drama. I laughed, cried, stayed up all night with the staff on this drama. We gave one another energy to go on. We pushed, pulled and waited together. That relationship gave me a new point of view and also helped me mature. This drama did that. I’d like to thank those who trusted me for this. Director Yoon Changbeom, Writer Park Piljoo. Also Director Kang Sooyeon, And also to our camera director, Lee Hyungseob, lighting director, Park Jungi. Thank you all so much. And also to my co-workers, Kim Seungsoo, Wang Bitna and Park Jungchul. And my mom, my sibling, and my son. There’s so many that I’d like to thank. And the president of my company, Park Won. Thank you so much. To my mom and dad who’s always praying for me, and Kwon Eunjung, and to Pastor Lee. Thank you. I’d also like to thank our viewers, who have laughed and cried together as one. I was a very happy person. Lastly, to the one that made all of this possible and glorious, thank you so very much. Thank you! Once again, Myung Sebin, Lim Soohyang, congratulations. Next up is the Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries. The keyword for 2017 KBS Miniseries was – reality and sympathy. / – Right. That’s right. From the stories of young people who work hard to the stories of parents with children. Not only the chemistry of the stars, but viewers felt a sense of healing through the dramas. The stars to make the announcements will also heal the viewers in 2018. Here are the stars of the new drama, “Are You a Human?” Seo Kangjoon and Gong Seungyeon. Please give them a round of applause. (Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries) Hello. I am Seo Kangjoon, playing dual roles as a rich man and a robot in the new upcoming drama. The new year, 2018 will be the year of the dog. Best of luck to you all in the new year. Hello. I’m playing a bodyguard in the new drama. I’m Gong Seungyeon. Thank you. I wish you all luck and peace in the new year. It’s really nice to see you here Seungyeon. It’s quite different from the drama set. Your dress is very beautiful. Kangjoon, you look really great too. KBS to me… I really mean it. You look great today. You look very pretty today too. You’re beautiful. As for me, I attended the KBS Drama Awards in 2016 as well. It’s been two years in a row. I hope that our new drama will be loved so that you and I can come back in 2018 as well. Thank you. Our new drama is about a robot in the human world in place of a rich man in a coma. It’s an A.I. human romance. It will make you think about humans and love. Its storyline is highly entertaining and touching. Please give us a lot of love. Shall we announce the winner, Seungyeon? Okay. I will now announce the nominees. Let’s take a look at the male nominees for the Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries. KBS Drama Awards. Here are the male nominees for Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries. “Strongest Deliveryman”, Ko Kyoungpyo. You don’t have to be sorry to me. It’s not a bad thing to trust people. Do you like me? People with good jobs are not the only ones that have a future. We have tomorrow too. Bring me my plate. Bring me my plate, now! That’s it. I’m the sniffer dog. “Queen of Mystery”, Kwon Sangwoo. (“Queen of Mystery”, Kwon Sangwoo.) Detectives run on their feet! Get him right now! If you don’t, you’re in for it. “Fight For My Way”, Park Seojun. (“Fight For My Way”, Park Seojun.) Why are you doing this? Why? What’s wrong? Huh? Why can’t I hear your voice? “Go Back Couple”, Son Hojun. Should I have some fun today? I will give you the full course. Do you know what I go through? You made my life miserable! “Go Back Couple”, Son Hojun. I’m really sorry. Should we begin the work? “Mad Dog”, Yoo Jitae. (“Mad Dog”, Yoo Jitae.) No! (“Mad Dog”, Yoo Jitae.) You swindle 3.4 million dollars and yet you’re living a great life! How can I die? “Witch at Court”, Yoon Hyunmin. I’m a nice prosecutor who takes care of the needy. I became a prosecutor to catch people like you! Say that again! I said, say that again! For the defendant who has toyed with the law, I demand life imprisonment. (Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries) 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries. The winner is… (Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries.) Congratulations. Park Seojun! – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. “Fight For My Way”, Park Seojun. Congratulations. Park Seojun of “Fight For My Way”, played Ko Dongman who is a fighter with a demerit. He played a young man who heads for his dreams. He confirmed his value as an actor. Thank you. Hello, I’m Park Seojun. As I mentioned before, I