7 Movie Theatrical Trailer | Rahman | Havish | Nandita Swetha | Anisha Ambrose | Regina Cassandra

The police is on manhunt for Karthik who
cheated women on the pretext of love and marriage I think I’m in love with you Karthik. Sir, he is not Karthik.
He is Krishnamurthy. Perhaps, there is another
guy just like Karthik. [siren] After all these years,
we found some information about him. This guy and I are friends
since childhood, sir. Sir, just like Benjamin Button’s case, old man Krishnamurthy might have
turned as young guy and doing these things. [tyres screech] [thunders rumble] I kidnapped her.
Save her if you can. No, Swamy. Something is missing. [tyres screech] [gun fires] One minute… One
minute… Wait for a minute. Shall I tell what happened
with your life after that? Shh…


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