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A LITTLE REUNION A Little Reunion – Episode 4 EPISODE 4 Fan Fan, do you know I have running around all day because of this problem? Before the school opening Your teacher found me to talk To let you repeat one year I didn’t agree in the first place Then I already agreed I even found some Supplementary classes for you You cannot.. Mom, why didn’t you discuss with me? Why did.. You decide such a big thing on your own? I really don’t volunteer to continue the supplementary classes anymore I don’t want to study Don’t be provoked Now you don’t participate in those supplementary classes Today your teacher Li told me You don’t need to repeat anymore Like other students You can still take college entrance exam as normal But Fan Fan, do you know What “no more repetition means? Cultivate all the knowledge that you have fallen behind Not just cultivating But you also have to learn much better than others so you can take college entrance exams well But based on your indifferent attitudes now Do you think you can do it? If you don’t think you can do it Then you should repeat one year I don’t repeat, why do I have to repeat? I was older than everyone I started to study later than others Now if I have to repeat Aren’t I going to be classmates now with my juniors? This is too embarrassing Moreover, I don’t want You and dad to lose face Are you really thinking that? Yes, I am. I will never repeat Then you have to show your attitude You must also take actual actions You cannot play games anymore No more games And no more films If you don’t want others to look down on you Should you put all your energy Into learning? Ok, mom Don’t be impatient or stress Let’s talk seriously If at that time, everything is not good Then I will repeat one yeat You repeat? Is it necessary, Fan Fan? Just calculate yourself Now you try more Just 9 months Don’t turn the torment of nine months Into eighteen months College entrance examination is an important battle In your life If you win this battle It will be beneficial for your whole life If you don’t win, you’ll regret it all your life Mom, it’s not that bad My life just started How can I regret it for my whole life? Fan Fan, I want to be honest with you We are just a normal family We don’t have any background And we also don’t have any relationships We just hope You pass this exam, a carp crosses the Long Men gate and turns into a dragon You have to cross this Long Men gate It will change your life forever What can we do? What are we doing these things for? It’s not for us We are doing this for you Providing you a good condition So you can cross this door In the future, you will have a good learning process You will benefit from it all your life Mom, I have a question Do you think that learning is important Or skills are more important? Skills are really important But you have to take your skills To face this learning process You just need to pass the exam I guarantee Whatever you do, I will never interfere As long as it’s not illegal or disciplined But first You have to pass the collage entrance exam You have to let me not to have to worry I’m begging you, can you do that? Yes Mom, don’t worry I will try Now I will wash my hands And help you do the house chores Fan Fan Go Ok, I’m going to wash my hands Let me exercise alone here And you just lie there Stand up, let’s do exercise together It just get into my mind What? The repetition What’s about the repetition? No more repetition Sometimes they said he had to repeat, sometimes they said no need This fish can’t eat either Cannot eat this fish Li Meng sent you a message yi Fan’s mother I saw you really nervous today I’m also very anxious Don’t worry, let’s try together So Yi Fan can move forward She also sent me the similarities of good students Listen One, family is full of fostering love We have this one What needs to focus is not learning but thinking We also have Three, love learning as much as ove life We have a half of this Ten, believing there are many more important things than achievements This one, he too believes in this basically Fang Yi Fan has these qualities Why is his achievement so low? Why can’t he be a good student? Everyone else is, but he is not Let me see Here From dust till dawn it makes me nervous So annoying that I see everything uncomfortable Why are you still so upset? No, she was too capricious She said she want him to repeat then she said he didn’t need to repeat anymore Yesterday, she said he had to repeat, today she said he didn’t I’m worried their school Want to give up On Fang Yi Fan I think it’s not like what you’re thinking His teacher just sent you this It means she hasn’t given up on him yet You know? Wait a bit I ask you You Why was you upset yesterday? Because Fang Yi Fan needed to repeat Then why are you upset today? Because they didn’t let him repeat