was here last year to present an award. I’m very thankful for to receive this award today. I really agonized about “Fight For My Way.” Because I needed to play a fighter, and the fighting scenes were all at the end, I worried about being able to keep myself looking like a fighter. I really worried about that a lot. But I was very captivated with the scenario. I think I was able to make great memories thanks to wonderful people Director Lee Najeong, and Brother Sangchoon as I call him that, but also writer Im Sangchoon. (Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries) And this, I also mentioned before, but if Dongman didn’t have Aera, Dongman would not exist. So I’m also very thankful to Jiwon. And Sungoh, Jooman, Jaehong, Seolhee, Hayoon. To all of the cast and crew of “Fight For My Way”, thank you very much. I am thankful that through this award, I am able to reminiscence the moments that made me very happy. It’s a wonderful present to me. If ever I had an opportunity to receive an award, there was something I really wanted to mention. Recently. Recently, my father told me that now people call him not by his name, but as Park Seojun’s dad. That’s what he told me. A part of me, felt bad hearing that. I don’t usually show my parents… I can’t do this. I’m not good at showing my feelings to them. So I’d like to do so at a time like this. Dad. Dad, if not for you, I wouldn’t be here. I truly love you. I love you, Mom. I love my family. I will do my best to be good to you. Preparing for my speech today, I realized that nothing is more important than the wellbeing and happiness of my family. In 2018, I’m sure you all have dreams and goals. But I really hope that it would be a year that you spend a lot of time with your families. All the luck to you in the new year. And to all those that were by my side helping me, I truly love you very much. I will make sure that I thank each and every one. Thank you very much. Thank you. – He is a great young man. / – That’s right. – Congratulations. / – They will be proud. (Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries) We will continue with female nominees for Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. The female nominees for Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries are “Fight For My Way”, Kim Jiwon. (“Fight For My Way”, Kim Jiwon) I’m crazy! No leaving any behind. Shut up and eat. Everyone is looking at me. I’m so nervous. You’re such a loser! “Go Back Couple”, Jang Nara. Loser! I’m not 20 years old. I suddenly came back to the past. It’s something no one could ever imagine. Oh, my. This old lady is overwhelmed. Oh, I’m so pretty. I’m Prosecutor Ma Yideum. “Witch at Court”, Jung Ryeowon. You kind of like me, don’t you? Hey, stop touching me. – Tell me! Where’s my mom? / – For the defendant, I demand the maximum penalty allowable. I demand a death sentence! “Strongest Deliveryman”, Chae Soobin. It’s tiring enough to get through a day. So please don’t make it harder for me. (“Strongest Deliveryman” Chae Soobin) Without guys like you, life would be much easier. We’re a couple as of now. Don’t forget that I’m your girlfriend. That’s for amateurs. “Queen of Mystery”, Choi Kanghee. I’m not interested in that. There’s no need to linger over petty cash. Did you kill your wife? We need to go to the police. I’m going to make an offer you can’t refuse. (Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries) Then Kangjoon will announce the winner. I will announce the winner. The Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Excellence in Acting Award in a Miniseries. The winner is Kim Jiwon and Jang Nara. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations. “Fight For My Way”, Kim Jiwon and also “Go Back Couple”, Jang Nara. The award goes to them both. In “Fight For My Way”, Kim Jiwon played Choi Aera, who dreams of becoming an anchorwoman. She was excellent in acting a comic and a romantic role. Her acting transformation was perfect. In “Go Back Couple”, Jang Nara played Ma Jinjoo, who goes back in time. She played both a 38-year-old married woman to a 20-year-old college student. She played out both roles wonderfully. Her acting was so real, the viewers sympathized with her completely. I’m very small… I’m sorry. Oh, no. Now it’s too short. – Oh, my. What? / – Nara… You can’t be doing that here. – It’s automatic. / – I’m sorry. I was rushed. – Okay. / – There’s so little time, and I have so many to thank. Please understand if I talk too fast. First of all, I apologize. I’d like to thank those that have blessed and loved such a nobody like me. I dedicate this glory to you. This award is for our “Go Back Couple” team. To