7 Tattoos Full Of Family Drama ๐Ÿ˜ณ Ranked: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

– You’re always runnin’
this blood is thicker than water (bleep). And this is what the
(bleep) you pulled on me? (beep) Your door handle, (beep) your car. I’m done with that. – [Group] Three, two, one. (laughing) – [Man] What is that? – [Man] Oh my god – Oh. (upbeat music) Your boy got milk and nipples coming out of his ass. (laughing) – Dog, what does that say? Feed me. You bitch ass. This fool put two
nipples on my (beep) ass. – [Woman] With milk coming out. – It’s awful, do you like it? – I’m actually not that mad. – He likes it. Oh my god! (laughing) Those are titties. – Spencer, will you
please explain this to us? – This is a reminder
from whenever he hooked up with a girl and he was sucking the milk from her boobs. (laughing) – Hopefully, that will
make him take a moment to act a little better in the future. – Bruh, really? You sitting here crying over a man fish and you got this (beep) on my arm? Is it a condom? Am I tripping? – It’s a condom. (dramatic music) – You’re really gonna
put a condom on my arm? Really that’s (beep) really? This is fucked up. – [Woman] It’s not even that bad. – [Woman In Orange Vest]
It got veins on it, bruh. – Oh there’s some balls
with some hair right there. – She really drew a dick on
my arm, like what the (beep). – [Nicole] You wanna tell
her the meaning of it? – Pregnancy scares and all that, I need you to be careful, I
need you to use protection, I need you to be safe. – [Nicole] Was there more than one scare? – Yeah, there’s a couple – I can’t discredit that. This (beep) creative but it’s (beep) up. – [Nicole] I feel like
you both learned a lesson, you learned to not talk to catfishes, you learned to use protection. You’re both looking out
for each other, really. – What’s gonna happen
when you leave here today? – [Nicole] Are you guys still sisters? – I (beep) hate you, bitch. – We’ve done a lot of (beep) up stuff to each other but I
learned my lesson from it. – Me too. – Love you. – Give me a hug. – I just didn’t think I
was gonna walk out of here with a penis on my shoulder,
that’s all I’m saying. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Let’s see. Wait a minute. Nah, I’m not (beep) with this. This is bull (beep). Wait a minute. (laughing) Wait, wait, wait Nah, like really your face? And then you’re little pissy ass handle, (beep) that god damn handle. (laughing) – You can’t take off your shirt anymore. – I’m pissed the (beep) off. The fact that she put
her own face on my body. You’re always runnin’
this blood is thicker than water (bleep). And this is what the
(bleep) you pull on me? (beep) Your door handle (beep) Your car. I’m done with that (beep). No, like, (beep) and y’all
let her do this (beep) to me. – I didn’t. – Nicole. – Bitch, I’m just a host. – This (beep) right here, no. Nah I’m not (beep) with this. – [Nico] Can we get the story
behind this tattoo please. – Run the (beep) story. – Bahiyud decides to get pissy
ass drunk and wants to fight, and he ripped off my door handle. – And why did I want to fight? ‘Cause she’s running her (beep) mouth. – He hasn’t paid up, he
hasn’t tried to pay up. So (beep) what happens. – I can not believe she did this (beep). Would your own family do
this type of (beep) to you? – I mean, my family’s a little crazy. – I think I finally got the
last word and I won this. He shouldn’t have (beep) with me. – He’s pissed. – Can we sit on this
red couch for a second? – I would rather stand
here, you can sit here if you have to. I don’t, I have no (beep)
words for her right now. – Taking off the shades. (suspenseful music) What the (beep)? No, there’s boobs on my back. – It’s a good thing. – No, this is not a good thing. This is (beep) up. This is a detailed portrait of some (beep) boobs on my god damn back. – I know that is like high quality. – No girl, what the (beep), no. Somebody is gonna see
that (beep) and be like what the (beep) were you going through when you got some (beep)
boobs on your (beep), like. – Why did you put boobs on her back? – Jaz has always been, you
know, kind of flat-chested and I know she probably wish she had more. I gave her more. – On my back? – On your back. (laughing) – What is my momma gonna say? – What’s dad gonna say? (laughing) – [Jeremy] (beep) Me – Your wife told me you have
a little (beep), (beep) you. – Where is it? (screams) – For real. – He’s scrappier, for sure. – Go (beep) yourself,
dude that’s (beep) up. – And the condom on my chest isn’t? – You deserve that (beep) mother (beep). – [Nico] We need you guys to come back so we can continue this conversation. – [Cameron] You son of a bitch. – I didn’t say it, I
just relayed the message. – [Justina] Let’s back it
up, tell us what happened? – Jeremy’s wife let it
slip that their sex life isn’t what it should
be and then she told me you have a little (beep). So I gave her a tool to help her find it. – Last I heard, you have
the (beep) baby (beep). – Where did mine come from? You. Where did yours come from? Your wife. So yours has a little bit
more creditability than mine. – Was it like a deflection,
like you actually had small (beep) so you were
putting the attribute on him? – No, I mean honestly, two
kids don’t come from nothing. – We’re not saying your
(beep) doesn’t work. – It’s hereditary is what we’re saying, it runs in the family. (laughing) – The condom on my chest is
bigger than his (beep) so. – Really? – You all really care a lot
about each other’s (beep). – Okay get the (beep) out of here. And don’t fight in the hallways. – Lexie, what’s the worst
thing you think it can be? – Something to do with an example. (upbeat music) – It does have to do with why your ex broke up with you so. – Oh. – Bitch, what. (suspenseful music) – Are you deadass? (upbeat music) (laughing) Like what is that? – [Leicina] It’s a skunk with it’s ass out spraying it’s odor, saying sweaty Lexie. – Leicina like really? – This a permanent reminder of why your ex broke up with you. – [Nico] Is this the
reason that your boyfriend broke up with you? – Not that I know of. – Honey. – Honey, that’s why I asked him. He said who wants to have sex with someone who’s armpits sweat? (laughing) – Just know I did this out of love. – Really. – It’s a constant reminder to, you know, clean it up sometimes. – Yeah, it’s a constant reminder
that he broke up with me. We’ll see what yours is
a constant reminder of. – Oh my (beep) gosh. (suspenseful music) What the (beep) is this? Oh my god. This is crazy. What the (beep) were you thinking? – That’s the secret that
I wanted to tell you. That’s the demon semen – Why? – Your baby momma is the devil. She evil, bro. – [Daevian] What the. – And that baby you’re
having, that’s the demon baby – This is really on me right now, forever. – It’s permanent. – And like, how am I
supposed to cover this up? – You’re not, you can’t cover the baby up. – So this is the way
you decided to tell him that she was evil? – [Daevian] By making me
give birth to the devil. – [Jillian] Yeah. – God damn, your penis is gonna look like it’s the devil baby’s penis. – [Jillian] It basically is. – [Daevian] Definitely mad right now. She’s lucky there’s cameras rolling. Oh my god. – You had no idea she hated her this much? – She’s literally the devil in human form. – But if he’s your brother, like wouldn’t you want the
situation to get better? – It is gonna get better, because now he’s aware of her evilness. – So, how are you guys leaving today? – [Daevian] We’re enemies.


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