24 Hours – Overnight In Huge Box Fort Maze (Fan Favorite) / That YouTub3 Family | The Adventurers

(upbeat music) – Hi, guys, welcome back to – [Unison] That YouTub3 Family! – Today we’re going to be
spending 24 hours in our box fort. And so we each brought some items. We’ll show you what we got. Ty, do you wanna show them first? – So I have a blanket, two pillows, a water bottle, Pepsi, a flashlight, and some gum. And my phone and a battery charger. – Wow, that’s a lot. I only brought four items. I brought some nail polish, because I never really paint my nails, because I don’t have time, but since I’m stuck in a box fort, I’m gonna have all the
time to paint my nails, so got some blue nail polish. The next thing I brought was a snack, and I realized as soon as I got here, that there’s only one left, of my favorite Hungry Hippos. Comment down below if
you’ve tried these before. They’re so delicious, and I think they come from Germany. – [Mom] They’re Kinder Hippos. – Yeah, they’re Kinder Happy Hippos. The next thing I brought was some lotion, because all the girls,
at least, in our family, get really dry skin. The last thing I brought
was the giant Pygmy Pop, and it smells like strawberries. – [Mom] That’ll make a good pillow, too, since I don’t see a pillow. – Oh. – [Dad] Yeah. – My turn. – [Mom] Okay, Jake, what you got? – I got this blanket, this pillow, Silly String, (mumbling) bags, a Pepsi, and an air horn! – [Audrey] An air horn? – Rubber band, safety scissors, and these little hook things. – Uh oh. I have a bad feeling
something’s gonna happen. – It’s like sticky tape thing. – [Mom] What is Jake planning? – What’s he gonna make? – [Mom] I don’t know, we’ll find. Jordan, what are you bringing? – A blanket, a Nope pillow, because this is how I
feel in the mornings. Nope! Some cough drops, because
I am currently sick, if you can tell by my voice. – [Mom] So she might get quarantined. – Yeah, I might be sick
in quarantine today. – [Audrey] I feel like
we’re the only family that quarantines each other. – [Mom] Uh, yeah. – A granola bar in case I get hungry, and a midnight snack, I have to trade with other people, because I didn’t bring
the other food, I realize. My phone, to keep me entertained, some tissues, so, ’cause I’m sick, and water, ’cause you gotta
stay hydrated, people. – [Mom] Okay, Dad. – Okay, so I brought, I got a blanket. I brought some string cheese
that the neighbors gave to us, I’ve got an orange, I’ve got some popcorn, caramel popcorn, so these are my snacks, and I guess, my meals. – For 24 hours. (laughing) I only have this for 24 hours. – [Ty] I only have gum! – And my pillows. So at least I’ll sleep and be comfy. – Okay, so I brought a pillow, a blanket, a spare camera, I brought some markers so that we can have an art challenge,, and we’ll draw on the maze. I brought these little awesome, Little Live Pets, so thank you to Moose
Toys for sending us these. We’re going to open these up and play with them. I brought some fan mail. (all cheering) I brought a pack of Jordan’s that we’ve opened before, but it’s full of treats
that we haven’t tried yet. (all cheering) – [Dad] We love Mom, we love Mom. – Lots of food here, and I know where a whole
stash of water bottles are that I have access to down here, so that’s where I’m gonna grab my water, and there’s also access
to a toilet down here, because this maze is so huge. – Okay, what time is it? It is 9:00 at night. All right, so I’m gonna seal us off. – [Mom] Oh no! – We are now officially, in the box fort. Okay, we’re sealed. There’s no exit. We can’t get out. 24 hours begins now. – I made my own room over here, come! – [Mom] Come with you and see? All right. – [Jake] Okay. – [Mom] Are you gonna
