5 Removed Easter Eggs Never Meant To Be Found

Sometimes we can find an easter egg in a
game only to come back to it to find that it was completely removed. Either because of
censorship, it simply wasn’t meant to be found. Or even because of other much more
mysterious reasons. Today we’re diving into 5 Discovered Easter Eggs that
Curiously Ended Up Removed and Disappearing Never to See the Light of Day. Brought to you by Dashlane. Battlefield V. Although mysteriously removed easter eggs
are a fairly uncommon occurrence.. An especially baffling case went down
just last month in Battlefield V after a wild discovery was found by youtuber DannyonPC With the help of several of Danny’s
friends they found four mysterious plates atop four random ruins on the
game’s practice range. By getting all four friends to stand on all the plates
at the same time, they triggered an ominous noise with no linking as to what
it was at all. After a brief moment of confusion, one of Danny’s friends noticed
a hammer prompt on top of one of the towers and had this totally appropriate
reaction…. “Oh.
-“WHHAATTT!” “Challenge Accepted.”
-“What did you do?” “Challenge accepted…” At this point the easter egg
only became more and more bizarre as in true Fortnite fashion the players began
to build a series of staircases into the sky in seemingly random directions,
before realizing they had uncovered a complicated maze puzzle towards the
heavens that increased in several phases of difficulty the further that they
proceeded to climb. Along the way If you can imagine, things became even more
strange and intense as random mines would suddenly appear and disappear, obstacles would have to be blown out of the way And even aircrafts came flying
out of the sky to take down players! Eventually they figured out that some
players could focus on taking out the planes while others focused on building
and navigating the staircase puzzle further, and to make things even more
excruciating the stairs would slowly deteriorate over time behind the player,
meaning if they ran into a dead-end, they basically had to start all over.
-“Aw man.” Along the way they came across a number of puzzling discoveries including a pair of
headphones not particularly high in the air which they found would randomly
generate morse code… But usually only as a single letter or
digit which didn’t seem to mean anything to anyone.
Players continued to climb upward and onwards, uncovering more and more that
the perplexing easter egg had to offer. Eventually with some players getting
thousands of meters in the sky, striving to finally reach the puzzle’s ultimate
goal in the heavens, until finally… A patch was released and the easter egg was
completely removed… …and has not been seen since. A few days after, DannyonPC
reported that Dice had apparently never meant the egg to be found in the first
place, that its appearance was apparently the result of a bug… Okay. Evidently,
the staircase Easter Egg wasn’t actually complete and wasn’t intended to be found
the way that Danny uncovered. The larger speculation, however, is that Dice was
apparently dissatisfied at how quickly players were solving the egg and quickly
patched it out before players uncovered the staircases’ final secret. Weeks later,
players found if they were to destroy a random wall on the map, all the missing
plates could be found floating inside… Making things more confusing as if it
was just an attempt to remove the panels from the map, why weren’t they placed
under the map or in a location that wouldn’t be readily accessible or seen?
Players are still wondering what lied at the top of the mysterious staircases
in the sky, as well as whether or not if the easter egg ever actually returned to
the game; as for all we know the easter egg has been placed back in the game,
somewhere left to be found, just with harder to find conditions than ever
before. Whether or not we’ll actually find that easter egg now or ever know
what the staircase truly had in store for players to find… …is a mystery still left to the sky. Tower Unite. Previously, you may recall a recent mystery I
discussed in the Steam massive multiplayer game, Tower Unite, in my
video Strangest Areas Never Meant to be Found Part II, where players found a
mysterious tunnel floating out of bounds, underneath the game’s lobby, before it
was later patched out and moved to a harder to reach location. Well, it turns
out this hasn’t been the only instance of something weird as hell showing up
out of bounds in Tower Unite, as a much eerier, far more horrifying discovery was
made on the game’s original server, back when the game was still called GMTower.