anymore You see? You’re upset when he has to repeat He doesn’t need to repeat, you’re also upset You see This is not in the negativity that enlightenment Buddha realms? Bullshits, how can I not be upset? His achievement is not good Do I need to be upset if his achievement is good? Ok Let me explain for you For example, if Fang Yi Fan has to repeat I think it gives us a chance One more year, he studies 4 years in high school Fang Yi Fan’s opportunities are higher than others He has more opportunities than others Ok? If he doesn’t need to repeat What does it mean? It means the school hasn’t given up on him Ms. Li Meng still attaches great importance to him So he can stand sholder to shoulder with his friends Isn’t it a good thing? Think like that Do you feel much better now? Do you feel more comfortable now? I think you’re very childish Do you feel less angry now? A little Right, you see Fang Yuan Get up, it’s late We may be not allowed to get on the plane We can get in, why not we can get in? What time it is? It’s all your fault, why did you drink champagne last night? Quick Honey You drank with me last night Why is it all my fault? No need to run, we’re on time Where is F? Over there Driver Just move these boxes first Ok Be careful Let me Be careful Let’s eat dumplings Dad, you scared me to death This is for live streaming? No, I’m recording Recording? Good You can get in the video I don’t want to You’re sweating Take some water I will get you a glass of water I’m fine Dad, mom went out already? Yes What do we plan today? How’s about.. I have though about it Let’s do this Your mom is picking your cousin up In total we have Almost 8 hours 7 hours and a half free 8 hours Isn’t it? We will.. Have breakfast I think we will make… dumplings? Ok, Sanquan’s dumplings Fried dumpling, then we go out Have fun We will play baseball This is good Then we’ll eat lunch Hamburger, pizza and french fries It’s up to you, ok? Your mother does not allow us to eat that but we still eat Then we’ll go home and you’ll learn No more playing Yes, yes, learning You see, Fang Yi Fan If you want to play, I support you But when I want you to learn You have to follow my orders I and your mother Have the same thought You don’t need to repeat anymore You have to try, you have to pass the exam Mom Yang Yang Mom Why are you here? I heard my grandmother say you moved to new house today So I came Such a big thing But you didn’t tell me Even my uncle doesn’t know Moving house is not a big deal No need to tell everyone Be careful Take these two boxes to the bedroom Be careful, be careful Yes This is also for the bedroom Put it all in the bedroom Ok Mom, I Thank you, thank you | What can I help you? No need I hired some staff already It’s fine Yes yes Thank you You’re welcome See you, see you See you Yang Yang, this is your room You can arrange whatever you like It’s just a little bit small Your father told me to buy it You weren’t there Your father said he didn’t count it When there are 3 of us, we’ll drop it again I and uncle Wanted to try some cars before going to school I’m sorry We didn’t blame ou We just regret You see, your father took leave in his office He is so busy But for your oath ceremony What is my oath ceremony? He didn’t come there To encourage me He is the parent representative Is a Party official People official Not my dad Don’t say that, Yang Yang Your father is reluctant The principal told him to give speech how could he do? He is an attorney general It’s not easy to refuse it I saw him willing to do it Willing what? What are you talking about? Why are you here I come to get some stuff Get what? Jasmine tea you bought for me Bí thư Trần của quận mình He told me it tastes good I want to bring him some In the bedroom, I’ll get for you Liu Jing, how many rooms does this house have? 2 rooms Good, not exceeding the standard Liu Jing Chinese home appliances are very expensive We have to save money It’s not good if others see it This is from Liu Zheng This is not ironwood Đây toàn đồ rẻ, chọn ở Hương Hà Brother gave sister a set of tables and chairs she likes You don’t need to be nervous That’s good You’re a big officer now Liu Zheng dares not to listen to you? This one? Yes Who bought balloons? Liu Zheng? Didn’t you tell me to buy it? When did I tell you that? I told you yesterday on the way home Buying balloons You forget? Yes yes I’m too busy this morning that I forgot it What’s wrong with your memory? Yang Yang, why did you come here? I can’t come here? Why is he so weird? We haven’t talked With him for a long time He easily misunderstands us It takes time He just apologized me What’s about I talk to him now? Don’t do that I know how to talk with people Ok, you try Yang Yang, do you have time? Let’s talk I have time But I don’t want to talk with you If you want to talk, you should make an appointment next time Yang Yang It’s