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– Hey Sarah – Hey – I’m here to ask you some questions about Hill Hall – You’ve come to the right place I’m a resident advisor here, want to come in? – Sure Wow, you have a really nice room – Oh, thanks You wanna have a seat? – I’d love to So how long have you lived in Hill Hall? – This is my third year – Is Hill Hall called Hill Hall for a reason? – A lot of people think it’s named after the hill it’s on but it’s actually named after the family that donated the money for the building – Wow, I had no idea What’s a perk about living in Hill? – Hill is really close to things like Gwinn and the C-Store – What’s the best thing about living in Hill? – The best thing about living in Hill is that we have really unique floor communities on each floor here but then we can all come together to make one really united hall community – How many floors does Hill have? – There’s nine floors in Hill and each floor has 40 people so there’s about 300 people that live here (knocking) – Hey Sarah, so I’m locked out of my room is there any way you could let me back in please? – Mmhm – So Sarah, what kind of room layouts does Hill Hall offer? -Hill has a couple triples on each floor but most of the rooms are doubles like this one And then each floor in Hill or each room in Hill has things like the bed, the dressers, the desks, and the wardrobes – Wow, all of these rooms are super cute – Thanks for the help Sarah – You got it Dacey Hey Matt – Hey, how are you? – I’m good, how are you? -What’re you doing here? – Oh I’m just showing Alexia around Where are you headed? – I’m going up to the lounge, you want to come? – Sure – Okay – What’s the coolest thing about being an RA, Matt? – I get to interact with so many different people and like do so many like fun things whether it be like playing video games with them or just like have tea with them or go out to coffee or it’s really like endless based off what type of person I know that I have To go to like concerts with some people and all these different types of events I don’t know I get to interact with like very specific parts of people’s lives I wouldn’t otherwise – And what’s the coolest thing in all of Hill Hall? – A personal favorite for many memories is the very warm movie room Not because like venting sucks but once you get like 30-something people in there it gets very sweaty and it’s very fun I’ve had a lot of all nighters and– – Do you have a favorite Hill Hall event? – Yeah I really like DecadeSkate, it’s a event where essentially the floor puts together a skit records all the audio and then we just perform it all Yeah and it’s really fun everyone comes out and watches it – That sounds really neat – I like it a lot And also this is the movie room that I was talking about It’s… In all of its shining glory – Woah, this is the movie room – Yeah, it’s really nice – Do you guys ever do movie nights in here? – Yeah, a lot of them I’ve watched such a large array of movies and you can just plug in like your laptop with the HDMI port or something like that and it works out perfectly Also, I am going to have to go study but Rachel right here’s another one of the RAs in Hill She’s on 3rd, super great person so – Hi Rachel
– This is Alexia – Hi – It’s good to meet you – Good to meet you too – Hey, I have got to go refill my water bottle would you like to come with? I can show you a dorm kitchen while we’re at it – Sure I’d love that – Perfect, come on this way – Okay, so Rachel – Yeah – Do you have favorite place to study in Hill? – Ooh I would have to say that my favorite place is actually my room because it’s really quiet when I need it to be but it’s also super comfortable and welcoming and I can always open my door and invite other people in – Where’s your favorite place to study on campus? – If I’m not in my room probably somewhere outside in the sunshine – What are three words you would use to describe living in Hill Hall? – Ooh I would have to say probably inclusive, welcoming, and joyful – What’s your favorite memory as an RA? – So my floor 3rd Hill hosts a giant Christmas party that we open up to the whole campus every year and the RA on this floor and I got to dress up as Santa and as Mrs. Claus and then people came and took pictures with us and like sat on our laps It was super fun – That does sound fun – So this is an average dorm kitchen every floor in Hill has their own kitchen which can be really nice when you want a change from Gwinn – Woah is that a foosball table in the kitchen? – Totally, do you want to play? – Sure – Actually I have something I want to show you will you come with me? – Oh, okay – Cool So we are headed down actually to the REX in Hill which is what we call the gym All the dorms at SPU have their own gym except for Moyer But Hill’s gym is super nice It’s the biggest of any residence hall on campus so it’s super common to find residents from other buildings and even residents who live in like campus houses and apartments coming to work out in our gym Super sweet Right this way Also, super common for residents to come workout together it’s always more fun when you have a partner obviously And one of the nice features of having such a big gym is that you can all work out together And it’s only one floor down from the lobby so it’s also super convenient Head on in Hello – Oh wow, you guys do have a lot of equipment here – Yeah it’s super nice – How do you use one of those? – I typically use it for doing squats but you can also do that Honestly though, on a day like today it’s so nice that it makes a lot more sense for us to head outside right now – Let’s go So Rachel, how do you feel about the communal bathrooms? – Honestly, I love it We get to have dance parties while we’re brushing our teeth together at like 11 o’clock at night It’s a super good time – If there was one thing you wanted someone to know about Hill, what would it be? – I would say that it’s always a good idea to keep your door open It’s just such a fun chance to connect with people and people can swing by and see what’s going on and it’s a great way to make friends – What are three things you wish you knew in freshman year? – For me, I know one of the big ones is I wish I knew how many hills there were in Seattle biking around, it becomes very difficult and it’s fun, but also very difficult – I wish someone had told me not to be anxious or worried about heading to college I think you’ll find your major, you’re gonna find your community, you’re gonna find the things that you enjoy and places to connect and worrying about it doesn’t help that I think I wish I would have just gotten really excited right from the beginning – I think I wish I would have known how much I would love living in Hill and how many friends I would make because I think it would have made me less nervous coming in Yeah – Well that was our last question thank you guys so much for having me – Thanks for coming
– Yep – Thanks Alexia – See you around – See ya

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