2020 Promise Drama | Aapka Abdhut Samay | Bro. Mohan C Lazarus

Where has she gone? It is getting late for school. She has gone to wander outdoor. Hmmmm you are carefree always. You are roaming outdoor in
the time you have to leave for school. Dear, what is for eating? Give me something, I will go to work if anyone calls me. Not even able to provide food
for the daughter who attends school, How could I cook for you who is lying to go to work? What Mom, why are you always scolding Dad ever? Dad is a benign person. Am the one who is not benign,
washing dishes in 10 houses? But, Your dad who does no work and
roams like an officer is a benign person. Take this lunch box, leave. Are you mocking at me? Do it. Do it. One day I will win the Lottery ticket, Then You will understand my esteem. Then I begin. Brother, Is it there? Give me, brother. Have it. Brother, the number seems not good. If you have a fortune, you will win. Ok, brother. Take it. Have you heard about the fortune that happened to Murugan? What is the matter? Do not you know the matter? Mukesh won 1 crore in the lottery ticket. Is it so? What do you want, dear? I want peace. Ohhh, Is it a dream? Buvaneshwari, why is your face dull? Nothing Dad. Today our daughter cried a lot in the school. We did not pay the fees yet. I do not know, how am I
going to pay the fees tomorrow? How do you know it? Her friend Anita informed me about it. Come. Buvaneshwari…. Your name alone is mentioned in the list who have not paid yet. Bring your parents tomorrow and visit Correspondent. Buvaneshwari, control yourself. Come and meet me after school gets over. I have a lottery ticket. I will win 1 crore for it. I will repay all my debts. Do not worry, dear.
Our state of poverty will change soon. Mmmmm. I saw a statement on the wall
when I got the lottery ticket. It seemed like foretelling. Like it speaking to me. What did you see? I will restore twice as much as to you It was written like that I too believe that I will get it. 1 crore will be doubled and will become 2 crores. We are going to get 2 crores. Dad, I too got the same verse. Is it so? But it does not mean as you think. Then what? Today my staff called
me and sat near me and said, Buvaneshwari, what happened? why are you crying? Stop crying and explain to me. what is the problem? Miss, my dad is a good person. But he could not get any efficient and permanent job. My dad is ready to work but he could not get any job. Now, he became addicted to a lottery ticket. What is your mother’s job? My mom is attending
some houses for domestic works. She informed me she has
requested for a debt from someone. But….. As we have already many debts, none is ready to lend us money. Do none of your kins help you? None will lend money believing my dad. My mom alone is earning. Don’t cry, Buvaneshwari There is a man who I know,
if we ask him, he will give instantly. I introduce him to you. I too have many needs
even at your age and also now. But I will ask Jesus alone. Because He alone knows us well. He knows the time to give us. He will provide it at the right time. Is it? So, try to believe Jesus. What? Did she advise you to convert religion? But, Buvaneshwari,
I will not ask you to convert religion. Be yourself. Give space to Jesus in your heart. However, It is a foreign God. Buvaneshwari, He is not a foreign God. Jesus is the God who helps us to survive. Whether He helps us
to survive or die, it does not matter. What she said about the ‘Twofold blessings’? Take this “I will restore double to you.” What is this, Mam? It is a word of Life. As per this verse, it will happen in your life. What should we do if it has to happen accordingly? You do not have to do anything special for it. Buvaneshwari, speak to Jesus claiming
this verse as you speak with your father. He will provide you everything. However, they will ask us to convert the religion. What are you asking us to do? Father, we have to speak like I am speaking with you. That’s enough. Prayer is speaking to Jesus. Mom, come, let us pray together. Jesus, please discard our scarce. Give a good job for my father. Give us money to pay for the fees. Sit Sir, We will stand. Sit Sir, no problem, we may stand. It is ok, Sir. Sit Sit Buvaneshwari, your ma’am informed everything to me. I never take action without analysis. But, I felt in my heart
that God advised me to help you. Pay attention to your studies. I will take care of paying the fees. Do not worry. We are planning to build a canteen in our school. I will invest money in construction. You shall run the canteen. You may keep your wife for support. Vacate the rent house
where you are residing now, Come and stay in a house behind our school. How could I repay the amount? You could repay the amount when you can. Very happy, Sir. Keep it clean and hygiene,
that’s enough for me. I have finished the Half-yearly portions. Could you take care of the second grade?