be honest, my acting has not improved much. I’m sorry. Hojun, sitting in front of me, really helped me look like a married woman. And… And Kiyong, sitting right there, looked at me like a college girl, so I became a college girl. And also, Director Ha Byunghoon gave me his big trust. He also believed in me. Our writer, Kwon Hyejoo. She wrote this drama wanting to make the world a warm place to live. She really did write a warm drama. My friends are watching this and I apologize for sounding so silly. I’d like to thank Eekyung and Jungmin. Boreum, Hyejung… You really treated me like your friend and it helped me so much as I played this role. Thank you so much for that. And… I’m sure my family is watching at home. My mom is always very nervous about me. I don’t know why. I think I’m doing the best I can, but my mom is always so nervous. Mom, I love you so much. I love my brother, and I love my dad very much. My aunt is probably watching too. Thank you. And lastly, I really was not sure about myself doing this drama. But Mikyung gave me so much trust and confidence. Thank you very much. I will live my life to the fullest and I will work hard too. Thank you. Nara is so very lovely. Let’s continue with Jiwon. Hello. I’m Kim Jiwon. (Kim Jiwon) Because Nara became so emotional, I’ve become emotional as well. In the past, when I received awards, it was overwhelming and I really didn’t think I deserved it. So all I thought of was to hurry and do my speech and leave the stage. But I’ve realized that this kind of opportunity does not come around very often. I realized how precious these moments are. So I’d like to thank everyone one by one. First of all, I’d like to thank Director Lee Najeong of “Fight For My Way”. Writer Im Sangchoon, Director Kim Donhee. Thank you very much. And my Dongman, Seojun, Jaehong and Hayoon. And all of my fellow co-workers, you did great. We had a tough schedule going back and forth to and from Busan. In spite of all of that, our staff made the atmosphere very nice. Thank you so much. And also… my team at King Kong, I always put my trust in you. And to Juhee, Yuna, Heejeong. Thank you very much for your hard work. And to my loving family who should be watching, thank you. And Eunji, thank you for pushing and pulling me. I will do my best to become a great actress and a great person in the new year. Thank you for watching “Fight For My Way”. Happy New Year! Thank you. Congratulations to you two. I am looking forward to what kind of keywords will be in the new year. The next award is Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama. “My Father is Strange”, “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”, and also “My Golden Life” as any KBS drama, the viewers really enjoy these dramas. We hope that it will be loved more in the future. Actor Lee Sangwoo and Actress Han Jihye from the much anticipated new drama of 2018 will announce the next awards. Please welcome them with a round of applause. Hello. I’m Lee Sangwoo. Hello. I’m Han Jihye. Sangwoo. How are you and Soyeon doing as newlyweds? We are very happy and having a lot of fun. Jihye, it’s been three years since your last drama. How are you feeling? I’m excited and nervous. But I’m really very excited. But because our drama is the next drama after “My Golden Life”, which had a rating of 40 percent, I’m sure we will be able to receive the energy and do well, right? Yes. We certainly will. The new weekend drama of KBS is “Shall We Live Together?”. It’s a family drama that will show the love between the parent and the children generations. Please give our drama a lot of love and support so that we will be able to receive rating of 40 percent too. Yes, please do. Then we will begin the announcements. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama. Let’s take a look at the male nominees. 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Here are the male nominees for Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama. “My Father is Strange”, Kim Yeongcheol. Thank you, Na Youngshil. Why are you not punishing me? Your honor, please punish me. You didn’t believe me then. Now I’m telling you that I did something wrong! But why are you not punishing me? Why? This is why you should hang on to me. “My Father is Strange”, Ryu Suyoung. Have you ever done this? Mom! I don’t want to persuade or bow down anymore! I can’t give up on you like this! Think about it hard. I’m like a lotto. Dream like you’ll live forever, and love like you’ll die tomorrow. “My Golden Life”, Park Sihoo. You only have one life. I only have one life too! Then why are you sorry to me and thankful to me? I don’t know what we’re doing. You made me worry crazy and you can’t tell me? Why did you have your phone off? You’re really making me confused. “My Father is Strange”, Lee Joon. They even recognize me with sunglasses on. Why did you lie to me? Why did you lie to me? Shut up! If you were me, do you think you could do that? I will not let this by. “My Golden Life”, Chon Hojin. If you send Jian, is that it? Do you know what happens to an old lion? It gets kicked out of the pack. Dad is sorry. Why did I become like this? I have become the most incompetent father. (Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) 2017 KBS Drama Awards. Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama. The award goes to… Congratulations. Park Sihoo. (Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) Park Sihoo is the star of “My Golden Life”. It is the most watched drama these days. Right. Congratulations. Park Sihoo plays a rich man, Choi Dogyeong in “My Golden Life”. With a very trustworthy look and confidence, he definitely is a star of the program. Please give your speech. Well… I think that it’s been about six years since I’ve gotten a big award at KBS. (Park Sihoo) Every year, I watched the awards programs and thought to myself and wondered if I could ever stand on that stage again. I really can’t believe that I’m standing here today. Saying that I’m happy would not be enough. “My Golden Life” will be remembered by me forever. First of all, when times were really tough, my family was with me right by my side. And to my fans that are like family to me, thank you so much. And thanks to Writer So Hyunkyung, who helped me be here and believed in me, and to Director Kim Hyungseok, Producer Bae Kyungsoo, and Camera Director Kim Siyoung, who never loses his smile on the set, and Lighting Director Lee Hwayoon, thank you. Also, I’d like to thank the star of our drama, Haesun. Thank you very much. Taewhan, Eunsoo, and Chon Hojin, thank you very much. It’s cold. I thank the staffs who are working very hard in this cold weather. I give thanks to those who supported me, Wooho, Sanggeun and Minjeong, Sangyoon, Ahn Yongmo, Hyemin, Namgyu, Joonhyuk, Eungyeong. I thank you all. Let’s stay strong until the last day of shooting. I’ll strive to become a modest and truthful actor. I will be an actor who is always honest in front of the viewers. Last of all, I want to attribute this glory to the viewers who watched and loved, “My Golden Life”. Thank you. Congratulations. Congratulations. (Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) Let’s take a look at the female nominees for the Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama. Here are the female nominees for the Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama. Kim Hyesook from, “My Father is Strange”. If you want to do it, do it by yourself. Aren’t you worried about the consequences that follow if the secret is revealed? I won’t ask you to forgive me. But can you just stop here? What makes you say such a thing? Kim Hyeok from, “My Golden Life”. Do you have proof? You say that so easily. Jiahn never got to study abroad. You are to blame for this. I am done with you. I will leave this house. Shin Haesun from, “My Golden Life”. How can you swap me for Jisu? Why do you make me see him when I don’t want to? Who are you to control my life? Choi Dogyeong, I don’t want to see you again. Lee Yuri from, “My Father is Strange”. Should I try making dinner tonight? You put much effort into such nonsense. You crazy perverted idiot. I will hurt you as much as you hurt me. I’ll do whatever it takes to prove his innocence. Jung Somin from, “My Father is Strange”. I am so embarrassed. I know I’m crazy and I know I shouldn’t do this. Do you still think that low of me? (Jung Somin from, “My Father is Strange”) I told you to put it away. Stop it, before I throw it away. (The Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama.) Kim Hyesook, Kim Hyeyeong, Shin Haesun, Lee Yuri, Jung Somin. We have these five nominees. Please announce the winner, Sangwoo. I will announce the winner. We can see Lee Yuri on the screen, and Jung Somin as well. Who will be the winner among the five? The Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama goes to (The Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) Shin Haesun. Congratulations. Shin Haesun from, “My Golden Life”. (Shin Haesun) She wins the award after Park Sihoo. Congratulations. Shin Haesun from, “My Golden Life”. portrayed Seo Jian who fights against reality despite her skills. She has displayed impeccable performance. (The Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) (The Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) Congratulations! Please