A Corner | 모퉁이 [2012 Drama Special / ENG / 2012.10.14]

What’s this? (Notice for Termination of Gas Services) I’m 71 years old. This life is over if you cut it. But the warm sunshine makes me want to live. (Due to inablity to get along with friends, shows signs of bieng socially withdrawn) I’m 17 years old. If life had all the answers like an exam, I should have turned in a blank answer sheet. (Around the corner) – Good job. / – Thank you. Work hard. Your water tastes the best. You serve yourself. You give all the men water. Go. That’s strange. You give out water to only the male employees, but include me as well. You like me, don’t you? Because of your good looks I’m doing you a favor. Not good-looking, but pretty. No mirrors at home? How do you say it? Right, “pretty-boy”. If you were born a guy, you’d make lots of women cry. Serve yourself. Excuse me, ma’am. Here’s dessert as thanks for the water. But the basic living payment won’t be paid. Why? You said I’ll get paid. You said to wait. The procedure’s complicated, and there’s lots to investigate. Finding your son is the priority. You really don’t know where your son is? I’m troubling you, aren’t I? You guys must be cold. I wonder if it’s going to snow. Stay warm so you don’t catch a cold. Tomorrow’s laundry day, so bring your laundry to the Welfare Center. Wait. What did you say to bring? Ms. Lee Yeongae was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s through screening. She understands situations, but she forgets names. She talks less than usual, and exhibits more frequent impulsive behavior. Let’s hope it doesn’t get worse. Luckily, she can manage her daily life. We should check on her weekly like we’re doing now. Okay. The students’ volunteering starts next week, right? Yes. Oh, right. I heard one of them is really handsome. Go buy shoes first. The teacher couldn’t go home because of me. Just go in. Did you hit him? You hit him? I was beaten. You have money to burn, but giving out settlements is wasteful? I mean, don’t get involved. Just give them the money, and don’t get mixed up with them. We don’t have to pay them, so do you want to eat out instead? I have to go to work, I have a conference. Mom. Why did you have me? I’m sorry about that. Hey, Choi Dongha. Hello, how may I help you? His name is Kim Jeonghwan. Born in 1971, the year of the pig. Tell me his phone number. I’m sorry. Directory assistance is not available. You want to help? You’re kidding. Oh my… Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high… Take a breath. Drink some water, then jump. You little boy have a loud voice. Hello. Ma’am, it’s the Welfare Center. What? Who’s Welfare? I don’t know anyone by that name. No, I’m Yu Jayeong from the Welfare Center. Oh, I see. Why did you call? You should have brought in your laundry. You won the lottery? I have no lottery to pick up. Not the lottery. Okay, I’ll be there. Stay there. Ma’am! Give me your bedding. I don’t have it. My God. You give me a work-out. Why did you put it here? Oh my, it’s cold. Oh my God. She really urinated on the blanket? I’m sure she made a mistake while asleep. I think she should get a complete check-up. After we find her son. She’s been alone for years. If the result is bad, she can’t cope by herself. I’m Choi Dongha. You’re lame. Give it a try. I can’t dance. Honey. Honey, you’re here to meet me? It’s me. Don’t you recognize me? Take a breath. Drink some water, then jump. Oh gosh. You’re here to see me, right? Honey, strawberry’s really sweet. Have some strawberries. It’s not strawberry. It’s watermelon. If you don’t like strawberries, eat this first. Choi Dongha, eat. Come on. Hey, put this in for me. This mailbox is really awesome. It grants all your wishes. It’s true. I wished for crayons, and I really got one. This time, I asked to meet my mother. Wake up, kid. Look me in the eyes. Hey, your mother snitched to the homeroom teacher, right? I just used something of yours a bit and hit you for exercise. But Should I spend my golden weekend in this place for that? I’m not done yet. Rat to your mother, and she can build a nursing home. And shove all the elders in there. So I don’t have to come to this Welfare Center. Okay. I may have some money left, so I’ll give you some for cookies. So, stop acting like a baby. Are you crazy? I almost pissed myself. You’re not afraid of anything, right? If you know that, behave nicely. “Please spare me some money.” You must be out of your mind! Why are you doing this to me? Are you joking around? Choi Dongha, you must be insane. So what? Hey! You want to die? Look at me… Are you crazy? Oh my. It’s was you, honey. I thought the mice were squeaking in daylight. Transfer me. I’ll help with the children’s homework. You think that’s easy? I don’t think you’re qualified to teach anyone. I can’t handle that weird granny. She’s not weird, but just a little sick. She has Alzheimer’s. Are you