2019 Chinese Drama Mix Cut from AvenueX (Eng Subbed)

2019 chinese drama mix cut Life in this world is meant to be lived well Do you really trust me There’s something that you can’t quantify The human heart As for being human You’ve failed You want to eat the rabbit Rabbits can’t hear such things If I marry her it must be because she wants to marry me … What do you think of me … not because it’s a deal I’ve asked High God Yun Feng My lifelong zhi ji (a friend who truly understands oneself) He said Zhi Ji equals soul mates Thank you A Xian Come and take these lotus seeds What is it about beauty, reputation, marriage I leave today What do they account for for the path in my heart I wish one day If everything in this world tries to stop me until I die Everyone is born equal I shall not bend with no distinction between high and low The world thinks he is insignificant Treasuring life Every life in Tang I don’t like that is valuable everyone can soar like a dragon looking forward to more good stories


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