share your award acceptance speech. Thank you. (Shin Haesun, Excellence in Acting Award) I didn’t want to show my tears. Sorry. In 2013, I started out with a minor role who barely had any lines in “School 2013”. I feel honored to receive this prestigious award at the same broadcast center. (The Excellence in Acting Award in Serial Drama) I wonder if my parents are watching. You didn’t expect this day to come, right? First of all… I want to thank Writer So Hyunkyeong for believing in me when no one believed in me. And… I’m sorry. Director Kim Hyeongseok, who supported me at the scene, Director Kim Sihyeong, who created a comfortable environment for me, and all the other staff, I thank you all. Here in front, Sihoo, Songjin, Eunsoo, Taewhan, and Jeon Nomin, Na Younghee, Kim Hyeok, who aren’t here today. I was able to shoot comfortably because of their help. CEO of YNK, Kim Minsoo, and Manager Kim Minsoo, and Manager Ji Younghye, I thank you for supporting me. I thank you very much. Hyemi, Yumi, Sul, Sun, thank you for showing much support. Also, thank you SU. Sebom, thank you. Our drama is still airing, so I will try my best until the very end. Thank you. Congratulations, again. I can see the actors and actresses wiping away their tears. I am very touched by all the effort they must have put in. The Top Excellence in Acting Award and the Grand Award is all that is left. But your names haven’t been mentioned yet. How does it feel? I have to ask you this because it is written on the script. Honestly, how do you feel? My feelings? I am not expecting anything at all. I feel sympathy towards the actors who gave their speech. I think of all the staff who worked hard together. Don’t you want an award so you can thank them? No, not at all. My father and my siblings are here. Just looking at my father brings me to tears because he went through a lot. I think of them a lot. What about you Namkoong Min? What about you? We only have two awards left. Honestly, the reason I came here is that many viewers loved the drama, “Good Manager”. Even though I haven’t received an award, I am hoping for the best, but I’ll be fine even if I’m not awarded. You two have worked very hard, so I wish that at least one of you will get nominated for the remaining awards – as your co-host. / – Thank you. The KBS Drama Awards has been going on for over four hours. We’ll continue with Top Excellence in Acting Award. The presenters are last year’s winners of the Top Excellence in Acting Award. Please welcome Park Bogum and Kim Youjung. (The Top Excellence in Acting Award) Hello, I’m Park Bogum. (Park Bogum and Kim Youjung) Hello, I’m Kim Youjung. The year of 2018 has arrived. I hope that your dreams and hopes come true in this grateful year. Happy new year, everyone. Youjung, you have officially become an adult, congratulations. Thank you. I bet that this year is meaningful for you. Yes. You’re right. Since last year, I have been thinking about what I’ll do when I turn 20. I put a lot of thought into it. May I ask you what goals you have as a 20-year-old woman? Above all, in 2018, I want viewers to have a joyful and happy experience. So I will improve my performance in acting through various dramas. I want to travel a lot and gain experience that will help me give happiness to the viewers. I will also cheer for your youth. What about you? Like you, I would like to perform better and return to KBS Drama Awards. – Okay. / – Should we begin? Let’s meet the male nominees for the Top Excellence in Acting Award of 2017. The male nominees for the Top Excellence in Acting Award of 2017. Kwon Sangwoo from “Queen of Mystery”. Kim Yeongcheol from “My Father is Strange”. Namkoong Min from “Good Manager”. Park Seojun from “Fight For My Way”. Yoo Jitae from “Mad Dog”. Chon Hojin from “My Golden Life”. (The Top Excellence in Acting Award of 2017) You have just met our six outstanding nominees. I am getting nervous. Please announce the winner. Yes, I will. The winner for the Top Excellence in Acting Award of 2017 is… (The Top Excellence in Acting Award of 2017) Congratulations, – Namkoong Min! / – Congratulations! Namkoong Min from “Good Manager” will accept the award. Namkoong Min played a role in “Good Manager” of Kim Sungryong who fights for justice. He was praised for playing his character in his own style and showed outstanding performance as an irreplaceable actor. (Namkoong Min, Top Excellence in Acting) I thank you so much with all my heart. When I first read the book, I wanted to play the role of Kim Sungryong. But he was such a weird character, so I had no idea how to act as him. So I put in a lot of thought. Normally, I would try and make the