Mark: Maybe in the-in the toilets Anything change in the toilets? [Loud Noise]
Mark: AAAHHHHHH Hello everybody. My name is markiplier and welcome to the theater Now this game is based on a creepypasta made a long time ago And if this game seems familiar It’s because I played a game based on the very same creepypasta and I still to this day, could not tell you what that story was all about because the game was so trippy and weird… but this one is remastered with better graphics better detail and more true to nature to the true creepy factor of this story of which I know next to nothing about–hi. Oh… Oh, it’s a point-and-click. Oh, well, I see – oh [Dial Tone] Nine-one-one Hello? please, please I need four-one-one operator. No, okay. All right cog wheel Oh, this looks cheerful. This looks really cheerful. Hello Hi, I can go left and right but I won’t because I want to be polite. Ticket-Taker: Thank you, please, enjoy the movie. [Creaking door] Mark: Whoa, hey. Oh, I will thank you sir. I re- Oh. Ahhhhh. Ticket-Taker: Thank you, please enjoy the movie Oh no… I- Ah.. Something tells me I’m stuck in a time loop. Either that or I really love movies and this is day by day. Okay. Oh! This is.. not what I was expecting. Oh good! Only good things happen in bathrooms in horror games. But I’m gonna piss in my eyes again. Hello. Oh, I don’t like those mi- Why am I looking in those individual mirrors? That’s… that’s clearly not good Okay, that’s super weird. Oh, that’s so weird. Oh THAT’S SO WEIRD. Oh.. Hey. What a…. Okay, alright, I guess I gotta check these individually ’cause this is my job now. Oh. (whispers)
Nothing. Great, you know, that’s that’s real good. Okay. Alright. Well, I did my inspection. And, uh, I’ll see you later. Oh. Hi diddly, ho ho how are you doing? W-wasn’t- how’s it going in here? A lot of nothing, huh? Oh can’t leave. That’s good, you know, I didn’t want to leave anyway. Oh… Hi. OH?! That’s not how physics works! Oh. Never reach the other levels. Well screw you! For trying to tell me what I’m supposed to not do yeah. Hello? Okay, looks like there’s… might maybe be a movie here Okay Ticket-Taker: Thank you, please, enjoy the movie Mark: I will thank you. No. Thank you, sir. Thank you You do the hard work around here. I just enjoyed the place. Oh boy Okay, so what do I do? It’s just uh the same thing over and over again, it’s mildly disconcerting that nothing’s happening Okay. All right. Do I just… Do I just keep going? Do I just keep going in a loop? Ticket-Taker: Thank you, please, enjoy the movie. Mark: I think this is part of the original story, like you were just stuck in a loop and then then as you kept looping things got whoa! That’s what I was talking about as you get stuck in the lore. I want to watch… I want to watch the movie? Thank you. Don’t whisper in my ear. Okay, let’s go to the bathroom. Nope, apparently not, okay. Let’s go. Okay. No. All right. Let’s go. Enjoy the movie then. Oh! Hi. Totally fine. Everything’s fine… Oh. Oh! Hum diddly, hoho, or where… we’re all good then? Nothing’s changed at all, huh? Everything’s all the same. Everything’s all the same, huh? Yeah, probably. Yeah, totally definitely this is- Ticket-Taker: Thank you.
Mark: Thank you! Ticket-Taker: Please enjoy the movie. Mark: You know, why don’t you come in with me, man? You work here all day. You never get actually get to see the movie always get to hear it Why don’t you come on in? Oh we gonna have a good time. Mark: Hey take me up on that offer again?
Ticket-Taker: Thank you, Mark: You wanna come in and see this movie with me? I know you do. Oh, yeah you do.
Ticket-Taker: Please, enjoy the movie. Mark: Okay. All right there HEEEEYYY BUDDY! Mark: Hey Barry, how you doing?
Ticket-Taker: Thank you. Ticket Taker: Please enjoy the movie. Mark: Oh Barry, you’re always such a such a lovely, lovely, lovely man Something must have changed right? Something… something had to have changed maybe in- in the- in the- in the toilets? Anything changing the turlet? Mark: Woah! Oh! Hey! Hey! NO! Hey!
Girl: [Screeching noises] Mark: Alright, thats a little weird!
