5 ‘Family Vacation’ Dinners Filled With Drama | Ranked: Jersey Shore

– Now you’re trying to be grimy, bro. – Grimy, grimy?
(hand slamming) You wanna talk about (beep) grimy? Respect my (beep) divorce, bitch. – The problem with me and
Mike was I always gave him the benefit of the doubt and that’s what always (beep) me. You’re in a great place and I respect where you’ve gotten to, but we have had more downs
than ups, that’s for sure. (dramatic music) – Holy (beep), here we go again. Drama, man, and this is gonna be bad. – Since day one, we’ve gone at it. We’ve had issues with each other, fighting, yelling, screaming. (dramatic music) – Stop! (dramatic music) – I didn’t like you. You were not a good person. (suspenseful music) – Oh my God, I hate him. Buzz kill, relax over there. Oh my God. – You’re not the person that I met when we first walked into the house. You became something that
I didn’t wanna be around, I didn’t wanna associate myself with. – Wait a second, are you
holding grudges from 2011? C’mon son, get past that (beep). – [Dina] That wasn’t nice. What the hell? – That’s rude. – [Dina] That wasn’t nice. – So rude. – [Dina] Don’t even go there. – So. – But, after seeing you
the last couple months and talking to you, I respect
where you’ve gotten to and the strength that you have. Very inspirational, bro. – [Mike] Thank you brother. – [Dina] Very nice. – The Situation tried
to bang my ex-girlfriend and ratted me out nine different times. So that’s why even now,
keep him at a distance and we’re gonna see where it goes. – So we’re heading to dinner. It’s 24 and three girls. We’ll see how he handles this. Angelina better keep it together. This dinner’s gonna be fun. – [Zack] I get to sit next to bestie? – I’m really across from you right now. – Be friends. – I know, let’s squash this bull (beep). – I’m not, I don’t have an issue. – [Dina] Both of you. (exhales) – This whole vibe at dinner
right now is just not good. I’m still mad about what happened earlier with Jenni’s man at the pool. – When’s the last time you did it? – What the hell’s going on? (laughing) – I just thought it was very disrespectful and it wasn’t cool to my fiance either. He doesn’t know me, so why
would you even do that? – I actually don’t think, he doesn’t have an issue. – She does, she’s not happy. – Well, let’s talk about it. – Do you judge me upon my– – Not, Angelina, I swear. – [Dina] You hurt her feelings. – All right, I really– – [Jenni] Why? – ‘Cause she felt like you attacked her when you first met her. – He didn’t attack her. (dramatic music) Oh my God, apparently he offended her, even though she openly talked about it and now she’s trying to play
the victim seven hours later. You gotta be (beep) kidding me. – It was a little weird. I was taken back and I
answered you at first and then I was like, “Oh my
God, what the hell am I doing?” – You can’t say what you say and expect people to just not react the way that we’re reacting. – I know, but I tell everybody
what is really going on in my life, some people don’t. The thing is is that I’m an open book and I don’t want it to be
thrown in my face later on. – You should also keep your mouth shut. – It is what it is, Jenni. We know how she is. – I know, but you can’t
as a double edge sword. You can’t have that. (dramatic music) If you’re gonna say what you
say about your relationship, about your love life, about
not wearing underwear, (beep) behind a bar, and then you’re gonna
actually get mad at someone for judging you and calling you out? Girl, un-uh, we’re not playing that. – Look it, this was out of good heart. I’m not picking on you. – I’m not saying you have a bad heart. Nobody said that. – It was literally like you’re
the one that’s talking (beep) and then you’re getting
upset when people judge. – Did I not say to you,
“I don’t hate him.” I said, “Hate’s a strong word.” I don’t know you, but– – No, but you’re the one
that’s putting it out there and then you get mad when people judge. – I know, I also put it out there and then I don’t wanna keep
having, even outsiders. He’s coming in to this– – But you allow it. – I didn’t allow it. – You did. – You gotta understand
where I’m coming from. – [Zack] All right. – No I don’t actually. – I say things because
I wanna be an open book and then I get judged for that. – Stop making excuses. Stop making excuses. – You’re being out of line now. – Stop making excuses. – [Angelina] It’s not making excuses. – Dina, would you do that? (dramatic music) – Can we have a champagne? Can somebody bring us a drink? I’m not trying to be in
