A Dramatic Photoshoot At the Royal Theatre

Profoto Presents:
A Dramatic Shoot at the Royal Theatre with Klara G & The Royal Dramatic Theatre I’m Klara G and I’m a photographer. I’m in Stockholm at this amazing location
to shoot a quite unusual group portrait today. This is the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s over a hundred years old and houses several stages,
including the main stage where I’m shooting today. This theater is special to me. It was here that I started my career
over fifteen years ago, shooting promotional images
for the plays being performed here. This is an amazing place! I love the atmosphere
and it feels great to be back. My job today is to shoot a group portrait
of the cast of Fanny & Alexander. The play is based on a movie by
legendary Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. The portrait will be used to promote
this year’s production of the play. It will feature that actors playing
the main characters in full costume and makeup. As you can guess, the Royal Dramatic Theatre
is a very, very busy place. I only got one hour to get my shot
so this should be a fun challenge. I will be using two D1 Monolights.
They are super fast and easy to use. And an Umbrella Deep White XL as my key light. I will also put a diffuser in front of it. So, I’m at ISO 200, 1/60, and 5.6. I am a bit stressed. But happy. We will shoot a family portrait, a Christmas picture of this amazing family. This is a scene that you are all familiar with. I would like you two on the chairs. And I would like the rest of you to gather around them
and the children on the floor in front of them. The play takes place in the early 1900’s.
It focuses on two siblings and their large family. It’s a vibrant story full of colorful characters,
ghosts, and magic. You are here for the family portrait of
the “Ekdahl Family”. You are all in character,
and you angel – just be an angel! Fantastic! Yes that’s nice. Since there is a little, little time left
I want to try another angle. Facing this in the background of the actors.
And I want them to throw fake snow. I’m gonna mix the Monolights with the ambient light,
which is quite yellow and not so strong. Shooting group portraits on-location is challenging.
You never ever have enough time. You need to get the most out of the persons
in front of the camera, in as short amount of time as possible. Dao and Pelle, can you move back a bit. My solution is to have a wide and even main light.
I can forget about the flash and focus on the people. I’m using an Umbrella Deep White XL with a diffuser
to get that soft, even light with a large spread. It doesn’t matter if someone turns their head,
the light will be perfect in every angle So this is the last image. Since it is a Christmas card
I want to try with this fake snow. Brilliant! I love these kind of shoot
because it’s really challenging. I think we manage to time it perfectly. And get off stage just before the actors
will make themselves ready for rehearsal.


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