24 HOURS OverNighT LOCKED INSIDE Movie Theater!!

– You let it close? – Anybody have a
Phillips-head screwdriver? Crusoe! (snoring) – [Mom] Truth or Dare, here we go. (upbeat music) Alright, party time it is Friday. Friday! And we are so excited that
we do not have to go anywhere we do not have to do anything,
so we’re gonna actually have an awesome movie
night in the movie theater. So, I got snacks, popcorn, lotta water bottles. I raided Tutu’s cupboard and
I found Rice Krispies Treats (shushes) Don’t tell her. I love you, Tutu. Let’s see what other snacks we can find. Ooh, maybe we should have chocolate chips. Either way, it is time for a
movie night. Let’s do this. – Mom, I’m ready to go
to my friend’s house. – This kid is so excited,
he’s been waiting to play with his friend
for the longest time. But, you’re gonna miss
out on an epic movie night I have fruit crisps, I have tons of candy, I have lots of goodies here. So you’re gonna miss
out buddy. Are you sure? – Don’t care. – Okay, love you.
– Love you. – Okay.
– Bye! – Movie time! Make sure you don’t close
the door all the way. – [Cora] Okay. You can come in. – [Klai] Thank you. (upbeat music) – Rykel, you let it close? – [Rykel] Sorry. – Oh my gosh, it locks. – Rykel
– It’s locks! (overlapping exclamations) – Hey, we get to watch
movies 24 hours, right? – Well, where’s dad? – Call dad, it’s not unlocking. – Dad, dad! Dad the door’s locked. We can’t get out. – I was all excited to bring
you some Narnia movies. – I’ll hold these, go check the door. Please tell me we’ll be able to get out. – [Rykel] Dad has some super fists. – Anybody have a
Phillips-head screwdriver? – [Klai] A what? – I wish.
– [Cora] No. – The kids were begging
for their pocket knives all day, now we need them? If I had that, I could probably unlock. – [Cora] Wait! (door clattering) Wait!
– [Dad] What? – Go to the secret door, yes! – [Dad] Okay, let’s go try – [Mom] Where’s the secret door? (children clamoring) – [Evee] Yeah, there’s like cracks – [Rykel] It won’t budge.
No, it won’t budge guys. – [Shae] Let’s try pulling it. – Well, for our movie
night we have lots of food so we’ll just have to. Wait, wait. – [Klai] We’re missing a- – Wyatt’s gone.
– Yeah. – Wyatt’s gone, so this is actually good. Because when Wyatt comes
home, we can let us out. (children cheering) Okay, so here we do, we have our snacks. Let’s put our food and
our snacks down here. – [Cora] Ooh, bananas! – [Klai] I call all of these. – Well, we have plenty of room. I think Wyatt is actually
sleeping over at a friend’s house – Come on. – He’ll have to get us in the morning. So we’re going to have to
stretch these so what if we just start with the movie first and then we’ll watch and
then we’ll have some food. – And then we’ll watch another movie. – And then we’ll have another
movie and then maybe we’ll go to sleep or something? – Well, I am claiming front row recliner. – [Mom] Remember, mom gets front row too. – Nope, Shae, you better get out of this. This is mom’s and I snuggle spot. – [Rykel] That’s mine and Klai’s! – Go claim a seat! – [Mom] Role call. – Klai!
– Rykel. – Shae. – Wyatt, Evee.
– Cora. – [Mom] Awesome. This is like all seven – Wait, somebody said Wyatt. – I did. (Mom and Dad laughing) – I actually thought “wait, Wyatt’s here?” Anyways, okay. – [Mom] Okay, what is the
first movie of the night, guys? – [Children] Narnia! – Alright, so, before we
were super super worried But I’m actually not completely worried because I know Wyatt will come home and he’ll rescue us even though everybody else is out of town in this house. We’re stuck down here, but I think to pass the time
before we put on a movie, we should play a game. – [Shae] Yeah!
– Yeah? – Mom, what if we played
that hide-and-seek blind-folded game.