sleep on the hard floor? – So over here, this is my room. – [Mom] You’ve already settled in? – And look what I’ve got. A Nerf blaster. – [Mom] Oh. You’re up to trouble. – Yeah. – [Mom] Great. All right. – I think I’m gonna go back
by where Johnny Depp’s at, ’cause there’s carpet back there. – [Mom] Yeah. – Wait, going with you? – [Mom] Yeah. I’m talking my stuff back, man. – But it’s really mine. – [Mom] I think we’re all going back. (cardboard and objects shuffling) – [Jake] Where are you going? – I smell nail polish. (air horn) – [Jake] Oh! – [Dad] What are you doing? – We got an air horn! – [Dad] Jake’s pranking. – I’m doing my nails right now. This is serious concentration. – Are you going to the Johnny Depp area? – [Dad] Yeah. – We’re gonna be neighbors! – [Dad] Is that your room right there? – Yep, this is my room. I kind of like, let me
give you a room tour. I need to bring in a marker, so I can check the box that says Bedroom, right here. Yay! Whoo! Awesome. – The only disadvantage to sitting there is yes, I am in open space, so anyone could just like, creep up on me. And B, Jordan is in the
room right next to me, and she’s sick. And a lot of times, she just peeks her phone out, or the vlog and spies on me. – Okay, so Ty and I chose back here, and we’re by this little hidey hole. But I have a secret. – What? – It’s a really good secret. Do you think you could keep it quiet? It’s mine and Jordan’s. So. Let’s go in our hideout. Here. Go in here, okay. So in here, then there’s this secret block right here. Okay, Ty and I found
a way to get out here, so we actually sleep on the couches. Which is comfortable. I don’t know if that’s
cheating, that we’re out. We could watch a movie, too. – [Ty] What’s under here? – [Dad] Doggie’s got his little bed. Aww. He’s so comfy. (laughing) That’s so funny. Get all comfy, buddy. Get all comfy on Mommy’s bed. Aww. He’s so comfy. – Ty. Shh. – [Dad] That’s so funny. – Shh. – Get all comfy, buddy. Get all comfy on Mommy’s bed. All right, I don’t know
where Mom and Tyler went. They are missing. They were back here. Now they’re gone. Which makes me wonder what part of the maze they went to. Let’s go check it out. – Okay, so they’re about to find us, but we’re being really quiet, so I think we better get back, Ty. Ty. Look. There’s a secret there, too. Okay, hurry, get back. Hurry, go back. What the heck? – I’m over here!
– It’s traps. Jake set traps. Okay, so that was really close. I thought they were gonna catch us, but we hurried, snuck
out of our hiding spot, and we headed to different
part of the maze. So let’s go grab some markers, and see if anybody wants
to do a marker challenge. Go! – [Dad] Jordan, what’s Jordy doing? – I’m on my phone, entertaining myself. – [Dad] You’re on your phone? – Yeah. – [Dad] Nice. – I didn’t bring my phone. I’m very smart. I didn’t bring anything to sleep on. (air horn) Didn’t bring anything to eat, but I brought nail polish. – [Dad] All right. Hey, there you are. – We’re trying to find people
to do a marker challenge. Been looking all over. – [Dad] I’ll do it. Okay, let’s do the marker challenge. Do we wanna do it in here? Or do we wanna do it back by Johnny? – I don’t care. Where do you wanna do the
marker challenge, guys? Come on in my room. – [Dad] Let’s do it back by Johnny. – Okay. – [Jake] Who’s Johnny? – Let’s go back here. – [Mom] Okay, so we’re going to do the three marker challenge on our fort. So how are we going to do this? – Just three marker challenge? – [Mom] Ooh, is it a three marker, or just an art challenge? – Art challenge! – [Mom] You wanna do a
