A Little Reunion (2019) – Ep 14 小欢喜 | School, Youth, Family Drama

A LITTLE REUNION Episode 14 Brother I am okay, you just go It’s okay I wait for you Leave me alone I wanna be alone okay, I don’t say anything Lei Er, Lei Er Don’t cry The Phone can be fixed Lei Er Don’t worry If you have any problems, let me know Never mind! Lei Er, Lei Er Are you okay? let’s get in the class yes What is going on? Everything is fine Alright, go to the class Lei Er Ji Yang Yang, what do you do? what’s wrong with you? I don’t talk to you Lei Er I want to apologize to you I am sorry I didn’t know that phone means a lot to you What is your attitude? Why are you putting in his pants pocket and buckling your face? is that how you admit your fault? We don’t need to know what pictures the phone has but what should we do? Let’s just go to class Listen I will help you get back the document anb buy you a new one Why are you looking at me? Look at him, you are asking him What do you think? Let’s give me your phone I ruined, I will fix it I don’t need honestly Ji Yang Yang I said I don’t need Let’s go into class, bro Let’s go It’s not over yet, Ji Yang Yang It’s not over yet Lei Er You Why do you… You gonna ship it, why do you eat it? Time is running out If I don’t eat, it’s a waste yes Why do you come here to eat? It was full inside is your time over,isn’t it? No, I bought it I am not a shipper But shipper is also very good How much do you earn in a month? One month 18000 yuan How much? 18000 18000? In good times This is a secret, I cannot reveal 18000, are you serious? So are you eating what you pay for yourself? Of course If not, I will regret it You… This job How can you do that? where do you do? Going to the employment exchange center to apply? What do they need? ID card? ID card Anything else? Do they need the qualifications? Good looking is okay Good looking? Tall Do I have to know how to drive? Yes, a driver’s license yes, all of it 18000 Why don’t you eat a hamburger? No I was afraid you ate dried, leaving a little soup Are you full? I… let’s eat this one I will buy another one Here Come on How is embarrassing Let’s eat, this one So embarrassing go for it 18000 Dong Wen Jie I have been looking foe you all this morning Where did you go I still stay here I’ve just gone to restroom Please check the quarterly financial report Give it to me before you went home I couldn’t finish all of it before I left It’s a lots, If I want to finish it today, I can’t stop doing untill 11o’clock or 12 o’clock Even untill 11 o’clock or 12 o’clock I don’t care what time can you finish it Okay So tomorrow I’ll put the collated figures on your desk before you came No way The boss said we had to report tomorrow morning Or I will stay with you until you finshed it And everyone Everyone try your best to support Dong Wen Jie do it We have to finish it today Director Kim What do you mean? What do I mean? What do you mean, Dong Wen Jie? Everyone does overtime till 8 o’clock Only you Go home on time every day Do you feel that is fair to everyone? I am the leader, I have to care about it A water bowl cannot be unbalanced So the company won’t allow the employee to leave on time from now on, right? Gom home on time is wrong Our department does not have that rule If you wanna go home on time, let’s be a cleaner Then you can leave on time Come on, drink water to let it go You also get less angry Lei Er Stop studying Let’s eat I choose for you: a lion’s head, chicken thighs, … all of your favorite foods Let’s eat Let’s eat Brother Tell me, is it impossible to fix it? I am not so sure Can we caheck it again? We will see after school Alright, Lei Er I’ll help you ask whether or not they can fix it But you don’t think much Is it okay? Don’t be sad Sad is useless now Let’s eat first Drink water What can I do? What should I do? Rest in peace, Lei Er This won’t end like that I am gonna find Ji Yang Yang to revenge Not only let Ji Yang Yang return your all stuff, but also let him give you the new phone, okay? Fang Hou You said nothing but revenge what do you tend to do? When did I say revenge? You have just said that you will help Lei Er feel better Fang Yi Fan, I have never used martial arts, I only use my mind to win What wisdom? you don’t have a brain why don’t I have a brain? you can check your brain | Brother You have nothing inside Don’t blame me, so do you What smart are you? Ah Help him pick up glasses, please Lei Er, I am sorry Are you okay? What are you doing? What are you looking at me? What are you looking at me? do you invite me? This kind of person Still dares to eat in the canteen What are you giong to do? I will see him Sit down please Sit down Do you still think you didn’t make enough trouble? By that time,Li Tie Gun will scold him again Then they call your mother Do you want it? I don’t need it Thank you Take it what kind of person is Ji Yang Yang? Is Tao Zi blind? She still protect him Isn’t the goddess usually like that? You still don’t get used to it, do you? Tao Zi is no longer his goddess He changed Who? As I know, She is Fen Er Fen Er? Who is Fen Er, Fang Yi Fan? Are you