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Oh God! Someone murdered him
in such a classy apartment l don’t know what to say… He was such a nice man
They killed him… Nothing’s been stolen
l don’t know the motive No one is safe these days
They were so happy…! What will l do
without you, my son? My dear… Oh God! l had such wonderful
dreams for you! Ram? Ram! Janani…Janani? Madam, don’t do it
Listen to me, please ls curd rice enough
for this afternoon? Anything’s fine, mom Aren’t you late for school? There’s still time, dad
The last bell’s only at 8.45 Do you have to
wait for the last bell? And get yourfeet off the table! Son, l’ve packed chicken curry
and fish fry for lunch ls this enough or do you want
something crunchy with it? No thanks, mom
This is enough Okay, make sure you eat…
don’t give it all away to yourfriends She’s asking you not to share
What are you looking at? Will anyone believe
that he’s my son? Mom, drop Sumi in school Just for today,
l have special class – lt’s only 5 minutes, take her!
– She’s not even ready yet, mom Here! Ram! lt looks like it will rain
Go and get dropped in the car lf l go in the car,
l’ll get no respect, mom At least put on a raincoat A raincoat!? What happens
to my ‘image’ then? l’ll reach school
before it rains Excuse me! Excuse me, may l help? Thanks, l’ve been trying for so long
l haven’t been able to fix it These cycle chains are like that!
But all girls sit and ride them – Done
– Thanks! – Which school?!
– Thank you Hey! Which school’s uniform
is maroon with white checks? – l think it’s AVM, dude
– Dumbo, AVM’s green and white Right? Do you know, da?
Maroon with white checks? Why do you want to know? – Shut up
– l think it’s Bala Laka Lok No, no… lt’s Vidyaniketan
My sister studies there Does she at least look good? Why did you even
talk to that monkey? Like you are some
‘great looker’! Get lost!! Do we have to pick up
this old man? Where are you taking me? lt’s a big deal that
l even brought you along Shut up and wait Yuck! l can only see
boys coming out – Maybe she left
– Who, dude? ln the morning, in the rain,
on the road, l saw her Oh! Magic moment
first sight…love Nice figure, checking out
Maybe tomorrow love – Nice
– Thanks Dude, that’s her
Look! That’s the girl – She’s not that great, dude
– Not the shortie, the tall one! Look to your left l was talking
about the tall one only The shortie actually
looks good, dude Did you listen to the songs
from ‘Kushi’ movie? All the boys are singing
that ”Hug me, hug me” song What is it? What? Turn around and bend
Turn around! Girls looking at you
is something great, bro They are not looking
They are glaring She’s laughing She’s leaving! Bro, climb on! Quick! Let’s follow her
and find out where she lives – Come!
– l have project work, l’m going What a loser!
Come, we’ll go Bye, Sumi!
Go carefully! – Did you study about electronics?
– l haven’t even started as yet! We have a test on Friday
l’m scared ls there a revision test on Thursday? Oh God!
Oh! Do these 2 not ride
their cycles at all? We might as well walk for this Shut up and come! Dude, let me give you an idea From tomorrow,
we’ll follow them from here I have asked for a Scooter
so many times Started your lament? ”You have to go to the U.S,
We must save money for that” Same lecture, daily! – l don’t even want to go to the U.S
– l’d go happily if l were you – Yuck! She attends extra classes!
– l know, right? We made a mistake! We should have
followed her sister instead! We’d know where she stays then! No, dude
This is better than that Dude, listen to me! Don’t do what
you intend doing Now l’ll be reading the revision
results forthe week l’ll call you all one by one
Come and take it lt’s a big deal that
l even come to school And you made me
come and sit here! You should be…
get lost! – This boy’s actually studying, man!
– Don’t feel bad, bro l deserve it all! Who’d cry if she didn’t
come to tuition class? – This is the right class, isn’t it?
– Yeah – We’ve come to the right place?
– Yeah – We didn’tjoin a wrong class?
– No, no dude, please! Look, you can come
sit next to this girl l don’t want any girl, let me go What will you do
at home anyway? Shut it! Brilliant! – Thank you, sir!
– Thank you, sir! Why are you stopping here? Do your relatives
live here or something? l don’t know
where she’s taking me next! What are you doing?
Come here! You are in 12th grade And you still don’t know
how to wear a tie When will you learn
all these basic things, Ram? Thank you, sir
Thank you, sir Why are you late?
The VP’s going to yell! lt was dad’s fault! He kept going on all sentimentally
about ties and everything At least your dad
knows what a tie is My dad thinks it’s a hand-kerchief
and puts it in his pocket! Brilliant, dude! The 2 fields are at
right angles to each Electric field
and Magnetic field! So…hey! You!
Yes, you! Get up! Get up, get up, l say! Not you, son,
you sit down Next to him! You!
Get up! Buffalo! l’m talking to you!
You don’t know how to get up? – Me, sir?
– Why the doubt? Get up Define electric dipole Tell me! You are
wriggling around like noodles… We don’t have time for this Tell me…Look at his face!
Like an old 5 paise coin Tell me, now!
Don’t you know? l don’t know, sir You shake your head so quickly
when it comes to not knowing Buffalo! Why did you come here? Your mind has to be here
when l take class You came to study, didn’t you?