three marker challenge? – Three marker. – I’m gonna draw, I wanna draw. – Okay, there are three colors. Let’s start! – [Mom] Okay, so shall our first one be the neighbor? – The neighbor? As in house — – [Mom] How’s it going, neighbor? – Blue, teal, and purple. They’re like the same colors. I mean, they’re not really, but they’re in the same color range. – [Mom] What’s Audrey getting? – Black, blue and brown. – [Mom] Okay, close your
eyes and pick for me. – [Ty] Red or white. – [Mom] Three markers. Oh, I got orange. Pick me a good one. Uh, skinny blue. – Ty got red, red, and gray. – [Mom] Oh, nice, Ty. And green. – so that’s pretty good. – Gray, pink, and blue. (giggling) – [Mom] The first thing I say is that it has to be something that’s Hello Neighbor related. So this of his house. It could be something in his house, it could be him, it could be something on
the outside of his house. – This is my — – [Mom] Let’s go! Anything Hello Neighbor. – Okay, so you get just
like one square, right? – Whatever you want. Make it as big as you want. I don’t care. (upbeat music) I think I will build a
shelf that holds shoes. – [Dad] A shelf that holds shoes? – I’m being ambitious. – [Dad] This is in Hello Neighbor? – Yeah, it’s at the foyer. – [Dad] Is it? Okay. – You have to go find the shoes, actually, is the task. It’s the only reason I remember. – [Jake] My picture’s in the kid’s room. The teacher would say it, at the Hello Neighbors. – [Ty] Mine’s a bear trap. – [Jake] That looks pretty nice. Jordan? – I honestly forgot what
the neighbor looks like. So it’s probably not
even close, but oh well. Audrey’s? – Drawing his house. This is what it looks like so far. – [Jake] Okay. And here’s Jacob’s! – [Dad] All right, here’s an update. So Jordan, ooh, you got Hello Neighbor, two different fonts. I like it. Audrey, you’re doing the
castle, it looks like. That’s a big house. – Hey guys, there’s a Pepsi right here. – [Dad] Hey, Pepsi. Oh, it’s a moving Pepsi. Oh, it disappeared. Don’t go too far, Ty. I wouldn’t chase a moving Pepsi. Here’s Mom’s bookshelf. Look at that, she’s got flowers, and she’s got the shoes, and the boots, and an umbrella. Nice. And here’s my house. Here’s the neighbor right there. His car, flowers, his house, the big old roller
coaster that goes on it. – [Mom] Here comes Ty. – [Dad] And there’s smoke at the top. – [Mom] Ty, what’s just happened? – It rolled away from me! – [Dad] The Pepsi rolled away? – Mm-hmm. – [Dad] I guess you don’t
get any Pepsi, then, do you? – I have a feeling that’s
one of Jake’s pranks. – Probably. Where is Jake? Get it! (barking) (growling) Get it! Oh, he popped it. Oh, he got the balloon. All right. Logan’s keeping us safe. Now we don’t have to
worry about any balloons getting us in the middle of the night. – All righty, so the artwork is finished, and you guys let us know whose
artwork your like the best. I have my favorite. Do you guys? – I have my favorite. – [Mom] Which is your favorite? – My favorite is my bear trap. – [Mom] Yeah, me too. – I’m always thinking of my tiny one. – [Mom] I like your bear trap, too. I thought it was creative, because he likes to set a lot
of traps in his house, huh? – Mm-hmm. – [Mom] That was cool. Audrey, what’s yours? – Mine is the neighbor’s house. I know it looks like a castle, but there’s a rollercoaster
coming out of the top, his mailbox, and the road
that’s in front of his house. – [Mom] Is that your favorite? – [Audrey] Yeah. – [Mom] And there’s Jordan’s, which is awesome, with her neighbor, and Dad’s, with his ginormous house! – [Dad] It passes on a whole bunch of different parts and pieces. – [Mom] Is yours your favorite? – Of course mine’s the favorite, the favorite. – [Mom] I’m the only one
that picked someone else as the favorite. And then there’s my bookshelf over there, or my shoe shelf, I guess. – [Dad] The key! – And there’s a key waiting to be found. – Actually, I like Mom’s better. – [Mom] I like yours,