the middle of this drama. I am not drunk enough for this (beep). – I’m not you, I’m not her, I’m Angelina. – Exactly, exactly. – See, now you’re just
being an ass because– – [Jenni] No I’m not. – Yeah you are. – [Jenni] ‘Cause you’re
being an ass to him. – I’m not being an ass to him. – And that’s when I step in. – [Angelina] Okay, I don’t know what you’re trying to do here, but I’m not trying to be an ass to him. – [Jenni] Yeah, you are– – He just said two minutes ago he’s fine. – [Jenni] You’re stirring the pot. – I’m not stirring the pot. – And that’s when I’m gonna
(beep) checkmate you real quick. I’m beyond angry with Angelina because she talks this game
of I wanna be in the family and then you’re (beep) talking (beep). Now you’re gonna have to deal with me. I’m gonna protect the
people that I care about. – And I’m gonna protect myself. – But you’re not gonna come on here and try and make him look
like something that he’s not. – I’m not trying to make
him look like anything. – You say the things that you say– – [Angelina] No one’s
trying to make him look bad. – And at the end of the day, you don’t wanna be judged on those things, and I’m gonna have an issue. That’s where I’m gonna
step in and have an issue. – I’m just a fun person. – [Jenni] That’s where
I’m gonna have an issue. – I’m a fun outgoing person. – But that’s where I’m gonna
have an issue and step in. – I don’t understand. He’s fine with it. Look, he’s fine. – No, but I’m not. Look at me, look at me. I’m not, I’m not. – I don’t understand what
you’re talking about. Coming after the way he came at me after knowing me for five seconds. – No, no, no because you allow it. You literally allow it. – I don’t allow somebody
that I just meet to say, “Oh how’s about your sex life?” – No, no, no Angelina, you
can disrespect your man any day of the week– – I don’t disrespect my man. – But when it comes to me,
you’re not gonna disrespect mine and you’re not gonna do it– – I’m not disrespecting anybody’s man. I’m just being honest and I’m telling him that it wasn’t cool that
he (beep) did what he did. – He’s coming from the
outside, calm the (beep) down. – No all right. – You’re not gonna talk
the (beep) that you talk and then be like, “Oh but wait a minute. “Nobody’s allowed to judge.” – Oh my God, this is insane. We’re all out for a nice dinner. This is our last night
here and Jenni and Angelina are still going at it and I’m like, “Oh my God, just give
me my (beep) champagne.” – You need to check yourself, Angelina. You need to stop saying
the things that you say about your man and everything. – But Jenni, I’m an open (beep) book. What you see is what you
get with me, that’s it. – Then you can’t be mad when
people judge you for it. (trumpet music) – Pardon me for interrupting. How we doing tonight? – Angelina has something to tell you. – With me? – [Mike] Yes. – Specifically? – Specifically. – Tell him. – Are you guys kidding me? – Angelina grabbed Vinny’s (beep). (chair crashing) – [Paulie] What? – [Vinny] Facts. – I’m done, I’m going home. – Paulie. – [Jenni] No! – No, no, you just got here. You grabbed his penis? – Yes. – Because that’s my penis in a sense. First of all, Vinny has to go sanitize and take a 100 showers before
I ever touch that thing again. And then what are you
doing touching my man? I’m not here for one day,
she touched his (beep). What is the deal? – Well, he knows. – I know what? I know what? – You’re obsessed with me. (laughing) – [Snooki] Oh my God! (laughs) – What are you talking about? – I just love (beep) with the kid. You can dish it but you can’t take it? C’mon Vin, you literally love me. Just admit it everybody here
that you’re obsessed with me. – You are a psycho. – Oh please. – The girl is delusional. Shut the (beep) up. – [Angelina] You should
just confess your love in front of everybody. – Yo honestly, drop
it, move on, that’s it. I’m not talking to her
anymore and that’s it. – You want a woman like your mom. That’s what you want. That’s why you love me so much ’cause I remind you of your mother. – Huh? That’s weird. – It is. – How dare you? How dare you? I don’t care if Angelina compared
herself to Kim Kardashian. I don’t care if you compare
yourself to (beep) Beyonce. Do not ever compare yourself to my mother. All I beg you to do is stop
talking to me, that’s it. You (beep) bring up my name every second. I’m over here, I’m laughing at his joke. – ‘Cause you’re obsessed with me. You’re obsessed with me. – I’m obsessed with you? I don’t talk about you.
