A Moment Apart Tour – EP02 – “Biggest Show Yet”

A Moment Apart is all about taking a moment to step away from all the noise And the things that maybe weigh you down in life We want the show to do the same for the people that are coming to view it What are you guys feeling right now? Feeling uh, a little hungry Uh yeah, I’m excited to go listen to ambient
music… Mm, getting pumped! Me and Clay are trying to avoid thinking about
it It’s pretty nerve-wracking Completely because it’s scary It’s a huge space But we’re excited to do it Ok I am nervous for STAPLES Center Wow! How’re you doing? Good! How are you? Hey! Just walking into that arena, it was completely
overwhelming Just like the enormity and scale of that room
just like completely blew me away On a two-story, three-story scale it’s like
a whole new experience Two minutes ’til show Copy, all systems are green Walking out with Harrison and Clay now Usually when you’re out there you’re not thinking Nothing else has happened in the world but
that You’re just, in that moment Just existing That’s kind of the beauty of it I hope that when people see our show they walk away feeling like they saw a full spectrum of something It wasn’t just one kind of sound, one kind
of visual If you can make something that feels like
a full immersive experience That touches on all these different genres and styles And if we can find a way to bring all those
things together And do it in a tasteful way I think that’s a successful show


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