$360 Wish Home Movie Theater Setup!?

– I was not joking, we have a fire! (electronic whirring) Hey, what’s good guys? Welcome back to Techsmartt. And you know what time it is. It’s time for the hottest show on YouTube. That is 100% true. It’s time for Wish Busters. So, in case you guys don’t know
how Wish Busters goes down, this is the last video
where I’m gonna explain it. Just get subscribed or
check out the older episodes if you want the full intro. Basically, I go on this site called Wish where they have super cheap stuff from tech, gadgets, items, clothes, you name it, they got it on there. And everything in this video
will be linked down below. But the catch is, it takes like
three to four weeks to ship. Lets hit on Wish right now. Why did I say, “Let’s hit on Wish”? So, in the past, every
single Wish video has been me trying to find a bunch of stuff
with the help of the team. And sometimes we’re
finding free stuff on Wish, sometimes we’re spending $2000. But in this video, we’re doing
something completely new. I’m gonna try to build
a home theater set up, yeah that’s right, and I need your help. So, my budget for this
is gonna be under $1000. I’m gonna buy everything from
a TV to a monitor to a chair. Everything you’d need on
the cheap site called Wish. And we’re gonna see if
it actually functions as a home theater set up. Pretty sweet, right? Let’s hope this works. Oh, and real quick, drop a like. If we hit 20,000 likes I’ll build the ultimate gaming set up. Alright, so the first thing
on here I have to pick up, because we’re gonna need
some way to power something, I just know it. And this is just crazy weird,
let me have this just one. How do they make a 300,000 milliamp hour fast charging battery pack? I guarantee you it’s probably like 30,000 and they’re just like hey we got a typo, we click baited you! So, I’m just gonna get this
in the cart just to start. Because I’m honestly Dr Seuss. Please, Wish gods, bless
us with a good, cheap, but really good, enough
to get me a Tinder date, movie theater set up. We said the prayer; let’s do this. We need a projector first. So, it’s looking like
we got one for 32 bucks. So, it’s 1080p, which is a
must for a home theater set up. UK size one, so just get
the US regular version size. They don’t have like Maxim
or Magnum or anything. Amazing little gadget for the price, A+. Karen. Came early which is pretty good, going to be great for Halloween. Karen! Are you prepping this
early for Halloween, girl? Let’s just get this in the cart. Oh, that’s perfect. I need something like this. So, this is an HDMI splitter. I need one of these, and the home theater setup’s
gonna need one of these. HDMI is how we’re going to
obviously power this so, will we? No. ‘Cause the projector’s
gonna run off a battery which is gonna run off an ex. Yes, I mean we’re gonna need
an HDMI, I’m just gonna get it. And it says black and cool black. I wanna find out what cool
black is for an extra dollar. It’s got a blue check, so it’s verified. Let’s just get a braided
High Speed Premium Ultra HD HDMI Cable v2.0 + Ethernet LCD HDTV 2160p 4K 3D Gold. You can’t transmit 3D but, like, (claps) clickbait, am I right? So, let’s pick the color,
get it in the cart. We need to actually start
looking at some furniture. This is where I wish I had
tweeted this out to you guys. I’m just Techsmartt if
you’re not following me. And been like, help me find this stuff. It can be difficult,
like, an $11 projector? I’m just gonna buy one for safety. It’s also 1080p. 84 inch portable screen? Yeah, buddy! I’m gonna get the screen for $11 and I get to pick the color? White? Oh, whoa, that’s sick. $9? I love these fast deals, man! Just in case all heck breaks loose, I need to get a second projector. Because it’s Wish, I
don’t wanna wait a month. 32 bucks, 1080p. Andrew. Arrived intact, as described,
in the right color. The guy’s an all-star shipper,
he must be Smash Mouth. Get this added to the cart. I like this and it has gift with an arrow. It’s like they make YouTube
thumbnails, you know, they got the red arrow down. Alright, came early, in perfect condition. Works beautifully. Could not have asked for a better speaker. So, we have our monitors,
projectors, how about a chair? Let’s find a nice, comfy,
gaming chair, just to lounge on. I mean, home theater set
up usually is for a couch. I gotta look for the couch on Wish! Yeah! We’re buying a couch from Wish! Alright, let’s not blow the budget here. Is that a blow up couch? If this couch. Okay, it’s an inflatable queen couch. Please don’t show the picture. When you say don’t show the picture, I’m gonna show the picture. Alright, I’m buying the couch. That was simple. You want popcorn? Like pop or flop? Check out that episode up there! Josh has been killing it. Alright, let’s do popcorn. Actually, do you trust it from Wish? Like, you’re basically