Or did you come to look at girls? – Damage!
– Sit down, sit down! These people come here for fun
And l’m wasting chalk pieces for this Next time you pay for
the chalk piece yourself Janani! l’m coming, mom!
Why are you doing this? – l can plait my own hair
– l’m sure…come, sit down Sit down, l’m late
l have to go to the US Embassy Who’s going to cry
if we don’t go? Just ‘cos your sister has settled
down there doesn’t mean we should You do your job and
get 90% in your exams You focus on doing just that
l know what’s best for you – Good evening!
– Good evening, sir All of you have come
earlier than me for once lt’s very surprising – Sit down
– Sir, you are late! Who was that? Buffalo! Today we’ll talk about
energy released in fission Let us calculate the amount of -We could have come
10 minutes later, dude Buffalo! Don’t you know
how to say ‘excuse me’? Excuse me, sir Yes, say it after coming into class!
How will these boys ever learn? Talk to me!
Bro! Look at me! Get lost! Look they’ve come
Don’t know where they’ll turn Don’t come this way again!
Aiya! What kind of look is that? Hey! Get up!
What are you looking at? l’ve been noticing you
for a few days now Not you, buffalo, you sit
You! Get up – State Gauss law! Answer me
– Gauss law, sir? Then what?
Your mother-in-law? – Yes, Gauss law!
– He doesn’t know Gauss’s law, also known as
Gauss’s flux theorem is a law… … relating to the distribution of electric
charge to the resulting electric field lt also states that the electric flux
through any closed surface… …is proportional to
the enclosed electric charge -Anything else, sir?
– Very good! Sit down Don’t sit next to him!
He’ll spoil you Make him sit next to her
lt’ll be easier – Did you pay the fees, son?
– Yes, sir Wonderful! And this buffalo
hasn’t paid for 3 months! Where’s the money
for my chalk piece? lt’s a big deal that
l’m even coming here, sir! Who’s asking you to come?
l’m asking you not to come! l’ll pay your tuition fees!
Take it and leave! l’m standing here and screaming
And he’s not even paying attention to me! All of this happens
when you try to get a girl, dude Take down notes These teachers pick
on boys for time pass Senthil, tell him not to drag me along
with him and ruin my studies also Don’t joke!
You and studies?! She looks beautiful
in a uniform, doesn’t she? That day you said she looked
better in casual wear – Uh oh, Did She hear us?
– What happened? – Wait for 2 minutes, l’ll come
– Why? – Just Wait
– Bro, it worked! Let’s leave now Janani, Janani! Let’s stand 5 steps
away from here – Hi
– Your name is Ram, isn’t it? Why do you follow me
wherever l go? Listen Ram, this kind of
coming wherever l go …and waiting for me
to leave is bad, don’t do it lf someone sees it
and tells people at home …it’ll become a big issue
So…l hope you understand – Okay?
– One minute… l won’t wait for you
or follow you or anything Just give me your phone number l’m talking to you so
decently about this And you are behaving
so indecently Understand…okay? You are making fun of me! lndia’s #1 cement lndia’s premium cement
Ram cements! – Good evening, sir
– Good evening students Go to page 133 Why is that bench empty?
Which ‘pain’ hasn’t come? – New guys, sir
– Oh okay Bridge rectifier
is shown in fig. 9.16 D1 …D2…D3 and D4 Wow…wowwwww…wow! Wow…wowwwww…wow! On your lips, l see
a half-smile, honey That’s enough…really! Your smile, my dearie
made my pulse race rapidly You made my darkness glow You humbled my ego
and made it bend and bow Profess your love to me
My kurinji flower…a rarity My love for you is true l will make sure
you will never feel blue! Till the ends of the earth
l’ll follow you lf you just say yes
l’ll give you the moon too l’ll walk behind you
at the distance of your shadow That moment of idolatry
l captured as poetry Oh girl…my sweetie
honey bunch, come to me You etched your name in my soul
You made my pulse lose control You made my darkness glow You humbled my ego
and made it bend and bow Oh girl…my sweetie
sugar cube, come to me You etched your name
into my soul Oh girl…my sweetie
my nectarine, come to me You etched your name
into my heart Tell me that you love me You are my kurinji…a specialty! My love for you is always true l will make sure
you will never feel blue! Oh girl…my sweetie 481-20-23
Not writing it down? Such things will get
imprinted naturally l think that’s her dad
Let’s get out of here What happened?
Why are you walking? Where’s your cycle? There was a puncture
l left it at the sho- Okay, you go home, dear
l’ll come – Go
– Dude, get out of here! Son, why are you
following that girl? No uncle, l was at tuition class -Are you with him?
– No sir, l came- Your parents struggled
send you to school And you follow girls
around like this Aren’t you ashamed of
yourselves? Street rats… If I see you here again,
l won’t let you go in 1 piece Get out of here! What is it, Sumi? We are late! Let me go!
l need to put my books in Why did you come here?
Go! l needed to say
something important lsn’t the slap you got
yesterday enough? lf they see you here
you are dead…go! Just one little thing Pch! Okay wait outside
in that road next to class l’ll come and talk to you
Okay? Okay! – 1 minute, 1 minute, 1 minute
– What? l love you Okay go, l’ll see you
in the evening Okay
1 minute, 1 minute…1 minute -AiyO! What is it now?