not easy that we can live together Your father bought balloons for you What about We drop it together? Ok? Come on Come on, Sheng Li, Sheng Li Go dropping balloons Give me one balloon Ok Yang Yang Let’s go Give me the red one This way There is a yard here Come on, come on let’s go The weather is really beautiful today This way It’s good for dropping balloons Yang Yang, write your wishes on What do you want to write? here is yours You can write what you want I want To become Han Han han Han is a writer? He is not just a writer He is even a director Yang Yang wants to be a director He is also a road racing champion Worldwide famous The most important thing is He didn’t go to the university So, there is not necessary To get into university to be successful It’s possible Ok Let’s.. Hold hands Hold hands and whisper our wishes 3 times Our wishes Does this work? Of course if you have faith 1, 2, 3, close your eyes Mom, is it ok? I have read 10 times Ok ok Ok ok We can Drop the balloons now Listen to my command 1, 2 Don’t don’t.. wait Do not drop the balloons, we’re violating that regulation They dropped so many balloons yesterday at school Now you just drop 3 balloons and it is violating regulation? Yes Why did you buy it if you don’t drop it? This, the school asked permission to do that But we don’t have it so we can’t drop it Yes, what about.. Let’s tie the balloons on that tree That is not our land If you want to tie Just tie the balloons in our yard Can we tie this on this railing? Let me do it I will do it Why is the balloons flying? I am not careful, do not hold it tight You’re so careless You’re not protecting the environment Don’t worry too much Mom, let’s eat I was about to call you But I saw you doing your tests You did not put in Chinese medicine today? You don’t like it’s taste I don’t want to force you all the time How is this? It’s better You’re so picky Your teacher Just sent me Many photos of the oath ceremony Is there any picture of our family? Yes, let me find for you There is no picture of my dad? No? Let me see He didn’t enter the frame He always stood With us that day? We didn’t look like a family When they took pictures How could they know who is a family together? I will get some food Yes Coming Mom, I’ll open the door Ok Hello, is this Ms. Song’s house? Yes, that’s right Your delivery goods, please sign to receive Just give me, thank you Goodbye Mom, you have delivery goods Open it for me Yes What is this? Have you opened it yet? I’m asking you Why are you standing there? What’s wrong? Mom It’s been hard for you What are you saying? I said it’s been really hard for you I’m just doing the dishes I do it everyday Uhh Yesterday I was not right I shouldn’t have been angry with you I’m not mad I shouldn’t have been like that too Shouldn’t have forced you to write it Have you opened the delivery yet? What is this? I haven’t seen it Mom, this is special models of this quarter I saw it last time in a shop very expensive Yes I found it on one app For less than half the price So I bought 2 of it For you and me hen we can do exercise together, ok? Yes This is yours This is mine, too colorful No Not colorful? It suits you Good Let me see yours Yes You like it? Yes, I like it Fashionable, right? Ying Zi Do you want to go to the movie theater with me tonight? We haven’t gone out together for a while Mom said 12th grade is hard So I have to minimize leisure time There are still few days before the official opening You can relax a bit Right? Ok? I will check tickets Yes Do you want to see “Mission Impossible: Collapse”? Let me remember When we watched “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” It was the first time we watched a film together You just got into high school It has been more than 2 years It’s too fast This time is good Should we watch this? What’s wrong? You don’t want to see it anymore? No I want to see it Tom Cruise is your idol, right? We will eat out tonight Then we will go to the theater We can go home early perfect Yes Ok, I bought tickets Your mother is over there Mom Oh They came to pick us up Lei Lei is still the same Higher I’m too tired Exhausted Hurry, hurry Lei Lei Come on Fan Fan, quickly Let hug each other Hug Lei Lei Come on Give me, give me Lei Lei hasn’t changed at all, right? Yes You’re higher You see, higher than me Compared to your brother You’re as tall as your brother Who is taller? Let me see, Stand there Stand together Don’t compare anymore Just try They are the same Let’s go Are you tired? Are you tired? Hungry? Lei Lei I’m not hungry Or buy something for him, there is… No need, no need We go home to eat Are you tired? No, I’m not I can’t understand his family I was so angry At lunch We had lunch with his father and his step mother He didn’t say much Always looked at that woman’s face The step mother kept saying, saying It’s good I know she is not