A Message from Dean Hall: The Meaning of Meliora

Hello. This is Donald Hall, the dean of faculty of
Arts and Sciences and Engineering here at the great University of Rochester. In this second video cast what I really want
to talk with you about is what drew me to UR. I’ve been here just a few months but I found
the energy and the enthusiasm of this place infectious. There is an ambition, there is a commitment
to becoming ever better that I really admire and I wanted to be a part of. And that leads me to think a little bit about
that phrase, Meliora: what it means. Ever better means not only do we have great
places to go together, but also that we’re not content with where we are now. That we really recognize that we can build
on our successes, that we are able to better serve our students that we’re better able
to support our faculty in their research mission. And most importantly of all to me perhaps
is that we are better able create an inclusive and supportive environment here at the University
of Rochester. So I look forward to talking with you in the
coming months about how you live Meliora because that is what really drew me to this great
institution and I know working together we all will be ever better. So look for me in the near future. Thank you.

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