2020 Golden Globes Official Aftershow with HFPA Members Katherine Tulich & Ramzy Malouki | THR

– Thank you so much for being here. – Thank you, great to be here.
– Thanks for having us. – All right, tell us what it
was like in the room tonight. – Well, always, there’s so
much excitement in that room, there’s so much happening. I think there was so much
expectation for Ricky. I just think there was so much, everyone was happy, everyone was excited. – How did you feel Ricky did? – Look, Ricky went there
as we expected him to and I think that’s great. That’s what we expected
and he was so good at it. – Every year people are saying, “Oh, they’ll never invite him back.” But he keeps being invited back and people at home are entertained, right? – Exactly, that’s what– – That’s what it’s all about. – That’s what it’s about. – [Chris] Now, I have to ask you, you guys are the ones who
are voting on the awards, so sometimes you have sentimental
favorites that you love and you love to see people win. May I ask you, was there a winner tonight that you were happiest
see get to the stage? – Well, here’s the thing. I’m not gonna say for whom I voted, but if I may say, the most
exciting moment for me was to see two young actors emerging. I mean, in two surprises
I get for a lot of people, which is Awkwafina and Taron Egerton. So these are promise to a great career and that’s what the whole
Golden Globe is about. Sometimes giving the opportunity
to these emerging actors and take even in the TV
series, Ramy Youssef. No one knew Ramy Youssef,
he was a stand up comedian. Here he is with Golden Globe in his hand and a beautiful career and a TV series that probably is gonna be renewed for several seasons.
– I would say the Golden Globe assures it’ll come back
for season number two. We can’t wait to watch it too. But what about in the room,
what table was rowdiest or the one that you most wanted to crash? – I mean, don’t ask me, ask Katherine because here’s the thing, I was live during the whole–
– [Chris] Oh, you were live? Oh, wow.
– I was right on the red carpet on my network and live also during the commercial breaks so basically I was back
and forth, back and forth and trying to… And analyze the… The results and talk to my colleagues who are in the studio in France because I represent a French network. – Oh, amazing.
– Katherine, was there a really fun table that you saw? Was out there having a–
– I think they all looked pretty fun to me but
I think “Big Little Lies” is gotta be one of those
best tables, right? You’ve got Meryl, you’ve got Nicole, you’ve got everyone there. I mean, I think that would be the table I wouldn’t mind being at.
(laughs) – Yeah, I would love to crash that table for sure.
– Right. – Well thank you so much
for talking with us. – Thank you, happy to.
– Okay, thank you. – We love this award show, it’s my favorite night of the year so, thank you for being a part
of it and for having us here. All right.
– [Both] Thank you, guys. – Enjoy the parties.
– And thank you, guys. – Thank you.
– Have a good time tonight.

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