’cause it has a trap. But I do, that’s about
the only thing I remember about Hello Neighbor, was there was a bookshelf, and you had to find shoes or something. We need to play it again. It’s been too long. And Audrey’s going to sleep. You found Dad’s pillow. – Oh, this is Dad’s pillow? – [Dad] It’s a memory foam one. – It is really nice. – I’ve been stepping on it. – [Audrey] Aw, come on, you know? – [Mom] That’s a gross son! – [Ty] It wasn’t even ready. – [Mom] Come pick your nose on camera. Okay, so where’s Jordan? I haven’t even heard from her. Let’s go find Jordy. She probably snuck out of this fort. Well, where is she? Is she in her hideout? Let’s see. Go. – [Ty] Hey, she’s blocking the way. – [Mom] Here, go this way. – Hello. – [Mom] What are you doing in here? – Chilling. – [Mom] Have you banned yourself? – I already stuck myself in quarantine. – [Mom] All right, Ty. What are we doing? – Hmm. – [Mom] Let’s close it back up. (coughing) Is that Jake’s trap? – Yes. – And an instrument. – [Mom] you made an instrument? Oh, you’re creating stuff. Cool! That’s awesome. Ty, this way. Put the toys down. We’ll come right back. There’s a dance party room? What? Let’s see. We haven’t been this way. – [Ty] Whoa! – [Mom] What do you mean, whoa? What? (gasping) Lights! Whoa! – Dance, dance. – [Dad] Laser lights! – [Mom] Whoa. There is fog. – This is, Audrey calls
this the dance party. Look at these lasers. Whoo. – [Mom] It’s the dance hall. – Nice. – [Mom] Our fort’s going crazy. – Our fort is changing. Every time we come in
here, it’s different. – Wow, things are getting crazy. Logan follows me around, but he about trips me up as I try to go through all these places. – [Dad] He won’t let us go. – Yeah, Logan. Poor dog. Logan still gets lost in this maze. – [Audrey] Poor baby. – I know, it’s so sad. I’ll be down here working, and he’ll get lost and start crying. Okay, guys. Do you wanna open up the
Little Live Pets puppies? – Yeah, let’s start it. – I got Sprinky. What did you get? – [Mom] Oh, Pawberry. Cool. Let’s try them. – They can beg, scamper,
and play with balls. – [Mom] Well, that’ll be fun. Uh oh. – Oh no, we’ve got the real dog. – [Mom] Real dog versus toy dog! – [Dad] Are you jealous? Are you jealous of those puppies in here? – You guys, look. I can’t get this open. – Yeah, I got mine out. – [Mom] Oh, look how cute! The puppy’s scampering. – [Audrey] Logan wants to play, too. (squealing in excitement) – [Ty] Take the ball. How did yours grab the ball? – [Audrey] You gotta put
it front side up to it, this little dot. – [Mom] Where is it going? – [Ty] There’s a ball. – [Mom] Oh, he’s going to Logey. (all laughing and squealing in excitement) – [Mom] Look, he’s begging. – [Ty] How? – [Mom] He’s like, give me treats. Oh, bye! – [Dad] There he goes. (electronic barking) – Hear his bark! – [Mom] Ty’s is singing. – Yours is so happy. Mine is just like, oh, go, go, go. – [Mom] He’s a happy
puppy that wants to run. Logan wants the puppy! – Oh, look at, he’s pawing it. (yelling and squealing) – [Mom] I’m gonna turn
off the camera for now, while you guys continue
to play with those, okay. – Awesome. – [Mom] We’ll be back. Okay, so we’re just getting
settled for bed now. It’s, I don’t know,
it’s probably midnight, 1:00 in the morning. So time to go to bed. We’ll see you in the morning, okay, Jake? – Okay. – [Mom] We’re all sleeping on the carpet, so if you get tired in the night, or like, sore, you can come with us, okay? – Okay. – [Mom] Okay. Night! – Goodnight! – [Mom] Love you! – Love you. (upbeat music) – [Mom] Okay, looks — – I’m regretting my decision
now to not bring a pillow. – [Mom] There’s no pillow and no blankie. – I just have this stuffed animal. – [Mom] Well, if you get cold, you can come bundle up by me and Ty. Ty has two pillows,