-Ok, ma’am. Greetings ma’am. Ma’am, you have introduced a good God. I understood that Jesus is the real God. I will never play the lottery ticket anymore. I will live in a righteous path. Thank you so much, ma’am. Welcome. Dearly beloved, Loving New Year wishes to
you in the name of Jesus Christ. We have come into the new year. The Lord has given good promise for this new year. You have known that. To receive that blessing,
you should believe the Lord. When you pray with faith, the Lord will restore
double of you as He promised and make you glad. What does the Lord say? Zechariah chapter 9 verse 12. Promise that God has given for this year. A promise that is given for you. For all people who are connected with this ministry, I would tell the blessings of this promise, And pray for them. It is my custom. The Lord has given this promise for this year. You may think that how this year is going to be. And what would happen? And what are the things will happen? Are you thinking so? The Lord says, “My son, My daughter,” “I will restore double of you.” He tells, ‘I will bless you double.’ In the Bible, in the history of Job, He lived well but later lost everything. He lost his health, wealth, children. So that he lost his reputation. Everyone spoke despise of him. In the midst of humiliation, shame, and hardships, And in the time of his sufferings, The Lord did a miracle in his life. First, his fortunes restored. And then twice blessings. Two-fold blessings in his wealth and earnings. The Lord gave him twice what he lost. To be ashamed who insulted,
despised and mocked him. In the midst of them, God blessed and honored him. He will do it for you. Are you narrowed with shame and disappointed
due to humiliation and between questions? God is going to bless and exalt you in this year. He is going to repute you. He is going to bless you twice. God can do it! I have seen many miracles in my ministry path. Once, a mother came with her young daughter, She said that her daughter has no luck. Everything goes vain for her. No goodness happened in her life. She said so with disappointment. How that daughter would
feel when her own mother tell so? Her eyes filled with tears. She was distressed that even her mother talk so. Her mother told me, she
completed studies but did not get a job. We tried a lot for a job and even
she studied higher studies for that. But she did not get a job. Ok, she did not get a job, We tried to arrange for her marriage. But it is also in vain. Nothing is happening for her. It is also not happened. Everyone is asking did you not
arrange a marriage for your daughter? She did not get a job and
arrangements for marriage also vain. Ok, we tried to get a job by studying higher studies. She did not get a seat for that. So, she is unlucky. Nothing is happening for her. How would that her young girl feel? Today, in the situation of other’s mockery and humiliation, Debt issue in your life, No generation blessings, Hurdles in marriage, No job, No way for earnings, Or else problems in your
family, shame and humiliation. Are you dismayed due to that? Or else due to disease. Are you worried about how would be this year? Do not fear! I told that daughter,
‘Daughter, Jesus is there for you.’ ‘Your luck is Jesus.’ ‘Your faith in Him.’ ‘No more luck is there.’ ‘Your faith in Him.’ ‘He died on the cross for you.’ ‘He bore all your humiliation,
shame, and distress on the cross.’ ‘He bore the cross to bless you.’ ‘He bore humiliation on the
cross to change your humiliation.’ ‘He bore all your insults on the cross
to change your insults and bless you.’ ‘Do not leave Him. Lean on Him.’ I told her so and prayed for her. Some weeks later, that mother came back, She and her daughter came with a marriage invitation. She was very happy. That daughter seems very happy. She told that marriage arranged
for her daughter also she got a job. We are unable to believe it. We thought that she was
unlucky and everything went vain. But the Lord blessed her twice. God has given her a good partner. We even amazed. That how good son and family we got. She got a good partner
who walked with the fear of God. Also, she got a good job. Two-fold blessing! She was very happy. He will make you glad. You have passed through
humiliation, shame, and mockery in last year. This year, you will be blessed twice. God will open a way for you. And meet all your needs. And change all your hurdles. And make things possible. And heal your disease. God will make you glad by two-fold blessings. Do not fear! He promised you. “I will restore double of you.” For whom this promise is? It is for you! You believe that it is for you. Lord this promise is for me. So, you bless twice of me, us and our family members. Two-fold blessing is going to happen to you. Lord, I believe that
two-fold blessing and goodness happen. Proclaim that you believe it. And pray by claiming that promise. Lord, restore double of us as per the promise. Pray and ask so. The Lord will bless you sure and make you glad. This year will be a blessed year for you. Two-fold blessing year! A year which restores
double that you lost in the last year. So, it is a year that restores