ordering food from Wish. Wait dude, this is a, no,
this is a mini popcorn maker. Actually, I kinda want that. 24 bucks in red, only eight left. Not a single review. What is that? Dude, Josh, what the heck? Alright, let’s just
grab this popcorn maker. Do they sell movies on Wish? Can they do that? I love it, dude, they got
the Fast and the Furious seven movie collection for $11. They have seven movies for $11. What are the reviews? Best movie ever, RIP Paul Walker. Like, how they can offer that for $11? Is that legal? I am so happy with my order,
it came two weeks early. Alright, I’m done, we’re getting
the Fast seven movie set. Josh, Josh, Josh, it’s free. I’m getting that. – [Josh] Oh, yeah definitely. – Yeah, I’m getting this. It’s for a dog, I don’t care. And, of course, we’re
gonna need a DVD player. We’ll just get one for 15 bucks. I’m probably gonna, yep,
I’m getting it cheaper ’cause I bought it with myself. Buy with Luke, actually, I am mistaken. I need to find an HDMI to USB converter. This is awesome, it’s Lightning to HDMI. So you got USB, female USB, which is how we’re gonna
adapt the USB, the DVD drives. You know what I’m saying here, girl. And then it plugs in with HDMI. And the last thing that is
crucial for any movie night is a movie blanket. Alright, we’re gonna
get a cheap $12 blanket. Actually, that’s not cheap. And we’re gonna get it in ivory. No, I’m not feeling ivory. I’m thinking like a nice
burgundy, call me Ron. So, we got 13 items in the cart. Let’s review. We got a blanket, we got an
HDMI to female USB, DVD player. We got a water bottle for
a dog, but that’s me, dog. We got seven movies for $13! I don’t think that’s real, we’ll find out. A popcorn maker, a couch, a sound bar, another projector, a screen, an HDMI cord that says it’s
3D and can save your life, a splitter for your HDMI, another projector just
in case Wish messes up, and a 300,000 milliamp hour battery pack. Woo! So, how much is all of this? 363 bucks for what I think
is the ultimate home set up. I’m gonna hit order,
hopefully, it shows up. So, this one actually took around a month for everything to show up. This is one of the
projectors that we bought. This is such a little projector! What is this, an iPhone? Oh, no, I was not even joking. There is no freaking way this can power a full
movie theater set up. Yeah, this is kinda scary. So, it takes micro SD
cards, and then projects, and you plug it in. No HDMI on here. Fast Seven. Seven movie collection. Yes, I don’t even know how
much we spent, $5 on this? I don’t know, you guys let
me know in the comments. Can’t even open the thing. For $5 doesn’t even open. You gotta pay an extra six. We got seven movies. What is this? Fast and the Furious. Fast and the Furious 2:
2 Fast and 2 Furious. Tokyo Drift, Fast and Furious 4. We got Fast 5 now, Fast & Furious 6. Take a guess what the
seventh one was called. Furious 7, not Fast 7. Okay, this is a real projector. That one had to be a mini one, there’s a reason I bought two. Didn’t even think I would
have to use the second one. And wow, it even has it. An SD card slot, so you can
put your own stuff in there. AV, and that AUX port. USB, that’s not something
the other one had. Power port, headphones, VGA, and HDMI, and there’s the infrared, because it also comes with a remote. This is why we buy two. You call me crazy, you
think I’m overspending, I’m not overspending anything. What’s in this box? The DVD player. It comes with a FireWire cable. You plug that in. That’s your USB, that
goes to the projector. Feeling good, feeling a lot better. This is important, the popcorn maker. Everyone’s got a movie
theater, you need popcorn. It’s like one plus one equals three. Yes, we got popcorn! Yes! And it comes with a bowl? You know it might actually
need to come with a repair man, because I think I might have broke it. I got scared. I didn’t see the AC cord. I thought this thing had battery power. A battery powered popcorn maker. There’s a freebie idea for you. What is? No way, we got two of ’em? Oh, no no no, this is the blanket. This is the best thing yet! I even wanted to spend extra bread to get a really nice blanket. We’re gonna be chilling soon. It’s like one of those super soft blankets you find at Costco. We got our couch now! The craziest thing we
have ever bought on Wish and also probably the most
real and relatable one, it’s a couch. It’s not a gas-powered scooter,
if you missed that video. We’re gonna go outside, we’re
gonna gas this thing up, try it out, hopefully we
can ride it on the street and not die. We got a sound bar, and
I’m so happy I got two, ’cause chances are, I don’t
think one’s gonna work. You know what, this actually
looks like it’s about to work. I’m pretty surprised. This is way better built
than the picture showed. Variable dial switch? Changing the.
