A Bad Family | 나쁜 가족들 [KBS Drama Special / 2017.11.01]

Dad. Then Minguk isn’t a soldier anymore? Nana, listen carefully. Your brother is going through some tough time right now. So our family has to get together and overcome this, okay? Are you two getting a divorce? No. Why not? Because we love each other. Why do you love each other? Because we married each other. We are a couple. Why did you marry each other? To raise you and your older brother well. Why do you have to raise us well? Because we are parents. Why do parents have to do that? That’s enough. Stop it, Nana. Mom’s tired. Nana, the thing is… Watch your head. Minguk, does it hurt? You’ll get better soon. Minguk, you shouldn’t get sick or hurt. Mom, that’s enough. I can’t even say what I want to my own grandson? After your father’s death, you know how hard it was for me to keep the family together. My dear puppy… Is this the right way? Yes. We came this way earlier. Really? I said I’m right. (A Bad Family) (6 years later) (Korean literature, Kim Nana) Have you heard of this? People in 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranks will order chickens. Those in the next three ranks will fry chickens and those in the last three ranks will deliver chickens. I made it but it’s a really wise saying. Kim Nana. Who should you become out of those three? I don’t like chicken. If you were my daughter, I would’ve beaten you up to knock some sense into you. Don’t you feel sorry for your parents? I don’t. Goodness, Nana… You are a senior. All of a sudden, why are you… If you drop out now, you’ll be a middle school graduate. I know. You know but… It’s bad only for you to not go to college. You need to go to college to get a job and you need a job to make a living. Right? I see… You are too young. Okay, that’s why you don’t understand. Well, if you don’t have money you can’t do what you want to do and you can’t eat what you want. So you can’t be happy. Your parents will be very upset if they find out about this. Don’t you think? He already said yes. My dad. What? What does your father do? It must be tough, sir. Geez… Jeongguk. Isn’t your daughter a senior in high school? Is she? Already? Time really does fly… I heard she’s really smart. You should hang in there as the head of your family until she graduates from university. You shouldn’t be doing this. Then let me ask you a question. Just because I joined the trade union how could you send an office clerk to do laundry? If you go on strike and go against the company you will never be able to come back. You should be thankful that you didn’t get fired. Think of you family. If your family is a country you’re the president, you punk. I’m saying this because I’m really worried about your family as a father. Hey, let go of me! I’m here as an employee of a company not as a head of a family. Don’t talk about family and go off topic. Don’t dirty my family’s name! – Let go! / – Corruptive management should step down! Step down! Hello, is this Nana’s father? – Hey, let go! / – I’m… Hello? I’m Nana’s homeroom teacher! What? What did you say? I’m Nana’s… Yes. Yes, hello. Well, the thing is… – Nana wants to drop out… / – Drip? Drip? No… Drop out… Drop out? Yes, you didn’t know about it, right? Why would you talk to me about that? You should talk to her. Pardon? Stay still, you brat. – Wait, sir… / – Sorry, I’m busy. Good-bye! – Hey! / – Hello? Wait! Your daughter wants to drop out… Corruptive management should step down! Okay, then your mother… She should know. She’s your mom. (Try now!) (Good-bye, urinary incontinence) Park Myeonghwa applied for Busan branch sub-manager position. She must be crazy. What about her husband and kids? You sent it to me. I’m sorry, ma’am. Oh… Your brother goes to SNU Law? Wow… I see. That’s why you got such good grades. Then your brother must’ve graduated and is working by now. He dropped out. He did? Why? Just… Some things happened in the army. Oh, how old are your parents? 46, 40… Wait. Your brother is 26 years old. This must be a typo. It’s correct. They had a shotgun wedding. I see… (Definitely need to consult her parents) Okay, then you should get… Your parents’ signatures… Huh? Get their signatures… Hey! She’s odd. Very odd. God, I don’t want to do this. Just come. Let’s have a drink at a nice place. Fine. Wait. Don’t tell me yet. Let me guess. 