double of you instead of your shame. You, do not worry. Pray along with me with faith. Lord, we believe you. We believe with our whole family. We are going to pray to bless us twice. Before you pray, First, this promise is for me, Lord. Proclaim your faith that ‘I and we believe
that you will restore double of us in this year.’ Secondly, pray along with
me by proclaiming that promise. Thirdly, expect miracles and blessings. Ok! Shall we pray so? In what you need a blessing? In the matters of children, Or in business, Or in work, Or in the matter of children’s marriage, Or for the fruit of the womb, Or for the changes in debt issues, In what you need a blessing? Which one is harming you more? In what the Lord needs to touch and heal you? In what you desire the Lord to bless you? Keep that in front of your eyes. Now we are going to pray to the Lord fervently. Can you pray along with me? Hold your hands and close your eyes, And pray fervently by keeping Jesus in front of you. Otherwise, kneel down. Look the Lord and close your eyes. Without deviating your thoughts, Keep Jesus in front of you and pray. Pray along with me. We shall pray. Father, Thank you for this promise. Thank you for your love
for us to enter a new year. You are God of promise, God who never changed your promise, God who never changes words, God who fulfills the word that you promised to us! We believe your promise. You have promised that
“I will restore twice as much to you.” Lord, you are God who blesses us twice. You bless me, us and my family. I believe this. Father, I pray for the
children who pray so with faith And bless them in the name of Jesus. Enlight the children who
are studying with twice of knowledge. Give victory in their exams and honor them this year. Open the ways for their higher studies. Command two-fold blessings and exalt them So that their heart’s desire fulfills in their studies. Let ways open for the children
who are waiting for a job in the name of Jesus. Make a good way for their job and bless them. And make them glad. Thank you, for who is able to do far more abundantly
than all that we ask or think, according to your power. Bless them so and honor and exalt them. I am praying for the children
who are praying for their business. Bless their business and multiply it. Let their business be increased twice. Let their earnings be increased in the name of Jesus. Let the ways be opened for them. Restore what they have lost and bless them. Thank you, God, for your love to bless them. Let marriage arrangements
for their children prosper. Let the fruit of the womb
blessing be formed for the barren. Two-fold blessing instead of
their shame in the name of Jesus Christ. Look at the children who be
dismayed of their disease and sickness. In the name of Jesus,
let their disease be discarded. Let the disease that brings fear of
death be disregard in the name of Jesus. Let an evil disease that brings the struggle
of death to be discharged in the name of Jesus. Let them be healthy and comforted in the name of Jesus. I rebuke and drive an evil spirit
that brings disease and the struggle of death. Let them be healed. Let the children be healed. Bless them from today. In the name of Jesus, deliver them from debt issues. And bless them twice so that they change as lenders. Do miracles and make them glad. Lord, let miracles happen in the things
they expect in this year, in the name of Jesus. You have told that “You will be blessed from today.” Let them see changes from today. Show them a sign. Let their grief and fear in their hearts vanish. And make them happy and bliss. In the name of Jesus Christ, let them be blessed twice. Father, as I am blessing and praying in your name, Thank you for blessing them as per your promise. We believe that we received it. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Father, Amen, Amen. Dearly beloved, Lord has heard our prayers. And given you two-fold blessings. This year will be a blessing year for you. Proclaim boldly that
‘God is going to bless and exalt us in 2020.’ He is going to bless us twice. He will prosper everything by removing all hurdles. He has promised, “I will restore twice as much to you.” Praise Lord for it. Praise Him with joy. Expect miracles with faith. But you have to pray and read the Bible daily in the morning. Especially, the promise of God for this year is, “I will restore twice as much to you.” Proclaim it and pray. You have promised me so do it for me. Pray daily that ‘Today I
have to see that two-fold blessing.’ ‘Do a miracle today.’ We have printed this promise
word as stickers and calendar cards. So that you will be remembered ever. You can keep it in the Bible. Otherwise, you may paste that sticker in your prayer room. And keep that card in your Bible. It is not like keeping it in your Bible will bring blessings. We are distributing it so that you will remember that verse. You have to proclaim that verse with faith and pray. Then only a miracle will happen. We desire to issue you freely. If you need it, contact us. And send your address. If you send your address, we will send sticker and promise card to you. You can pray daily with it. God will bless you twice and make you glad. Amen!


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