– Yeah! – [Mom] Let’s do that, that’s fun. Okay, who wants to go first? – [Klai and Cora] Me! – [Mom] Blind-folded hide-and-seek. – [Klai] Ooh, water! (adventurous music) I found someone. – [Mom] Who is it? – [Klai] Um, what is this? (Cora laughing) – [Klai] Cora.
– [Mom] Cora’s out. – Okay! I’m out. (adventurous music) (Klai shouting) – [Klai] This is Shae. – You cheater!
– [Klai] Mwah. – [Mom] I didn’t cheat,
Shae, it’s part of the game. You can’t move around. Step down. – [Klai] I found a foot! It’s Rykel’s! – [Rykel] Dang it! (Mom laughing) – [Mom] Klai, you can
take your blind fold off. – [Rykel] Hey, you peeked! – [Mom] Evee’s the winner, where are you? – Right here!
– [Mom] Awesome. – [Shae] Mom, can I be it? – [Mom] Alright, everyone
switching places, getting organized?
(children agreeing) – What about phones? – [Mom] Oh, yeah, yeah, Dad? Where’s your phone?
– No, no. Mom at dinner after she said
“everybody put your phones in here so we can have a fun movie night and nobody’s on their devices”. – [Shae] Mom!
– Parenting fail. (sad music) Wait, at least we are electronic free and we’re going to have a good evening. – Mom, I’m gonna flip on
this big screen and we’re gonna have the biggest
electronic on the planet. (children whooping) – [Mom] I think we’ll be okay because we have plenty of food and water – We can watch movies all night – [Mom] That’s right, we’ll
watch movies all night. What you say, dad, we good? – I’m gonna sleep like
10 minutes into Narnia. – And mommy!
– [Mom] Let’s do it. – Just in case the lights switch out, I brought a flashlight. (upbeat music) – Okay, movie number one done. (children and Dad yawning) – I got like a 30, 40 minute nap. – Alright, let’s pop on a new movie. What’s the movie of choice? – [Shae and Cora] Narnia! – Okay, time for snacks, I think? We already had dinner, so
this our treat for dessert. – Would you like a SweeTart? – [Evee] I want a SweeTart. – Yes!
– That’s a SweeTart. – Wait, wait, wait,
wait, my best thing ever. I take the Swedish Fish and I pour them into the Sour Patch bag
so it’s sour Swedish Fish. – [Mom] Okay. – Mommy gets the Haribo and SweeTarts. – [Mom] Comment below which is
your favorite candy, we have Gummy bears, SweeTarts, Skittles – SweeTarts
– Sour – [Mom] Or Swedish Fish, okay? Comment below your favorite treat. Alright, these guys are
gonna get into their seats. Run, run, run, hurry, hurry. We’re gonna start the movie. And I think it’s getting pretty late, so this will probably have
to be their bed time movie. So, we’ll put some blankets
on them and they fall asleep. Get somewhere comfortable,
because this might be your bedtime area, okay? Cora’s got her seat over there. Shae’s got the rocking chair in the back. Look’s like he’s gonna get comfy. – SweeTarts, yum yum! – (yawning) I don’t know if
I’ll last through this one but, okay, here we go, movie on. – “Water Horse”, it is movie number two. – Crusoe!
(Mom laughing) (upbeat music) – (sighs) Alright, you
guys, we’re going to bed. I don’t know if you can see, there’s a big foot like right there. And every one else is asleep. (Mom snoring) Mom just snored (laughing) Okay, goodnight. I paused the movie in a funny part though. – [SpongeBob Narrator] Six hours later – Okay, good morning. Okay, we watched- What is that noise? (gasps) What is that noise? Jase?
– [Dad] Yeah? – Oh, let’s see what he’s doing. Oh my gosh, any luck?
