5 AWESOME Things that SHOCKED ME in Germany

I never thought that I would be excited about
traffic lights, but it turns out that in Germany I am. Hey everyone! I’m Dana and you’re watching Wanted Adventure Living Abroad Here are a few really awesome things that
when I first moved to Germany shocked me and caught me off guard. But it a good way! In Germany you get to drive around feeling
like you’re in a race car. No, not because there are sections of the
Autobahn with no speed limit. I mean, there are, but that’s not what I’m
talking about here. This is actually about the traffic lights. I never expected that traffic lights would
work differently in different countries, but they do! For stopping the traffic, they are the same
in Germany and the U.S. The light goes from green to yellow to red. But when signaling that you can then go in
the U.S., the traffic lights just go right from red straight to green. Whereas in Germany it’s like a race track
light. It goes red, yellow, green, go! While we’re talking about the road, I could
not even believe it when I saw that in Germany the taxis look super fancy. Most of the taxis that I’ve seen are these
beautiful cream colored Mercedes. And I would think that having a cream colored
car would be kind of bad because they’d get so dirty so easily, but somehow from what
I’ve seen the taxis here are often spotless and shiny! Actually, now that I think about it, from
what I’ve seen, most of the cars on the road here in Germany are spotless and shiny. That’s kind of like, just sort of a thing
that I’ve noticed here. People must clean their cars a lot. Before moving to Germany soft pretzels were
definitely something that I had had before, but not something that I ate all that often. Usually at a sporting event or the mall. But here in Germany they’re really common. At least in Munich I don’t think that I’ve
ever been to a bakery that didn’t sell pretzels, and some of the bakeries are just devoted
just to pretzels. Pretzels with butter, plain pretzels, pretzels
with sesame, pretzels with cheese. Ah, there’s so many options and they’re all
so delicious. The first time that Mr. German Man and I went
to the movies in Germany, he said to me something like: yeah, we’d better make sure to get
there early to get a good seat. Which, of course, made total sense to me. Until we got there and actually bought our
tickets and then Mr. German Man didn’t want to actually go into the movie theater right
away. We had gotten there early to get good seats! Which to me meant buying our tickets and then
going right away into the theater and picking out our seats and sitting down. Because in the U.S. that’s how I had always
experienced it. Movie theaters often had some kind of interesting
behind-the-scenes show running before the movie, so it was fun. It was a nice time. I always looked forward to it. But not as much fun as not actually having
to go inside early and sit down in your seat because, as I’ve always experienced it here
in Germany, when you buy your ticket, your seat is then printed on the ticket, just like
at a concert or a baseball game. So then, there has never been this pressure
or rush to get into the theater super early. I lived in several different apartments in
the U.S., and you know what they all came with? A kitchen. In fact, this point was not even a question. When apartment hunting, sure, I had to think
about: well, this apartment comes with a garbage disposal in the kitchen, and this one does
not come with a garbage disposal in the kitchen. This one has a bigger kitchen, this one has
smaller kitchen. But they all came with a kitchen! So when Mr. German Man and I started apartment
hunting together, and I found out that a lot of apartments in Germany don’t come with
a kitchen I was flabbergasted. I could barely even comprehend such a thing. I’m pretty sure that I joked with him, like:
well fine! If I have to put in a kitchen, then I’m
taking it with me when I leave. And he was like: yeah, that’s what people
do. They move their kitchen around from apartment
to apartment. Kind of just like a couch or a bed. But so, you might be wondering: well, why
would that be awesome? Because from what I’ve seen, people
in Germany don’t seem to move around as often as people in the U.S. do. Or at least as often as I did. So when you look at it from that perspective,
it’s really kind of cool. I mean, we’ve been living in our current
apartment here in Germany for several years now, and while at first I was definitely really
annoyed and stressed out about having to put a whole kitchen into the apartment – as though,
you know, I needed to add that cost and expense to the moving bill – but, now, I have to say,
I’m really grateful and appreciative to be able to live in an apartment with a kitchen
that I truly love. That being said, if we had only been planning
to stay in the apartment temporarily, then, yeah, having to invest in and put in a whole
kitchen wouldn’t be so awesome. So my question for you is: What kinds of experiences
do you have with these things and what do you prefer? Please let me know in the comments below! Thanks so much for watching! I really hope that you enjoyed this video. And also, a really big thank you so much to
our patrons on Patreon who help make these videos possible. Thank you so much for your support. If you would like to check out our Patreon
page, you can find a link to that down in the description box below. Until next time, auf Wiedersehen! You get to pick your ticket when you buy your
seat. You get to pick your ticket when you buy your
seat! Did I say that? – Yes! Amazing. I left it, I left it, I let you talk. – I had no idea. You get to pick your ticket when you buy your
seat. Mmmmh, yummy, yummy, yummy! For stopping…the traffic…they are the
same. Here are a few really awesome things that
totally… Hey everyone! I’m Dana and…you’re watching Wanted Adventure Living Abroad. Yay!


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