– You love me. You literally love me. – You can say it, that makes it true. – You wanna marry me. – There you go, there you go. – You literally wanna marry me. – Yes, I wanna marry you. You’ve solved the code. Now can we please just
never talk to me again? – We’ve solved the code. Don’t be a jerkoff ’cause
I will (beep) come at you. – Come at me! Come at me. Come at me bro. – This is a nice house. – I don’t know what the
(beep) his deal is with me. I feel like Vinny’s
self-righteous attitude definitely sets me off and he’s not fun. And I don’t even know why the
(beep) he’s on this vacation, to be honest with you. You’re so obsessed with
yourself, it’s sick. – No, you’re obsessed with me ’cause you keep talking about me. – I’m not, you’re actually
obsessed with me, dude. You should just confess your
love in front of everybody. – Stop talking about me! – (beep) you! – This is crazy. Sunday family dinner
went from Sunday funday to Sunday chaos. – Watch this, guys. Wanna see an experiment? I’m gonna walk over here. I guarantee you she’s– – No one gives a (beep), dude. – I guarantee you– – No one gives a (beep) about you. – In the next minute, okay watch, 10:35. – [Angelina] Nobody cares. – [Jenni] Stop. – [Angelina] No one cares. – [Jenni] Stop! – Jenni, he goes on me too. – Stop, just stop. – [Jenni] He truly does not
want you to talk to him. – I am not talking to you
the rest of this whole time. Just don’t talk to me.
– Get over yourself. No one gives a (beep) about you, Vin. You’re on my (beep). If I didn’t (beep),
you’d be on it right now. – Wait, wait, wait. You were literally on
my (beep) last night. – It was a joke. (group groaning) – [Vinny] Stop talking to me. – Don’t even right now, don’t even. – Stop talking to me. Stop talking to me. – [Jenni] Angelina, he
literally is just like leave him alone. – You’re gonna try to go– – Stop talking to me. Stop talking to me.
– Don’t even with me. – Stop talking to me. – ‘Cause you know– – Stop talking to me. – Staten Island, Staten
Island, bad, bad, bad. – [Vinny] Stop talking to me. – [Jenni] Angelina, stop. – Stop talking to me. Stop talking to me! – I’ve never seen Vinny get mad and he’s (beep) pissed right now. – [Mike] Ronnie, you’re
getting hammered tonight, son. – Why you judging? – [Jenni] Why are you judging? – [Paulie] Oh damn! The whole house. – Thall shall not pass judgment. – [Snooki] This is his, he’s celebrating. – Mike, why do you say Ron needs rehab? – [Group] Oh! (cheering) – First of all, I’m
having a kid in six weeks. When I like to drink,
I like to (beep) party. I didn’t make it my life. You made it your life. You let it affect your whole life. You let it destroy your life. So don’t sit here and say,
“I need (beep) rehab.” – Who said you needed rehab at this table? – You did, you did. – [Mike] When, when? – You’ve made it a point in the house. There’s a lotta history
between Ron and Mike and they’ve been having this
blow for blow clap back thing the whole vacation. We’re a family, we’re here. Let’s not leave with this
bull (beep) still here. Let’s air it out. – All right, number two, number two. – You made it in the point in the house– – [Mike] Wait, wait, wait. – That I just said yes,
I get crazy when I party, but it never affected my life, bro. You made it your life. You let it affect your whole life. You let it destroy your life. So don’t sit here and be like– – Destroy my life? – Yeah bro, look at you. You (beep) got a tax evasion. You almost lost everything
you (beep) earned. – Did you not call me– – Yes. – Two weeks before we came here? – [Ronnie] Yes, yes, yes. – And said you needed rehab? – No, I said I needed help. – Are you kidding me? – I said I needed help and
the baby coming my way– – You said you were going to
rehab when you leave here. – I said, “When I leave
here, I’m gonna do a rehab.” – You said you’re going to rehab. – My rehab’s different than your rehab. – Rehab is rehab. What are you in denial, bro? – You put people’s dirt out there. You had to bring it in the house. – Mike and Ronnie’s dynamic is crazy. They have this history and it’s bad. It was only a matter of time
before either Mike or Ronnie would lose their mind and it is happening. – Your (beep) is public. Your (beep) is real news. (beep) is on the papers. That’s why I talk about it. I don’t bring your dirt in the house. I don’t (beep) sweep your
name in the (beep) mud. I just say what facts are. – So you don’t go low in this house? You go the lowest. – [Ronnie] Of course, but it’s facts. I don’t have a problem, bro. I help myself. – You need help. – [Ronnie] You never helped yourself. – You need help. – Lauren helps you now. I take care of (beep) Jen. I take care of my kid and her (beep) kid. (beep) facts, end of the
