37 Questions with Student Vlogger Joe Andruzzi

– Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome or welcome back to
Temple’s YouTube channel. My name is Joe Andruzzi and I am Temple’s newest student vlogger. To best introduce myself I thought I would answer
37 questions about myself and my life here on Temple’s campus and that is what this video is. Before we get into that video
I want to let you guys know that I will be making new
videos on this channel every other week so make sure
you tune in not next week but the following week to see what I post. Let’s get right into the video. (students laughing) – [Interviewer] Oh my God, Joe. – Oh my God, hey, what’s up? – [Interviewer] How are you? – I’m good, ow are you? – [Interviewer] Are you
ready for 37 questions? – Of course, let’s go. – [Interviewer] All right, let’s do it. So, Joe, who are you? – My name is Joe Andruzzi. – [Interviewer] And what year are you? – I am a sophomore. – [Interviewer] Ah, and
What’s your major, Joe? – Media Studies and production? – [Interviewer] Very
nice. Do you have a minor? – I do. It’s content creation. – [Interviewer] Oh, that’s fancy. If you were an MSP major,
what major would you be? – Definitely something
with social media or PR. – [Interviewer] When did you
start making YouTube videos? – The Summer of 2013. – [Interviewer] Oh, so for a while now? – Yeah, it’s been a while. (laughing) – [Interviewer] Who’s
your favorite YouTuber? – You know, it’s constantly switching but right now I have to say Shane Dawson. – [Interviewer] What’s one
thing you want everyone to know about you that they wouldn’t
know by looking at you? – That I’m the oldest of five siblings. – [Interviewer] Five? – I know. – [Interviewer] What’s
one student stereotype that holds true? – I would say that we’re
hard working for sure. – [Interviewer] How do
you like your coffee, Joe? – Dark roasted, two caramel,
two cream, no sugar. – [Interviewer] No sugar? – Absolutely not. (chuckling) – [Interviewer] What’s one piece of advice that you would give to incoming freshmen? – To definitely enjoy your first year. It’s gonna be your easiest
year so enjoy that. (laughing) – [Interviewer] Aw, that’s sweet of you. Best advice for balancing
schoolwork and a social life? – Definitely time management. That’s something I struggle with but I think if I can
somehow make it happen, I think you can to. – [Interviewer] Aw, that’s good advice. So now a very big question:
Richie’s or Bagel Hut? – Oh, God, Richie’s coffee,
definitely Bagel Hut bagels. – [Interviewer] Very nice. Are you involved in any clubs on campus? – I am. I’m the director of
production for Temple Talk. – [Interviewer] Temple Talk? What’s temple talk? – Temple Talk is Temple’s
first entertainment talk show. – [Interviewer] Oh, very nice. So J&H or Morgan dining hall? – Definitely J&H. – [Interviewer] How often
do you go off campus or into Center City? – I would say at least
once a week for sure. – [Interviewer] Very nice. So with that being said, how much walking do you do in a day? – Oh, God, definitely a couple miles. – [Interviewer] Ah, do you
feel safe on campus, Joe? – I do. – [Interviewer] Oh, that’s good. What’s your favorite
thing to do on campus? – Lay by the bell tower
when it’s nicer out. – [Interviewer] What about off campus? – Definitely shopping because
I love to spend money. – [Interviewer] Oh, don’t we all? Now do you have a favorite alumni? – I do, Diplo. – [Interviewer] Diplo went to Temple? – I know. I had to look that up. (laughing) – [Interviewer] That’s interesting. What are your hopes for this semester? – To work hard, spend time with friends and just enjoy myself. – [Interviewer] Oh, that’s so nice. Where’s your favorite place to study? – I gotta say the
Charles Library for sure. – [Interviewer] Very nice. Now, do you have a favorite
social media platform? – You know, it’s constantly switching but right now I’m gonna
have to say TikTok. – [Interviewer] Oh, Renegade? – Oh, God, not now. – [Interviewer] Do you have
any hidden talents, Joe? – You know, I can put my
right leg over my head. – [Interviewer] Oh, do you
want to show us, right now? – That’s a video for a different time. – [Interviewer] Oh, okay, we see, we see. So do you have any favorite classes that you’ve taken thus far? – I do. I have to say Kids in Crisis
for my race Gen Ed, I love it. – [Interviewer] Very cool. What’s one thing in
high school that you did that you aren’t doing now? – Theater and choir. I used to be a huge
theater kid in high school and I haven’t done
anything yet in college. – [Interviewer] You gotta get to that. – I know, I’m definitely
gonna have to get on it. – [Interviewer] What’s the coolest thing that you’ve done in your
college career thus far? Definitely this, being a
Temple student vlogger. – [Interviewer] Very nice. Do you have a favorite
season and why that season? – I love transition seasons
so when it’s like not too cold or not too hot and you can
just wear whatever you want. – [Interviewer] Ah, Joe,
what’s your zodiac sign? – I am a Pisces and that
holds true. (laughing) – [Interviewer] What’s one
thing you can’t live without? – Oh, iced coffee, for sure. – [Interviewer] Ah, so what’s the song that would describe your
college career thus far? – Young, Dumb and Broke by Khalid. – [Interviewer] Ah, do you
have a favorite artist? – I do, Ariana Grande, hands down. – [Interviewer] What’s your
favorite thing about Temple? – The diversity. – [Interviewer] If you could
change one thing about Temple, what would you change and why? – I gotta say making it
easier for off campus students to get on Main Campus. I always have to walk like
20 minutes to get to class. Maybe that’s me, maybe that’s them. I don’t know. We can probably find
something out. (laughing) – [Interviewer] That sounds like something you should talk to them about. – I should. – [Interviewer] Should
people apply to temple? – Oh, absolutely. – [Interviewer] Oh, yeah, 100%. So Joe, do you have a life mantra? – I do. It’s be kind, spread love and create and innovate,
so cheesy. (laughing) – [Interviewer] Oh, that was so inspiring. Do you have any final thoughts, Joe? – I do. If you’re not already
subscribed to Temple, you should ’cause you’ll see more of me and if you want to see even more of me, you should subscribe to my channel and follow all my social media. – [Interviewer] Oh,
okay, well thanks, Joe. That was the 37 questions I had for you. – Thank you. Have a great day, bye. – [Interviewer] Bye. (rhythmic music)

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