studying well in the head full of knowledge, aren’t you? wooden head! Fen Er, who is also focusing on studying, exam… I have to let him know today What are you doing? Don’t tell me that you have a bad idea I am telling you If you did not cause trouble, would Lei Er’s phone be broken? Don’t do anything anymore, please! It’s true, bro Ji Yang Yang agreed to fix it I hope it could be fixed Moreover, he apologized already apologize? He apologized, promised to buy you a new phone Fixing your phone isn’t a big thing Moreover, we still have a problem which hasn’t been done yet It;s not related to me Alright, Lei Er Don’t mind him anymore Let’s eat I can’t Here you are Thank you Why don’t you eat? I am on a diet to lose weight Lei Er What? He wanted to zoom in on a spot in the video What kind of explosion, how? So you make a timeline Hold on Then make some animated frames Then? Finally, you can add anything you want What the blazes are you doing? It’s 3 months why do you still keep this video? Give it back to me This bad video can sometimes be used you see, now it’s time to use it Fang Yi Fan What are you doing? No, What’s up? Why do I see you everywhere? Go for lunch How to handle this? Just fix it what else? So can the data be recovered? I can / That’s good Now is the time to witness the miracle Eat it Go to the hell Lei Er, do you see this is funny? Ji Yang Yang? Phone, phone, phone Ji Yang Yang? Bro, did you ask me to do this? Fang Yi Fan You sent that kind of picture which influences negatively to everyone 1 to 10, 10 to 100 what happens if teachers know it? I did it Why don’t I dare to send? I am not sick Do you think Ji Yang Yang is stupid? You did a good job when you took that picture I was stupid, okay? Fight me! Don’t be angry, sit down, sit down Come back here Sit down Sit down, keep calm Fang Yi Fan is too much you has already apologized to him Why don’t him forgive you? Who knows? Don’t be angry, do not be angry that what he is I don’t care little urchin! Suit himself, then I should fix and pay Why has he gone? Bye bye Hey, bro You know, Ji Yang Yang apologized, agreed to fix the phone Why do we have to follow them? I just want to see Tao Zi one last time one last time what so you mean? Tao Zi Fang Yi Fan, I can’t understan him He just made and posted your picture now he is following us Stick like a limpet He want to protect and let him do it How is his cousin poor! When he has a cousin like him You think what are they talking about? I couldn’t hear let’s guess If I can, I am a God It’s true What does Tao Zi like in Ji Yang Yang? Is Ji Yang Yang better than me? Yes Hold on Aren’t you a genius? Let help me analyze Are they seeing each other? Two of them I I He is coming, bro Two bodyguards are you waiting for me here? I’m not your bodyguard Maybe it’s him Why me? How come I can be his boyguard? Who are you talking about? If you are not, why are you following me? Please don’t be so amorous yourself? Who follows you? I followed my goddess I am afraid of someone who has bad intentions against Tao Zi So must follow to protect her Sorry for bothering you You are the only one who knows what are you thinking in your mind Lei Er I won’t go to the lecture tomorrow You give me the phone I bring it to repair Let you give me a chance to make it up for you, is that okay? OK, let’s see it. Here is yours I used to think that Tian Fu Luo was a girl a beautiful girl Tian Fu Luo The beautiful woman turned out to be a dish This name Tian Fu Luo at least 4 or more sheets Drink slowly If not, we are gonna get drunk later Getting drunk is also good I got drunk and don’t think of other things Jobs? Lao Qiao, I am telling you People who turn into middle age The crisis will not come only one or two People still say that bad thing doesn’t come alone Once they appear, they come together There is melancholy in your heart There are also external bad things come Do you know it? Now, They come together You still haven’t had a crisis, have you? Sooner or later, it’ll come The boss here is definitely in love with Jin Rong Only opening films of Jin Rong Inside Jin Rong is a female Who do you like? Zhang Min Zhao Min is corect Zhang Min Zhang Min actor I am asking that who do you like in any play? Hey, you To be honest with you She has checked all of these reports last week We all feel that Director Jin is trying to trouble you I have sent the reports which were checked to your email I go first, don’t let her know that I told you Sure Goodbye Thank you so much Bye bye Hello, Song Qian I tell you Lao Qiao I am wondering why they keep opening Jin Rong’s films we don’t watch the news It turned out he died today Jin Rong is dead? Oh my God at 5pm 49 years old This is also considered a funeral It’s so sudden Seeing the news of Jin Rong’s passing, I feel very uncomfortable in my heart You know when we were young, whoever always wanna become a character under the pen of Jin Rong? Ling Hu Chong Yang Guo Guo Jing become a hero what is the result? People of middle age are no longer able to do as a hero At most, it is big shrimp True, big shrimp Moreover, it is also cooked shrimp