2PM & Yoon Eun Hye | Tik Tok [Cass Beer MV Drama/ ENG SUB] (2 of 2)

Boram: Hey, who do you think you are? EunHye: I have something to show you. Taecyeon: Well, she’s the girl I just saw earlier at the studio EunHye: About 3 years have passed… since she started to stalk Khun I think i shouldn’t just leave her like that anymore. Are you okay? Taecyeon: Stop it! EunHye: Thank You for today Taecyeon: Wait… Good night. CEO: What is wrong with you? How many troubles have you caused? Go somewhere for a while Wooyoung: This is her. Taecyeon: I’ve caught the suspect Hey Do you have to go? Hello Wooyoung: Where are you? Taecyeon: At the airport Wooyoung: We caught the wrong person She wasn’t the right suspect. The FBI sent in a
message, the criminal should be a left handed person. Taecyeon: Left handed? Wooyoung: Anyways, just come back Taecyeon: Okay ” I think i shouldn’t just leave her like that anymore” You’re Mine…


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