(speaker talks) Oh, and you even have battery? Recharge it there, you have an AUX port, fast forward, play, rewind. I’m gonna charge it, micro USB. Could be the best thing in the video, quickly vote up in the I-Card which item you think is gonna be the best, and which is really gonna make the set up. USB to HDMI, I think we’re
maybe gonna need this? Do you even have a USB port? We’re covered; there is a USB port. So, theoretically, we can
make this totally work with the nice projector that I got. Last thing here to make
this set up perfect. Where we gonna cast this? I didn’t get a railing, so Josh has been really
crushing it at the gym. Good man, he’s gonna
hold the movie screen. We got six movies to watch. So, now I’m gonna pop the lights on. The whole Techsmartt team is gonna help me assemble this movie theater,
because for 363 bucks, if we pull this off we
can even watch a movie and be comfortable and cozy
and fed with the popcorn, that’s a win. It’s day two of this project. Here’s the deal, blanket
is working perfectly. It did not break. This is the best buy in the entire video. Tech company, Wish, when you know a blanket’s
the best thing they sell, that should tell you something. The couch, we’re actually
going to inflate this. I hit the young Walmart this morning. (motor whirs) And just like that, on the HDTV channel, you’ve made a couch! Gotta love the couch, right? Alright! Would I sleep on here
for one night, maybe two? Alright, so the next thing that
we got is the popcorn maker. I’m so stoked about this, I was really excited they
didn’t include popcorn. I don’t know if I would trust
popcorn that was shipped. Just not really my cup of tea,
or cup of popcorn, really. Give her a little sprinkle sprackle. A healthy after school snack, right? I need a little bit of this. It is baking time! That is the most anti-climactic. (laughter) This is just awful. – [Josh] How is popcorn gonna pop in here? – Popcorn is still cooking, but let’s try something else out. So, with the sound bar, we got it in a really nice gold color. I didn’t expect it to look this good. This could be the best buy
out of the entire video. This is, like, really good,
it’s a good sound bar. So, I wanna see if it works
and if it sounds good. It’s only got two jobs,
look good, sound good. Let’s play this, so I’m playing
it from the PBJams Playlist. It’s the Spotify playlist
I update every single week, if you wanna check it out,
link in the description. ♪ You will see how- ♪ How much did we pay for this? This is really good. Yo, if you have like a college dorm room or anything where you wanna
just kinda amplify the sound, get this. Position it nicely in your room. I think I got two for 60
or something like that. Looks not bad either. (growls) That’s so hot! That is so hot! Okay, let’s disconnect it so it does not have an electrical current. And there is a fire, I was not joking! I was not joking, we have a fire! – [Josh] God damn it. – Alright, I’m a little scared, this popcorn bowl is extremely hot, so I’m gonna put it on the couch. It pops it, you saw it here. Okay, so this is basically
our movie set up. We got the screen, couch. Josh, can you hook it up
with the blanket, man? I’m a little cold right now. We have a screen, a couch,
a blanket, some popcorn, a speaker that works,
and the last thing is, the projector and DVD player. So let’s plug this in, see what happens. Oh, that doesn’t smell the best. No, it didn’t turn on, I
want it to turn on, Josh. (josh mumbles) You’ll know if it turns
on, I’ll freak out. I could tell you 100%,
this thing smells burnt. Probably the second fire
we’ve caused, but didn’t see. The first one we saw. The whole point of this was to
try to build a movie theater using Wish only tech. The projector’s fried, but
since this doesn’t power on, this doesn’t work. And ’cause that doesn’t work,
I got a second projector. I selected the EU plug. I don’t have one that’s small enough, this is a 12 volt, not a 24 volt. We’re done, there’s just
no movie that’s happening, I didn’t even get to watch
seven beautiful movies. Honestly, it’s okay, I
prefer the books anyway. But, I’m just gonna have to
Netflix and chill by myself. So, that’s it for this video. If you guys really enjoyed it and want us to do another sort of theme, drop a comment down below and drop a like if you wanna see another. Subscribe if you’re new,
so you don’t miss that, just click the button right down here and check out the last
two Wish Buster videos. They were super sweet, the one
with the gas-powered scooter and another episode. So, I’ll see you guys later, peace.

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