– lf you could tell me you reciprocate… l’ll tell you in the evening
GO! No no no, please
please tell me now ls this some new technique
to cornerthe girl outside her house And force her to say yes or no? lt’s not that…in case you don’t l don’t have to wait
like an idiot in the evening?! That’s why… l do love you – Now, go!
– Okay Dude…she said
okay to YOU?! l don’t believe it!
lt’s a medical miracle! l’m talking to you, dude
He usually never listens to me Today, he won’t even
remember l’m here At least give me some money
for an auto! l’ll go home! Please! – Hi
– Hi! That’s what l thought We are like idiots
waiting around for them Listen, l haven’t stood like this
and spoken to anyone before Yeah and l stand under trees
everyday and talk to different girls! – Why didn’t you come for tuition?
– We are in love now? There’s no point See, don’t come near
my house again like that – lf my dad saw you…
– l already got slapped, remember?. Ram, l feel like all of this is a dream My dad is very strict, Ram And my mom’s been trying
for 5 years for an U.S visa l will definitely go there
for higher studies Then you can’t say
‘she tricked me, ditched me’ You can’t scream at me, write
poetry and curse me and all that You’ll come back, won’t you?
l’ll wait for you – Okay, l’m going now
– That’s all? What else? There’s not even
an ”l love you” or anything l’ll tell you when
l feel like saying it Then you don’t
feel it now? Okay Will you take me
for a round on your bike? l like bike rides a lot Kumara! My man won’t leave
without me Shall we go- – Go straight and then come back
– Go straight and don’t come back please! That’s my seat! Why are you braking at
speed breakers like that? You yell at us when we brake
and when we don’t! How is a man to go
over a speed breaker then? Okay okay
Take an U-turn – ls that okay?
– Yes Let go of my cycle, you pig! Like it’s some amazing cycle!
Get out of here! – Look at his face!
– What’s wrong with my face? l’ll look at it – Hello?
– l love you l love you too
l’ll talk to you later? – Come up to your terrace
– What? No way! Come to the terrace
Okay? Bye! Ram, Ram! Wait! Crazy girl
l’m going up- Janani You freaked me out
Ram! What are you doing here? l came to see
how your terrace looks! lf someone sees you
it’ll turn into a big problem l couldn’t be
without seeing you, Janani Please Ram
Please get out of here lf someone comes, l’ll die
Sumi’s standing guard downstairs Super! lf someone comes
ask her to warn us Oh! Sorry…sorry…sorry
She can’t speak, can she? She hasn’t been able to
hear since she was a baby That’s why
she doesn’t talk But she lip reads and
understands what we say Oh! Like Ajith the actor
From the movie ‘Vaali’ No, l meant she can
understand easily… Yes, like Ajith from ‘Vaali’ Okay go Ram!
lt’s very risky! Okay, l’ll hold your hand
for 2 minutes and go Your ‘2 minutes’ is up
Ram, now go 1 minute…1 minute…1 minute – 1 minute’s also over, Ram
– 30 seconds! Please! Ram, go Ram Janani, l feel like staying
with you forever Don’t you feel that way? l do, Ram, l feel
like always being with you – But understand-
– That’s enough Go 1 more minute l’ll see you at tuition tomorrow
Don’t stand here, go! – Janani! l love you
– l love you too Sandhya…? And then? She kissed me on the cheek
and ran away With whom?
l mean, where did she go? – She went back home
– Why? – Bec-
– Ram! He never changes this walk of his! – Chemistry…12!
– Okay, sir You said you didn’t study
and got 12 marks! Betrayer! – l feel strange, dude
– Why? Bad stomach? That’s not it, da
Someone like me is in love I have seen it in the movies
I have seen it at the beach l’ve even seen it in our class
But now, l’m in love with a girl! – You know what the beauty is?
– What? She loves me too! – Kumaran!
– Go bro, you said you did well Sir! Why have you written
all the questions in the answer sheet? What the-! Why did you write
all the questions in your answer sheet? Sorry sir, his mistake!
He’ll correct it next time, sir lt’s all my bad luck!
You could’ve at least put some mark ls this what you meant
when you said you did well? Shut up! lt’s all because of you
Don’t provoke me – Ram!
– Yes, sir…why R after K? Here!
Maths – 7 7, sir? Wow!
lt only totals to 5 He doesn’t know math himself – Maybe l should just marry her
– Oh good lord! – Ram!
– Sir! – Physics – 86
– Thank you, sir Wait…you get marks like 10 and 12
in other subjects but here you got 86! – l go for tuition class, sir
– ldiot! Attend class for all subjects But Janani has to do the same!! l’ll go, sir, l’ll go! – Hello?
– Hello? Mom, put the phone down
lt’s for me! – Okay, son
– Hello? How many times do l yell
hello into the phone? My mom picked it up!
Have you left for tuition? That’s why l called
l can’t come today My dad suddenly planned
a trip to Tirupati l’m leaving right now
lt’ll take 2-3 days to come back Janani… Janani! Whom are you talking to?
The car will be here in half an hour Your dad’s yelling! No, mom…l’m asking Lavanya
to take notes for me in class – Hello?
