A Librarian in Queen Elizabeth’s Court: Libraries and Virtual World Learning

[ BACKGROUND MUSIC ]>>I’m using community and there are so
many ways that communities are defined. In the tangible world, maybe a group
of people living in the same locality. It might be a distinct segment
of society like a microculture. A similarity or identity. [ BACKGROUND MUSIC ] There are places where relationship is
the key and that’s what’s important. Maybe not the media because a
community can transcend media. And as we’ve experienced over the six years
in Second Life, there’s certainly a blurring with the — I even hate to
call it the “real world.” Maybe the “tangible world.” Forces that draw people and/or
attention way from anything as abstract as written discretions in cyberspace are strong. And actions must be taken
to bring people together. Distance learning initiatives. To avail students of immersive
learning opportunities. And to look for those intersections that
happen in a cross-disciplinary environment. I keep thinking it’s the Medici
Effect by Frans Johansson. He wrote that a number of years ago. And it’s all about coming in contact with people
and disciplines that are not your discipline. They’re folks that don’t think just like you. And with that, in the point of intersection is
where creativity totally, totally can happen. [ BACKGROUND MUSIC ] And this is our library. And we have had several student interns working
on various projects over the years here. Designing books. Developing this place in
case of moonbeam [phonetic]. So, last March about this time we had our
very first cross-disciplinary conference. And we looked at libraries in Tudor, Britain. We’ve looked at ways that
literature was being taught here. And we had over 96 people attending. It was in a two-day event. And we don’t have one planned yet for this year. But never say never. [laughing] [ BACKGROUND MUSIC ] One thing that we are going to have is a
student internship here for — for music. And it’s going to be called
the “Tom Dowd Chair.” And so, hopefully, the halls will be
filled once again soon with music. [ BACKGROUND MUSIC ] One of the most fun talks we had
here was right here in the Tiltyard. And the person who did all of the
choreography for the horses and the movie “The Patriot” did a presentation
on 15th and 16th century calvary. And it was very fascinating. To me, this is one of the most exciting
ways and immersive ways to learn. [ BACKGROUND MUSIC ]

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