(beep) story, bottom line. So don’t ever (beep) say I need help. – First of all, you’re coming
from a bad place right now. – No, I’m coming from a great place. – [Mike] Yes you are. – [Ronnie] Facts, bro. – We are all brothers and
sisters in this house. – We are brothers so that’s
why I can talk to this way– – And you do not need to
raise your voice like that. – I do because I get that you (beep), you’re four years (beep) sober or two and a half years sober. – Yes, yes, yes. – But I have partied with you before. Have we not? At 1OAK, we’ve partied before. – Yes. – So for you to sit here
and pass judgment on me on what I’ve done when I have full, well maybe half control of my life, and you’ve never had any control, is (beep) not what you’ve
learned in (beep) rehab. – I agree to disagree. – [Ronnie] That’s fine. – I agree to disagree. I agree to disagree. That’s all. (dramatic music) – Every time we get together,
I always get flashbacks of times we spent together in the past, and this dinner right now reminds me of one of
the first Sunday dinners we ever had at our first shore house. And there’s always some
tension at the table but it doesn’t matter during dinner. It all gets squashed. – I wanna apologize to all of you if I acted like a (beep) last night. – I appreciate that. – ‘Cause I’m laid back and– – Muah. – No matter what happened during the week, during Sunday dinner, we
come together and eat. The drama between Jenni and Angelina, I just want them to squash it so we can move past
this, put it behind us. (laughing) – You love me Paulie, just stop it. It’s him and her. (bell ringing) (group yelling) – Girl, what the (beep)? Total wrong way to go at
this entire situation. This is not what I told
you to do in the car. You have to sit down, have
a civilized conversation, and get down to the bottom of it. – I hate to leave you
guys, but I have to go DJ. – No you’re not. – Goodbye. – This is not the best time
to hash out the problem. – No, moving on. I don’t wanna talk to Angelina. I don’t need to talk to Angelina. I really wanted to enjoy this dinner. One nice glass of wine, maybe two, and have a good time. No, now I’m ready to kill this bitch over the table at dinner. How much do you commit to a lie? (bell ringing) (group yelling) – How much do you commit to a lie? – I don’t commit to (beep) (group yelling) – (beep) here we go. – I would be the same
way if I felt guilty too. It’s fine. (group yelling) (fast drum music) – I never tried to kiss your man, girl. – But you did, you did, you did. You did and then you wanna
lie about a nipple piercing and make it a big thing. You actually committed to that lie too. Fully committed–
– [Angelina] First of all– – [Jenni] Fully committed. – [Angelina] First of all, let
me just tell you something. – Do you have it pierced? – Hold on, yes I do. I don’t have to show you (beep). I’m not gonna show you my (beep) tit. It’s not this one, it’s this one. – All right Angelina, all right. – It’s so crazy how a pierced nipple just sparked World War
III over here, insane. – I’m not the one that’s
kissing other men, showing my vagina. – I would never kiss
somebody’s else (beep). I don’t even think your man’s hot. – Wait, see this is not what
we talked about in the car. – A pierced nipple started it. – I said we were gonna talk civil. – But she’s coming at me hot right now. – I’m not coming in hot. You’re the one that
pointed at me and said, “I have a problem with you and
I have a problem with you.” – I didn’t say, “Problem
with you,” I said, “Something with you and
something with you.” – Yes, you did. – What are you, (beep) stupid? – Oh! – Usually I’m the one getting
attacked in these situations. For once, I’m just sitting
there and I’m just like. – [Angelina] I’m not stupid. – You are stupid. You sit here and you
wanna disrespect your man by (beep) half my roommates. (dramatic music) No that’s fine, all of that is fine, but then you look at everyone like, “I don’t understand why I have problems “in my relationship. “I don’t understand why
Chris has such anger issues.” – Oh! – Here’s the reason, Angelina. Stop disrespecting your man. – I don’t disrespect my man. What about your (beep),
what about your divorce that (beep) happened. You don’t want us to
talk about your divorce. Relax and deal with
your own (beep) divorce. All I know is is that she’s a deflector. She deflects, she’s a hypocrite. She’s a (beep) bull (beep)
artist and she’s lying right now about me and her 24-year old
sperm bank donor boyfriend. Sorry, don’t want your man. (group yelling) (laughing) – Because I respect my kids
