A Man for a Woman? | Oruvanukku Oruththi? | LGBTQ+ | Best Tamil Short film | 2019 | English Subtitle

We can’t take this anymore, We’ve done whatever you’ve needed You are 30 already, how long are you gonna say no? Thought you will find someone,
that too is not happening. Are you gonna live
alone all your life? Are we asking you get
married immediately. Just come and see the girl once.
For our sake! OK, I will come Then, shall I tell them that
we are coming on Friday? I need to talk personally
to the girl for 10 minutes How would they let her? Then I’m not coming Will ask, Getting embarrassed
in front of others has been happening from
the day you were born. They have informed that they
will be coming tomorrow. They are just coming
for a meet right, If we say no now, the relatives
will bad mouth us For the sake of relatives I can’t
marry someone I hardly know. Have some respect,
Did I not marry? If I had talked like you
Will you be here? I have no interest They are coming tomorrow.
Don’t be stubborn The boy wants to talk to you alone I don’t know what to do with you Let him I will talk it out directly Be calm! Leave the door open Saw your profile in Facebook, Good taste in movies and music, Seems you watch a lot of movies, – What did you watch recently?
– I am not interested. You too? But not interested in
marriage or don’t like me? I don’t believe in arranged marriage. How can I marry someone who I barely know just because
they say he has money, a good job, good family, will take good care of me I won’t get anyone better if I grow old.
I am not a fool to fall for all these stupid stories. Marrying a stranger and do the things he likes and bare with the things I don’t like in him in the end I don’t want to die regretting not doing the things I like and living to my fullest. All I have is one life and I want
to spend it with the one I love Been a while since I spoke to someone
who puts things across honestly. I don’t talk to everyone like this, but I was forced to meet you against
my will so I took it out on you. It’s alright Even I came here forced by my family. OK Can I leave?
– No I just came, They
will think I was rude can you wait a bit and leave
if you don’t mind. – Sure! What’s your story? Why did you come against your will? I too don’t believe in the
concept of arranged marriage But when I saw your photograph Fell for my looks? No no, How can I explain? I felt this spark What Spark? Can’t explain Right from childhood
I have this feeling this warm spark whenever I meet my
friends and lovers the first time. Felt the same when I saw your photograph. Out of curiosity on what kind of possibility
life has to offer I came to meet you. I didn’t sense anything like that. That requires a bit of intelligence. Why do you do something
you don’t believe in. – What’s your age?
– 25 Am 30 When I was your age I
too had the same ideas But nothing worked With age, loneliness
loomed along with it When my friends have their lives sorted
out and put a happy family photo in FB It feels like am the one
doing something wrong And the fear that I will
stay alone all my life all this together has put me
in front of you today What happened to your lovers? Oh you noticed? We are always in for gossip Not many, Only two if serious relationships
are taken into account What happened to those? Do we really have to speak about it? What Else to speak? You cam to meet me out of your
curiosity but refuse to indulge mine. I can say, won’t be an issue First one left me and went abroad and the other one left me after finding
out I still like the first one – Two timing ah?
– No, nothing like that! I haven’t said this to anyone before The one that went abroad was my boyfriend The second one was 2 years later – Gay?
– No No Bi – Sorry Didn’t mean to
– No! It’s alright after this age there is
no point hiding it You spoke openly,
I too opened up Can I also share something.
– Sure I had a girlfriend in college Are you bi? Am a confusion sometimes I fall for men and
other times I like women That’s bi right? I haven’t finished I feel I like a guy sometimes and
I feel like a girl sometimes Like split personality No! NO! That’s a mental disorder Am gender Fluid That must be very difficult That’s difficult in our society feels like am the only one who is like this What happened to
your girlfriend? Got married has a kid She was around me all the time Would say I am her world After two years of love, lust and fights, she left saying she doesn’t have the courage to tell her parents about us I couldn’t even share my pain to anyone Felt like ending my life Or go and end hers But Though the decision she took hurt me I understood that it will give
happiness to a lot of people Kinda got the maturity to respect the
decisions individuals take in their life Did you meet here again? Hmm She said she needed to see me
after 6 months of her marriage Cried a lot when she saw me When I tried to console
she tried to kiss me Gave her a nice knock in here head and said
“You didn’t choose me” I have cried a lot for you I don’t want to complicate
my life any further If you want me then
leave him and come if she wants a women for her
urges she can find many That rudely? What else can I say Some people want it all but won’t be
loyal to even a single one of them Can’t blame them Human emotions is a complex thing You start to hate the things you like and start liking things you totally hate When you are pretty sure you won’t have
it, you question and run behind it endlessly You are totally out of sync No! generally speaking My head hurts when you
speak general stuff What happened to
your lovers? I was in a relationship
with him for 4 years Very soft type little mental!
Only son in his family He didn’t want to come out to his
parents that he is gay and hurt them But when am with him I got this courage
to come out about our relationship Asked him, only fights emerged His parents were looking
for a girl for him He said he didn’t want to give in to the
societal pressures and ruin a girls life nor to come out and live in a hostile
environment. He went abroad. You should have gone too He asked me but refused saying my life is here Second was a girl Fell for her the moment
I laid my eyes on her She said yes after showing off a bit Very caring type helps everyone won’t speak bad about anyone The more I got to know
her the more I understood that she is the partner
I’ve always dreamed about Two years went fast
roaming around and work One day stupidly I mentioned
about my relationship with him She took it very casually saying I too had
boyfriends before you But I had not clue what I said will
totally break her trust More than going out with girls if I
hang out with guys she got suspicious She will keep on calling asking Where I am,
What you are doing and Who I am with I tried my best to help here
understand I am not heartless enough to sleep with someone when I
am in a relationship with her She too knows about me if suspicion rises, the brain
stops functioning it seems She was always in a state of confusion One day got high during a party at a
friends place and didn’t pick her call The next day she asked me who I spent the night with This is not going anywhere
I decided to part ways She too had made her decision to break up But now I feel I should not have
mentioned about my sexuality to her Tried telling about you to your parents I would think of telling But I keep pushing it off A bit scared how they will react you! Not yet We have been talking for long They will ask what we decided Can I share my opinion What I need is a friend
with whom I can be myself A simple life without much
drama, commitment or any jealousy the chances of me finding someone to
love is hard The girls they make me meet are not gonna be like you Why can’t we stay together
and see if it works If things don’t work out
we can divorce anytime Market value will decrease
if we divorce, right? We are a minority in a minority We don’t have a market at all I didn’t have anything to say
to you other than a big No Give more time, Lets meet again and talk some more and then decide. What do we say them? We need to talk and meet
before we can decide. Will they accept Then let’s say we are not interested they will oblige. ♪ All the truths you hide deep down out of your constraints ♪ I take this stage to sing out loud ♪ All the lies you gathered for the sake of love ♪ I stole them all when you were asleep ♪ Truth… What did the girl say? She wants to get to know
each other a bit more What did you talk for so long? Why does it matter what we spoke? She must be an arrogant girl,
shall I say no to the proposal? If a girl asks time to think and decide does that mean she is arrogant, let’s wait What have you decided?
Do you like or not? Not sure! Am a bit confused, Need a
bit more time to think ♪ Worried about the kind of ridicule I have to go through. ♪ Have refused to stand for the things I have perceived ♪ Wondering what’s the point in me speaking out ♪ remember silently standing in the crowd arms crossed ♪ But when there is a chance the end is always around ♪ Why shy away from living life the way you like ♪ ♪ Can I reject myself ♪ and I go on till I die ♪ ♪


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