– Come soon Okay, l can’t talk now
l have to go l’ll call you
from a PCO, okay? – Hello? Janani?
– l’ll miss you – l’ll miss you too
– Okay, bye! Hello! – Where are you going?
– Bathroom There’s a bathroom in the hotel
Come, let’s go! You are halfway
through your meal! – Hello?
– Sir, is your father there? – lt’s for you
– l know!! Hello? – Hello? Janani?
– Ram? – l miss you
– l miss you too When will you come back? l keep staring at the phone
like an idiot! Ram, l can’t talk for long Where are you calling from?
ls there a number? No, it’s some Thirumala venkatam…
some guest house… You can’t call here Janani? You know how much
l missed you these 2 days? – My mom asked me what l-
– Janani! Ram! My dad’s calling me
l have to go! Love you, bye bye! Janani! Come silently You can’t even get to T Nagar
without a license How can you
go to Tirupati? – Dad?
– What is it, da? l need to ask you
something important – lt’s a ‘life matter’, dad
– What ‘life matter’ could you have? l need to go to Tirupati, dad
Kumaran’s people are going – That’s why l thought l’d also go
– Why all of a sudden? l wanted to pray to God to
make me pass my 12th grade, dad You don’t need all that
You can study well and pass, now go Hello? l’ve tried calling him 5 times
His dad keeps picking up the phone ldiot…l wonder
where he’s roaming around We circumambulated the temple
and came here l saw that
Wasn’t he with you? He’ll never listen
when l say ‘let’s stick together’! Unless we leave now
how can we reach home by 8:00 P.M? lsn’t this the place we agreed
to meet after the pooja? We’ll leave
as soon as he comes Hello? Ram! Where did
you go, you pig? Do you know
how many times l called? No Janani, it was to see you- Okay, listen
Are you going fortuition? Yes l’m leaving now
Are you coming? – Don’t go
– Why? – Will you come to my house?
– Huh? My dad, mom and Sumi are staying
at my aunt’s house in Thiruvallur They’ll be back
only in the morning l came home saying
l needed to do record work – lf you are free, Come home
– Really? Come exactly at 6
l’ll leave the door open for you lf the next door lady sees you
she’ll tell mom and l’ll die Okay…okay – l love you
– l love you…bye! You pig! Do you know
how many times l called you? Where did you go? You know how l felt? l thought you’d be
waiting nearthe phone l came to see you
in Tirupati by bike l asked at the cottage
where you stayed They said you had
left that morning l should have
just waited by the phone Sorry! -Are you crazy?
– Yes, about you! Don’t give me this film dialog! – Why did you Come to Tirupati?
– To buy ‘sweet balls’! l got you laddus!
Tell me…why did you come? Your eyes…l couldn’t be without
seeing your eyes, Janani They are that beautiful ls your beauty from within…
eyes, limbs or glow of your skin? Or in the finger beautifully
lingering all over me! Beauty…so divine
the way your hands clasp mine? Love of my life…you are beyond
everything in my life, my beloved! My beauty, you give a complex
to the word beauty in all respects! You and your roving eyes
speak volumes and appraise You w(e)ave magic on me
crossing every boundary lnto you l perceive
l wear my heart on my sleeve To get into the groove
l’m making my move Let our lips get pampered
primal and unhampered Close your eyes, come close
This is the ultimate lethal dose Within you shall l explore?
Can l share you hardcore? To merge into my heart
shall l show you the art? Your beauty lS from within…
eyes, limbs and glow of your skin! Love of my life…you are beyond
everything in my life, my beloved! Come in, ma’am – Where’s Janani?
– She’s in the balcony She hasn’t eaten anything She keeps crying
l feel terrible You are staying here all alone
Come stay in our house, dear! Or go stay with
Ram’s parents Ram’s right here, mom He’s here…l won’t
leave him and come But he has left you and gone! l’ve given Easwari some food
Please eat something l’ll call you Madam, please don’t!
Listen to me… Careful!
Come with me… Why did you
ask me to come here? l feel like everyone
is staring at me here! My mom got
the U.S visa, Ram They are getting ready to leave l have to go What will you do? Ram…l told you
when we were in school… l have to go, Ram
Ram! Please say something lt’s my parents’ lives too, Ram
My mom has struggled a lot for this Go Go! Ram! Don’t do this!
You said you’d wait… l’m not saying anything
Go…go, Janani! – Ram
– Go! Just Go Ram! Wake up!
Janani has come! – Get lost, she’s gone to the U.S
– Get up! She’s here What are you doing here?
Didn’t you go to the U.S? What happened? l asked you to
call your sister and- What are you doing there? AiyO!
Oh no!! Why did you do this?
Why did you?! Tell me! Tell me! – l only burned my passport
– How many years did l… Why did you burn it!?
Why? Why? Are you insane? Mom, l’m in love
with a boy called Ram lf l told you l’m not coming… …you’d have emotionally
blackmailed me 3 of you go
l’m not coming – Janani…for me
– Do all this later Okay My mom hit me,
l’m not going back there – Marry me right now
-Are you kidding? Your mom hitting you is not
reason enough to get married! Plus you shouldn’t have
burnt your passport – You should have explained calmly
– You are right, dude No, you are not right! Kumara! Keep your
mouth shut! Come! lf people got married every time
their mother slapped them… …l’d get married everyday Hey, come! We’ll go smoke!
