A PICTURE OF US | Short Film | Romantic | Drama

I don’t know where you are but waiting
for 20 minutes now give me a ring when you get this if you’re cold you can have my coat no, thank you I leave it here
in case you change your mind hello are you serious no, don’t worry I’ll see you some
other time yep
okay bye here’s your jacket. You can keep it, no thank you Do you wanna have a drink? I don’t drink
how about something to eat? no, thank you okay then actually I could do with some food over there? so how long do you stay out for?
Not until I am happy and how long’s that? 3-4 hours . Wow
yeah and do you just take pictures of places?
Mostly…. why? They remind me of how small we are. who you on the phone earlier? a friend
a boyfriend no I don’t date he…he why not? just never found anyone I had good vibe
with what I’m serious. You wouldn’t mind dying
alone? no…my grandma did, she didn’t have a husband? no..she was a single mother so
she had a child and that child grew up moved away and through it all she was
content with solitude. I really admire that you do.. yeah I even wear these
earrings she bought me to remind me not to depend on people yeah they’re nice..
Thanks I wear them every day… every day yep how about you? what do you do? I’m a I’m a
waitress hmm that’s cool ..it’s temporary yeah yeah and then what do you plan
to do then when you grow up? when I grow? up yeah I want to be a writer. Awesome,
well are you writing something now? yeah yeah what? my first novel. What’s it
about? nothing… it’s about nothing, that’s
innovative. No I just don’t like telling people the story.. so I’m people. The thing is we
only met five seconds ago…yeah you are people and what if I don’t want to be
people okay it’s a story about a little girl, she’s about
seven years old and she lives in a small flat with her parents her father’s an
alcoholic and her mother… her mother’s there but she’s not really there they have lots of arguments and they hit
each other and they don’t love for the girl she has no one so she creates this
fictional world that she steps into when the going gets tough she formed these
friendships with these creatures and these people and they they give her the
strength she needs to carry on they help her learn to live with her
parents and they teach about life they become her family but the problem is they are not real that’s hard for the girl growing up
and when she’s older there they leave her for good she’s left to navigate through the
world alone… That’s beautiful. Do you think? yeah are you alright?
yeah I am fine She cries… I donno why I’m crying.. it’s fine
oh yeah I don’t cry I never cry I…I donno what’s happening I’m..It’s so
embarrassing, thank you Don’t… why not? I like spending time with you that’s creepy.what is? taking pictures of
strangers…Oh well I’ll take one of you then. no… why not?
I don’t take pictures.. ever…ever… not even me? okay one..
okay look up to the sky that’s a lot
that guy is coming out that’s beautiful yeah..can we take one
together yea sure! you

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