Girl: [Continued Screeching] Mark: I dont know why I’m looking at-
[Screeching continues] Ok- Well.. That was a thing- [Screeching Stops.] Still there? All right. Alice! Get back to Wonderland Alright, well that was.. That was uncomfortable. I mean I’d be shocked too. If someone walked in on me when I was going to the bathroom, but.. Little uh a little overdramatic wouldn’t you say? Alright, what else do I need to do? What else do I need to find? What else am I gonna find? I don’t have to go to the bathroom again. I’ve already pooped my pants So I think I’m good. Well, good. Okay. We’re all good here. We’re all good. [Ominous noise] I didn’t expect that to be uh- interactable… Ah…. And what are we doing here Nothing? Oh Is that me? Why was I doing that or was there someone else doing it on the other side? ‘Cause one of those options is much more concerning than the other one All right. Now it’s it’s definitely locked Mark: Wasn’t before.
Ticket-Taker: Thank you. Ticket-Taker: Please, enjoy the movie. Mark: I mean as far as hells go it’s not that bad You just get to watch a cool movie every night And then, you know you have to deal with strange people in the bathroom, but you got do that like anyway You always run into weirdos… In bathrooms. Mark: Just guard the door.
Ticket Taker: Thank you. Mark: Thank you,
Ticket Taker: Please, enjoy the movie. Mark: Thank you, please enjoy the movie, I get it. What else am I supposed to do? I’m just gonna go for it. I’ma go for a Mark: mad sprint.
Ticket-Taker: Thank you. Ticket-Taker: Please, enjoy the movie. Mark: I will.. I- I will, I will, I will.. Hey, whoa no, no no, what’d you do with barry. What’d you.. I can’t do anything. Oh, yes, I can.. Hi. You don’t have a.. Neck. The Swirly Man: Never Reach The Other Levels [High pitched sound] Okay, all right then well I wasn’t gonna but now I want to Mark: Now I really want to!
Ticket-Taker: Enjoy the movie. You’re welcome. Got to support the local theaters. You know what I’m saying? Oh [Telephone Ringing] Oh, whe- wai- wh- Oh!!! yay, I’m out of- Woman (Over telephone): Something is very, very wrong. Oh.. Thank you for that informational blurb, thank you Thank you. Thank you. Ticket-Taker: Thank you, please
Mark: Thank you. Ticket-Taker: Enjoy the movie.
Mark: Thank you. Mark: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all! Everyone is so helpful in this theatre. Ticket-Taker: Enjoy the movie. I will I’m just assuming if I just keep plowing forward like straight through like portal. I’m gonna get to something that’s gonna be Whoa, whoa whoa. Whoa, I didn’t want it. I didn’t know I didn’t want it until start happening Okay, um, I’m a brave boy oh [Light Switch Activates] Wow, no, don’t do that No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Okay, all right, oh this is the hallway of moaning Mark: [Mocks Moaning sound] [Continues to mock moaning sound] (We should call an ambulance for Mark.) System(Over P.A.): Access Denied. Denied? There sure are a lot of scratches on that door. That’s… moderately discouraging.. but not that discouraging I’m not discouraged enough to stop trying. I will uh… Persist until something doth tell me not to persist by probably killing me. WHOA! Wha- I didn’t even know I was in a hurry. I just- I’m inside this shadow lady. Ah That’s a problem. Hey, I’ve literally I was standing right in in you and I’m sorry. Were you in the bathroom earlier? That was not my fault. That was you should have locked the door. That’s.. normal, I guess They’re normal normal totally normal. Okay. Ticket-Taker: Thank you. Please, enjoy the movie.
Mark: Nermal, absolutely nermal. Mark: I will thank you. Great This is going wunderbar. Alright, let’s go back to the tour Mark: [Screaming Noise] whoa Mark: I didn’t know you were having this much fun in here.
Children: Ring a round the Rosies, pocket full of posies. Children: Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down! Mark: No, okay ring around the.. that. Okay that happened that was Can I go to the toilet? Ticket-Taker: Enjoy the movie.
