A Day in A Life – Short Film by Duke – GH5 – Drama

Then stop ignoring me when I talk about
something this serious. I’m trying to get us out of this mess okay? I’m listening. No, you’re not listening you keep rolling your eyes at me like I’m speaking some kind of alien language or something What the hell is that? I told you how many
times I don’t trust this dude. I know. Then why do you keep fighting with me
I’m not fighting yes you are I’m not fighting. Yes you are Give me that. Just let me do what I do I
know what the fuck I’m doing. I wasn’t trying to start a fight Lenny. I was just
asking a question. don’t ask me any questions I don’t like
it neither would you if you knew what you were doing and someone kept asking you
what the hell you’re doing. There are too expensive. I need
to find someone else but I don’t want to think about it I need to find a better
lawyer thanks for not messing up the house too much. Or did you have a bunch of parties that you cleaned up? Is it a party or no party?
no party this chick in No party. This chick in jail told me about her lawyer what do
you think should I take it? No party. Come on, you’re not listening are you?
Stop looking at Instagram I’m telling you about this mexican chick in jail who
told me about her lawyer Maybe it’s scam I’m not sure. Do you mind? My feet are killing me.
Those floors in jail are the worst all concrete and there is no pillows. Nothing. Almost done. You’re not paying attention. Look I just
spent a night in jail I may go to prison up to six months and you’re being way
too evasive and cold I don’t like it. [off screen] You know what they say the universe is expanding. But what if it’s not? What if it’s breathing? What of everything we’re observing is just one giant exhale and what if
everything we think we know isn’t really what we know maybe we were wrong. But we don’t know that. see for example genetics the scientific
study of genes and heredity. Now if we’re inheriting those genes whether it be the
ability to obtain knowledge or limiting and confining our scope to our
instincts then we don’t really know our potential Why are you thinking about this so much? I like to expand my mind think outside the box. Shouldn’t you be worrying about your personal life instead of thinking about all this? Can you stop bringing that up I’m working on it. [of screen] Are you voting in the election? What? Are you voting in the election?
Sorry I’m not really in the mood to talk right now It’s just such a long drive I thought you
might want to talk to make it go faster I didn’t want to offend you.
No, it’s okay I was just not expecting to drive all the way to Ventura County I was
trying to make it home before 5:00. You didn’t know?
No we don’t get that information until the passenger gets in the car Well, that sucks.
Yeah I know Well, do you want me to get out?
No it’s okay. okay I don’t want to get convenience you. Did I thank you for bailing me out? Yeah.
Do I treat you badly? Sometimes. Oh really? that wasn’t the answer I expected well
I’m sorry I have trust issues I get emotional you know that I know it gets
me in trouble but what can I do I’m an emotional woman oh right there yes My dog is dying. Your dog dying? Yeah he had
cancer for six months and I thought he was gonna survive but it doesn’t look
like that he will that’s all I was trying to make it home and be with him
but I need the money for the vet bills that’s why I’ve been working extra hours
and I’m sorry I shouldn’t be involved with this situation. [chuckles]. That’s one thing I
hate about these pistachios the damn shelves. Such a mess. It’s all I ask is one thing that’s it. I don’t want to do it. Mia, I can’t do this. Only you could do
this look I’m trying to get us out of this mess, okay? I don’t want to go back to hooking
It’s only for one day you can make an easy 500 for us.
Mia, look at me, I don’t want to be in the I don’t want to be in streets no more, do you?
No. Right so trust me baby you ain’t gotta do nothing serious like just a hand job or something.
Why are you doing this to me? Lenny you you said no more hooking. We got no money I got nothing who’s gonna pay for our shit what’s gonna happen
tomorrow when you want to get high huh? this is just a small compromise for the bigger picture. We could get some work. What? Baby, no one’s gonna hire a couple of junkies why don’t we keep arguing about the same shit every day? Baby come on. You’ve done this before it’s no big deal [off screen] you’re ready?
Yeah I’m sorry Dan. Yeah, well you keep apologizing when you
really shouldn’t say anything at all because I care. No, you don’t if you
cared you wouldn’t be so judgmental you know I’ve hard time dating people okay
and the truth is just because we work together doesn’t mean you can you keep
bringing this up all the time. So do me a favor stop bringing up my personal life
is none of your business. Alright I won’t. I like you Jen but you need to stop bringing this up What is this?
Why is there cigarette butts in the trash? Did you party? No. Do I look stupid to you?
How many times have I told you not to party in the house? No. No party. What? Ghosts snuck in and smoked a cigarette while I was gone?
Please don’t lie to me I hate it you know it. No. Maybe a landlord not me.
Landlord? You’re kidding me? Come on Tran that’s been going on between us for a while.
You’re not being honest and it’s creating mistrust. He’s been on chemo and I don’t think he’s gonna survive. Hey you okay back there?
Yeah I’m fine Okay good, I just want to make sure that
you don’t mess up my car. I am NOT going to mess up your car
hey you just missed my exit you’re not paying attention to where you are going. Sorry, I am paying attention. if you stop talking about your dumb dog then you wouldn’t miss the exit oh you got me all riled up instead of minding your own business Minding my my own business? Oh, my god,
You got a lot of nerve you are just an uber driver I can report you. Yeah my dog is dying and you’re being super rude right now
so let me get to your destination so let’s not talk anymore, okay? Fine! can I just say one last thing I was
wrong I shouldn’t have brought it up okay fine
I only say it because I care about you and I want you to be happy and that will happen someday
you need to stop reminding me of it every second. I’m sorry okay? There’s a lot of people that love you.
You love me? Of course I do You really you mean it?
Dan, of course I do or I wouldn’t have said it. Okay maybe I did overreact a bit.
I’ll tell you what tomorrow at lunch is on me. oh you don’t have to do that
I want to. You I mean a lot to me Jenn. You make me feel better about myself. I can be myself around you.
Oh that’s so sweet. Woah, Dan what are you doing?
I love you I thought it was mutual? I’m sorry I think you have a wrong idea.
I didn’t mean it like that. I will see you back upstairs Jenn I’m sorry don’t tell anyone I work, please. Okay I won’t I just want you to know that I’m gonna
give you a one-star rating I’m gonna contact Uber about this. Hey do whatever you want to do. Ma’am? Ma’am you forgot your phone. Thank you You should have thought about it before you lied to my face. My mistake okay?
No, Tran, it’s not okay. But I pay for you.
With my money, my money, not yours. But I pay Nadia I pay for you.
You don’t pay if you use my money that is not how it works Now you want me to leave? Until you stop lying. But I have nowhere to go. I love you. You love me too? I don’t know. Okay, I smoke I smoke because of you I don’t want you to go to prison.
I love you. You understand? Why didn’t you just say so? I was nervous you go to a prison never come back. How did it go, baby? What? I ain’t doing that no more.
What happened? Are you okay? No, he was disgusting he smelled like ass
I’m not doing that again. So that’s it? Find somebody else.
Where you gonna go? Go back to my uncles or whatever. You can’t go back to your uncle’s. He’s gonna beat your ass. Why would you do that to me? I was just trying to help us get out of this place, baby. I’m not fucking hooking ever again, okay? All right I’m sorry.


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