scared? Think that you’ll learn something since you’re here to volunteer. You think feeding them and talking for a bit are all? What you really have to do is to help them gain confidence so they can go outside. You have to help them to do what they want to. The granny’s not trying to trouble you. She’s expressing that she’s happy to see you. Everyone has their own way of getting close. Whatever, I don’t want anything to do with her. What’s that? My face. You should draw whom you’re grateful to, but why draw your face? I’m grateful only to myself. Whatever. Then, at least try to draw it pretty? Looks like two beans on a pancake. Snack’s here. You all are great painters. Sweet apples. You called them strawberries before. Draw well, they are for the Elder’s Day event. Okay. (Dementia symptoms Dongha – (Brother) / Subak – Strawberry) Live? Live… Live… Live. Your son is alive, right? His name’s right here. Just because you live alone, you can’t get the basic living payment. I know you’re distressed, but it’s the law, so nothing we can do. I’m sorry. No, I mean… My son is… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Go! I pay lots in school support fees, and you have to do volunteer work? Don’t mind it. If the homeroom teacher is powerless, I’ll meet the principal. – No. / – Just pretend to work. No. You’ll go abroad anyways, so just focus on your English academy. I hate cucumbers. Ma’am, where are you? Where are you? Granny, where are you? Don’t tell her I’m here. They took pictures of me. For a portrait of the deceased. I want to live till I’m 100 years old. Good for you that you want to live till your senility. Just stand still. It’s clearing rain. It rains heavy then soon after the clearing rain, the sun will shine even brighter. Hey, who are you? (Senior Convalescent Home Opening Soon) (Federally Funded / Home for Elderly Living Alone) Better off without any children. What’s the use if they’re on family register? If you’re alone, you get money from the state and they send you to a nursing home when you get sick. I have to pretend as if I lost my mind. That’s my life-line. Thank you. Today’s a vintage limited edition. Gangnam style, it is. Hey. Strip him. Stay still. Who are you? This is black style. Get it away from me. It stinks. You’re doing that because you need shoes. So try these on. What’s wrong with you? Get out of my way. Wait and see. I’ll sue that old lady. Sir, it’s the truth. She poured water on me before. Sue her. You know what suing is? Just run home. I said leave. I can’t get hold of your mother. Anybody else I can call? I’ll be his guardian. Let him go home, okay? My guardian. This is my guardian, so if they need settlements, use this. You little rascal. Why am I so sleepy? It’s not even spring. You should sleep at home. Ma’am, wake up. I’ll let you go with a warning this time. You can’t bite people like that again. Go home now. Don’t follow me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not thankful at all for what you did. Tell them my name if you need a guardian again. I’ll be your guardian. I’m Lee Yeongae. Who’s worrying about whom? Take care of yourself. Why would the police call me? – I was in a fight. / – You… Just hit me. If you sigh whenever you see me, I feel like a worthless person. You know that? You’re also responsible for getting beaten up. You’re a 17-year-old man, but how come you’re so weak like that? You’re becoming just like your father. I’m not like this because I resemble someone. It’s just the way I am. I can’t measure up to your standards no matter what. And you’ll never admit to that. It’s all because of your greed. – Have some pear. / – I don’t have much time. She says okay, but she used to have an appetite like a horse. So I’m worried that she skipped lunch. – Deliver it from Complex 7. / – Okay. Excuse me… Could you tell me where she lives? (Lee Yeongae / Hwagok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul) She’s really Lee Yeongae. Her name suggests she has status. You live alone? Any children? Let’s say hi. Honey brought a nice lunch. Thank you for the food. Silly. You won’t be bored thanks to your silliness. You’re right. Not bored at all. Now you know my house and will come back to see me. Don’t flatter yourself. Who says I’m coming back? I’m not here because I’m worried about you. Just to get credit and finish my volunteering work. Come on. Don’t spill on the floor. Eat them alone. Don’t tell anyone that I gave them to you. You’re tempting me with goodies? Don’t spill. You should eat, too. I ate before coming here. You eat. Have some anchovies, too. Why don’t you say good-bye to your father before you go abroad? He asked when you’re leaving in an attempt to be fatherly. The housekeeper made this. I told you I hate cucumbers. Then, just don’t eat it. Who told you to yell at the table? What haven’t I done for you? I gave you everything. What’s the matter with you? You