360 degree video – The Teatro Farnese and Pilotta Palace in Parma

hello ok so here we are again in Parma Italy and today the first Sunday of the month yes and if you read our website you know that the first Sunday of every month here in Italy always state-owned resumes are for quick yes we are now particularly specifically in parque de Cali so you can see all the trees around it’s a very very beautiful park we love here especially during the spring in here when we got the Sun and right in front of us so you can see right there if you swipe your finger and see right in front of us we got the Palacio de la Plata which is a complex and inside the palazzo del Plata we have the theater for nazar which is the furnace theatre the national library the National Gallery and we are going now to the theater for music for me the theater which is spectacular is really really beautiful because it’s tried Second World War he got bombed but they reformed everything it’s very impressive yeah well let’s speed it up things right [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] okay so we’re leaving our Foolish good seeds because it was a bit dark inside not gonna be truthful but is it just the place the house itself is beautiful just the house itself is really beautiful the palace from Nadia Regina you Jia you Jia city used to be one of the wives of Napoleon and she lived here Paulo to the Lopilato and it’s being yeah exactly and that’s why it’s so important because they have this French moments here in the city and this is the entrance of palliative Lepidoptera actually just above it know below it [Music] music yes oh now – you’re surrounded but a lotta Dellavedova and one of our favorites sports here during the summer now they are doing some refurbishments but during summer you could just sit but the grass you know have by your prosciutto and cheese and just enjoy the cinema

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