What a good idea?! – Ram? What is it, da?
– l don’t know what to do at all Slipper you! l’ve thrown away
my whole life for you And you don’t know what to do? – You better marry me right now
– You might as well have gone to USA! Don’t l have to talk
to my dad about it? Did l talk to mine? Try talking to him! Didn’t he say anything
about you burning the passport? He didn’t even talk to me He locked himself inside his room Janani, give me 1 day’s time
l need to talk to my dad about it – Ram?
– Janani! l won’t hurt my dad l understand that you’ve hurt
everyone in your family just for me But you have to understand too My dad’s never even
raised his voice at me Janani! Please give me
just 1 day l’ll talk to my dad about it
And he’ll talk to your parents That’s the right thing to do – lf your dad doesn’t agree?
– Then we’ll do what’s wrong – Mom, mom, please
– You go talk to him – Please come with me, mom
– Just go talk! Dad? l need to talk to you
about something important Tell me – lt’s a ‘life matter’, dad
– Come, sit Go, da! Finally…! Your mom was worried about
you roaming around after college You’ve become responsible now – See, now the company has 12….. Dad, l want to marry this girl Straightaway?
No love or anything? l loved herfor 5 years
And now we want to get married l didn’t know this – That girl’s parents?
– They didn’t agree…please talk to them We can’t do all that, son lf they don’t agree,
l can’t force them Dad, l’m in love with this girl Do you understand
what l’m saying? l need to marry her lf you need to marry her
that badly, do it lt’s your wish
But you can’t stay here after that – You have to get out
– But… Okay, l’ll go
You keep what you earned But give me all of
grandpa’s inheritance! How can you
talk like that, da?! This is real life
Not reel life! What’s the point
in struggling all our lives What will Janani and l do? l want to be happy
with her, dad All ways…always! Who is this girl? She’s this girl… l know she’s a girl
l don’t doubt that! – What’s her name?
– Janani, dad She’s a very nice girl, dad
She’ll be good for our house She cooks very well also Listen, if her parents
agree, l am fine with it l’ll come for the wedding
But if they don’t, it’s up to you l’ll get you both a flat but
l won’t come to the wedding lt’s okay! You can
see her in the album!! Who is this girl? l’m sorry, dad…
l didn’t know what to do Aren’t you ashamed, Janani? For 15 years your mom waited
outside the U.S embassy And for whom?
For herself?. You buried all 3 of our lives
and found 1 for yourself l’ll stay inside, Janani Sorry, dad!
l’m sorry, dad! l didn’t know what to do
What l did was wrong! l’ll just die, dad
l’ll die! l want Ram, dad Leave it, dad!
Let it go! l don’t like America…
Life’s good only here Sumi! You get married to that Ram
We won’t stop it But l’m not able to forgive you
l don’t know how to Go…go stay there We won’t come there
And you don’t come here You can leave
whenever you want A wife walks into your life
you got to toe the line! Even if you see a glam-doll
you must show no design When friends land up at home
play the host, that’s enough Even if you are not wrong
zip your lips, though it’s tough! Come on, girls Where is it? 1+1 2
Love so true Before…a buddy
now going steady! Girl + boy couple Titanic that created a ripple My precious impulse
My life’s only pulse Without being a drag
waltz through life zig-zag! Come on, girls! Come on, girls!! – Okay?
– lt’s crooked, sir That’s my dad – ls it okay?
– lt’s too big, sir Get lost! Are you Janani?
l heard you cook well?! Do you cook better than me? We’ll see! Youngsters these days
like posh apartments like this Sir, l really love Janani She’s not eating
or sleeping properly l can’t stand it, sir l respect your age
and wisdom lf you could just forgive us
and come and see her once… – Please, sir
– Leave Sir, even when l was a child
l’ve never fallen at anyone’s feet My father never used to allow it He believes
all human beings are equal l haven’t even fallen
at my parents’ feet Please, sir, l beg you
l’ll fall at your feet Please come and see Janani
for my sake, just once l know we’ve hurt you But l also know
you want her to be happy l’ll keep her happier than
even you ever would, sir Don’t get me wrong
l don’t know what else to say, sir Please come see Janani, sir That’s all l ask
Please Son… We’ll come Thank you, da! You don’t have to, son
lt is okay – We’ll see you later
– Yes, please do Okay, dad Hey Sumi,
come home often – Leave some for me too
– Oh yea… Why aren’t you wearing
sari orjewelry or anything? l can’t do all that Are you wearing
traditional clothes? What happened to you? We made it! lt’s our house!
Our bedroom! Our first night together! Right? Somehow we made
our dream come true 5 years ago you were in the middle
of a road in the rain with a cycle chain l should have
just driven right past you l’d have been a happy man – Why are you slapping me?
– Just wait and see… Memorable first night this is… – No
– Shut up and come Yeah okay – l love you, Janani
– l love you, Ram l won’t ever hurt you l’ll never let
anyone else hurt you l know, da Ma’am, you have visitors Madam, we’ve got
the postmortem report Sir?