38 years old? Oh, 37? Do you have a boyfriend? Boyfriend… No. Chicken’s here. I told you to come through the back door. It’s $20. What’s your name? Park Myeonghwa. Don’t dirty my family! Wow. But you did hesitate a little, right? In fact, you are the head of your family. The head… Do you have to be the head? His wife doesn’t know. Really? What if she knows? You think I can’t do this? Well, he does have a backup. His son goes to Seoul National University. – He goes to law school. / – Wow. Law school! Hey, hey. Let’s get back to the topic. Let’s hang in there until the day of our strike! – Let’s fight! / – Fight! Stop playing with the motorcycle. Chicken delivery! You’ll get kicked out of your house. That’s what I want. You have nice parents. What’s wrong with you? Hey. Do you think I’m acting this way because I wasn’t loved by my parents? Do you think I like you to rebel against my parents? Isn’t that it? I don’t care about my family. I’m just… Following my heart. Me liking you isn’t a deviation. It isn’t bad. Isn’t it so funny? He kept asking me to have another drink. It was so hard to leave him behind. Oh, my. Are you crazy? What? It’s not like I’m really going to have an affair. You shouldn’t be drinking with a man at this hour. You’re a mom. Do you know how it feels to marry a person you slept with for the first time? Hey, what are you saying? Crazy woman… I want to sleep with another man just once in my life. When should we do it? Arouse me with just a sentence. It’s the end if you fail. Gosh, you shocked me. Did you drink again? Gosh! Kim Nana! You aren’t going to eat, right? No. Hey, what were you doing until now? Why haven’t you eaten? If I don’t eat, you’ll be eating alone. I’m your favorite food. What are you going to do? Eat up. Eat. You aren’t going to eat, right? Jeongguk. Have you seen me eat anything at this hour? I will hold myself back and when I really want to eat it… Mom! Oh, what brings you here all of a sudden? All of a sudden? I came to spend some nice time with my family. Oh, my. Kim Nana! Gosh, she’s here again. Was my visit too abrupt? – Please excuse me… / – Yes. It’s almost Chuseok but we have very sad news. A senior in 80s who was living alone was found dead by his neighbor, a month after his death. Oh, my goodness. What were his children doing? He might not have children. It’s very sad as he had been living in solitude for a long time without any children. It would’ve been nice if he had a child. Many people die like that even if they have children. Kim Nana. Nana, you are truly blessed. Your parents aren’t divorced. Your diligent father gets monthly salary. I never asked them to give birth to me. What? You see, I wasn’t born because I wanted to. Why do I have to be thankful and listen to them? Let’s pray, everyone. Dear Father, please help our family to be happy just as we are now and thank you so much that I was able to have my 70th birthday party at a hotel thanks to my son. My dear Nana. Please help her get into a mid-upper level college in Seoul. And please help the price of our house to not fall, and rise incredibly during this government . Amen. Grandma, when are you going home? Guys. Can I move in here? – It will be tough for you… / – You don’t need to… Mom, look at this. Nana wants to drop out of school. Hey, Minguk! Are you crazy? What are you doing? Give my money back. Kim Nana, what is this? (You don’t need to know) That’s why you were beaten up in the army. Hey, hey! Hey! Oh, no. That brat. Mom. Are you okay, Myeonghwa? Kim Nana! Hey, stop right there! Nana! Get on! How dare you! Let go! Let go! You can’t go! – Get off! / Let go! – Hey! / – Where are you going? Let go of me! Hey, are you insane? Drop out of school? Let go of my hair! – Hey, let go! / – You let go! – Let go of me! / – You brat. Let go! Are you okay? Hey, Kim Nana! Help him up. Kim Nana. Stop right there. What’s wrong? I’m her mom. We will take care of it. Just go… What’s going on? How embarrassing. What? Domestic violence? There was no problem. She did hit her child. You are the weird one. You should, when she doesn’t listen to you. Hey, where did you get the money? It’s my pocket money, money for textbooks and academy. And from Eunsu’s part-time job. Your residence is unclear. Where are you parents? I don’t know. What were you two trying to do with that money? I want