actually, so, just saying. – What? – [Mom] If you want, in the night, you can come with us, and I also told Jake
he could come with us. – Oh, my. It’ll be a party. – [Mom] However, since
Jordan’s right here, next to all of us. – [Ty] We’re gonna get sick. – [Mom] If she coughs a lot, we’re all probably going
to want to move by Jake. Okay, Jordan. So we’re gonna have
everybody go to bed now. – Okay. The lights are still on. – [Mom] Yeah, we’ll turn out the lights. – Whoo. – [Mom] Okay. – Okay. I still have a cough drop I need to eat. – [Mom] Okay, finish your cough drop, and we’ll go to bed. Can you tuck your toes in so I can get to my — – No. (laughing) – [Mom] Thank you. (coughing) Okay, Dad’s already in bed, sleeping. – Kisses. – [Mom] That worked well. All right. – Night. – [Mom] Dad’s ready for bed. – It’s like 11:30, isn’t it? – [Mom] No, 1:00. – It’s 1:00? Oh my god. – [Mom] It’s 1:00. – Goodnight. – [Mom] We came in late. – That’s true. – Okay, Ty, you ready for bed? You’re cold? Aww, I’ll sleep by you, and then we’ll be better, okay? (Jordan coughing) All right, so I guess me, Logan, and Ty are sleeping right here. Actually, as soon as
everybody falls asleep, and the lights are off, Ty and I are gonna try to find our way to the couches. – Okay, so it’s like 1:30
at night or something, I don’t know, so I’m gonna try to escape this place. My plan? Lemme show you. This is my gear. Okay? I’ll take these scissors, go over here. (upbeat music) And see how Dad closed it? I’m gonna take these scissors, Free! (cardboard shuffling) I’m free! Yay! I made it free. – Can I come sleep with you? – [Ty] No. – It’s not comfy. I can’t go back to sleep. – [Ty] Sleep on your own — – Shh. You’re gonna wake everyone else up. Come on and sleep. Here. Okay, so it’s really late now. I don’t know what time it is, but I think everyone is asleep. Audrey actually came in here, and she fell asleep by us. So, right, Ty? Audrey’s right there. – [Ty] We’ll have to bring a blanket. – [Mom] Yeah, well, there
might be blankets out there. There’s Audrey, and she’s hogging our bed, so we’re gonna go now. Let’s go make sure Dad’s asleep, though. Careful. I wanna go check. Logan’s right there. (Dad snoring) Dad’s over there snoring. Jordan’s been coughing, so we’re gonna get away from it all. Okay, go, Ty. Go in. Be quiet. Shh. (soft upbeat music) Shh, shh, shh. Okay, go, Ty, go. Shh. – What are you doing? – Nothing. Go back to bed. Ty was just having a bad dream. Okay, that was close. Okay, now it’s my turn. Okay, coming through, let’s get back. Okay. – [Ty] There’s a balloon left. – Okay. We made it. So we made it down. We just have to get to the couches. (air horn) Jake’s trying to wake everyone. So we can’t get through. Look at that couch. Where am I gonna sit? Oh, I could take the beanbag. Okay, you get the couch. – Wait, I was just thinking about this. – But this beanbag’s nice. I’m not getting covers. I’m just gonna sleep right here. Come here, Ty. You can lay on the beanbag. Okay, so we snuck out. I’m gonna sleep on this beanbag. Jake’s been blowing the air horn. I’m worried he’s waking everybody up. I hope Jake doesn’t wake everyone, ’cause Ty and I wanna be able
to sleep out here comfortable. We’ll be the only ones with the nice beds. Okay, so Ty and I are
gonna lay head to toe on the couch, we decided. All right. We’ll see you guys in the morning. Night. Okay, so it is morning time now. Good morning, Ty. We snuck back in. Hello, Logan. We had to actually get out of the fort, because Logan had to go potty last night, and we grabbed some food