Mark: My hero, my hero if there ever was one Mark: Maybe this is the movie. Maybe we’re we’re the movie is that what it is? Are we the movie Is that how wait a minute? Hello? Oh, I see the view of the theater But I do I dare to find a way down from up here suicide might be a way out of this so-called maze I’m stuck in but I’m not ready for death. Maybe I’m already dead maybe I’m stuck in a certain stage of death and I have to find a way to get to higher levels, but But I was told very explicitly not to go find higher levels. That was that was made very clear to me And if I am one thing I am a follower of rules. I like rules. I like order I do not like chaos and I want everything to make sense, especially in my movie-going experience I just gotta go. I’ve been going on a complete loop for a while. There’s got to be something that’s changed, right? That’s how this works. You change something. I know about it, right? I find it with my eyes. I Looky-loo, and then I find the loo right? That’s good God, damn it. Damn you Damn you Well, you got fuck you you’re getting taller by them by the encounter that we have And I don’t appreciate that. Look look lady. If you are a lady I Don’t appreciate you intimidating me with your height. Ah Hello How nice Or you play me soothing music? That’s nice. Oh It’s getting marginally less soothing. Ah Okay. All right. That’s Thank you. That’s enough. I will not be leaving a tip. Yeah I’m gonna give you a two star on Yelp. God, I need to get life Li all I’m doing is seeing movies What the hell is happening to me? What am I doing? I’m realizing I’m living my life vicariously through movies And I’m not actually living I got a, a- that’s- that’s all moral the story, all right? I got- I’m not living my best life I’m- I’m stuck in a loop. AAAAAAHH! Woah, my ????????????????? Knew something was happening! Anybody else, huh? Anybody else wanna dropout? In the mirror? I knew something was up. I knew it I knew something was up and you set me on edge for some buUullshit reason I’m not enjoying this movie as much as I thought I would I’m not nearly enjoying it as much as you Suggested it would be the trailers really didn’t say something about this movie that I was really knowing about (mocking) Oh, enjoy the moviehh You know, I’ll enjoy your movie. Enjoy your movie on with it. (???) Your grave I’m gonna enjoy your grave this one Great! (mocking(again)) Eeyuuen Movieeeee Euh, thank you, (weird voice) I will enjoy your movie. Oh wait, never mind. I was fine. I didn’t mean playing like that. Uh, I’m fine actually, uh, I’m good with the same movie I don’t need another one. I was totally fine with that. So if you could just okay hi Oh, hey, we’re gonna drama- I’m the creepy one here!(?) (quick inhale)Oooh, peekabo! (Weird dude at the door) What are you waiting for? Wake up. Uh, no, thank you if this is a dream I don’t ever want to wake up you are a dreamboat and oh hey howdy How do you do do you? please Enjoy the movie. Thank you I will why are you the only one that’s subtitled because everyone else who talks to me or screams at me? They don’t have their screams and subtitles. It’s not- (weird noise) at the bottom of the screen, its just you! (ACTUALLYMARKHASSUBTITLESBECAUSEWE’REEDITINGTHEMRIGHTNOWANDTHISMIGHTBEINTHEVIDEO) I mean, I’m trying to get any detail that I possibly can out of this but it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of detail to be had about it’s just like It’s the same thing over and over again Are you- do you ever go home? Do you have any other social life besides this? Do you- do you have any other thing to your existence than this environment that we’re in please talk to me (Ticket Taker) Enjoy the movie. Oh, I will. Oh, you little scamp. Oh, you know I will. I’m all about this movie. (whispering) I’m all about- (whispering) uh oh No, see again, I was fine. Is this like some kind of test I can’t even click towards you- now I can hello (weird dude at the door(again)) You are still dreaming. Wake up. (inhale) Um bah- bah well.. Okay. Alright, well I, uh buh Oh. Okay, do you have anything action-packed that’ll really, you know Smack me awake some they’ll really give me an adrenalin rush the likes of which I’ve never Never seen before enjoy the movie Three seems to be the magic number for things changing in this world. So I’m gonna assume that something’s changing… Oh, wow. That’s oh (tick) (tock) (tick) Hmm I have many questions about the whole Organization that you got here. Oooh, what’s uh, don’t- don’t mind me I’m gonna just explore the space (inhale Oooh, i like I like I like! Well, what what wondrous world- the world of art? Okay, nothing. Great. Why am I here? Hi, oh, you’re a movie man (Ticket Taker) They’re watching you. I think you’re watching- AAH Hi. (mark mocking jumpscare) I can do that, too (mark continues mocking jumpscare) (still going at it) You know when you run into someone in the streets that you usually see in like a store or something that’s so weird Seeing someone out of