This is shrimp Relax, adjust breathing Stay in posture, good You Her feet should lift a little higher like this This is okay Okay, Let’s sit up straight Sitting up Because this move is quite difficult So you should come to the next session I will revise everyone a bit, so you can try this again later Today’s yoga session is over Everyone relax themselves See you in the next lesson See you Haizzz, my waist, my old leg How are you feeling? This teacher is okay, quite meticulously Also very pretty Maybe we go to her class from now on Okay, I also think so Seeing her is predestined Therefore, I looked through all the classes she is the best We will join in her class Okay, let’s go to this class Being persistent Of course I will get rid of the stresses at the company do you let Xiao Jin do that? Can yu stand it? Why don’t you move to another company? How? Fang Yuan has been unemployed for 2 months 2 months I don’t dare to fight to her If I do Good is fine if not, The whole family has nothing to eat won’t be that bad, will it? Fang Yuan I think You don’t be like this You can compare with me How did I look like in the past? You know Do somthing to pay for that This is just a small thing I am gonna say this which could be hard to listen but You met so few failures, You should meet a few more times How can we be the same? Why do you still want to be a father? No, it’s not I meant I failed It’s wasn’t like you How old are you when you fail? When you were almost 30 years old, weren’t you? Then growed to become rich And I’m forty five years old now If I failed, could I even stand up? You see this life Eating, drinking and traveling There is anything which money is not needed Is that true? You said there was no pressure I have to move forward But others put me under pressure This morning, I and Dong Wen Jie quarreled each other Just because of my clothes Why did she force me to wear a suit formal? Why? That means She hope that I can find a new company That means hope that I can get a new job Isn’t it hope that I will become Yue Bu Qun? Is that not so? Just because of such a small thing? Why could you argue with a small thing? Fang Yuan, normally he looks very optimistic Whatever big or small problems come, he can get over it But this time I feel that maybe I overdo it Because of me I also have some problems so easily angry Now you have too much pressure, that’s why Fang Yuan is definitely under pressure Just 2 months You let him adapt a little bit Do you know? It took years for Qiao Wei Dong to get over and grow No matter how he develops, it doesn’t matter to me I don’t want to have any from him You you have Ying Zi, what else do you want? Self-satisfaction please Right, I should be grateful Well, I am not you so I cannot understand but I just want you to be optimistic Don’t think too much If you get any problems, I am here for you Or I will raise our fund a little bit each week each person has to give one thousand yuan, is that okay? Okey, let’s do it But we still spend a little and give me the rest Converted into cash Come on you Remember this day God jokingly See you tomorrow Bye bye Fang Yuan Fang Yuan Fang Yuan Fang Yuan Why are you sleeping here? Are you back? Where do I sleep? Why are you sleeping here? Is it cold? I am hot Be perished with hot! I thought I was home I sleep here sleep here What is going on? Do you drink alcohol? I am sorry I have a drink today I was wrong I should not quarrel with you this morning Because I’m not good It’s alright Là do em không tốt Now you are in a difficult time I should leave you right Why is it a difficult time? I do not have enough patience I should not have compared to you I am wrong It’s okay, I’m awake Getting much better Who did you drink with? Who else? Qiao Wei Dong Can I make you a glass of honey water? Okay Is it okay? Will not be uncomfortable anymore Let’s go What’s up? What’s wrong? I am here, don’t be frightened. Do you hear that? No Today Jin Rong passes away, do you know it? Jin Rong is gone I knew, I wtached the news I am very sad, you know? Why has he suddenly gone? Don’t be sad any more! Don’t be sad any more! Since childhood, I have always wanted to become a hero Take the sword go around the world I feel so bad about myself I have to be Ling Hu Chong, Yang Guo or Zhang Wu Ji Cho dù tệ hơn chút At least it should be Guo Jing I Why do I become Yue Bu Qun? you are not Yue Bu Qun How come can you be Yue Bu Qun? I am exactly Yue Bu Qun Anh If you were Yue Bu Qun, Where would Fang Yi Fan come from? I just become Yue Bu Qun I wasn’t in the past I have been Yue Bu Qun for 2 months Alright You just turned into Yue Bu Qun, right? I have never thought that I will become Yue Bu Qun I feel that even though I have no martial arts, I still try to live honestly hard-working How come? Why is my career not successful? Why am I so unlucky? No, It’s not | Why does it turn out like this? Not unlucky It’s not We are gonna get over it Không phải Now, I really understand Yue Bu Qun, you know? everyone wanna go in the wide and wide road who wants to go on this narrow road? Moreover How much a knife to hurt