to leave the house. I saved that up to live on my own. Happy now? With him? You didn’t… Sleep together? Dad. Dad… Sir. Calm down. I’m sorry. What should we do for you? What do you want? Let us get back our money back. It’s our money. In our point of view, she did what she was supposed to do as a parent. So you can’t do that? Why? It’s our money. Be precise. It’s my money. All of your money comes from my wallet! How could you hang out with a guy like that who doesn’t even have parents? No, what I meant was… You don’t have parents either! Is that why… You are cheating on dad? You were texting each other. Some vulgar and rude texts. Hey, Kim Nana! How could make such a lie? (Delete this message?) Yes, you must’ve been mistaken. Oh, that must be her school teacher. I’m Nana’s dad. We talked on the phone earlier today. Oh, then are you… Married to that woman? Yes. Hey! Umm… I will keep my mouth shut. For the sake of you two. But… Nana… – Nana… / – No. Forget her. Give the money to me. Is that why you are seeing Nana? Then what other reason must I have? Isn’t she your first love or something? Just give me the money. I need to get to work. Okay. Geez. I will see you at school tomorrow. Nana’s mother. Yes, Nana’s teacher. No cell phone, no pocket money. And no freedom for a while. Give Eunsu’s money back to him. Do you know… Forget him. – Let go! / I’m Nana’s homeroom teacher. Geez, that punk. With his student’s parent… Nana. Is your teacher married? No. He’s so unprofessional. Why isn’t he married yet? He looked fine. Does he have a weird taste? I’m so tired. As far as I can remember… You didn’t come, not even once, after she became a senior. Yes. I’m very busy with work. Well, as her mother… I think you should play more part for Nana. Then Nana will be able to return to her place soon. Life and ethics… It’s totally the opposite of your life. Pardon? It’s nothing. What’s wrong with you? He didn’t do anything wrong. I explained it to you. Umm… I know I’m being rude… But are you really Nana’s birth mother? I’m sorry. It’s quite often these days. You could be remarried and she could be adopted. Did I seem that strange, that I didn’t seem like her real mom? You are strange even in my eyes. I am. I am her birth mother. Just quit school. You should take care of your own life. Okay. Nana! You go home first. She’s smart but she’s just a child. You can’t just let her be. I think it’s child abuse to control your children’s lives. I’m so sick of it from my mom. You don’t know because you didn’t experience it but I don’t want my children to suffer the same thing I suffered. Will you not regret it if her life gets ruined? Park Myeonghwa. Why are you acting like her mom all of a sudden? Well, you should act like her dad. Pay attention to our kids as much as you do to the trade union! How did you know? No, no. What does that have to do with this? It’s your fault that Minguk became like that. Why is that my fault? It’s your fault! You just let my mom be obsessed with Minguk and spoil him. Why? Because it was comfortable for you! What about you? You didn’t stop your mother from doing that! You lived the way you wanted! It’s my fault and mistake to marry you and have kids with you. Then should we get a divorce? A divorce? Fine. Let’s go get divorced. My son! You must be hungry! I will make you a nice dinner. I got some delicious stuff. Have some mandarins before. What are you doing, my dear Nana? Honey. What do you want to eat? Anything that you want to eat. No, tell me what you want to eat. Then, shall we cook together? What’s wrong with them? I’m getting goose bumps. Dad told me to get a cake. He said today is a special day. Oh, right. Let’s celebrate it among ourselves. That day… Mom, mom… Mom, happy birthday. Dad. (Happy wedding anniversary) Thanks, honey. I should thank you. Thank you for marrying me. I love you. Me too, honey. Let’s take a picture. Dad. Kiss mom or something. Hey, your grandma’s here. It’s alright. I’m not so square. – Kiss her. / – Kiss her. Hurry! – Kiss her. / – Stop. – Kiss her. / – Stop it. Oh, Minguk. I’m looking for your job position. Let’s have the cake. Oh, gosh! What are you doing? We decided to try our best. Trying won’t work. Let’s not do this. We are family. Yeah, this is wrong. Kim Jeongguk. Stop pretending you’re asleep and listen carefully. To be honest, I’m