360° Five Nights At Freddy’s – GOLDEN FREDDY VISION – Minecraft 360° Video

It’s been another great and fun day of games
and activities at Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria. It’s great to have you on the team Golden
Freddy Wait, what’s that. Heheh, it’s so quiet. There’s no one about. Hehe, there they are, the famous animatronics. They’re all powered off now though. Oh a cake! But I’m not hungry, I’ve already eaten all
the food in the kitchen. There appears to be an intruder at Freddy
Fazbears pizzeria. No one is allowed on the premises at night,
unless they have a high level security clearance. Or they are an animatronic like us. This person needs help, they must be put inside
of an animatronic suit. So they’re allowed to be on the premises at
night. Lets go and help them. What are you doing.. You should be on the main stage, maybe this
is normal, at least it’s only my first night here. Wait.. it moved, it teleported. Where, maybe the guy on the phone knows something
about this. I wonder what’s in this room, it’s very dark
and scary. Hehe. But I’m not scared of anything, nothing at
all scares me. Giggling What’s that noise. It’s coming from around here somewhere. Heheh Wait, you’re Bonnie, toy Bonnie. I saw you on the stage, earlier today, but
also only a few minutes ago. Why are you here. Why aren’t you on the stage. You are a human waiting to be put into an
animatronic suit. I’m just a kid I didn’t mean to do anything
bad. I’m sorry.. Ahhhh This will be harder than I anticipated. Good idea Golden Freddy. Now lets get our weapons from Pirate Cove. Now they must be around here somewhere, the
animatronic suit to put the intruder in and a knife to make the insertion easier. But maybe we’ll need two suits, because of
the other person we saw earlier within the security office. That’s a good idea Golden Freddy. Lets take two suits, just in-case. Now lets go and find them. What are you doing in here. And who are you, I’m lost and Bonnie wants
to put me in an animatronic suit. Okay, you shouldn’t be in here, it’s dangerous
at night. And you shouldn’t be making that much noise. Lets head into the security office it will
be safer there. Or not! Quick follow me! I know where we can hide. The kitchen has a locking door, we’ll be safe
in there. Okay, here we are. Oh! No. We did the right thing, now we just need to
get their remains into an animatronic suit. Lets bring back our friends. Toy Chica and Toy Freddy. I hope you enjoyed this 360 Golden Freddy
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