really don’t know? Really? Stop it, Choi Dongha! You raised me for 17 years, and didn’t know I’m allergic to cucumbers. Dongha, let’s talk. Please open the door. I admit that I was ignorant toward you. But I had no choice. Since the divorce, I’ve done everything. I wanted to give you good food and good things. So you wouldn’t be disadvantaged by the divorce. I’m so tired. Hey, Mr. Fidelity. Oh my God. Don’t you know Jackpot? Why do you keep coming here? Leave now. You really don’t know Jackpot? Oh God! Jackpot or not, your stray son isn’t here. My son, your face is all pinched. Let’s go have a meal instead of this. Remove you from the family register? Listen. If I’m on the register, you’ll have to pay the medical bills. That’s quite a great deal of money. And people keep asking me where you are. People might go to you and say harsh things. I’m worried. If you’re worried so much, why did you abandon a baby and leave? You saw how I lived. I couldn’t stand getting abused any longer. I thought I’d die if I didn’t leave your father. I tried to bring you… Then, you should have come for me no matter what. I went to the first day of elementary school all by myself. I drank water from a faucet because I didn’t have a mother to pack lunch. I lived on my own for 30 years, so what do you want me to do? Pretend we’re both dead and live your life. J-Jeonghwan… Have a meal… Jeonghwan… Twinkle, twinkle, little star… Granny. I was just passing by, and I don’t have anywhere to go. Honey. Stop calling me honey. Why am I your honey? Why are you so crazy? Why forget everything? You don’t even know my name. How could you be my guardian? You’re no different from my mother. Granny. I never held my mom’s hand and went to a playground. I never had lunch packed for a field trip. I drank water from a faucet because I didn’t have a mother to pack lunch. You know what keeps company with me? It’s a credit card. It’s a replacement for my busy mother. But other kids feel contempt because I’m rich. Why does everyone push me away? Have some. Eat up. Alzheimer’s symptoms. Forget what I just heard. Name people and things incorrectly. Pick on people for no reason and be mean. Urinate on blanket. (Dementia symptoms Dongha – (Brother) / Subak – (Strawberry)) Honey. Strawberry’s sweet. Try some. I know. You get bored staying home all day. Stick a picture of a handsome guy on the wall like I did. What for? He may not answer you, but you can talk to him. Right. Let’s say hi. Honey brought me lunch. I didn’t do anything wrong, but he made me run 10 laps. I handled it well? Did you meet your mother? You told me to wake up. You want to be a spy? I saw Dongha hanging around at the park. Honey. How did you know I was here? What’s that? No cucumbers. Chew well and eat it all. Let’s take a picture, too. Don’t worry, it’s not a portrait. A picture of you and me being friends. Cheese. You look good in a photo. You smile for real when you see me or in the picture. That’s why everyone fell for it. I know you’re sane. Even my mom doesn’t know I don’t eat cucumber, but you remembered just seeing it once. I’m really curious. Why do you pretend you have Alzheimer’s? What about you? Why do you get beaten on purpose? It’s the same thing. What a beautiful world. Thanks for the chance to see the beautiful world. I didn’t stop you. It’s you that stopped me. Twinkle, twinkle, little star… What is that little boy so sad about? You lived just over ten years, and I lived 70 years, but we have a sad life in common. I couldn’t help thinking of you. But you showed up, and I was so happy. You kid yourself. Why on earth would I have followed you around? I was worried. What’s the use if you’re handsome if your heart has a hole? Wind is coming in and out through that hole. I like that song. It’s the last lullaby I sang for my son. You pretended to have Alzheimer’s not to be his burden? Actually, that’s a lame excuse. I couldn’t die even if I wanted to. So I wanted to pretend to be insane, and stay at some facility till I die. I’ll at least have three meals a day in there. She can’t get in touch with her son. Even if we find him, he won’t support her. Can’t we send her to a facility? She has Alzheimer’s? Take an MRI and turn in the written diagnosis. Okay, I’ll in be touch. They found Ms. Lee’s son. I’m not saying you should take care of her now. But at least, your duty as her child… My duty? She’ll move to a facility soon. Can’t you meet her before that? I have nothing to say. I’ll be leaving. She made flyers. She was looking for you, but put her picture there. She was worried it’d cause harm to you. She’s not well, but she protected you till the end. She’s not well? She has Alzheimer’s. It was minor at first, but it’s getting worse. So before she forgets your face… She says that she has Alzheimer’s? You know Taewu, the guy who hits me all the time, right? You know what his weakness is? Cockroaches. A cockroach