1 second… Why can’t you
talk about it later? Now is a bad time… Ask her to call me
in a few days lf it’s possible
bring her to the station Or we’ll come back
Give her our condolences Don’t, madam! Don’t! There was never
anything unusual, madam He’d come at 8:00 A.M
And leave at 6:00 P.M Perfect gentleman Forthe past 15-20 days or so,
he’s been coming with Senthil But they are best friends, right? He’s gone out of town
He said he’d be back in 10 days Do you know
where he’s gone, aunty? He knows
more about Ram than l do He was staying at our house
For the past 10 days l haven’t seen him since the day
before my husband died He didn’t even turn up
for the funeral Do you doubt my son? No uncle,
l don’t mean it that way l’ll let you know
if he comes, leave now Open the door Don’t tell my wife
She won’t be able to take it Uncle…
Did you talk to Ram… Janani, last time Ram came home
he said he wanted to change …his shares and properties
to your name instead of his l don’t understand anything, dear Janani, when l think about how
this is my last letter to you… …l think about the years, months,
days and seconds that l have wasted l don’t have much time
l have to go Otherwise it will go wrong
l have lots to say…but… Most people don’t get
everything to work out the way …they want in their life
But for me, it did Almost!
Now it’s all gone l love you, Janani
lf l hurt you, l’m sorry l didn’t mean to
l love you…l love you Okay, don’t stay alone
Go stay in your parents’house Senthil…Senthil
Take care of him l love you
Will you give me 1 last kiss? – Hello?
– Hello, uncle Tell me, dear You told me
Ram came home that day? – Yes
– Was Senthil with him? Yes, he was Why?
What happened? Hello?
Janani? What happened, Senthil? What happened that
made you run and hide? You know
something that l don’t Tell me, Senthil Please, Senthil
l beg you to tell me Don’t you think
l deserve to know? You only knew
1 side of Ram, Janani There’s another side
that you don’t know l’ve seen it Remember when you told him
you were leaving? When you got your US visa? That’s when Kumaran said
he was leaving too To Singapore
because he had got a job Ram couldn’t take it
Kumaran was his childhood friend You were his whole life When both of you suddenly left
he couldn’t digest it You are already drunk
And you are still drinking She’s also gone
He’s also going Dude, you’ve been
complaining for an hour Battery must be dead Look at her Doesn’t it seem like she’s saying
‘l’m going to leave you’ At lease she told me He’s going without even a word!
That’s why l really can’t take it – He didn’t even come to drink
– Bro, come here! Coming, sir! – Give us 1 packet
– Why just 1? Doesn’t he want 1? She gave me soup and
you are giving me chickpea salad? – Soup case, are you?
– l loved her for 5 years! l treated her like ‘Her Highness’
And she left me high and dry!! lt’sjust another soup case
All girls do this Shut up!What do you know
about his love? l know all about it, brother! Take your money and go Yo boys!
l am sing song Soup song Flop song Why this murderous mutiny, dear? Why this killer instinct so severe? Rhythm correct Why this fervent fervor, dearie? Maintain please Why this lethal game, di? ln the distance, moon’s light
Shining bright, so white! Moon’s backdrop is the night
Night is black with an exclusive right Why this deadly anger, dear? Why this hellish fury on a spear? Girl with a white skin
But heart black within! Our eyes meet and clash
My future…a backlash! Why this red hot pepper rage, dearie? Why this plunder and pillage, di? Dude, take down notes
also snacks with my quotes! pa pa paan pa pa paan pa pa paa pa pa paan Don’t ruin my tune! Soooper, buddy…ready
Ready…1 – 2 – 3 – 4…! Bingo! Wow! What a change-over, dude Okay, tune change Kai-la glass
Only English…! Glass in my hand
Scotch as planned Eyes filled with tear Life is empty
Girl’s entry Life shifts to reverse gear! Love…love, oh my love!
You dumped me and how!! Holy cow!
l want you here now God! l’m dying now
And she is happy…how? Heart-break song for boys
We don’t have a choice Why this temper tantrum, dear?. Why this vehement violent sphere? Why this ranting rampage, dearie? Why this kolaveri, kolaveri, kolaveri di?!! Flop song! Ram
Come here, Ram lf you cross this sea
you can come to me Come, Ram
Won’t you come to me? Come! Ram, what’s wrong with you?!
Why did you do this? l don’t know
l was intoxicated… So? This is how you behave?
You’d do anything forJanani? – She will be happy only there!
– Hey…! l thought he was behaving like that
only because he was drunk So l took him to Kumaran’s house
And we made him sleep Everything was normal And then you both got married
And Kumaran went to Singapore And then l didn’t see
Ram being Ram at all l spent a lot of time with him One day Ram’s office
faced a big loss Ram’s dad was very upset
He came home all tensed – Tom! Hey, Tom!
– Poorthing! Why are you taking it out on him?
Come, Tom…good boy, good boy l’m already in a bad mood
3.2 crores loss! Pch…Tom!
Tom, behave yourself! – Tom, no!
– Tom, come here, Tom! Tom! ldiot! Do you have any sense? He keeps irritating me Dude, l don’t like how
you are behaving That’s all l can say Ram! Ram! He’s dead! What happened to you? What will you tell Janani? AiyaiyO! Dude, let’s take it
to the hospital Hospital… He’s like a child to her
She won’t be able to take it! Please don’t tell Janani, dude What do you mean
‘don’t tell her’? What if she asks you where he is? l don’t know! l don’t know
what l do when l’m angry! Help me, dude We have to
do something…please What do you mean ‘where’s Tom’? You came here before me
Didn’t you see him? No, l didn’t notice You didn’t notice?