a gentle person That’s why she treats Lei Lei like that It was really… I tell you, recently Beijing weather is dry You have to drink a lot of water Then make a mask for your hands Let my mom make a phone sim card for you Ok? Your shoes looks good, very stylish Let’s take a picture Come on Ok I’ll post it in my friends’ circle We have cook something good to welcome Lei Lei Anh đã đặt ở Đại Đổng rồi I called my parents to come also Fang Yi Fan You search .. Where will we go.. Where is she? Where is Lei Er? Where is Lei Er? Lei Er just.. He was just next to me Oh god What’s wrong? Did he go to the WC? I don’t know, he didn’t tell me Watch the baggage Lei Er Lei Er Lei Er Lei Lei, Lei Lei Why did you come here Lei Lei Why are you running around like that, it’s very dangerous? You have to tell us if you want to go somewhere Don’t run around in the airport, ok? We don’t know where you are? I see the flight information Why do you see it? You have to tell us before you go Yes, don’t run around like this You know? Let’s go You scared me to death I’ll push it Yes Fang Yi Fan, please notice him Ok, I’ll follow him I’ll tie to him You tie to him? What did you just do? Ok, stop talking, let’s go Lei Er Why did you check the flight information? Yes I just conveniently took one look The left column is a prime number The middle column is the composite Composite and prime number? There are many problems involving prime and composite numbers For example, any even number greater than 2 Can be written as the sum of two primes So what is the relationship between them? No relationship at all I just try to remember To practice my ability to remember only Just remember? You can remember everything? Yes Wait a bit, look over there Let me check you, let me check you The flight MU5705 The flight MU5705 from Kun Ming to Beijing Plan to fly at 12:30 Actually arrive at 03:20 Where? The flight MU5150 Flight MU5150 from Ning Bo to Beijing On time, arrives 4:00 Where? Flight OZ6845 OZ6845? There is no flight OZ6845 But there is flight OZ6846 From Seoul to Beijing Korean airline has canceled it already Lei Er, you’re good I can’t find any flight Where is this? Over there What are you looking at? You’re good, Lei Er Lei Er can remember all of flights Why do you have to remember it? I want to practice my ability to remember You’re good Please go this way Slow down Dad, sorry I’m late Why are you just coming now? Traffic jam, I stuck in the traffic jam Mother, father Grandpa Lei Lei Come on, Lei Lei, greet to them Hello grandpa grandma Is this Lei Lei? You’re so big When you first came here He was small Yes Come on You’re bigger than we thought Sit down Ok I’ll sit next to you Sit down Lei Lei, sit near you aunt Sit down Put your backpack down Put it down, yes have you ordered yet? I ordered some dishes that Fan Fan likes You order some more dishes Yes I don’t know what Lei Lei likes Waiter, we want to order Ask Lei Lei what he likes Fan Fan Give him the menu He is in grade 12 already It’s an important year Have you prepared everything? Grandpa Are we here for dinner or family meeting? If we’re here for meeting, can we choose another time? I’m hungry I’m starving Stop talking Aunt, you order, I will eat what you order Let see what you like I don’t know to choose There are images in here You see, many dishes Dong Wen Jie, Dong Wen Jie Give me, I want to order Why do you tell him to order? Wen Jie Lei Lei is in grade 12, right? Have you finished choosing school for him? Near our house There are some good schools Mom, don’t worry I have completed All the enrollment procedures for him I even met his teacher The same class with Fan Fan They can take care each other They both study in Chun Feng school? Mom, mom, mom Can I order some tofu for you, okay? Ok, ok Stew tofu with traditional Chinese medicine Where does Lei Lei live? Is it small? Yes What’s about letting Fan Fan come to live with us? Yes, yes We have three rooms We have three rooms It is not small Two people can stay in as well Don’t worry That’s good If you have decided like this I will not say anything else But you have to be careful Don’t decide without considering He is right Xin chào, Sườn chua ngọt Giang Tuyết Have a good time Ok Fan Fa, let’s eat Yes, thank you Come on, Lei Lei, eat Eat Eat, eat Lei Lei, eat Eat, eat Eat Seaweed, seaweed, seaweed Flutter with the wind Hello, your fruit Slow down Have you finished? Yes, we’re full If you’ve finished I will take you to San Li Dun We buy some stuff Ok, I will go to pay You two follow me I leave the car for you You take mom and dad home No, need, we can go home by subway Yes It’s too far I can’t park the care in there Remember to pack the leftover. Let’s go Grandma, grandpa, goodbye Grandma, grandpa, goodbye Goodbye uncle Wen Jie went I have to tell you something You see, Wen Jie is… She took her nephew here She didn’t tell us Why