came into the class, and he jumped onto his desk. Funny, right? And this one time… How can you be so talkative all day long? Go to the academy. The cleaner’s always sewed on my buttons. Having a busy mother is lucky, too. No mother goes around working just for herself. They all value their children. Let me see. If you want to see it, come to the Elder’s Day. You’re mean. Hey, something happened. Granny’s on the way to the hospital, and she’ll go to a nursing home. End of being a spy. Mom, turn the car toward the Welfare Center. Dongha! Choi Dongha! Hospital? I’m not sick. We found people who’ll take better care of you. But you need a diagnosis to go there. Let’s go to the hospital… I don’t want to. Why are you bothering me? I won’t go. Leave it. I’ll take her. We found your son. You’re happy, aren’t you? Let’s go to the hospital and see what’s wrong. Yes, let’s go. I’ll go to the hospital. Dongha, what’s wrong? Put granny on the phone now! It’s for you. H-hello? Listen to me. Don’t go to the hospital no matter what. If they find out you don’t have Alzheimer’s, they won’t let this go. – It’s okay. / – I’m not okay. I was angry when I found out you weren’t sick. But do you know why I kept it a secret? Because you were on my side. So can’t you keep on having Alzheimer’s? Stop the car. Stop it now. Please let me show them this picture. Shall we go see the pictures? Let’s go. Next, we’ll have Ms. Lee Yeongae presenting her drawing. Hello, I’m Lee Yeongae. I was supposed to draw people I’m grateful for, but this piece of paper was not enough. I have so many people to thank. Still, the most grateful person is… Is that you in front of the house? No. I’m right here. This isn’t a house, but a nursing home. My wish was to hide living in a nursing home with lots of flowers. Because of that, I made myself forget things. I pretended to forget everything. I gave out a coat in summer. And I poured urine on the blanket. I did it on purpose. I thought they would take me in if I did that. I guess I did a good job of pretending to be insane. My wish is about to be fulfilled. I think they’d take me in. But now… I don’t want to go there. This little guy tells me to come back to the world. He says he needs this worthless granny. That’s the little boy. I have to mend his buttons. And I also have to listen to him as he keeps on babbling. I have so much to do. How can I lose my mind? So I will stop pretending to be crazy, and live a sane life till I die. How could you lie? Why did you do that? I needed the money. I had no other way to get government support. Are you kidding me? You saw her. This is who she is. She only thinks of herself. But you talk about duty to me? Mr. Kim. You’re not in any position to say that. My son didn’t do anything wrong. I planned it all alone. You know what? He claims that he hates to see me, but pays for my medical insurance every month. A burdensome mother like me should just die. But he still makes me go to the hospital. That’s why I wanted to check into a nursing home and live quietly. I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. You were just lonely. She must have lied due to her hard life. She pretended to be sick, so people came by her house, and she liked that. That’s why she kept lying. That’s what we outcasts say. That’s the way people will pay attention to us. You said so yourself. People have different ways of approaching others. Dongha. I’m so embarrassed. Now I’m the biggest liar in town. I know. Everyone in town will know about it. How would you go out? It’s okay. I’m the happy Lee Yeongae. I can be bold and smile again. You were right. My greed made my son lonely. It’s all my fault. I’m so sorry. Don’t apologize. Then, I’d have to forgive you. I’m your son. The mother-son relationship just doesn’t work that way. You’re pretending to be like me? Why are you blinking? It’s vascular dementia caused by a stroke. The surgery went well and she’ll wake up soon, but she won’t remember people. This is a joke. Wake up. You’re pretending again, right? Stop it and wake up. Please get up! Hurry up. Jeonghwan will be late for school. I should pack a warm lunch. I’ll stir-fry anchovies that Jeonghwan likes. Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high. Like a diamond in the sky. Twinkle, twinkle, grandmother. How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high… Granny, your wish is granted. Dear God, I’m Choi Dongha. I haven’t been to a church, but I’ll make a wish. If my grandmother visits you, please come greet her. Her specialty is to forget. Dongha. Is life still dull for you? Sometimes. How about you? I still want to live. Until I’m 100 years old. It’s just one step. Just one step around the corner, there’s such a beautiful world. Dongha, my baby. It’d be so unfair to sink down here. Hold hands tight like this, then go as far as you can. 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