What is this, Ram? – l was tensed about work
– Tom! Tom! Where are you? Tom! Ram? Why are you just sitting there?
Get up and search, Ram Tom…Tom…! Senthil?
Can you please help us? Tom! Are you really searching? lt sounds to me
like Bipolar disorder But l can’t be sure
without seeing the patient What does Bipolar disorder mean? Bipolar…as in 2 poles…2 extremes But this doesn’t mean
it’s split personality One extreme is depression
the other is mania ln the case of depression
patients will be sad Loss of appetite and sleep They’ll feel really guilty
for small things ln fact, it might even
lead to suicide ln the case of mania, they get
angry for the tiniest of things Sometimes they feel happy
for no reason lt’s called grandiose thinking For example, the patient might
even think that he l she can lift a car And they might suddenly get
violent and try and beat people up They could even
beat themselves up You can’t really say
there’s a reason forthis Anybody can get
this disease at any time Doctor, it can be cured, can’t it? You can’t say it that simply Sometimes the disease
comes once and then leaves But in some patients
it may repeat They need to be medicated for long Bring the patient to me
and l’ll check it out But don’t say anything about this Say something else
and bring him And l’ll check it out My blood ran cold
when l heard what the doctor said l thought l’d somehow tell Ram
to go see the doctor l called him over
to stay the night That’s when l realized
how dangerous he was What did you want to talk about
that was so important? l haven’t stayed even
one night without Janani She felt so bad But she let me come
because it’s you Cheers! Why are you so silent?
We are hanging out after so long And you look like
you are haunted by a ghost lt’s not that…You are
a bit different these days Do you realize that? Your emotions oscillate
between joy and anger You are only human
if you get happy and angry, right? Right, Senthil? No, dude, you over-do it
lt’s a bit… What? Are you calling me crazy? That’s not what l meant!
You are a bit abnormal… – Abnormal?
– Dude! Don’t get angry… Then? lf you talk like this?
What do you expect me to do? No dude…that day also,
you were so violent l went and saw a doctor that day… Enough
Don’t say anything more – Dude, please listen to me
– Stop it… No, he said something about
some bipolar disorder or something – lf you come with me 1 time…
– Stop it – Listen to me!
– Stop! Calm down, Ram!
Calm down Ram! Ram! -A man with A grey t-shirt
– We didn’t see anything – How long have l been like this?
– For a few days…l’m not sure – Does Janani know?
– No, l don’t think so When she’s around, you are-
Dude, let’s tell her about this No! What do l do now? l told you before
There’s a doctor l know – Let’s go see him!
– We will… Am l insane? Don’t talk like that!
lt’ll be okay… Don’t worry l’m scared, da l need to conduct some tests After we do that
we can take the next step By tests you mean…
Blood tests? Scan? No, no…nothing like that You need to answer
a questionnaire truthfully And then we’ll proceed When l saw the doctor’s face,
l realized something was wrong Bipolar people
were usually violent And manic or sad and silent But he said he’d never seen
anyone who showed symptoms …of both at the same time
Ram’s condition was severe He asked me to somehow
ask Ram to get admitted Dude, he said you need
some more check-ups But he said it was best
to get admitted – We should tell Janani-
– No, no! Please! How will she love me
if she sees me like this? She’ll only be scared of me
Please let’s not tell her l understand…but if what happened
to me happens to her next time? Can you take that? l’m sorry
But l have to tell her She can’t even take it
when l get an ordinary fever She won’t eat
and she’ll keep crying How will she handle this? And if l get admitted?
What happens to her then? She has to look after
a patient like me And go to and fro
from hospital to home… Don’t talk like this
She’d give her life for you l know…that’s what
l don’t want herto do Knowing that he wasn’t
able to control himself He was scared
to be alone with you What is this, da? Ram?
What is this? l took a vow to go
to Sabarimalai l can see that
But why didn’t you tell me? lt suddenly struck me Janani, Senthil will stay
with us for a week His house owner
suddenly kicked him out Sorry, Janani
l said l’d stay at a hotel – But he wouldn’t listen
– No, no… feel right at home – How’s your hand?