for him while we were out, so he has food to eat. But where did Audrey go? Audrey was laying back here. – Hmm. – [Mom] Have you seen her? – No, I just barely came out. – [Mom] Do you wanna go find Audrey? Here. You gonna take the Ty cam? Ty cam, go find Audrey. Look at the camera. – Doo doo doo. Doo doo doo. – [Mom] Where’s Audrey? – Whoo! Whoo! – [Mom] What are you doing in here? – I’m giving more of a dance party. – [Mom] Gloss? – Yeah. Come dance with me. – [Mom] How long have you been up? – Um, since 6:00. – [Mom] Wow. So you slept good last night? – Yeah. I just rolled all over the place. You guys didn’t seem to mind. – [Mom] Yeah, we slept pretty good, huh, Ty? – [Mom] Can you see if anybody else wants to open up some fan mail? – Let’s go. – [Mom] And we need to do some crackers or something for breakfast. – [Audrey] Time for breakfast! – [Mom] Jake, do you want breakfast? – I like how this is our living room. – [Mom] Yeah, this has become
our living room out here now. – Well, I wanna try the
snacks around the world. – [Mom] Yeah, that’s what
we’re eating for breakfast. The treats that they sent Jordan. Let’s see. Where’s Jake? You guys are coming? – Yeah. – I brought my breakfast. – [Mom] Oh, you have an orange and cheese. Ooh, your cheese? – Cheese. – [Mom] It’s been out all night. Old. – It’s string cheese. – [Mom] Yeah, but old. – It’s gonna be delicious. – [Mom] Okay. – What’s Dad having for breakfast? – [Mom] That string cheese
has been out all night. – Oh. – Jake must be hiding and
going to prank us with the — – [Mom] Where is Jake? Jake’s not there. Guys, have you seen Jake? (air horn) Ty! That was you. Have you guys seen Jake? – No, but I see that the seal is broken, so I’m thinking that — – [Mom] Did he leave? – Jake left. – Are you kidding me? Jake! – [Mom] What? – Did he really leave? – The seal’s broken, so. – He can’t leave that far. – [Mom] Okay, so these treats
come from Lee Woo Yung. – They look so good. – [Ty] Popcorn! – [Mom] It’s coleslaw popcorn. – [Audrey] Oh. – Ooh, that would be interesting. – [Mom] For breakfast? – I dare you all to eat shrimp chips. – [Mom] Shrimp? For breakfast? – Whatever this is, it’s corn. – I do not like shrimp, so this should be interesting. – Octopus. – Pocky! – [Mom] Okay. – This is delicious. – [Mom] I wanna try one. Let me try one, Audr. – Okay, lemme get them apart. They’re kind of all stuck together. – [Mom] Breakfast time! – It sounds like normal popcorn. You just have to try this. – [Mom] Okay, open up the popcorn. Let’s try it. – Here you go, Mom. Here’s your — – [Mom] Or Ty. – [Jordan] Looks normal. – [Mom] Wait, do you guys
keep hearing something? Is that Logan, or? – Maybe it’s Jake. – Wait, wait, there’s Logan. – I’m gonna try the cole slaw popcorn. Ooh. – This is a lot. – I don’t think I like this one. – [Dad] All right, this is Mom’s reaction to the cole slaw popcorn. – I’m not a fan of cole slaw, so. – [Dad] To me, it didn’t
taste anything like cole slaw. – What does that taste like? It’s weird, though. (Audrey mumbling) – [Ty] Jake! – [Dad] Jacob. – What were you doing? – [Ty] You broke the rules! – Ooh, these are cool looking. There’s holes in them. – [Dad] Okay, we’re eating breakfast, and we’ll come back when
we do our next activity. – There’s sauce in here! – Okay, so we’re almost done
with our time in the fort. It’s about 8:30 PM, and we’ve just been playing games all day. And now it’s time to
open up some fan mail, so the first one is from Addy in Idaho, and when I first opened
it up, I saw a piggy! – [Jordan] Aww. – And this is like my logo, bro. Pig’s feet. And it says, “Yeah, buddy,” and it says, “More Minecraft, please.” – We need to do more Minecraft. – And I subscribe. – Whoo! – Audrey and Jordan’s