their normal place in your existence is like oh shit. You’re you have your own life mister spinning head man Mm. I guess I gotta go in the bathroom again. Okay, ho boy I can’t wait for the bathroom. (hi there) Oh. Hmm.. Well, well, well. Oooh hohohooo Wooaaaahh! Hi! What the he-hell (mark imitating the jumpscare(again(again))) Practicing your yodeling I see. Alright, well. Okay, cool. Yayayayaya indeed. It was pretty good. I’d give it a solid b-minus Please let me out. I just wanna go home I don’t know who this weird swirly face man is and I don’t know what he has to do with you and why you’re trapped in here with me (Ticket Taker) Enjoy the movie. (Mark) I wiiilll! Thank you. Please enjoy the movie. Thank you. Please enjoy the movie. Thank you Please enjoy the movie! (Ticket Taker) Please, Enjoy the movie (Mark) He said the thiiing! Oh Eugh- umm ????????? (cliche sheet ghost laughing) Oh no! That, that magical sheet! Oh, it lost all it’s magic. Well that’s, a a a woah hEY WOAH HEY WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH Alright well that was a little unnecessary (Ticket Taker) Thank you. (Mark) hmm (Ticket Taker) Please, Enjoy the movie. (Mark) Wow wow wow! Wow. Wow Wow. Yeah. Yeah. Hell yeah. Oh, yeah, you hear that guys. We’re gonna enjoy a movie nothing’s happened in a while I’ve looped through many times. Thank you. Nothing’s changed. I’m stuck until I wake up. I got it dude, wake up. One day I’ll wake up. Oh, yeah, we’re way whoa. Hey, whoa, take it easy there Did that mean something changed or is nothing changed or am I just stuck in a perpetual loop again? Thank you (sung) Please enjoy the movie Please enjoy the movie. Please enjoy the movie -Movie. And then the chorus line comes out. (Can-can plays) Thank you. Please enjoy the movie Now- thank you, Please enjoy the movie. Yes, please. Enjoy the movie. Thank you, please Enjoy the movie Oh, oh shit. Oh you’re open again Okay… Oooh. Oh, this is different and then there’s That… The whole string section deciding to pluck pluck behind my ears. Oooh I can’t do… Hello? Okay, that one’s locked. It’s like the bathroom stalls! It’s again the peekaboo *small laugh* Peekaboo- Okay, last one. Peekaboo– Ooho- I didn’t want to play peek-a-boo. I did not want to play peek-a-boo I do not want to be in this room and I did not want to play peek-a-boo. I’m sorry I came in here I’m sorry, I’m gonna go back to the movie Oh No Oh no- Y’know, we don’t need this- Oh, that’s- Oh, that’s awful… Oh no… Oh my god…
[shrill music] Oookay… Hey… Oh, hi- How you doin’…? [hissing sound plays] Eugh… You good, bruh? Okay. Alright. Great picture I took…. Alrig’, that, that’ll… That’s a memory that’s gonna… [wake uppp] I’m trying to- I’m trying to wake up but your movies so goddamn boring. I keep falling asleep So whose fault is it really? You don’t even have a concession stand in here. Movie enjoy, please. Thank you movie movie. Please. Enjoy Okay nevermind- Thought I saw something interacta’bibble . Oh hi I’m sorry. Oh Uhhhhhh… Okayyy… Augh-ooooh Hiii. You got so taaaaaall- Right. [Thank you] That was a little odd But I’m okay with that because I saw another person and they looked lovely. They looked lovely, they seemed to be playing a computer game and where they were they were going to a theater and then they were watching a Movie over and over again then they were stuck in the theater forever. And that’s kind of what’s happening to me Hey, I was just having a revelation here you kind of possessed about 30 minutes of my life and I feel like I uh… [This is all a lucid dream] Yeah, well, tha- [Your mind has entered a void] [Of nothingness] My mind is a- aaaalways in a void of nothingness sir How dare you assume it was not! my mind is emptier than a hole in the ground and the longer I live the more I dig that hole emptier and Emptier it’s just an empty void. It’s a vacuum of nothingness, but me screamin’ my own name That’s what I like it to be. So don’t you try to change it! Okay, something must’ve changed. something Nothing ever changes up there nothing except that note Uh oh… Oh- I thought it was enough- Oh- [B A M] *GASP* bye-bye, bye-bye-aaaauh Okay. All right. Oh you wanna- oh ohh- Oh my- Uh oh- Oh you want to be, you know be sassy about this all I’m gonna be sassy… Did not expect that to work [Uha uha uhahahahaha] Oh- Hahahahaha- *nervous laughter* Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha- -You- Uh… Uh oh… Hmmmmm… I’m in a padded room Oh [What are you waiting for?] What am I waiting for? [Wake up] I don’t know if I want to wake up. I like it better in the theater than in my padded cell! Okay, guess no answers for me. I’m trying to wake up! I’m trying but it’s so hard, I’m so tired! I’ve been working all day I’m just- I want to come home and I just want to see a nice movie and I want to relax You’re-you’re trying to stop me from being me and I don’t appreciate that. I haven’t checked the bathroom in a while Bet there’s something cool Nope, okay Huh? UH U H? Okay. All right. Well then