A Review of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

My name’s Easton, and I’m six years old. I’m a season ticket holder. Well I saw Mary Poppins, Charlie Brown, Snow Queen, Little Mermaid 4 times and Bittergirl. The Christmas Carol. This play is about love and happiness, and
and getting love in your heart. My favourite part was when the ghosts came. ’cause they helped him, Scrooge, get more
happier and love Christmas. When Scrooge sat in his chair and counts all
his money. There’s a little scary part, at the start,
it kind of a little freaked me out. The set was really beautiful, and the costumes
were wonderful. They had like these big dresses that were
puffy. And the chains looked like they were really
heavy. Awesome, magical and, lovely. Scrooge! (Would you like to go say hello?) Yeah! (Ok go say hi real quick). I wanna say hi to Oliver. You have a great name. It’s good that they hired him for Scrooge. He is very talented. Everyone should come and see the Christmas

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