Fang Yuan, don’t cry Don’t be sad anymore Don’t be sad anymore I am not sad Here I am Why does Jin Rong die? Why does Jin Rong die? Fang Yuan, look at me! Fang Yuan Fang Yuan, let’s look at me Look at me Don’t be scared. I am here No problems, Fang Yuan It will go away Will that do? Don’t cry, don’t be sad anymore Stand up Fang Yuan, Stand up, Let’s go Go home Whose shoe is that? let’s me brush my teeth first, Mom I’m going to be late for school Why do you know there’s a literary seminars a literary seminars today without getting up early? The alarm clock doesn’t ring, it’s not my fault What is this smell? Did Dad drink alcohol? And vomited with who? is that Qiao uncle? No, your father met his classmates Why did they drink alcohol? Not happy, is something wrong? Drown one’s sorrow in water? Why do you ask so much? rinse your mouth quickly I will rinse my mouth over there when you’ve done, let’s have breakfast Wake up! Drink honey water to alleviate alcohol Come on, ge up Get up and drink water Feeling uncomfortable? Pain, headache Pain, headache? it is morning already what time is it? 9:00 I drank too much Headache Fang Yuan Don’t drink that much anymore Come on, Drink honey water! Let’s drink it Perhaps I still haven’t won my limit Okay Please sleep a little longer The children aren’t home this morning Take a rest Sleep a little longer Today is saturday, isn’t it? What’s wrong with Saturday? They still have to go to school today There a literature seminar on the weekend The midterm exam is coming as well Push them a little bit How strange is it Why do they open a literature seminar on Saturday? Are they kidding? Do you know what you said after you drank a lot last night? what did I say? Good morning, Mom Do you wake up? How are you feeling now? is it cold? no, I am okay are you sure? Hurry up, brush your teeth and wash your face Today I prepared delicious food for you Take it down Let’s eat this one what is this? Holothurian I know recently you struggled Mid-term exam is about to come I deliberately ask people to bring it from other regions to cook it for you People say this is nutritious food They also say that if you don’t eat anything before eating it every day in winter You are gonna never get cold at the whole year Come on Who eats this in the morning? I don’t eat it why not? This has a very high nutritional value Especially eaten raw Ying Zi, listen Now you are in 12th grade, you can’t get sick anymore I decided that I wouldn’t do anything, just focus on taking care of you go ahead! don’t get sick Eat it I am okay now I am still healthy Were you uncomfortable last night? yes but that’s last night Now, I am really okay So So precautions are more important I am telling you Holothurians not only have a high nutritional value but can also enhance memory Let’s think about it if I ate a holothurian, you would remember 20 new English words Does it worth it? By then I vomited in the classroom Today is Saturday what are you going to school for? I specially prepared two tests of physic subject for you Now I do the basic stuff is useless you know? I have to let you go to another stage What is the test? This morning, my school has a literary seminar I have to go there That’s teachers request Then you go there first and back home to do it So I am gonna go Come back You haven’t eaten it You have to eat it I really can’t eat this, it’s so nauseous it’s so nauseous You see, still alive That’s why it has high nutrition I am going to eat with you Even that, I can’t eat it I am telling you, Ying Zi Right now you must be careful, we must prepare to fight to the end Do you get it? Let’s eat No, I don’t I see Wait for me Stop Sit down hurry up I will show you Look at me Spicy, Spicy, Spicy Too spicy If I don’t dot a lot, I can’t eat Swallow down, swallow down Don’t spit out swallow down I wanna spit it out swallow down swallow down, do you hear me? I am late, I am gonna go I am late already Sit down, you haven’t eaten yet I don’t need Don’t spit it out, Don’t spit it out I don’t Wait a minutes Hold on, I have already done Come on, bring this you see Why do it stick like water nose? Talking nonsense,this is a swallow’s nest It took hours for me to cook it in this morning, how come you call it like water nose? Later, while you are listening to the seminar, let’s drink it This is very good for you Okay, I am going to school Okay Bye bye Pull the lock up Do you hear me? Pull the lock up Yes Protect your throat! Can’t stop worrying about her This morning, Fang Yi Fan asked me Why did you drink so much alcohol? what happened? You see or we do not hide them anymore Just tell them the truth Is it… No, no way Please don’t tell them Please don’t You know, I am 45 years old Be a man! How can I tell my children that I’m unemployed I am their father If I told them, wouldn’t my image collapse in their hearts? No, definitely don’t say it You did nothing wrong Because your company isn’t good, they did wrong It’s not your fault Yes, It’s not my fault but you don’t tell our children Telling the truth, I don’t know how to face them Please don’t say anthing So how long