scared. That Nana’s acting like that because of me. She was born because of me. I can’t just let her take the wrong path. Let’s just get her to graduate. Okay? You are taking a leave of absence? You will get a position in Busan soon. That’s a shame. It’s okay. I didn’t want to take that position anyway. Good thinking. Your family is most important. (Resume) A person like you is asking me for a favor… Corruption really is something, isn’t it? Should I get you your position… – Back or not? Back or not? / – Thanks… Hello, this is the Empire Hotel. Please check the banner for the party. Let’s save up some money again. Get me a high-paying part-time job. You? My parents became even stranger. I think I’m going to go crazy if I stay there any longer. Please cooperate. Minguk, are you working properly? Dad, do I have to do this? The seniors are scary. It feels like I’m in the army again. Hey. Don’t you feel sorry to mooch off your parents? It’s been like that forever. You just need to lay another spoon on the table. Can’t I just stay home? Please? Hey, Kim Minguk! When will you grow up? Dad. Dad, what’s wrong with you? Why did you suddenly change your voice? Hey, SNU dropout. Are you peeing? That strike is making things chaotic. The person who just left… Wasn’t he the union leader? He was sent to do laundry but he quit the union and got his position back. People talk trash about him because of that. When will it end? (Trade union chat room) Let’s have a toast for Manager Kim! – Cheers! / – Cheers! – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! Yes, director. Manager Kim is right here. Dad. Where are you going? Where do you think? We are going home! If you need money, you should’ve told me! Where are you going? I can give you more money. Hey, what’s your parent’s phone number? Sir… What? I have my reasons that I can’t tell but can you let me go just this once? You played with a girl who’s young enough to be your daughter. How shameless. It’s not that… Just stay put. – Hello? / – Hello, sir? Yes, you must be having a tough day. Over here… I’m her father. I see you very often. Yes… People from the Office of Child and Youth Protection will be here soon to investigate. What? Why? All of you need to be consulted and investigated. Just take him. We didn’t do anything wrong. Kim Jeongguk, you! No, the thing is… Hey! I was there to do well in the company! It wasn’t for myself! Dad, please get a grip. You are the one who should get a grip! This is all your fault! Do you know why your mom and I’m still living together? It’s because of you. No one will take in a brat like you! How could you say that to me? Don’t even call me dad. Call me father from now on. I won’t be soft on you. I will beat you if I have to, if that makes you grow up. I warned you! Kim Nana! This is all your fault. Don’t you feel anything? What did I do? If you didn’t touch that money, this wouldn’t have happened. Do you think you make any sense? I’m an adult next year. What’s wrong with living with him? You got married when you were 18. Is it that difficult to just go to school and go to college? All the other kids do that. Why is it so hard for you guys? Do you regret having us? You do. Yes, if it weren’t for you, my life would’ve been so much better. Leave us now then. You don’t love us anyway. You’ve been that way all this time and why are you suddenly being so nosy? Eunsu took money from me, promising that he won’t see you anymore. I know. You know? If you want to be loved, be a person who’s worth to be loved. The only people who will love a brat like you, are only the likes of you. Got that? They say those who aren’t loved tend to be more promiscuous. That’s why you had Minguk. Am I wrong? Hey. Let’s change seats. You shouldn’t have driven in the first place! I only had a half glass. But just in case. Hurry. Don’t just stick your head out! Go this way! Geez! Go back! One person should go front! They are moving! Hurry. Hurry up. Go front, so I can go this way! Gosh! Wait. Wait, my leg! Gosh, hurry. He saw us already. Don’t come back! Just stay still. He won’t know. What are you doing, sir? Oh, the seat was too cold so… Sir, get off the car. Do I have to? Okay. Get off. I’ll be back. – Please blow into this. / – You must be tired. – Please blow. / – Yes. Try again. Blow for 5 seconds. – Park Myeonghwa! / – Sir. Blow. – Park