5th Birthday on the London Stage | Billy Elliot The Musical

Welcome to the Victoria Palace, my name’s Stephen Daldry, I’m the Director of Billy Elliot and I want to welcome you all here on our 5th birthday party, how great is that? [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] To be frank, when we first started performing
the show exactly five years ago tonight, I really didn’t think we’d get through the end
of the week. The fact that we’re here five years later
is pretty astonishing. 4.5million people have seen the show around
the world. 40 children have played the part of Billy
worldwide, 22 of them in the United Kingdom. All the children who’ve played Billy in the
United Kingdom have all gathered here tonight, [APPLAUSE] I know! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] We’ve sort of done a little, finale mega mix
of all the Billys which, a sort of mash-up would you say? A mash-up of all the older
and the younger Billys and a couple of Billys who’ve just started rehearsals. All Billys on stage please, for the final
line-up. One. Two. Three. Four. [‘SOLIDARITY’ PLAYS] Solidarity, solidarity,
Solidarity forever We’re proud to be working class
Solidarity forever. Solidarity, solidarity,
Solidarity forever We’re proud to be working class
Solidarity forever. It’s been an amazing journey, and seems to
continue on and on, and we’re thrilled. So happy. It’s going to be an incredibly emotional,
but happy emotional, night. It’s like 13 years ago when I first came up
with the idea and the thought that we’d be here tonight is just unbelievable. Never written a song before in his life, and
he said, “Who’s going to write the lyrics?” I said, “You are. This is your baby, you write
the lyrics.” And you know what, I didn’t have to alter
one of the lyrics on any of the songs, they were that good, so I think that’s an amazing
thing for him to have done, so… [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] It was very emotional, I mean I did shed a
tear when I saw the three original Billys come onstage. I mean I remember them as young kids and now look at them. It just brought back so many memories and
how great this show… its like a big family. You must be so proud. [CHEERS] [AUDIENCE SINGS] Happy Birthday, to you! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]


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