character become myself. But I had no idea what he was thinking, so I had to become the character myself. I had to guess his every move, it was really hard. In those hardships, Director Lee Jaehoon helped me a lot. Producer Lee Eunjin, Director Choi Yoonseok, Writer Park Jaebeom, and other members of the team are here. Our actors work very hard, not to say that others don’t. When I didn’t know how to act as him, everyone gave me a lot of ideas and helped me through the process. Thank you so much. To be honest, every time I attended this event, I always felt like I came here empty-handed and clapped for other actors and returned home empty-handed. Though, I have started getting awards. When that kept happening, attending the event, clapping for other people, coming home empty-handed to a home where I was alone and just just… I couldn’t sleep. I went to sleep thinking that I should perform better next time. But I felt sad. In every award event, there are people who win awards and many people who don’t. There must be a lot here. So I want to share this award with those people. And someday… Even if you keep on failing, if you keep on dreaming and trying, you will soon achieve your dreams. I have a lot of people to thank. I will keep it short, because there are a lot. I think I should mention those who support me unconditionally. My father, my mother, I love you so much. My brother Yoon, thank you so much. And Deokyoung and Ahreum who support me unconditionally, thank you very much and I love you. And lastly, I’ll mention our CEO. CEO Hwang Bokyong always concerns me and supports me. I thank you so much. I’ll continue to work hard and I will do my best as an actor. Whatever performance I do, I will follow my heart rather than my head, and become an actor who can accept failure. Thank you. Congratulations. Congratulations to Namkoong Min who displayed an outstanding performance. Next, we will continue the female nominees for the Top Excellence in Acting Award of 2017. Let’s view the female nominees for the Top Excellence in Acting Award of 2017! Here are the female nominees for the Top Excellence in Acting Award of 2017. Kim Jiwon from “Fight For My Way”. Kim Hyesook from “My Father is Strange”. Shin Haesun from “My Golden Life”. Lee Yuri from “My Father is Strange”. Jang Nara from “Go Back Couple”. Jung Ryeowon from “Witch at Court”. Choi Kanghee from “Queen of Mystery”. (The Top Excellence in Acting Award of 2017) We have the seven nominees. I will also do my best to become an actress like the people on this list. Please announce the winner. Okay. I will announce the winner. I will announce the winner of the Top Excellence in Acting Award of 2017. Congratulations, Lee Yuri and Jung Ryeowon. Congratulations. We have two winners! Lee Yuri from “My Father is Strange”. And Jung Ryeowon from “Witch at Court”. Congratulations. Lee Yuri played Byeon Hyeyeong in “My Father is Strange”, showed great performance. She showed various charms and she’s now the peak of her career. And Jung Ryeowon, in her portrayal of the unstoppable prosecutor Ma Yideum, showed an unrivaled portrayal of character, and delivered joy and tears to the viewers and is being recognized for her outstanding performance. (The Top Excellence in Acting Award of 2017.) Hello. I am Jung Ryeowon, who was very happy in 2017 to act as the prosecutor, Ma Yideum. Actually, our drama… Earlier I joked about winning the grand award. But thank you for giving me such a big award. Actually, the drama, “Witch at Court” covered sex crimes, which is a pretty heavy subject. It is common like the cold but the victims are hidden. Through this drama, we hoped that stricter laws would be enacted to punish those who have committed such crimes and give courage to the victims so they can speak out. Honestly, I heard that of all the victims of crimes, sexual crime victims rarely speak up for themselves. That’s because they feel ashamed. I hope our drama gives them comfort. With that goal in mind, our staff members and all the actors worked really hard. I’ll like to thank Scriptwriter Jeong Doyun. Thank you for your trust, Director Kim Younggyun. You were great, Director Ji Byunghyun. And all the other staff members and actors, thank you very much. And my character Yideum has a role model. Thank you for being my role model, Soomin. Danbi, thanks for helping me with the script. Thank you as well, Jieun. And Yeseul, I know you had a hard time too, but thanks for praying for me. Mom, Aunt, and my family. I love you, my church family. Lastly, the Almighty has brought out the strongest in me. Thank you. I give glory to you. – Thank you. / – Congratulations. Next is Yuri. First of