favorite grape jelly. – Oh, yes. – These are so cute. You always make me happy, with a whale. Love you. – Aww. – Best YouTubers ever. And aww, that’s so good. They drew a picture of Logan! – [Dad] That does look like Logan. – It’s little Logan. – That’s a really good drawing. So shout out to Addy. Thank you so much for this amazing letter and your drawings. – That’s awesome. Okay, so this letter is from Julian, and there is this cool picture, that has the family on it, and it says, “Merry Christmas,” so we’re opening it a little bit late. And I says, “I really love your videos. “Jacob and Ty, I am a
big fan of you guys.” – Yeah! – [Dad] Big fan of these two? (laughing) – And Julian is a YouTuber as well, but he says it might be hard to find him. His channel’s name is
called Julian’s Playtime. – Ooh. – So thank you, Julian, for your awesome letter, and your artwork. That’s cool. – [Dad] Nice. Thank you. – Okay, so I might
pronounce your name wrong. I’m sorry. This next letter is
from Te-lee, or Tell-y, it’s T-L-I, so it says, “Dear the YouT3be Family,” and they ask us some questions, so, “What is your favorite color?” Go, Audrey. – Teal and coral. – Red – Blue – Pink – Light blue and orange. – Blue. – But thank you so much for your letter. – That’s awesome. Okay, Ty and Jake. – I get to open. – Let’s open. Come right here. – Mom, you read the letter. – Okay, I will open the letter. (all exclaiming in excitement) Okay, so this one’s from Chloe. She’s watched all our videos. – Whoa! – She loves our channel. Jordan, you’re funny, Audrey, you’re cute, Ty, you’re brave, Jake, you’re crafty, Mom and Dad, you guys are fun. So why does Audrey eat
pig’s feet all the time? – Well, one time, we were trying to do a dare for
the punishment of the loser, and we happened to pass upon
pig’s feet at the store, so we thought it’d be a great dare to do, and ever since, every time, I would lose the challenge every time, and have to eat pig’s feet. So it kind of just stuck. – Okay, so she sent us some awesome slime. Jordan, yours is fairy wings. – Yes. Actually, look at that. – Fairy wings. – [Audrey] Oh, it’s nice. – [Dad] Wow. – And it looks like, that’s a good name for the slime. – [Dad] That’s cool. – Audrey, your slime is Cookie Monster. – It’s blue just like the Cookie Monster. – [Dad] That’s cool. – That’s awesome. Thank you. – Jake, your slime is barf. (all crying out in faux disgust) That’s awesome. That’s a hard color to make. – [Dad] That is a hard color. – [Jordan] That’s a cool slime for boys, because it’s like, cool, barf slime. – Okay, so Ty, your slime is alien spit. (chorus of ooh’s) – Better than barf. – It’s a good creepy slime. Mom, your slime is pink crunch. Is there are pink crunch? – No slime for you. – It’s right here. – Oh, it’s over there. Mom, your slime is pink crunch. That’s awesome. I will take that out and play with that. Dad, sorry, you do not get slime, but you did get a Mario rubix cube. – Ooh, yeah. Woohoo! – [Jordan] That’s awesome. – Okay, and she drew some
awesome pictures for us, as well. – [Dad] Nice. – Aw, those are cute. – [Dad] That’s awesome. – That’s awesome. Thank you so much, Chloe. All right, thank you so much, Chloe. That was super awesome of you. – Cool. – All right, that’s all
the packages for today. We’re about to get really messy down here before we leave. Oh, yeah. – [Dad] What do you mean? It’s not all over the place. We don’t have stuff everywhere. It’s not like we’ve been
living down here for 24 hours. – This fort is wrecked. And we only brought limited stuff. How did it get so messy? – [Dad] I don’t know. – So that’s it for today’s video. Thank you guys so much for watching. Be sure to give a big thumbs up, and subscribe if you haven’t already. And? – Hit the bell. – Hit the bell. See you guys, next time. – [Unison] Bye! (upbeat music)

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