I learned about this highly-confusing mystery when TheSimplePotato submitted
this video to me through my website oddheader.com
In the mysterious footage uploaded by a youtuber named Craig in 2015,
Craig managed to use a glitch to clip through the wall and out of bounds where
he found a mysterious and completely random bulletin board sitting in this
normally inaccessible spot. After apparently activating the board, the game
appears to teleport Craig to this unbelievably creepy environment. According to Craig, he was using Fraps at the time to capture the footage, which… I can attest to… as I’m sure many others can… Fraps was crap… Which may explain why
the software happened to crash on him just as he was catching whatever
mysterious figure lies around this corner… And after looking at it for some
time, I still have no idea what the hell that is… When Craig uploaded the video,
players found that Craig’s glitch DID work …but could not find the bulletin
board… Leading many to believe that discovery was a hoax… …which prompted Greg
to disable comments on his video after being harassed about the validity of the
discovery. However, what makes matters significantly more eerie in all of this,
is that after word got out about the mysteriously-vanished bulletin board on
the game’s forums, a number of players came forward saying that the bulletin
board DID indeed exist, reportedly only in Lobby 2’s first two days, with some
players even going as far as providing screenshot evidence of the bulletin
board in the same exact out of bounds spot, which was viewable by any player
who got high enough in the air. Given that a bulletin board has been confirmed
to have once exist in this out-of-bounds location in the game, players are still
confused why the bulletin board was removed, and if it really had such a
horrifying outcome when activated… With many suspicious why somebody would fake
something with such meticulous effort to no pay off. One possible explanation I
got from my friend doomdood from my discord, is that it may have been a
cancelled alternate reality game that would have led players off of the game
and into the real world searching for related clues. Is it possible this was
originally an easter egg or an alternate reality game that was cut after the
developers realized it was too dark for Tower’s world? Is the mysterious out of
bounds tunnel in Tower Unite somehow connected to the vanishing bulletin
board? And will we ever see a return of the incredibly dark environment that
Craig once found himself in? One thing’s for sure, there’s some pretty weird stuff
going on here for a game where you primarily play
putt-putt with your friends… Resistance: Fall of Man. There’s a few things about
this one I personally don’t understand. Thanks to a few commenters such as Laneface, John Oliver, and Jose Marante, I was told of an out-of-bounds mystery in the
original Resistance: Fall of Man. Apparently, if you were to get out of
Somerset and traverse an enormous route along the background of the environment, you
could find a random teddy bear sitting outside the map… which, unfortunately, I
only have this shoddy footage of.. More on that in a second. What made this teddy bear a particularly
confounding discovery at the time is that when Insomniac was asked about this by Shacknews.com They appeared to be
legitimately at a loss at how the teddy bear got there, with Insomniac’s chief
brand officer Ryan Schnieder stating: “I personally have no idea how that teddy
bear got there. I really don’t.” Further explaining that Insomniac spent an
enormous amount of energy and resources to discourage cheating and breaking out
of bounds in their games, even proposing that they were the first to ever develop
an online anti-cheat system for console, so he certainly wouldn’t expect anyone
to incentivize getting out of bounds and counteracting all their hard work with
something so pointless. The crazy thing for me is when I went to
find the teddy bear for myself for a cleaner capture, the teddy bear was
completely gone! I realized I had bought the Greatest Hits version and thought maybe it had been patched from later copies. Nope! Even after getting the
original version, it was still missing! I tried starting the game with internet
off, so nothing would patch in… Nothing! I even reformatted the whole system… Still nothing! No idea how Insomniac got rid of this thing so well! My only guess is that there was a security exploit involving this game that made Sony
introduce a firmware update into the ps3 at a certain point. It makes me think
Insomniac could have been involved with that update and maybe they went ahead
and annihilated the bear as well. Damn, they really hated that guy. Tekken 3. Players diving through the files on the arcade version of Tekken 3, found assets
relating to a character called Sake which when hacked into the game would
appear as Yoshimitsu with Jin’s moveset. While the removed character was
a mystery for a long time, when questioned about this in an interview by
Retro Gamer, game producer Katshuiro Harada revealed originally Kuma was
planned to have a giant salmon as a weapon, and that Saki was originally said
fish as a secret character in the game… ..who would only flop on the ground no
matter what button the player pressed when played as! The reason it was removed
was because it was dumb as [bleep]. The developers quickly realized as an arcade
game if anybody paid any money and ended up having to play as a fish that
literally just flopped on the ground… They’d likely be pissed! Needless to say… I think they made the right call on that one. Devotion. In probably the most
unusual example of the year, US players were confused how the seemingly solid
first-person horror game Devotion was suddenly met with an overwhelming influx
of angry reviews days after release. Turned out it was because this random
scroll on the wall in the game actually hid an easter egg message in Chinese and
Taiwanese characters, apparently calling current Chinese President Xi Jingping… Winnie the Pooh! ..as well as calling his mother a moron! Ouch! The Winnie the Pooh reference
originates from these mostly light-hearted memes comparing China’s
president to Winnie the Pooh in similar stature, which President Xi apparently
found so unfunny that he banned the recent Winnie the Pooh movie from
Chinese cinemas and press photos for Kingdom Hearts 3 had to appear like this
in Chinese media! Taiwanese developer Red Candle Games claim that the easter egg was actually a mistaken placeholder art asset from an unfinished part of the
game that got left in the final build. Hmph. That seems to be a common theme on this
channel. In response they quickly patched the offensive scroll out with a generic
Happy New Year’s message. However, many Chinese players weren’t buying it, as
dataminers who scoured through the game found many additional Chinese mocking
messages, such as the fact that the game’s cult was referenced in the files
as China, and the cult’s leader was referenced in the files as the People’s
Republic of China. Yeah, there’s no getting around that one.
Six days after Devotion’s release on February 25th, Red Candle Games removed
the game from steam to assure that no other hidden messages still remained in
the game. Then just last month in July, Red Candle announced that they had no
plans to re-release Devotion in the near term, but would reconsider rereleasing it
if the public would be willing to view this game rationally. And while it seems
completely ridiculous that so many Chinese players have
come to the defense of their president looking like Winnie the Pooh, some
players have pointed out that Steam never gained official approval to
operate in China, even though it already has over 30 million users, which meant
that many Chinese players likely saw Red Candle’s Winnie the Pooh easter egg as
baiting a potential government threat to China’s Steam access altogether, which
would have actually been quite a heavy price for China to pay for such a little
easter egg… Which we all know… Wouldn’t have been pretty. But in my personal opinion, I think Xi Jingping might have to grow a pair and learn how to take a joke. I mean, dude, let’s be honest.
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