all, the Almighty did it. I would like to give glory to the Almighty. I am nothing, and I’m lacking, but many pastors pray for me. The youth group at Hosanna Church, many believers, and my parents, thank you. I’m sorry. Many people always help me. If an actor is not given the opportunity, you can’t act. I’m able to act and not disappear in the middle. Thank you for casting me, directors and scriptwriters. I’m really nothing. I… was never good. Director Lee Jaesang from “My Father is Strange”, Scriptwriter Lee Jeongseon, and my family. It’s called “My Father is Strange”, but my father is not strange. Gosh, for 7 to 8 months, I was so happy to be with them. We were always laughing on set. We were able to film in harmony. There are so many people I want to thank. I think I’ll regret it if I don’t. Cho Junhyun, president of The Jun Entertainment, Director Kim Haseo, and Yeonji, thank you. And, staff members, Jaehee, Sujin, and Myungsun, thank you to you all. Thank you to everybody who gives me the opportunity. I’ll keep trying and do my best to be a good, humble actress. My husband is watching from home. He always prays wholeheartedly for me. He loves me so much, but I’m not good enough. I’ll try to love him more and be better. Thank you so much. Congratulations. Congratulations to both of you. Thank you, Bogum and Youjung. All right. It’s… She’s back. She has to continue as the host. Would you be okay? Great job. It’s actually past 1 a.m. It’s January 1, 1:40 a.m. Many people are here with us in the late hour. Everybody, Min said this earlier. He was so happy he could speak today without being constrained for time. Because there are always people waiting after you. I don’t think I was ever able to speak properly. – That’s right. / – But today, I feel so relieved that I got to speak. And I didn’t get to say this earlier. Lee Joon is serving in the military right now. He’s on his first break today. He must be watching. I’m sad he’s not with us today. He must be happy. In order to live up to your expectations, we gave you plenty of time. We only have one award left. KBS Drama Awards, only the Grand Award is left. The Grand Award. It comes with a lot of responsibility. I think those words contain many meanings. The Grand Award is not only for that actor. It’s given to many people who worked alongside them. This award gives the actor the passion to do the job. It’s the Grand Award. Who will be the recipient? I’m looking forward it. The Grand Award will be the grand finale of 2017 KBS Drama Awards. It’ll be presented by last year’s recipient, Song Joong… Song Joongki. Excuse me. – He’s younger than you. / – Song Joongki. It will be presented by – He’ll understand. / – Song Joongki. I… Please give him a round of applause. Let’s welcome Song Joongki. He was the recipient of 2016 KBS Grand Award. Let’s welcome Song Joongki. Hello, I’m Song Joongki. Nice to meet you. In the new year, I get to say my greetings to you. I think it’s a huge honor. Many people on site and the viewers at home who are watching 2017 KBS Drama Awards, I hope you’re healthy this year. Happy new year. Thank you. I’m back on the same spot after a year. In front of me are the actors whom I admire, and my colleagues. Looking at them makes me more nervous. Mr. Kim Yeongcheol, how have you been? Hello. You look better than ever. I also watched KBS dramas this year. I especially liked watching “My Father is Strange”. Thank you for your great acting. I admire you greatly. A year ago, I was on this spot and was honored to receive a great prize, the Grand Award. I’m back here as the presenter. I think it was 2.5 to 3 years ago. I received the script for “Descendants of the Sun”, and I can’t forget the chills I felt when I flipped the last page. I was so honored to have acted in a drama called “Descendants of the Sun”. I think I’ll never be able to forget 2017. I’ll remember it as a glorious year. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the staff members of “Descendants of the Sun”, and the viewers again. It’s time to pass on the happiness I felt for the year to the best actor who shone in 2017 in KBS dramas. I think it’s time, so I am very happy. Joongki is about to present the Grand Award. Many viewers – have questions for you. / – Okay. I’ll ask you the questions if it’s all right. There’s a person at home, right? People are wondering how she’s doing and how your marriage life is like. It would have been more meaningful if she joined me today, but unfortunately, she had to be somewhere. So I came on her behalf. She’s doing well. I’ll make sure to deliver this to her. You’re doing something that I haven’t done yet. So I’m quite curious. – Right. / – How