5 Characters in Every Dark Teen Drama – Alternatino

Teen Drama screen test.
Take one. Hi, I’m Arturo Castro reading
for New Kid in Town. Cue music. Man, I never thought I’d have
to switch schools senior year. Yeah, I can play sports,
but I’m a sensitive guy inside. Plus, I’m really good
at solving local murders. I’m going to fit in
real well in this town. Michael, the handsome bad boy.
Take three. School is just not for me. And don’t ask me about the past;
just too painful. Get outta my way. That’s my hog.
Sorry. Want me to imitate
the motorcycle? Sure, yeah. Barnabas, the misfit.
Take eight. My (inaudible) hardcore soul fusion band
is playing a gig at the diner where we all get together
and we solve murders. It’s really sad
and beautiful. Maybe you should
come or whatever. Gilbert, the one Latino
character. Take one. So sorry…
I’m not reading this. It just has one line.
It says, “Orale.” Nailed it. Cool. Elizabeth, the cheerleader.
Take 10. My one goal this year
is to become head cheerleader and to conceal all
those murders I committed. Go murder!
God, this show is dark.


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