and I respect my ex-husband. – It has nothing to do with that. – That’s how you get a divorce, and you take note too, mother (beep). That’s how you– – (beep) would I take notes? – [Jenni] I don’t air my (beep) out. – (beep) would I take notes? How did I get involved? It’s like what? – ‘Cause you wanna be (beep) real (beep) at the (beep) dude ranch. – Me? – I’m a keep both of you the same. – Because you always talk
about his relationship and not your own. – All you guys do is talk about me. – Yes, because he (beep)
bitches in front of us in this (beep) house. He (beep)– – Bitches here in front of the house. – Jewish Barbie– – He didn’t (beep) her though. – Okay. – Somehow Ronnie gets dragged into it. Don’t drag Ronnie into this. That’s Jen’s job and
she’s not here right now. – Respect my (beep) divorce. – You guys didn’t respect me. So why would I do that? – ‘Cause you bring bitches in this house. – But her (beep) is out there too. That (beep) viral. It’s not like I made it up. I didn’t just sit there and
say, “Oh my God, Jenni– – You think we wanted to sit there and talk about your stuff? – No but you did. – Ron, you put your stuff out
in the public on your story. – What are you talking about? Everybody’s (beep) is out there. – [Snooki] It wasn’t at the time. – [Ronnie] It was out there. – [Snooki] No it wasn’t! – What the hell is going on? I’ve never been so confused in my life. – You was just being a dick
because you were deflecting on your own (beep). – What the (beep) deflect? How was I deflecting when
I was owning my (beep). – Secaucus, Secaucus
was owning your (beep)? – [Ronnie] I would do
anything to protect my family. – [Jenni] You got robbed. Oh someone stole my chain. – Unlike you, I would do
anything to protect my family. – Protect it right now. – That’s right, I (beep) lied. That’s right, I (beep) lied. That’s right, I (beep) lied for my family. That’s right, I lied for my (beep) family. – Unlike your daughter, they will not– – I will lie for my (beep) family every day of the week. Any day of the week. – I don’t even know what
is going on right now. The Meatballs are attacking Ronnie. Jenni’s slamming on the table. This has escalated into
so much personal (beep). This is out of control. – Now you’re trying to be grimy, bro. – Grimy, grimy?
(hand slamming) You wanna talk about (beep) grimy? (beep) respect my (beep) divorce, bitch. You said it, grimy. – You made up a lie about me
trying to kiss your boyfriend, but you wanna deflect ’cause your (beep) boyfriend grabbed me. – Okay. – Now you’re trying to be right. I will never be a true (beep). – Put that finger in my (beep) face. Put that (beep) finger
in my (beep) face again. – Okay, enough. – See what the (beep) happens. – Enough. – Stop, please stop. – I don’t (beep) bitch. Swear the (beep) you could. – Enough, enough. – Stop. – Oh. (chair slamming) – [Dina] You both need to relax. – How dare you. How (beep) dare you. – [Jenni] How does it feel? (hip hop music) – Who wastes wine like that? – Bro, they started picking
up a (beep) glass bottle. – All I know is, we’re very
passionate in this house. That’s what it is about Italians. Very passionate when we’re
trying to prove our point. They were trying to prove their point. – Yeah, she’s– – And I’m still confused. I don’t know what the (beep) went on. I wasn’t there. – [Jenni] How does it feel?
– You made a lie up about me trying to kiss your (beep) boyfriend. Your boyfriend is dick to me. I would never touch
him in a million years. – We’ll wait, we’ll wait. – (beep) you. – Did Angelina kiss Zack? Did he grab her ass? When you’re partying in Las Vegas, you never really know what happens. You’re trying to put the pieces together, but I do not think Angelina
would try to kiss Zack. I bet in a playful way she
may have joked about it, but I don’t think she’s that dumb to go behind Jenni’s back and
kiss her boyfriend, come on. – Don’t go at Ronnie. – How does it feel? – He’s the only one that
treated me with respect. – [Jenni] How does it feel? – What the (beep) are you talking about? (laughing) – Angelina, she’s like, “Jenny F you. “You said this, you said that.” And then Angelina’s
sticking up for Ronnie. She’s like, “I love this man.” – I actually like Ron. – What the hell, you’re
supposed to be yelling at Jenni. – He treats me like a person. – I guess everything
that needed to come out is coming out all at once. – I like you, but why
did you get involved? – Stop screaming at me. – [Angelina] But why did you get involved? – Stop screaming at me ’cause I don’t do– – ‘Cause she’s my best friend. (beep)

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