– Better lt doesn’t look like you
fell down from the stairs lt looks like you got beaten up
by a bunch of men Senthil, l’ve kept pillows
and sheets on the sofa for you Ram, aren’t you coming in? No, Janani, l’m going
on a pilgrimage, right? l have to sleep alone Janani! Leave me alone
Go away…go Love, l can suffer in silence
Go…l don’t need your presence l’m a zombie, the living dead
Let miles distance us instead All the places you touched…
go, love, l’ve been scorched! Love, the minutes l stayed away
were meant to keep you at bay Just leave me and go, sweetie
Go in search of your ‘bodhi tree’! Distorting my destiny you chose
You gave me grief, love adios! l suffer here on my own,
Go, my love, l need to be alone l’m a zombie, the living dead
Let miles distance us instead l am alive for your sake
Girl, my life is at stake! lf you show me love’s gift
l’ll never forget the benefit The times we spent
without dissent… …isn’t there a way
for that life to replay? Together we took delight
in exploring many a night Aren’t we destined to see
first ray of sunlight joyously? My dear, leave no trace
Go away from this place lf my love you don’t perceive
then it is your loss, love, leave Though my dreams did shatter
you stood by me, now disappear All the places you touched…
go, love, l’ve been scorched! Love, the minutes l stayed away
were meant to keep you at bay Because Ram didn’t get admitted
the doctorwas worried… …that he wouldn’t
get proper treatment However much he forced Ram,
he was unable to convince him One day, he called
and gave me an injection He said l should use it
if l couldn’t control him My parents have come back
from out of town l’ll be back in an hour maximum
You take care of yourself l knew you didn’t like it
but l continued staying at your house l had no other choice l knew you’d noticed
Ram’s odd behavior But only l knew
how upset he was That he couldn’t do
anything about it He wanted to work things out
between the two of you Despite Ram’s protests
you forced him and took him out Ram had his treatment that day That’s why he lied to you …and sent you away
with some silly excuse Hello? Excuse me?
l’m talking to you! What’s your problem? lt’s nothing, it’s trivial
Please leave it No, but he’s very tensed about it Yourfriend only started it
But it’s okay…leave it What’s your problem? No, it’s his fault!
Okay, l’ll apologize – Please just go
– You can’tjust indecently hit anybody Sir, your man only
created the problem What did he do? He was the one
behaving indecently l can’t just stand there
while he misbehaves with my wife- Hey! – What’s wrong with you? Hey!
– Lift him up! ls this a cinema fight?!
Hold his head up Hit him there
Hit him right here Hit him properly
There’s no blood What an idiot! What are you doing? Leave him!
What’s wrong with you? Hit him 4 times
and leave him – ls that enough?
– No, it isn’t Why? He hit me in front of a girl
lt was humiliating – Then scar him for life!
– Okay, bro Leave it! Let me go!
Leave me Go
Listen to me Ram…! Ram realized that if you couldn’t
handle him getting hurt… …you wouldn’t be able
to take this in your stride Even if you got teary eyed
Ram would feel choked When l saw how affected
he was by your tears that day …l knew he’d never tell you
Nor ever get admitted What are you looking at? What? – Can you see anything there?
– What? – What are you saying?
– l can see something Dude, there’s nothing there
l’m getting freaked out Maybe we should
go to the hospital No! No hospital!
No need- l was kidding,
There’s no one there Ram, don’t play with me
Don’t lie – No l wasn’t-
– Listen to me – Let’s go to the hospital
– No hospital, buddy l was simply saying
There’s really no one there – l’m not mad
– Okay, okay, calm down No need to go to the hospital Water…water for the medicine l knew Ram was lying The doctor had said
he’d have hallucinations And he did
l told the doctor about it He said that we’d have
to start shock treatment Ram Why are you so late? – l had work at the office
– ls that true, Senthil? He doesn’t know
He just came When did you
leave from the office? Just now…about
15 minutes ago You are lying, Ram!
You are lying to ME – l’ll leav-
– Wait here! Where are you going? Wait! l called your office
They said you left at 7:00P.M! lt’s 11 :00P.M now
Are you going to blame it on traffic? Open your mouth
and say something, Ram! – Say something, say something, Ram!
– Janani, Janani don’t! Don’t do this This is between us
Who are you exactly? You keep your place
and stay where you should be – Hey!
– What? Then What? You’ll hit me?
Hit me, hit me! Come, da
Let’s leave them alone Why are behaving like this? l know you won’t
do anything wrong But something’s happening
Tell me what it is, Ram! Why aren’t you letting me in?
l just want to be there for you Ram!
Look at me, Ram l just want to be there for you l just want to be there for you l’m sorry, Senthil
l didn’t mean that Ram! Dai, Ram…!
What happened? Why are you
standing like this? Dude, don’t cry Everything will be alright Dude, Will you do something for me? – Dad…?
– Ram? What are you doing here so late?
All okay at home? Dad, l have something
important to tell you lt’s a ‘life matter’, dad lf you say it’s a ‘life matter’… ls Janani pregnant? Come, sit What is it?
Tell me – Dad
– Hmmm? l want all my shares and
properties transferred to Janani… …can we do that? Why? Everything
okay at home? Don’t misunderstand Janani l know about my girl
You don’t need to tell me – Can you change it, dad?
– No, it doesn’t seem right Dad, l feel like
she’s lucky for me- Don’t talk about luck and all lt seems wrong Whose name are
half your shares under? Tell me…whose name? Your mom l can’t win with you l’ll do it 1st thing
in the morning You go now Okay, bye Ram, please don’t talk about
‘life matter’ anymore No, dad
l won’t Dude, l’ll be fine
You go home l can’t leave you alone right now No, it’s okay
l’ll lock myself in the study – You go home
– No, l won’t lf you think about suicide or- l’m sorry, my friend
l’m sorry for everything You’ve done a lot for me
But l have to go now That’s the right thing to do Even if l had a brother… That’s when l last saw him
After that… Thank you
Thank you… l’m going now You either kill her
or kill yourself Quickly! Decide
You die or she dies l love you, Janani!


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