– No. Without breaking it down, no. – [Mom] How long have you been awake? – I don’t know, I always wake
up hours before every one. But it’s hard, there’s no windows in here. So it’s hard to know what time it is. I’ve just been awake staring
at Jane Seymour’s longing eyes and Christopher Reeve’s
distant, distant (Mom laughing) – [Mom] Alright, good morning everybody. I think it’s morning,
we don’t have a phone. – Wait, just a second,
what does this mean? Someday in the past we will find her. – (laughing) Comment below
if you have seen that movie. It’s a good one (Dad gasping) Okay, we watched a bunch of movies, we had some treats last night. I don’t know when Wyatt
is actually getting home because I can’t remember
what time they said. They’re gonna drop him off, so – Wait, here’s a more important question. How can I get into this ticket booth? – [Mom] There’s no getting in. – There isn’t. – [Mom] How did you get
us into the movie theater? – (knocking on glass)
Oh, tickets, thank you. – (Mom laughing) Alright,
we’re going to wake the kids up Maybe we’ll do some non-movie things. Even though its the
weekend, maybe we will watch a few movies, let’s do some other things. Okay, alright, guys, let’s
see where everyone is. This one’s wedged in between here. – [Cora] I can’t get up because – [Rykel] Stop moving. – [Mom] Cora’s stuck in the corner. Here, dad, will you turn on the light? – [Mom] Oh my gosh. Look what Shae (laughing) Look how Shae is, where are you at buddy? (Cora whispering) Okay, wake up you guys. – [Rykel] What time is it? (children groaning) – It’s a good thing we
didn’t eat all our popcorn and snacks last night because
now we have breakfast! Before we get our breakfast,
let’s do some exercises. – Yeah! (intense work out music) – Alright, breakfast of champions. Take a smaller handful and pass it around. Oh, look at the tiny hand. This is the hand scratcher, back scratcher (Dad crunching) No way! Dad deserves a million thumbs up for that. That was awesome. Truth or dare? Here we go.
(children clamoring) Alright, Cora, put her hand up first. Truth or dare?
– Dare. – [Mom] Sing “I’m a Little
Teapot” to the tune of “This is the Greatest Show”. (Klai singing) (Cora singing) – ♪ This is the little teapot ♪ ♪ (laughing) Short and stout ♪ ♪ Here is my handle, here is my stout ♪ ♪ When I get a little teapot, me shout ♪ ♪ Tip me over and pour me out (laughing) ♪ – [Mom] Klai, truth or dare?
– [Klai] Truth! – [Mom] Do you have more than one crush? – No.
– [Mom] Evee, truth or dare? – Truth. – [Mom] What’s your most
embarrassing moment? – I bumped into a pillar at school and then, I don’t know,
but everyone laughed. – [Mom] (laughing) That’s embarrassing. Shae, truth or dare? Quick. – [Shae] Dare. – [Mom] You must perform the Macarena. (Shae singing “La Macarena”) – Truth, ’cause I’m too
tired and defeated to get up. – [Mom] Oh man, I had a good dare for you. – (imitating dad) Dare
(normally) he just said dare. – [Mom] Oh, okay, whoo. That was good. Can you do the worm? (Dad humming) – Dad, I can. – [Children] Narnia! – [SpongeBob Narrator]
A few moments later. (knocking) – [Dad] Oh, wait, guys
there’s someone knocking. – [Mom] Someone’s here, someone’s here. It’s Wyatt! – [Children] Wyatt! Wyatt! – [Mom] Do you have the key?
– Yeah. (jazzy music) (door clattering) – [Mom] Okay, lay back,
we can do it together. Ready, set- Dad we need your help. Our Wyatt is here, yay! He said he’s got the key, I think you have to wedge it together. – Ready, set (door unlocking) – Yeah, that’s stuck. Ah.
– [Mom] We’re free! – [Dad] Alright. – [Mom] Hey, it’s time
to have fun in our day. To get that off. We are free. – That was crazy guys, thank
you so much for watching. – Make sure to give a big thumbs up. – And subscribe down below
to join our Toa Squad because we are – [Everybody] The Ohana Adventure. – [Mom] And two thumbs up
for Wyatt for saving us. (everybody cheering) (upbeat music)

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