2020 Golden Globes Official Aftershow with Winner Bong Joon Ho | THR

– Hi, congratulations. – Congratulations. – Hi, congratulations. Hi, it’s so nice to meet you. – Congratulations. – Congratulations. So, big winners tonight. (speaking Korean) And everyone expected it. (speaking Korean) Did you expect it? (speaking Korean) – So we all look forward
to it and hope for the best but there’s still a lot of anxiety because you never know with awards. – When people are watching this film do you hope they go in blind without knowing anything about it? Because that’s how I watched it. (speaking Korean) For this film in particular
it’s very important that people don’t know about
the second half of the film, and that’s why, since Cannes, we pleaded with everyone
not to share any spoilers. And thankfully even U.S.
audiences kept the secret. – Absolutely. – We gotta ask. I have to ask you a question. You have just become a bit of
a star during award season. Ya know, making the rounds with Bong, even on tv, on Kimmel
Tonight on stage too. (laughter) What has this been like for
you to go around with Bong who’s also just been such
a gem of award season but you’ve taken a turn
in the spotlight too. How are you handling all of this? – She has a big fandom. – Yeah she does have a big fandom. (laughter) – I’m just a huge fan of this film and with all the film
makers so it’s been great. This is so embarrassing but yes. (laughter) – I’m sorry to embarrass you. But I mean obviously he loves you and you guys have a good relationship. But ya know, what stage? Has any stage made you nervous? because tonight you looked so cool. – All of it. I’m always super anxious. – Really? – But yes, thank you. – She’s perfect and we all depend on her, and she’s also great film maker. – She is. – Yes, I want to direct. – Wow! Really? – We hope to see you next
year here as a director. (laughter) You were. (laughter) Like we’ll just see ourselves out. This is such an incredible film. I have a hard time talking about it without giving anything away. So I just want everyone at home to know you have to see this film. It was my favorite film of the year. Incredible. Thank you so much for talking. – Congratulations. – Congratulations. – You guys have fun tonight. – Yes, thank you so much.


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