didn’t? She discussed with me already This is not a big deal Her sister passed away It’s normal that she took him here Why is this not a big deal? This is the time for Fan Fan to prepare for his entrance exam The most stressful time The two children stay together They will play all the time How can Fan Fan practice? Can he not be affected? I forgot to give you the car key I’m going Be careful Did she hear it? You said it. Why do you care she heard it or not? You’re good Waiter Waiter, we want to pay, and pack the leftover Heard? So what? I didn’t say anything wrong I told you Waiter, pack the leftover Keep your voice down Why do I have to keep my voice down? What’s wrong? Where is Lei Er? Yes, where is he? He just stood next to me Lei Er Lei Er What happened? He doesn’t answer the phone What’s wrong? He was just here Fang Yi Fan, you’re.. I told you to keep an eye on him You lead him You lost him twice in a day What’s wrong? You didn’t tell me to .. He is an adult Why don’t you take care of him? What are you saying? I bought you shoes Bought you food If you didn’t eat ice cream I have taken him go a long time ago Lei Er Mom, don’t be hurry Lin Lei Er Mom, keep your voice down Get inside this shop to check Lei Er Hello, honey. What’s wrong? Fang Yuan, you come here I lost Lei Er again He got lost again? You come here Quickly I have found him around Ok, ok I will come there now Don’t panic Ok, ok, I’m hanging up Lei Er got lost? Maybe Let us go with you To find him Turn around, turn around No need, mom, let me.. I call a taxi for you If you go with me, it’ll be more chaos There is one more … Listen to Yuan Yuan, we go home first Fang Yuan, stop the car I and your mother will o home Welcome Thank you You want to buy flowers? Who do you want to give this flower to? To my wife So you can choose roses or tulips Or carnation Which one do you like? I don’t know about this Can you tell me What is the difference between them? Each flower has different meaning Some flowers have quite elegant meanings Ah, now you tell me What you want to tell your wife I will find suitable flowers for you Are there any flowers that represent reunion? I’ll buy one bunch Lei Er Lei Er Where are you going? Aunt I have found you everywhere Mom, slow down Lei Er, why didn’t you answer the phone? You made her worried Where have you been? I, I didn’t hear it I have called you so many times, you didn’t hear it? Why didn’t you answer it? She is so nervous Why didn’t you take it? I have called you many times I want to check Did Tao Zhe Xuan solve it? Don’t move. You’re going down, we’re going up Quick Then you go down Fan Fan, you keep him Don’t let him go What have you been searching for? I want to study Uniqueness of the Tao Zhe Xuan problem Lei Er, in Beijing there are many elevators You can’t let yourself lost I figured it out, auntie Ok, ok Don’t search or study when you’re on the way Let’s go home You came home? You’re so thoughtful You bought flowers? Yes It’s not easy that the 3 of us can move in together Congrats, congrats We are appreciating The sense of ritual life, right? These young stuff I don’t get it well I told her to choose a bouquet of reunion meaning It turns out to be an apple bouquet If I knew it earlier I would have come to the market to buy It’s fine We can eat this apple We won’t waste it I almost finish Go change your clothes I haven’t eaten what you cook for a long time You have to eat more later Ok Apple Where is Yang Yang? Is he home yet? Maybe he is on the way Let’s wait for him then we will eat together Buying an apple bouquet Meaningful That two cars just moved from Italy Do you want to try? You know me too well Fixed? Of course Let’s go I’ll go with you Bullshits This doesn’t make sense You see, it’s such calm water surface It is not in the sea A car like that, such a heavy chassis It would not have created such subversive effect This water was added Fake We come to see A Thang Logic something is not important Being happy is good Bullshits You can’t say that If you focus on the details like this Then the next scene When he will drop a rope Such a heavy object Aircraft speed is so fast That rope Will fly as in physical perspective But do you know the result? That rope is the pen Why do you know? In the trailer Fang Yi Fan watched it before Then he told me Mom, mom Mom, the movie hasn’t finished yet It’s really good Let’s finish it first You likes A Tang right? This is such a waste If you told me You already watched it We don’t need to waste time in here You said You want me to go out to relax I want you to relax But watching a film twice Are you free? Thank you Here here Is this meaningful? Why is it not meaningful? Making you happy is not meaningful? I want you to be happy Then I also want you to be happy I don’t need it Why is it so hard to make you happy?

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