96 | Kaathalae Kaathalae Video Song | Vijay Sethupathi, Trisha | Govind Vasantha | C. Prem Kumar

S.Janaki Devi? Someone called K.Ramachandran
is waiting for you. What happened after
that, is something, which I yearned, that it would happen
in my dreams atleast. My Ram, had come in search of me. In one second my
world had changed. The minute I heard
K.Ramachandran’s name, my entire being shook! I couldn’t even walk, but, I was running. ” Hey!” “Come to me my entirety!!!” ” You …” ” Are my soothing seven musical notes…” ” My Five great elements… ” ” My heart is brimming!!!” ” Whatever I see …” ” Is love…” I was seeing him
after three years. The school boy face had gone. A Lion of a man, with a beard
and a moustache, was at the gates!!! For me. For Janu. But, I had by hearted certain questions, which I desparately wanted to
ask the day I see him. But… Janu! ” Love… Love…” ” Is the biggest lonely companion!” “Come with me…
Come with me…” ” That is more than enough.” ” Love… Love…” ” Till the end of life…” ” Lets travel…”
” Come with me.!!!” Okay, enough of listening to stories.
It’s getting late. You people should leave.
Leave…leave…leave… Hey! come here.


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