is the life? I’ve already mentioned this before. But “Descendants of the Sun” was truly a hit and was the reason why I’m here. But as you’ve mentioned, I’ve found myself a lifetime partner whom I love very much. That’s why 2017 will be a year that – I will never forget. / – Right. I don’t know how I can express the joy. KBS drama connected you two, right? – That’s true. / – Please say something. Thank you, KBS. Thank you. I’m pretty sure that you’re very thankful – for KBS. / – Yes. Now, you will reveal the Grand Award’s winner. First, let us see the past winners. (Past Grand Award winners) (Lim Dongjin) (Ban Hyojung, Go Dooshim) (Yoo Inchon, Lee Nakhoon) (Oh Hyunkyung, Ha Heera) (Lee Deokhwa, Na Moonhee) (Kang Buja, Yoo Donggeun) (Choi Soojong, Chae Shira) (Kim Yeongcheol, Choi Soojong) (Yoo Donggeun, Kim Hyesoo) (Go Dooshim, Kim Myungmin) (Ha Jiwon, Choi Soojong) (Kim Hyeja, Lee Byunghun) (Jang Hyuk, Shin Hakyun) (Kim Namjoo, Kim Hyesoo) (Yoo Donggeun) (Go Dooshim, Kim Soohyun) (Song Joongki, Song Hyekyo) Those were dramas loved by all of you and the great actors who were behind them. Seeing their faces makes me relive those moments once again. I will try my best to be able to greet you once again on another KBS drama this coming 2018. Now, the only award left is the Grand Award. The directors told me backstage to stall as much time as possible. May I announce the winner right now? – Yes, because / – Okay. time has passed quite a bit. – It really has. / – I’ll dive right in. I’m sure everyone’s very nervous right now. The winner of 2017’s Grand Award. Here it is. Kim Yeongcheol, Chon Hojin. Congratulations. There are joint winners for 2017. (Kim Yeongcheol, Chon Hojin) Chon Hojin and Kim Yeongcheol have both been chosen as winners for 2017’s Grand Award. They have supported KBS for many years. Come on up. Kim Yeongcheol played the role of a family-loving father perfectly in “My Father is Strange”. He showed his 45-year-experience in acting well by provoking the viewers’ emotions. He received much love from the viewers. Please receive your award. Chon Hojin played the role of a father who sacrificed himself for his family in “My Golden Life”. His realistic acting made people sympathize and teary-eyed. Please give them a round of applause. Congratulations. Please give your speech. Thank you very much. I’m quite embarrassed. (Kim Yeongcheol) 17 years ago, I received a lot of love from all of you with the drama “Gungye”. I am here once again because of your love. This is all because I’ve received the honor of working with a great drama. For six months, our drama received great love and support from everyone. I’d like to thank Writer Lee Jungsun for making each and every character stand out. I’d also like to thank Director Lee Jaesang for directing us very well as well as Film Director Lee Yoonjung. I don’t know whether she’s watching right now. But I’d like to also thank my on-screen wife for always supporting me. Also, I would like to thank my two, on-screen sons and my three daughters. Yuri, Somin, and Hwayoung. All of you are so polite, cheerful, and full of love. I will split this trophy and share it among us. I’d like to thank my wife, Lee Munhee, who’s watching from home as well as my two sons. Last but not least, I’d like to thank the viewers for showing love toward KBS drama and “My Father is Strange”. Thank you very much. Hello, my name is Chon Hojin. (Chon Hojin) Since our drama has not ended yet, I will not receive this award on my behalf for fear that I will lose focus. I’ll give this award to all the parents out there. Furthermore, I am also the son to a set of parents. My father is a bit ill at the moment. I hope he recovers soon. There is someone I’d like to give this award to. Honey, it took me 34 years to fulfill my promise. It took too long. I am sorry. If you allow, I’d like to spend my life with you again in the next life. I’ll keep my word. Also, please continue to show love for “My Golden Life” until the final episode. I thank my colleagues. Thank you. Congratulations once again. 2017 KBS Grand Award has been given to Kim Yeongcheol and Chon Hojin. Now, it’s time for us to say goodbye. 2017 KBS Drama Awards has been a festival for all of us. Thank you, everyone, for your hard work. We have come to the end of KBS Drama Awards. It was an honor to celebrate with you all. We’d like to thank the viewers for showing love for KBS all throughout this year. We hope to bring you more heartwarming and passionate dramas in 2018. Now, we will end by greeting the viewers a Happy New Year. – Happy New Year! / – Happy New Year! Thank you.


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