no more cheap bathroom scares for me, huh? What about the phone scare? Boo! No? Okay, alright. Well, Guess I’ll go. Whoa- WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH (rushed) Thank you, please enjoy the movie? I don’t feel good when you don’t say that to me, no, no say it. Say the word. You say the words. No! Barry no… You have to say the word you have to say the words to me Barry Look, I know I was rude to you. But please Barry. The games just closed no! No! No! I’m not done! NO No… Huh? Oh…oh hi. That didn’t look good That looks… That looks less than good. Whatever that is. Oh Oh Oh… Oh no… Don’t? Eh… Okay. All right. Well Wow Okay, well that answered all of my questions I am so glad I went back in and saw that there’s nothing here happening. It’s just okay All right, Wow, that’s just that’s what it is. Okay, I’m not gonna Do that again. That was That was weird. There’s got to be something else, right? There’s got to be I didn’t get an answer. I didn’t see an answer online. There was no there was nothing that anybody said There’s gotta be an answer right? That can’t be it! That can’t just be it. Oh, no, it’s back here and back in the beginning. Ugh!! But what did I do wrong? What did I do wrong?! There’s gotta be something more. What did I do? Tell me! [Thank you.] What did I do wrong? [Enjoy the movie.] I’m playing through the whole thing again, and this is actually a new note I haven’t seen this “My mind starts to develop at every walkthrough, but nothing else changes I start to question the current reality that surrounds me it could be relatable or it could be just a recurring nightmare” Does that like.. Does that point to the thing about how I’m actually You know, playing through this over and over again for whoa It didn’t do that Woah! WhoA! WhOa. WHoa. All right. I’ll come back once I figure it out. I am playing through it again I literally am, so I’m getting it. Wait a minute Wait, this is new. It’s just a brick wall. But what does that mean? [Remain calm] [I’m sure the magic pills will help.] The magic pills. Oh, yeah Those usually help Let me just shove a couple of those down my gob and see where it takes me, where you guys take me. Someplace fun I hope To the movies?! Oh boy, I love movies! I always enjoy them Or not, okay Hello? Super weird. [Please, enjoy the movie.] I will okay. Thank you. Is there a point to all this? I’m gonna lose my mind-I’m gonna lose my gourd Could I at least just get some popcorn with this? Could I please please pretty please just get some goddamn popcorn A-yoy, A-yoohoo [Attention theatre, will the following please come to the ticket taker: (Computer sounding gibberish] How do you know my maiden name? What the hell… Oh, yeah [same message in repeated in background] [Thank you, please enjoy the movie] I went to the ticket taker, is that what I was supposed to do? Wait, you mean, I actually get to see the moVIE?! OH BOY! Oh good, where- I can’t click nothing [Welcome to the show at the Salida Theatre. We ask for you to remain in your seat and stay quiet during the show] I’ll stay in the hall [For those who break the rules, you shall be punished] Oh, I wanna be punished. [And please, enjoy the movie.] Oh I will! You know I will. Okay. Oh boy! Uh-huh. Okay. Still excited! Oh… I love this movie! I think… Okay… is that the lady I saw in the room or is that me? Is it supposed to be a representation of me? Whoa, oh what lovely art I do! When you’re on the magic pills… [Orchestral music playing] Oh… Oh no! The horrible truth is revealed The ticket taker was my doctor? Or is that even still me? I’m sure that’s me, right. Is that the horrible truth? “And so the nightmares continue” Did I not find the good ending? How could you find any ending? I don’t understand, was there a good or bad ending? Was such as a bug when it crashed? I’m so confused. I’m so confused I like it? Oh Hey, how’s it going? Friend? Oh, I like it a lot. It was good Like it was a bit repetitive, but that was the point I wish it was just more random when I went through it again after the crash I was very obvious that everything was linear script but if it was like based on random Events that occur like whenever you could go somewhere and it’s like something happens and maybe some people see some of it but not everyone Will see everything they have to play through it again, and it was like multiple endings depending on what you see That would have been really cool, but it was still cool nonetheless. So that was the theater I had to go through it all over again because of a bug but hey with these indie games Sometimes there’s bugs and you have to deal with it and you have to just deal with it as it is But this was still good. Based off of a really cool creepypasta that someday I will actually read Or maybe not, I won’t. But either way thank you everybody so much for watching. Let me know you fought down the comments below And as always I’ll see you in the next video. Buh-bye!


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