A-level Drama & Theatre tutor Paul Fitzpatrick

The best part of my job is working with young people every day is different and every day has it’s new challenges but working with young people and really helping young people to be the best they can be and also to see them develop their interest in the subject that I love and also to give them opportunities that they wouldn’t necessarily have beyond the classroom going to the theatre exploring theatre in practice is something that I get a lot of enjoyment from So, I basically left university I was unsure what I wanted to do so I kind of did some jobs I worked in a bank, I worked in a call centre I worked in bars and then I had the opportunity to work delivering drama workshops for a performing arts centre so I really enjoyed that it’s something I’ve always loved and enjoyed so I found that I did that quite well it’s something I’m really good at and really enjoying so that’s when I looked into teaching, and again I had the opportunity to work in a subject area that I really love so I decided to give it a try and I realised that it was something that I really enjoy and something I could be quite good at Do you know what, I think I was chatty at first I think I was really, really shy at first when I was in school I think when I was very young I wouldn’t say boo to a good, I was really really quiet and then I started to do drama outside of school and that’s when I started to build confidence and maybe a little bit too much confidence and I think that something that the teachers would say that I probably talk a little bit too much but, I did kind of rein it in I got really, really focussed towards the end got my GCSEs I did really well with my GCSES, which allowed me to go on to do A-levels I moved school so that I could do drama at A-level because the school I went to unfortunately didn’t offer it at the time and then kind of A-levels really before I before I went on to study drama again at uni level but yes, I think I was probably a little bit chatty There’s probably been a lot embarrassing teaching moments but I can’t really share all of them but one that actually happened outside the classroom which was mortifying really which I was just walking along through the canteen, minding my own business I didn’t realise there was a little bit of hash brown on the floor as I walked, my foot slipped on the hash brown and unfortunately I fell and not only did I fall I fell on top of a student which I then decided to kind of clamber up his face to sort of try and save myself what made it even worse was I had him next, I had to teach him next for a full hour and that was a little bit awkward If I was a student getting taught by me I think I’d probably think especially first thing in the morning god he’s energetic and I wish he’d calm down a little bit maybe because some of my students come in first thing they’re not the most lively when they first come in and I am early in the morning so I think they probably think, Paul calm down I’m really proud of all my students and in particular the things that I’m proud of is how much they develop during the course how much they throw themselves into the course and how much they develop in confidence and ability and one thing that I think really demonstrates that is the fantastic results that we got in the summer my students achieved really exceptional results and I’m so proud of all of them for doing that

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