Hey what’s up guys! Welcome to another episode of Pan The Organizer,
where you and I work together to help you organize different aspects of your life! In today’s special episode, I’ll give you
a tour of my home theater! So it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to build
myself an actual theater within my home to watch movies, enjoy some Apple TV, or some
TV shows. And to watch all of that on a giant screen! Hey by the way, before we start the tour,
I know how complicated it can get with models and makes of electronics so I kept it very
simple. If you guys want to purchase anything that
you see in this video, I put the links in the description down below for you all to
check it out. So your typical home theater consists of usually
a TV and some sort of a soundbar to have a bit better sound than what comes out of the
TV speakers. So here’s an example of one of my home theater
setups where I have a Panasonic VT series 65 inch plasma which has won pretty much all
the prizes back in its day. It’s about 6 years old now, but still to this
day, it’s probably one of the best TVs that has ever been produced. It’s hooked up to a Polk Audio soundbar, so
it looks aesthetically clean and very minimalistic. So beneath that, you can see my PVR, my Apple
TV, and my Logitech Harmony Elite controller. On left and right of the stand I have some
nice Philips Hue ambient lighting. Those are LED lights. You can customize what colour you want them. Now although it looks and sounds pretty good,
I wanted to bring it one step further and create myself an actual cinema theater in
my house! So come with me, and let’s go have a look
at what’s behind closed doors! So behind this acoustic door, let’s go see
what’s in there! So this is it guys, my home theater! This is a real theater in my basement! Starting off with the speakers, these are
Sonus Faber. They sound amazing. They’re leather wrapped. I have a 7.1 speaker setup. The mega subwoofer. Now this is an SVS model. HUGE 13 inch driver. Tons of power. This thing weighs close to 150 pounds. Now what’s nice about this ginormous subwoofer
is that the metal grill, you can remove it to expose the massive audio ports and the
massive woofer. They’re all magnetized so it just snaps back
into place. So a closer look at my audio/video rack. This is my Onkyo receiver. You can see the 3rd generation Apple TV. My Oppo Digital Blu-Ray player. This is a 100 inch Stewart StudioTek screen. So this is ginormous! Almost 8 feet wide! So on the wall, you can see the custom acoustic
panels that I had made. These are made out of fibreglass. Custom made. So basically, this increases sound quality
by diminishing reflections on the wall. Now the walls you can tell were all painted
with matte black paint. Now this is essential when you have a projector
style home theater setup because you don’t want any light bouncing off the walls because
this will distract you from the picture quality. Ceiling height in the basement was lifted
to 9 feet instead of the standard 8 feet so I can fit this big screen. Now I got some pot lights in the ceiling which
are all remote controlled. Now you can’t have a proper home theater without
some nice motorized leather electric chairs. So these are some La-Z-Boy models. Super comfortable! So what I love about these seats is that they’re
motorized. So with the press of a button, there’s the
leg rest. It just reclines, you kick back and you enjoy
the movie! In the back, these are the surround back left
and right speakers. And this is the star of the show. So this is the JVC D-ILA projector. Now this is mounted to the ceiling. And it produces breathtaking picture quality. Amazing deep blacks and crazy contrast. To control everything, I have the Logitech
Harmony One controller. I also bought the new Logitech Harmony Elite
remote control. Now these guys control all the activities
and they replace all the remotes in the system. You can check out the review on my channel. All the wall outlets are black. So I have a lot of my Blu-Ray movies on a
rack for easy access. So a last quick 360 degrees of the setup. For better acoustical insulation, the builder
installed dual layers of Sonopan panels behind the gypsum boards in the walls. Here we are on my YouTube channel and let’s
play a video on a 100 inch screen! So that’s it for the tour of my two home theater
setups. So I hope you enjoyed the show! So my question for you guys is what do you
guys watch your movies and shows on? Do you watch it on your phones, tablets, on
a TV, what kind of TV, are we talking LED, plasma, OLED, do you actually have a projector
setup? Let me know in the comments down below! If you liked the show, don’t forget, as usual,
smash that thumbs up button. Leave your comments in the description down
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as I believe a direct contact with my audience is super important! You can follow me on social media: Twitter,
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clean, and I’ll see you guys on the next one!!!


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