2018-19 PTC Showcase Video

As a whole we are very resilient Curious Revolutionary Quirky (laughs) Being here means that I’m around professionals with so much experience that I can be mentored by and learn from. This is like where new plays happen. This is the like the home of new play development in America. New and like really innovative American plays come to life here and I wanted every , every chance to be a part of that. I was at a point where I really wanted to take a risk and see if I could push myself. It’s so much more than just advancing your own career. I hope to continue to create work that invites conversations I’m so excited to continue to like to leave this program and to continue to work with these people that I’ve met in this program and meet even more people who have been through this program because that network is insane. As long as I’m doing theater I’ll be happy. Long term, I want to be in new works all the time. And this is a great place to get started doing that. I’d love to continue doing that kind of work Keeping people curious and extremely empathetic So the showcase brings in industry professionals from all over the country to Louisville, Kentucky We do it in front of scouts and talent agents from all over the country right after the Humana festival when Louisville has the most amount of people coming just to see theater Here at Actors, we’re given this incredible opportunity to bring the room to us It means from me a chance to have somebody who’s really interested in helping me develop my career Having the showcase be at the end of the program is also kind of a gift from Actors Theatre to say: “We’ve enjoyed working with you over these past nine months. We think that these guests in the audience will also enjoy working with you so we’re going to give you an opportunity to meet each other.” Please consider donating to the PTC showcase campaign We need your help to launch a new generation of theater artists! To give and learn more go to: actorstheatre.org/PTCShowcase I would also hope one day to be in a Crest or Colgate commercial. As an actor, what do you envision yourself doing? -The pressure’s on. We said it out loud now we gotta hold to it.
– Yeah, really man. Yeah, just like one Doritos commercial and then I’m done. Good looking… Definitely…(Laughter) Mm-hmm I agree. Piggy-backing off of that…I’m just kidding Are you going home after this? No. Oh. I was just home. Oh, well I’m going home and I wanted to know if you wanted to walk with me. No. Bunch of weirdos

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