are you going to hide them? Hide one day and get one day Hide one day and get one day Are you dreaming? How do you hide them? what? Pretending to go to work is that a way? Going out for a walk every day why can’t I hide them? The weather is so cold Telling me, where are you going for a walk? On the road? I am not stupied How can I go a walk on the highway? There are a lot of pleaces where I can go I go to the fast-food restaurant to buy a glass of water, I can stay all day there If not, i will go to IKEA Inside IKEA is much warmer Moreover there is a bed, I can lie down Sleep on it There is someone who lay next to me. How good is it! Save appearances, please 12th grade students, good morning I am the main lecturer for this literature seminar today I am Mei Gao Fen For college entrance exam literature, Must definitely consolidate reading comprehension Firmly grasp the two things One is critical thinking It means your thought must be clear, logic Come one, go over here Dad Dad hey you hurry up I am telling you Have you come here too much recently? Did your mother find out? No, she didn’t I don’t tell, so do you Who can find out? Don’t worry, Dad What posture is that? you have grown up already et’s pay attention Do you have tea, Dad? why do you drink tea so early? Just early in the morning, my mother forced me to eat holothurian. I’m going to throw up now Did you eat reluctantly? How did she cook for you? Sauteing with onion or making porridge? swallowing alive swallowing alive? How could you eat when it’s alive? you still have to eat with seasoning Don’t mention it It will be better if I don’t eat with seasoning Mom told me to eat with mustard Spicy to the point that tears flow away Alright, I pour you a cup of tea Thank you Dad Let’s drink it Your mother just want good thing for you Eating raw holothurian is good for brain health She even asked me to bring the bird’s nest Let’s me show you It looks like water nose How can I drink it? I am gonna be crazy Dad, you keep it Just put it there when you go to school, bring it bird’s nest is also good Let’s drink tea Thank you Dad Drinking slowly, slow down It’s still hot Dad, did you ask the teacher that I will off today? Not yet Ying Zi, I am asking you Is that okay if you don’t join in the seminar? Of course I know all these sample essays Moreover, I don’t want to go to school at the weekend They hold a seminar on the weekend. Your school definitely invited a famous teacher or I will take you there, is it okay? Dad Why do you become like mother? Is this my safe place anymore? Do you on my side? I am on your side I see we are doing wrong together Please help me one time if not, teacher Li will suspect Ying Zi, listen to me you are about to take the midterm exam After taking the midterm exam, you must never skip class get it? It’s just a first lesson, it’s gonna be fine The first lesson doesn’t work either My place is your safe pleace But It’s not a place where you skip lessons You can come here anytime but it has to be after class remember it Yes, yes, I listen to Dad I won’t quit school in the future Dad, help me please if not, ms Li will suspect me Alright, I will help you ask her So cold Don’t let her realize Dad Don’t worry your father is a member of the guerrilla team The other is called figurative thinking Image thinking is also artistic thinking you have to apply the centralized generalization method Making improvements to the perception of things to explain the life Hello Teacher Li Hi, how are you? I am Qiao Ying Zi’s father Hi Mr Qiao, Hi Teacher Li Today the school has a talkshow but I’m afraid I have to take a break from you for Ying Zi yes, I also want to ask what is going on? why don’t Ying Zi come today? Ying Zi feels uncomfortable uncomfortable? So she still can come and listen your house is near here why does she keep skipping classes? is Ying Zi at home? Today is Saturday Ying Zi’s mother go to teach extra lessons for students I take Ying Zi to see a doctor After seeing the doctor, I will take her go to school Okay There you go! I will visit Ying Zi later No need, no need et you worry, teacher Li Ying Zi will ask others the content of talk show today don’t worry Okay, let do it Mr Qiao Okay,Cool thank you teacher Li Good bye Hey, daughter Great success! Thank you Dad Today is the weekend, play hard Yes Have you still not finished this Millennium Eagle? Let’s do it today Dad, do it with me Two people will do it faster Okay Give it to me Which step did you do? I see Here 139 139? 140 This long gray one Two small ones like this Such a thing Hello Can you restore this data? This is not recoverable Let’s go over there to see Thank you Mistress, can this place be restored? We cannot fix it Can you restore this data? This is not recoverable I also cannot fix it Can you try it? I am telling you I have encountered many of these situations The motherboard is broken, the hard disk is not broken That is also not possible I have to find a professional to fix it I cannot why? Everyone says you’re a God here A God God is not universal

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