A Modern Castle

It’s a challenge, there’s no question
about it, but it’s a particularly exciting time. In the end, you’ve got this
whole environment that comes together. All the people who work here, they’re not
here because of the building. They’re here because of the mission, and that’s
what will make the building come alive. Ewert had as his model our Parliament buildings, but he was also sent on a tour
of Europe, to learn what was the latest in museums and came back, and designed this museum in a neo-gothic style and this particular style is very much
inspired by Windsor Castle Hampton Court in England. First would be the renewal of
the West Wing containing the fossil bird and mammal galleries, and the
construction of the new south wing. Stage two would see the rebuilding of the East Wing for the new earth and water galleries, as well as the renovation of the
atrium and construction of the new lantern structure, but one of the
criteria was that the new addition could not add extra weight to the building or
risk repeating history. The solution, a novel concept of suspending the glass
from a steel frame, transferring the weight to the rest of the building and
anchoring to a new floating foundation built beneath the existing structure.

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