Myeonghwa! / – What’s wrong with you, sir? Park Myeonghwa! That wench. What are you doing here? You called me. I have… I have no right to be a mom. Yes, I have no right to be a teacher but I go to school every day and teach them. At least you get money out of it. Being a mom… Doesn’t give you anything. Genes? Prosperity? I was 18 when I gave birth to Minguk. I was younger than Nana. I wasn’t confident enough to be a good mom. There were many things I wanted to do. Why did my life end up like this? Park Myeonghwa as a mom and Park Myeonghwa as myself are both gone! – How did this… / – It’s alright. You can do better from now on. No… I don’t need anything. I need nothing. Do you want to sleep with me? How could you sleep with me just because I said so? You should’ve got a hold of yourself! What’s wrong with it? Nana is graduating soon. We won’t get caught. That’d be unfortunate. You must be insane. You said that to me yesterday. Don’t worry. I’m not crazy. I want to keep my job. Gosh… I will pay for the laundry… It’s fine. That’s why I told you to go home! Why are we here? You took me here. I want to check out. Step down! Let go! Ma’am. Hold on, ma’am. Let go! Please hurry up. I’m sorry, ma’am. Myeonghwa… I don’t like fighting. Mom! Park Myeonghwa! Myeonghwa. Why are you… (Kang Yeongsun’s birthday party) Were you waiting here? – How thoughtful… / – Teacher. You’re checking out, right? You can do it now, Ms. Park Myeonghwa. Hello, sir. Wow. Jeongguk. Where should we go? Yes? You should show us the way. My guests are standing here, waiting. What a nice hotel. Your son goes to such a nice company. Yes. Why did your mom come here out of all places? Did you get her the room? Did you? You must look after your mom. You’re so handsome. Corruptive management should step down! Stop destroying the union! Corruptive management should step down! Stop destroying the union! Corruptive management should step down! Stop destroying the union! Corruptive management should step down! Stop destroying the union! Get him! Stop destroying the union! Dad, we are ruined anyway. Do what you want! We are ruined anyway! Do what you want, dad! Hey, Jeongguk. Can’t you take care of your own son? Your wife and kids are going crazy because you aren’t a good family head! What are you going to do with that brat? Manager Park. Do you even know what going crazy means? Don’t dirty my family’s name! Corruptive management should step down! Let’s protect our union! Corruptive management should step down! Let’s protect our union! Corruptive management should step down! Corruptive management should step down! Aren’t you getting a divorce? No. Why not? Because you love each other? We are so sorry to you guys. I’m sorry that we are like this. But being a parent doesn’t mean that you are an adult. I never imagined that I would get married to your mom. And even kids… Not just one, but two. Well, Minguk, I understand. But Nana… You are a real mystery. I don’t remember when, how and why… You were made… It’s the day of our wedding anniversary. We were crazy. We didn’t do it that day. We did. Do you have to talk about that in front of us? Geez! Anyway, somehow we came this far. I thought I would change after getting married and having children. But that wasn’t it. People don’t change that easily. We had no choice. You were already there and born. I couldn’t put you back into my belly. Yes. There’s no turning back in life. So I just tried my best. But… But I keep making mistakes. I’m sorry. I should’ve used protection. Don’t say that! You don’t have to be sorry. – What? / – What? You don’t have to be sorry. Let’s go. Let’s just go home. Will you be okay without me? I’m so worried. Don’t lie. Are you happy to live alone in Busan? Not at all. Are you happy to go on strike? Mom. Wait for me. Perfect timing. What’s this? Dropout? Are you proud to be a dropout? Well, I can’t lie. That’s true. What’s going on? Why are you still here? Wow, look at your bag. Nana, you have to call me at least once a day. Okay. You said it so many times. Nana, what’s the purpose of your trip? Just wandering? Well, come to Busan one day. I will see. Wait for me. – Bye. / – Bye. (Lee Junhyeok, Shin Eungyeong) (Hong Seoyoung, Song Jiho, Baek Suryeon) (Park Sunghun) (Jang Dongju) (A Bad Family)


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