A Midsummer Night’s Dream : Audience Reaction

I loved it. I’m amazed at the energy! So vibrant and energized! Crazy piñatas and audience participation. Unexpected things and unexpected colours and… sensory experiences happen all over the place! I’m having a really great time! There’s a lot of colour, and it’s really entertaining. It’s really really funny! You can just relate to it more, because it’s like a lot more colour, a lot more diversity in the cast! I’m having just such a ball watching it The experience of coming to The Globe is fantastic. It’s not what I expected! Vibrant! Energetic! Unpredictable. Playful. Unique! And inclusive! I can’t do it! Diverse! Everything! Fun experience! Fun. Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!! Fun!!! Good fun! It’s just so much fun (laughs) ( Upbeat drum music ends abruptly )

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