A Scene from An Enemy of the People | Goodman Theatre

We don’t have the equipment here so I’ve had
to send samples to the university lab to get the precise chemical analysis. And those are the results? Mmhhmm here. This analysis conclusively finds a toxic organic
substance in the water and bacteria in abnormally high concentration. This shows beyond a reasonable doubt the presence
of toxins in the baths water. It is dangerous, doesn’t matter whether you drink it or just bathe in it. Thank God you found this out. So? What now? What do you mean “what now?” It has to be fixed. But how? Or shut down. Why have you kept it such a secret? Oh I didn’t know I was right until I read
this. You could have told me?! No, not a soul. But tomorrow, you can run and tell the old
badger. Thomas… Sorry, your father.

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